Amazing truth about Sahih al-Bukhari

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You mentioned two types of Hadeeth. Besides in Bihari, besides the canonical ahadeeth you said there was a man lockout and then the second type was metabo Mota about you know tava to support the sometimes what happens is another guy not be is not so strong that you will lie on that, but it can be used to support certain parts, some technical problems so that he brings some support. The father would like mumble Hydra hula is very clear tada Atari motherless meaning it sometime he drops one of the teacher and refer to other analysts to Qatada disagreed on whether or not

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it is good to sometime in Buhari data will be tada acid without hard data. So then Buhari will bring the matava supporting the senate which actually indicates Qatada.

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So, then Buhari motto to make it a point technic technical problem to solve by supporting is not but those supportive is not they are not strong enough that you rely on them to when people go to them they do mistake carbohydrate in our body when they use that is not for this small point. Nothing is that that thing is when you are automize cause you should understand the difference properly. Many people don't don't care about that. You know, I my shocker. I remember one of the very top percent this country once he came to Oxford, and I was just going about it when I mentioned this thing that Takata some leather to heat in his writer. He said he never knew in his life that there is a hippo

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Hari, something like that. motivo bollocky never knew this thing. And when you write about Buhari on what Islam or you don't know, how about how to do

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it, people think some people think if you read certain processes a while, you know,

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it's not like that. It's not interesting another thing it is really very, it is basically very academic work, academic and professional work, it really needs to be understood properly, in event all about the need to understand what he had done. It is not that you know just you know what it means. And he will say Buhari is not in the work he did. It is one of the most difficult to work in Islam, no doubt really. books I Buhari the one of the most difficult to work in written Islam. Were in a in a in a so much you know, as academic and professional way. Man cannot imagine nothing hardly can be insulated, consistent from beginning to end.

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That was not a gift to poverty, so much poverty. The Tibetan make effort, you know, I believe really didn't Buhari there's so much treasures is still we don't know them because Buhari is not a man who tell you what I do in my book, he never does anything you have to discover. We have not discovered what he how much knowledge including we don't know, really. In his heart, he is the best person to know to make effort, but still in many meetings by him, and I'm writing my commentary. I'm also I consider many points in what he missed and nobody can do it. And also I'll miss many points because these booths are full of information and full of equally useful knowledge. But we got to make effort