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great rewards that await the patient points when an affliction befalls you remember, there was no way that this would have not happened. Remember, I was not tested because of the law necessarily dislikes me. And maybe this has to stay elevated my rankings may be this, this, this, they remind me of a lot of bring me back to him.

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Remember the great reward of the patient ones. Also, the factor for dunya to be to give the dunya is its dual value, what's the due value of the idea

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is less than the Wink of a mosquito. So, to basically

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turmoil over time or to anguish over the loss of

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something from this linear shows that we have now, really, hundreds, the value of this is very unpredictable, you know, you lost the job,

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you know, you may have kept the job but and died in a few days. So So what if you lost the job

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or you lost like, you know, a spouse or something. The dounia itself may end tomorrow for you or after tomorrow. It is very easy. It is just very unpredictable. Very, very unpredictable. This job could have gotten you in jail. Who knows? A lot more animal care to duni Allahu Allahu wa Sina Tanaka from beta come with a counselor to mid

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Allah gives us the parable of this dunya it's like the plan. You know, the it was green in the beginning, where rain the visitation there with or the fish stations that came

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on after the rain fell on the land, the reservations that came out or agreement and pleasing to the to the lookers pleasing to the farmers that are looking at those reservations, let's the dunya green and you know, moist, and then it turns into, it dries out and gets yellow, and then it turns into hay and crumbles away. And that's exactly who you are, you know as a child, as an adult, and as a senile person, and then you crumble away, and you turn into this. So is this worth grieving over? And if the whole union is not worth grieving over is any particular incident in this dunya worth grieving over