Ramadan – A Month to Pursue Ihsan (Part 1)

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A Muslim,

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and he asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the three questions What was the three question? Actually there are four questions. But three of them is the one that we we want what are these three questions?

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You know, the Sahaba were sitting on the breakfast or cellar, and by all the sudden and then they don't know. But yet he's wearing very nice cloth, white cloth. And he sat in front of the prophets, Allah Sullivan, he placed his hands on his thigh. And he said, after neon Islam

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Tell me what Islam is.

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What did the Prophet answer him?

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What did he say?

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The five pillars and Islam and Tasha de la ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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The Prophet said what were n to P masala telma Frodo

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and that you pray the five daily prayers.

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He didn't say to pray

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just the five work

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well and to add the Zakat almak tuba

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and that you pay the prescribed Zakat which is what

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2.15% in a certain minimum Yani will that you must have for a holy

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when the Summa Ramadan and the two first Ramadan what the huddle date and that you perform HUD if you're able to

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then the questioner said saw doctor so he verified his answer

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for Omar said our job now we're amazed that the is asking to learn and yet he is telling the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you spoke the truth here, meaning he approved the very vibe. Very fired his and then what was the second question?

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He man

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what is the man? What was the answer?

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Five, six. So five pillars of Islam, six pillars of Eman? What are the six pillars of Eman? The call them six pillars of Eman or six articles of Eman

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that believe in Allah, Allah man will learn

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the angels, the angels bring down What? books to whom? to anybody, to messengers, and what is in these books

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that you will die and there is a day of judgment and everything is written. So panela those are the main subjects of these books.

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He said again, subject what was the third question?

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What is it?

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What was the answer?

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In one wording and Tasha law her that you feel a lot as if what

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you see a lot and of course, what is meant here is what is the heart because we know we cannot walk cry in this world. But what is meant is your heart recognizes the names and the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So elimu Shahada, this is they call it the station of Moshe had,

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quite frankly it's extremely, extremely difficult for you to attain that, because you have to be in a certain level. And this is why

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the prophets Allah wa sallam immediately went to the

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next station to this Loma Carmen Morocco, at least you know that Allah is

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seeing you.

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Some of the people in the US this hadith By the way, they say that we can see a look at the Prophet said that you you worship Allah as if the Prophet did not say he did. He said what as if

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Buddha ma care, care care, as if you can see Allah.

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He said so that and the fourth question was about

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the day of judgment when is the day of judgment? Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered you don't know I don't know malama solo and

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the one who is being asked doesn't know any better than the one who's asked. Well, my solo unhappy Alana minister then he asked some of the signs the Prophet mentioned some of these signs and they

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He left.

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Jabri left So jabril are a salon. We learn at the end of the Hadith that Roman said fell a bit too many year.

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Almost say that I stayed behind a little bit because I doubted this man. I Cannot

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you see he's not from town

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but yet he's very neat. It shows you also when you come to acquire the knowledge of Islam you should work

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is it should be neat.

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And he doesn't have the fatigue of a traveler while our euro Alejandro suffer. Normally if you know traveling in the past in the desert, you would be thus the US riding a camel. So who's the prophet SAW Selim immediately recognized the curiosity of Omar and he said, Omar Do you know who this is?

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He says Allah and His Messenger know best.

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there kg below there are two wording very interesting. So pay attention to this. This is gibreel Acharya Kumar Lima Shu, una de Naka, Dina Dina, he came to teach you the matters of the yordy.

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Another wording which is very interesting, this is gibreel came to ask questions because

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you adhere to the command of Allah and you stopped asking me questions.

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There kw, at El Camino, Al Islam does Allah What does it mean? At one stage?

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The Companions in Medina were banned from asking the prophet SAW Selim Any questions?

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Because at one time when one companion say Dr. Rasul Allah, Who is my father?

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And another one said, Where is my father, he's dead. The Prophet said, My Father and your Father and him

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and he got upset.

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So you know, too many questions.

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For the Quran came no questions to the rest. And this would apply to who,

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to those who are in Medina, only relic ns of Nevada, Colorado law one in one of the wordings, in one Hadith, he said, we used to admire

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the Bedouins who would come out of the desert to ask the same questions. Because we cannot ask questions, but normally the big ones will come from the desert and what their questions are like yeah, Mohammed, when is the our metacell

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they'll questions is very, because their education is not they are not around the prophet SAW Selim. All the time, when it acts sometimes the Prophet Salam would actually bring what did you prepare for it?

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And one time, he said, AWS ITIL mn to firm from

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when when when there is no trust anymore in the face of this earth, then wait for the hour, he would actually initiate because he knows that the companions want to learn more about the religion of Islam.

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jabril Ali Salam came as a reward for the companions.

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Because when Allah told him not to ask questions, they said what?

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Send me an hour upon Alex in gibreel to ask these heavy weight questions, I call them

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the schoolers, the majority of them only few.

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They They say that Islam is he man Sam,

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our levels in the religion

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or domains whatever the

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the entry level

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is Islam.

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What you have to do is what say what

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a Chateau La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah in terms

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with that yet Hulu min min hazzle. Babel Muna

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hypocrites enter into this. He comes and says Elijah Muhammad Rasul Allah

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and maybe he prays with you one time, but in his heart he doesn't want the heart is not

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So what is the evidence for this? That you that you're seeing Islam is the entry level.

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vers fuselage.

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pilot in arabo, MN

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the bit wins at one time. They came to

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prophecy we believe what does the law say to them

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say to them oh Mohamed Salah Poland to me no you're not believers yet well I can pull because he man is what

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the next level up? No You're still at the entry level while I can push through Islam

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you're only Muslims you're still at the entry look while I'm

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and when a man enters into the hearts

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while I'm young holy man have you become the how a man will enter into the hearts were into your law however assuming that you you exercise Islam you have to do Islam for a while until you start

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living that consciousness of Allah subhana wa for this is an evidence

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you know that there is a difference between a man and a Muslim. But by the way, be careful because

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Islam will Eman in particular they call it alpha one moussaka.

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two terms which mean the same thing.

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What did I pay attention to this Damian said

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either Gemma, if Toronto

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were either for a customer

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the terms Islam and Eman when they are mentioned together, they would work they would separate in meanings.

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But when you mention Islam by itself, it could mean what

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he meant. When you mentioned a man it could mean what

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Islam but when you mention Islam and Eman in the same sentence, then this is entry level this is the second level. So just for you because sometimes you may come across some of Muslim or Islam, it could mean Amen.

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It could mean what email for to conclude tonight so to send you home insha Allah

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the second level up is a man, the highest level in the religion is what?

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Liam unzila to Murata that you know that Allah sees you all the time.

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this is

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a little bit difficult

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to develop this

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because it takes a lot of exercise.

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Now, what is the connection between these three levels

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and Ramadan,

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Allah Subhana Allah sent to the Muslims every the month of Ramadan.

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And he tells you,

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I want you to excel.

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I want you to attain the highest level of the religion. And I'm going to help you

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shaitana or what?

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I limit their impact on you.

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Not only this, we know that when you starve yourself, of course for the sake of Allah when you're fast, when you limit the food and

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your neffs is not as demanding as what

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then also because that's an enemy, sleeping enemy inside you.

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So when you limit you know, devouring their desires and you have what

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where they could also solve it alaihe salam when he addressed the youth

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What do you say to them? Oh you

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if you're able to marry

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go ahead and

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marry but if you're able to marry what should you do?

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will kill it will

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will give you control over the desire over the women's

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and Subhanallah in Ramadan.

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I will never forget this brother in Egypt.

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He should drink alcohol.

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So Panama when Ramadan comes he would not drink.

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He would stop from drinking.

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And guess what he would go back to drinker on the day of eight.

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But in Ramadan for him is what no I can drink in Ramadan. Kalyan Sokka, Fei Fei, Rama Rama Bishop hum eg Ramadan measureable hombre but

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nevertheless my son de basura he fasts

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So Panama Eonni should win the first night of the month. Is he?

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a cooler howdy? Howdy says the sooner a cooler will call. Yeah, they're real hyped up. Oh seeker of good, come shoot well while they're here shut up accept or seeker of evil. I think the word is this the best describe this as the state

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and look at the numbers of people that you see select Alicia and Tara we literally had the voluntary is not mandatory. You have to throw with Eddie. Yeah WTO is voluntary. But look at the numbers of the people

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that Allah subhana wa tada the point I want to make here so I send you home I'm sorry, it's taken long because I'm trying to build up to this. Allah Subhana Allah sets the stage for you so that you can reach the highest level of the religion.

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Thank you, Your Worship Allah as if you see Allah, how do you do this in Ramadan just by fasting? Well, I have

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a lot of the people

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would be alone in the house,

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and they will be fasting.

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And those people may not even be praying five times a day.

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And the refrigerator is out there in front of him. And it has food and drinks. And he's alone in the house and he could go and drink and Britain that he's still fasting but he will not do it.

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He will not do it. What would you have a full moron? Probably actually Sir, he says at the entry level but he would, he would achieve that level of will sn meaning Allah is watching me. I'm not even though we can pretend.

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This is why By the way, Allah Subhana Allah said what all what you do is for you, meaning angels know what all right, except what?

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fasting because of the sincerity in it.

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Because of of being conscious of Allah, the consciousness of Allah is very high while you're fasting, that He is Allah subhanho wa Taala since the month every year, so your goal is to attain what he said that should be your goal to attain it.

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Now, how can you attain it? This is what we will continue with insha Allah what should you do? In sha Allah will continue with this bit in the ninth hour. But

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in closing,

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this is the third time I said in closing right? Normally I go with the third time. The third time is my last time

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I know I have to go to work tomorrow. Remember the prophet SAW solemn,

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the Hadith that he he went up his pulpit? And he said mean

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any any

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one of these means we're about

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Basically gibreel made dua and the Prophet said what

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what is the one pertaining to Ramadan?

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First of all, he explained to his companions Why did he say mean three times he said gibreel Ali Salam came to me and he made three supplications and I said I mean after him one of these supplications How about

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May he lose?

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Me he become amongst the losers who men adore aka Rama Ivana welcome yo for

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that Allah would prolong your life until you live until Ramadan and you come out of the month and forgiving

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that he do have a chance to attain your action and reach the highest level of religion. Get your sins forgiven, and you don't utilize the Ramadan to come out of it to be continuing challenges that come along.