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The reason I chose photography geology Medina faema Muhammad Rasul Allah Shivani Who is the one of the greatest Ravani for Allah tala on who died in the year 189. The reason I've chosen easier to show that is earlier this time how the

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writing has developed Islam so highly that people write so high stuff in such a high language. And you know, I have seen actually some are interested out the book of Mr. Chef or rissalah Reema Shafi, this tool of your Mohammed and the thinking of the language is so high it cannot be of his time.

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But, you know, once I were discussing with one of them, I said, but you do want to see if you look at the books of Mohammed, there are so much similarity, and Mr. Shafi himself has borrow from him. Now Shafi said that, you know, I have heard from Muhammad, books of Lord of camel and he also said, If I want I can say the Quran has been revealed in the language of Mohammed masala Shivani because he's so eloquent. Dima Mohammed Sookie Medina is a good example that how the people used to discuss and debate the Mohammed is study the filter the Hadith in Kufa with Abu hanifa Allah tala, then with Abu Salah kagi and other teachers have of Kufa lightsphere authority and many others and then after

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the repair to Medina, and his 33 years, learning from Malik and many other people of Medina to he is a fully aware of the BOCES schools, his school of Medina and his school of Kufa. And then after that, he comes back and he writes his book without Jelena Medina in four volumes, chapter by chapter making very clear that that you know how the people of Medina who claimed that they follow Hadith more than the pit of Kufa,

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they're in all these issues. They are the people who don't follow the Hadith were the pillar of Kufa, they follow the Hadith. So, it is nice nicely done and equip trans people to understand our woman said, that was the purpose of the book is not to prefer one of my mother or the other mother, the perfect to to this book is just to read to the student or to teach them the manner of the debate, the middle of discussion and also how deep discussion is to is to be, you know, the people that mom or her mother when they learn, they learn with open mind and you know, some that you know, and he can understand arguments are both at school, and then he he makes effort to prefer one over

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the other or to find the force and promise another school. So which we can discuss sometimes you can agree with me, sometimes we don't agree with him, but at least this will be important to teach the scholarship high scholarship of that time that is on 100 we have burger Mohammed and then other other we have got Mr. Chef Mr. Shafi also prayers you know history's first in mocha mocha Rama two is fully in full full knowledge of this Quran maka, then he goes to Medina length of the studies with one Malik and he knows this color Medina, then he comes to Kufa Iraq. And lastly Dima Mohammed and many to refer to he knows it, all those arguments

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all disclosed properly, took it out boom is a great example of a wash off the rock solid understanding of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And you know, very, very clearly he makes effort sometimes to reconcile between the Hadith to prefer one or you know, or the other. And since he has met all these people, and he has he is aware of all the schools properly. So, what were his comparison between all these schools, it a very good training for the students to understand that how the people you will discuss and understand and how to argue in that time. So, it will be from another angle, because my Shafi is not fully following the School of Kufa, he actually

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associated sort of more with the people of Medina. So at the database sometime you got in his book of we can find that, you know, he answers those questions which have been raised by Muhammad against the people of Medina, he makes it for two hours a day bike. So one, you know, one could barely sit one on one hand, we have read the book of Allah Jalla Medina by Muhammad. And the other hand we learn the book on Shafi, until we can understand the other way of the argument for the pure Kufa for the pit of Medina. And the third book that I've chosen in the matter of the Philippines, the Qatar mohalla even you know has made the library you know, he follows it

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at school and he is actually the most important defender of the virus school meaning the the people who don't follow the path and and Luigi and de emphasize just on the Koran, and the text and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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You know after loving Mr. Mohan masa rbms

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I learned

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The email shuffled out a woman said to one basically aware you know what was the arguments are the people of regeneration those who follow the path and ology This is a new way of thinking that you know we don't need to ask we don't need an allergen in the religion for us the text of the Quran and the sooner they are enough demand in the library the very strong person and very very strong analogy to in his this book Allah mohalla he is defense and he experienced properly with this currently we're the fifth of the people who don't believe in any any any chaos and is very good in building the arguments of all the people brings in my arguments Imam Malik brings to our room must have the

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pill of Kufa and inertia for you now the people and sometimes the first one or the other sometimes actually Yes, all of them and if it is his own opinion with nice argument and a very strong language. So this another way of you know, training listeners to that you know, they should not be thinking just you know, in the terminal 40 schools Hanafi Maliki Shafi humble you know, they should think in Islam there have been 1000s of moves to headin you know, which, you know, many of them we don't need to at least by reading what someone who is not me, the Forest School said it will, you know, teach us that how great have been the thinkers, you know, even put on good work, not from the

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forest schools.

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