Tucker Carlson Steps up to Defend a Muslim Andrew Tate

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Interesting. Tucker Carlson. He's defending a Muslim now. Right, right. Right. It's Subhanallah actually discuss all of the evidence that is very favorable that shows that they didn't commit any crimes in this case. Pretty obviously a setup, Tina. I mean, what STOP LYING these guys, we're super unpopular with the people in charge. Another remaining in jail under quote Romanian law like, obviously, no.

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I think you said it yourself, Tucker. Yeah, I did. Because like, let's stop pretending let's stop playing. That's exactly what this is essentially, the update? Sure. I was gonna say it's frustrating to be on the defense right now unable to respond to all of the one sided leaks that have come out, when we have exculpatory evidence, but we're not able at this point to discuss it yet. And to put it out for the world to see, you know, strange times.

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Much more subtle. Tucker, listen, we we may have had or disagree. I don't remember if I've been on his show. I don't think so. But but have been another Fox News shows. And really, I want I want to thank Tucker for speaking out because very principle, that is a principal position, and it makes perfect sense. And it's important, I think, more in the media speak out. You know, Romania has to be taught a lesson. This is a this is unacceptable. Have you seen some of these arguments or some of these attack coming from Muslims? Who will say, Oh, you're defending someone who's XY and Z, who was involved in this that? Oh, absolutely. And this is things that things from his past. Sure, sure. I

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mean, it's, there's so much toxicity in in regards to having these kinds of conversations, and people want to take some of that and to be frank Tate's done some horrible things in his past. I'll be very frank with that. You know what I'm saying? I mean, running some of the businesses, certainly, we're not Islamic, whether it's gambling, whether it's involving females, there's things that we as Muslims, absolutely reject. But I also believe, as he's going on his path as Islam, he himself would absolutely reject, you know, Islam purifies. It destroys what came before. And what we want to do is we want to be barriers to God's mercy to humanity, that only those who are with us and

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like us and agree with us should have God's mercy and we forget God's mercy encompasses all things. And on that point, I do want to share one of my favorite Hadith, because it's a lesson for all of us. Look, whatever Tate did in his past, doesn't come anywhere close to what washi or the Allahu Anhu did. We all know what she did was she was an assassin. He was hired to assassinate the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he did so and then he desecrated his body. And we know how close Hamza radula Han was to the prophesy Salem. So why she eventually he realized the truth. He wanted to become Muslim. And so he went to the prophets I said, we said listen, the Quran

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says believers do not commit shirk don't worship other than Allah, I've worshipped idols. The Quran says believers don't fornication, I fornicated. The Quran says believers don't kill the innocent, and I've killed the innocent and killed your uncle. what hope is there for me to become Muslim? by and far, why she's done worse than what any of us including take could ever do. You know, from the murderer, to the Chinook to the fornication, you name it, he did it. He did it. He did it all. And yet he went to the Prophet saying, I want to repent. Now the prophets I said, Because I said, Listen, you killed my uncle, get out of here. There's no mercy for you. That's what we would have

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done. Maybe if we love our uncle, we don't want to see his killer go to paradise. But the prophesy said it was a mercy to all creation, he transcended even these personal differences in the political differences. He waited till the revelation came and then Allah revealed the verse. Yes, believers do not kill, do not fornication, do not commit shirk. And whoever does that will get a terrible punishment except for those who repent and believe and do righteous deeds. Not only will Allah forgive them, but he will replace their evil with righteousness. So how about the man who killed 99? And then exactly, you got this beautiful, beautiful story. And you know what the story is why she

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doesn't finish why she actually didn't jump on at that moment. Because he said, There's are too many conditions. Okay, I will believe I will repent, but how do I know my good deeds will make up for it. So then Allah revealed a second verse of mercy, saying ALLAH does not forgive shirt but he forgives anything besides that to whomever he wants. And again, why she didn't jump on it. He said, too many conditions. How do I know Allah wants to forgive me? And then the verse came told my servants who wronged themselves do not give up hope in the Mercy of Allah, Allah forgives all the sins altogether. So that is the Mercy of Allah. He can forgive even the worst of people he can forgive

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the person he went from being cursed for killing the uncle, the prophets, I sell them and being a fornicator and being a murderer to being Radi Allahu Allah, may Allah be pleased with him because he became a hobby. So why are we trying to stop Allah's mercy from each other? When somebody becomes Muslim, even if we disagree with their past, we ought to welcome them. And frankly, regardless of their religion, when their rights are trampled upon, we all have to stand vocally against that because if it's their rights today, it could be our rights tomorrow, if one and then you had that exists

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Apple have the man who killed 99 Yes, he did. He went and he ended up that story is just 99 he literally killed murder, you cannot get worse than murder, you know, and it's now we have a laws rights and human rights. And some of the scholars have written that in many circumstances, human rights are actually more dangerous, more critical than Allah's rights. Because Allah if you violate his rights, if you don't worship Him, if you ignore him, he's not hurting the least. You know what I'm saying? But human beings, we are limited. So if you oppress me, if you hurt me, I'm caused harm. So you can't just worship Allah and hurt me. You know what I'm saying? And yet this person did the

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work committed and murdered nine people went to a scholar said, Can Allah forgive me? And the guy said, he had the cancel culture, you know, and if anybody deserved canceled culture, somebody who killed nine people, so he gave them blame him, but he said, What you and I would say, bro, you killed Dinah. And people, you know what hope is there. What you and I may say, right, if we didn't know better, so you know what he's like, Well, if I kill 99, I'm going to hell anyway, what's another one? So he killed him to kill the 100 people. And then he truly, genuinely regretted it. He went to the other one to the other person who was wise. And he said to him, I've killed 100

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Is there any hope for me, and the person said, What can stand between you and the mercy of our Lord, but you can't just say you're sorry, you have to take meaningful change. You have to travel go to this, you committed all the sins in the city, go to this other get away from these bad friends get away from the bad company company. This is what we say. And we say we say in Arabic, a Sahib Sahib, the friend pulls, you know, the Prophet said, and said, that we're all on the religion of our friends and our companions. And this is the amazing thing, by the way, would take what I noticed is when he became Muslim, he's hanging out with other Muslims. He's going to the machine, he's starting

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to talk with different scholars, being in righteous contempt by step, step by step, you know, we put such false standards for people when he started to take those steps of change. So anyway, this guy was told you have to go to the city of the righteous. So he starts traveling to the city of the righteous, and on his journey, what happens we know he passes away. So now the angels come one of mercy and one of wrath. The Mercy wants to pull him to paradise. The Wrath wants to take him to Allah's, you know, curse and punishment, and they're arguing, right, the the mercy of the angel of wrath and punishment. Listen, he killed 900 People now we got to take the angels of Mercy said no,

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he repented, we got to take him. So Allah sends an angel to judge between them and the angel says, measure from the two cities. If he's closer to the bad city, take him back, take them towards Allah displeasure. And if he's close to the good city, take him to the city of righteousness. Which city was he closer to? He just left, he was going to the one he just left which means he should go towards Allah's punishment. But look how merciful Allah is. He told the bad city move farther. He told the good city move closer, Allah move to cities to forgive a sinner who killed 100 people and then he was going to the city of mercy and He was forgiven. Look

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Subhan Allah Allah calls you to forgive you. Let's not let's not put any barriers between us and Allah's mercy and others and Allah's mercy, let's love for others will we love for ourselves? Let's wish good for everyone. And this is the sad thing because I notice there's a hatred by which we talk about others. You know, it just people, there's a lot of hatred. I mean, even if the person is as bad as you say, wish for him good wish for him a sincere repentance, wish for him that it becomes a source of good for humanity. What do you slide that healing that's going to help that person to go ahead and get that level that they're going to leave off all of these evil. That's the best person

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that they can in humanity. That's the track record of Islam. It's literally takes drunks fornicators polytheists, and makes them amongst the most righteous and pious you look at Islamic history. Some of the most righteous men in most Islamic history before Islam were highway robbers, literally were highway robbers, but they witnessed how those they robbed were behaving in their connection with their religion, they repented. And so you have people who are really close to agitate some column is manager manager who also accepted I believe brother Julius Mashallah. He's someone who also accepted Islam you can see him really taking Islam serious and praying in the masjid and him talking about

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also how agitate is also starting to anything he comes into. He really takes serious and now him being you can see because now it would have been much harder for him to connect with the Quran. Sure. And now this is kind of, you know, Allah and Allah is wisdom. Inshallah, last month, Allah uses him for the deen for the Dawa, that he's sitting him down and having them connect with the Quran. And he shall he gets out much stronger and I mean, there's a benefit of everything that happens to the believers is of benefit. But we certainly have to believe that and we do and I've seen it in my own life. Allah says don't think it's bad for you. There's Oh

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was good. We just have to keep that connection with Allah subhanaw taala. You know Yusuf alayhi salam was falsely accused, thrown in jail. And how was he described by his companions, we see you amongst the righteous. The time in jail gave him an opportunity to manifest His righteousness to display his righteousness, and then he was liberated. And likewise, when he was liberated in a position of power, his brothers came to him didn't know it was his brother, but also as described him as of the righteous. And that's how we believers have to be righteous, whether in good times or bad times the prophesy said, the first people to enter paradise are those who are thankful to let in

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good times and bad times. That's the nature of this world. So as we close out, tell me now what would you think is a way forward to facilitate some kind of because obviously, in this Romanian system, there's seems like

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that justice is not happening. It's not going to happen. public pressure you talked about you have some success, where you put the media and so we're using the little means that we have can also and then also political pressure, absolutely nothing. So a few things. I mean, first, before I jump into that, I really want to emphasize a point for everybody that's watching because Michelle, I think you have a great audience. Many are Muslim, many are not. And those that are watching that aren't Muslim, sometimes may think Islam isn't for them, because they've committed or they commit all these sins than the Quran advises against and I want people to understand, the Quran advises you against

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these sins to protect you to make you the best version of yourself. warrenpoint. Yeah. And you know what, no matter how many of these sins you commit, every time you repent to Allah, Allah is willing to forgive you and give you a fresh slate what I want people to understand. Islam is not just for the righteous, we think that to be Muslim, grow out your beard, go for homeruns given charity, it must mean you're righteous and if you have any sins and shortcomings, then you're a hypocrite for even doing those righteous things. That's a satanic way of thinking. The pure way of thinking is the reality is Islam is for each and every one of us it is for the sinners. The Prophet himself says

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I've said my intercession is for the people of major sins amongst my Never let your sins and weakness keep you away from Allah rather let drive you to Allah, whatever sins shortcomings you have, let that be motivation. The Prophet said good deeds erase the bad deeds. So it's not for all of us. It is for the senators don't think you're a hypocrite because you do ABC sin and now you're thinking of becoming Muslim or you're Muslim and you're going to the mosque or you're going for Umrah. Listen, you're not a hypocrite. You're a human struggling on their journey to Allah and that's what Allah asks of us. So keep it up. Don't be hopeless.