Ebrahim Bham – Virtue And Rights Of Women In Islam

Ebrahim Bham
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida, motiva Omar de la vida kitabi hula Sharia Tabata Shariati. mavado photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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When I when I met through la de la he Nabeel Maru circa la velocity azeem

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respected elders and brothers.

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As we are aware, in our country, in August, we have

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a public holiday known as the right of women, the Women's Day,

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and that inshallah will happen next week, Thursday.

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And on that particular regard, I felt that maybe people will be talking much in the media, etc, about the rights of woman. And therefore, today, we will speak about the rights of women, as it is, it's a month of August and somewhat sarcastically say that in the month of August, sometimes it is hot, sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is windy, very, very familiar.

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Nevertheless, we all when we speak about the rights of women, we have to understand that Islam has brought about a revolution in terms of the rights of women, if we have to look previously with regard to what the rights of women were, and how they were regarded, is no doubt that Islamic brought about a revolution in Hinduism, for example, human were regarded to be subjugated and one of the most shameful type of practices that you could ever find was that of, you know, when, when a when a woman's husband died, and she and he was cremated. It was regarded to be honorable, for a woman to put herself in that particular fire for also to be but

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this was the way that a woman were regarded to be not even regarded to be a person in her independent, right.

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Aristotle, the famous, you know, poet, philosopher, he used to say, that the woman our freak of nature, sent you could not get the perfect human being, then this the result of it was a woman and her faculties are intrinsically intrinsically deficient, because this is what you know, Aristotle, similarly, non complimentary attributes and statements can be found in Christianity and Judaism, even the Western world that today we regarded to be the gold standard. With regard to the rights of women, it might be interesting for us to reflect that up till 1632, the English Lord declared that which is the men is the men's his wealth in his possession. That which is the husbands is the

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husband's, and that which is the wife's, he's also the husband's. So how we normally make a joke, what is what is mine is mine, what is yours is ours? No, no, this was a situation with regard to what was the situation even today? You know, apparently it might look very glamorous with regard to the rights of women. But if we have to reflect and say, is the woman really given her rights as an independent human being? Today, what has happened is, she only gains respect and dignity to the extent that she resembles or comes into the realm of amendment and her dignity is challenged by her achieving that particular type of respect in the realm of the men. And that is so unfortunate,

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because together with all our other responsibilities, she's also supposed to prove herself in a particular year. Islam has not grieved granted her such injustice and such type of tyranny, as I will go on to explain. Ugly after war. Amaya to tear our Deen Kadena this Manasa Machado karateka.

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hakuba karanga Islam nahata in kahuku Canis Betsy dounia Megan Caleb Lika Islam Sarah Palin, Kukui icfad Hussein Baker share some data, Islam Kabaddi kho kho da k Johanna mo Pele unco xinda different Katya Tata can Islam ki baat nahi Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam apne Beatty key ramen curry.

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This is a remarkable aspect with regard to Islam. Before Islam this was a situation and of course, when we were to suggest them discuss the aspect of ignorance and one one image comes to our mind what is the image that people use to bury their daughters alive? Yeah, they used to bury the daughters alive. They will be ready allowed on one day came in the presence of Navy saw Selim, he came to accept Islam. So let me agreement allow your seller when he accepted his Islam, then he did he I asked Yasser Allah will ALLAH forgive all my sins? So maybe a consortium said in Islam is the most popular? Islam wipes away all the Ghanaian sins that we have done previously? Since you have

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accepted Islam Allah will forgive all your sins that he has said yes, Lola Are you sure this will happen? Maybe I can even saw some said yes, there he is. Sure. Why are you asking?

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Allah I buried seven of my daughters alive. Seven of my daughters I buried alive now via grimsel selam started weeping and nobody saw cinema Wait, waited for a while and said wait Allah, Allah will send out a wave and that Allah send out a wave that if Islam wipes away goofer and disbelief, Allah will wipe away the sin also after accepting Islam. Islam wipes away everything that was done in the past. So then there'll be a cream sauce that we have to meet again, here alone. If the here by one kalama shahadat you can wipe away his Guna instance of budding seven daughters alive. You Allah you forgive my mother, who make the kalama and repeat the kalama several times in the lives. This was

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what we got what happened. And after Islam what happened after Islam that when maybe a cream sauce Lim used to be sitting in his room, when as a Fatima used to come in the room. Number Kareem saw some news to get them maybe saw some news to kiss her on the forehead, and maybe some sort of news to put her next to himself. Before Islam she was buried alive. After Islam, the prophet of Almighty Allah used to get up in respect of his daughter. This is Islam. What is Islam thought Islam is made mentioned that Islam has given equality in terms of human worth and dignity and accountability of deeds. So whatever a man does, he will be held accountable but Allah, whatever good he does, Allah

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will reward him, whatever only to Allah subhanho wa Taala will take them to task if he wishes, or Miyamoto Mino saw he had him in the Quran.

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Well who are min fella no here no higher than wherever does righteous deeds beat male or female that carinata well who am woman they are believers and that will give them the best of rewards here in this world what are known as Romania, Santa Monica, Maria, Milan, and Allah will reward them in the after. So there is a spice human dignity as far as accountability as far as the rights, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given her complete equality with regard to men. However, having said that, and then of course, there are many other aspects that are Latina has given her that particular type of right the right to contract, enterprise, dispose of her property, her wealth, Islam has given her

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the right to own property, to dispose of a property to dispose of a wealth, no one has got the right to interfere in debt, not even the husband, not even the father, she can and it might be recommended that she makes mature and consults but she can take her wealth and do whatever she wants, without anyone interfering with regard to that her life is a sacred, if not more sacred than that of the husband, or that of the of the of the men because in war we for example, nebbia cream sauce who said he told the people when you go out in war, don't kill women. When you go out in war don't kill women. So her life is a sacred if not more sacred. After making mentioned she has got the right to

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ratify her own marriage. In Islam it is not permissible to get a daughter married without her expressed approval. You cannot force you can arrange but you cannot impose upon her. You can tell her Oh my bat Oh my daughter I think this particular boy is good for you. But if she says no, you got no right to make up a nigga. So this is the right Islam has given us does

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This means that everything is the same, there is equality in terms of humanity in terms of dignity, there will be a difference is not sameness, there is a difference in terms of her rights or maybe not her rights or functions or duties, her tasks what is expected from her. And for us to understand this, let me give you a small explanation, they say equality is a very slick and a very catchy slogan, what does equality means, equality means, in mathematics, if two variables are equal, then one can be substituted for the other without any difference in the results. So, if you put in a column two, and you put another column two, there are two variables and what is two plus two is

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four. So, if you have to change this to and put it into the other column, there will be no difference in the end result it was still before that that is what equality is. So, if we take men and women are equal in that particular regard, then a men can do everything a woman can do and vice versa, that such equality is absurd, we can easily understand that. So, woman will fall pregnant and if you want to be equal, equal in every sense, equality in this particular sense, the way I made mentioned with regard to the equality in a mathematical example, then if equality is like that between men and women, then next time, you know in your marriage, the woman will say by the first

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pregnancy is mine, the next pregnancy you take over.

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Such particular type of equality is absurd. Everyone can understand that. It is like this example. You go into an orchard and you see different types of flowers. You see the rose you see the tulip, you see the daffodils. Now, no one will ever say that these two these type of flowers are equal.

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To say that they are unequal is simply confusing the matter. They are equal in terms of being flowers, they are different in terms of the beauty, the color, the fragrance, and that Allah has created men and women equal in terms of human dignity. Allah subhanho wa Taala has given them different types of tasks and functions, according to the temperament which is suited to the temperament which Allah subhanho wa Taala who is the creator of men and woman knows best what is suited to each and every one of us. This is the reality, Islam and otoko in sunny Fukuoka, Maha Swami moto Kibera Baraka fries, Mallanna Morocco, Likud fries, or aplica May, Allah subhanho wa

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Taala murder or como SMP shoba, da, or a nine Safina a Misaki, torpor amkette a polka huzhou or who said tsutsui muscala.

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katawal Nika just die

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for a candidate, pool, Johanna. Yay, yay, yay, Bernie,

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aka Bernie. So now, I know what Allah has made this particular aspect with regard to equality in terms of human dignity, in terms of contract enterprising, in terms of her worth as a human being. But Allah subhanho wa Taala, has given her certain types of functions which are most suited to her, which Allah subhanaw taala knows that which is best. Now, for example, just to give you an example, Islam does not impose upon a woman, that she must behave like a men, or she has to compete with men in the field of this particular aspect, that she must become like a man to be respected and dignified. And this is what happened to me in the world, that she, when you look upon her and say,

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you must be able to bring about the same amount of money at home, you must be able to bring about the same amount of work, you must be able to accumulate that amount of wealth. First of all, Islam. May Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, you know, Allah has given us such a great deal. And when we think that Alice will never be able to send a letter sufficiently for this, Allah has never put upon human the burden to care for herself.

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Allah has never put upon the woman in Islam the burden for her to care upon herself, because that will make available therefore in Islam, it is the responsibility of the nearest male relative to care for the woman

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before she gets married is the responsibility of the father to look after the daughter

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after she gets married is a husband's responsibility. And when he is when he does that, he is doing a no favor. And many times we throw that to our woman and we say, you know, I'm looking after you and I'm doing this for you and I gave you this and then you are fulfilling your responsibility.

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Huh, Autocar Jenna hoopoe, miss a

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punto de

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una cadena ciriaco Jeanette acuscope una forma or Cusco para harmonically Cooper, Quakers, Anita.

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Daria, it's your responsibility that you look after her. Let me tell him something he said absolutely not in unifi porogen, the best of denial that you can spend is a dinner that you spend in looking after your wife and your children, the best of dinner, better than giving in charity also, yes, after you fulfill that which is compulsory, then by all means you can give charity. But before all of that analysis of regional comunale Missa tee, my father in law, who bah bah, bah, bah, and for whom Annamalai him, it is you an authority because you are supposed to spend your wealth upon your wife and your children. So Allah is never made a woman, you know, this particular aspect of

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vulnerability that she must take care of her own needs. The husband, the Father, and sometimes we don't realize it, if something happens, and a woman is divorced, then it is the nearest males responsibility to look after that particular woman. So if she example if she gets divorced, and the children, if the children are small, the brothers in our in our society doesn't happen. But this is an Islamic law. Islam has never made a woman vulnerable that she must take care of our needs. Now in this particular regard, you find in the Western world, because she's in the situation, she becomes vulnerable. Look at how women are selling themselves many times they bodies, because they have to

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look for them and care for their own needs. Islam has never made this film upon her. Islam has given her life where her needs are supposed to be fulfilled. And look at how Islam today we make, we see many beautiful English sayings. But we don't find the manifestation of that anywhere. But in Islamic teachings, you find they said, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, rules the world, the Hand That Rocks, the cradle, rules the world. And the sometimes they say, if you educate a man, you educate individual, you educate a woman, you educate a nation, but we use it in our other civilizations. Now women are competing with men in the workplace in the corporate world. I'm not saying it's not

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permissible. Women, depending upon the situation, if there is a need, there is no one to look after she wants to render her service for the sake of the community. That's a different matter. But it is not her primary responsibility. She doesn't have to do it. It's not compulsory upon her, it is compulsory upon the men to look after the woman, even this particular matter in Islamic fit. Even if the woman has got money then to it's a responsibility of the husband to look after. That is why you see a small child one day came to the Father and said, Oh my father, how much does it cost to get married? So the father said, Oh, my child, I don't know. I'm still paying.

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I'm all the time I'm paying. This is the reality. And look at how Allah Allah has given over Africa to motherhood, agenda to Muhammad, under the feet of the mother, legend under the feet of the mother, ladies, gentlemen.

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Unless you know what Allah has given so much type of this when a person came going to be a cream sauce.

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Whom as I show the greatest amount of love to who is deserving of my greatest amount of love, kindness and consideration, the vehicle himself said your mother. Then he said yes. And then after that, your mother thereafter he said, then jasola

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your mother three times and then afterwards, he said, there will be a cream sauce to them said your father. I like to make mention of this. I've said it many times. The beautiful statement of gelato Dean Rumi Rahmatullah Lee, who makes mention that one day the father and the mother, they were competing with one another who does more for the child.

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In the Ruby ram Talalay, he said mix mentioned the bubble APNIC ga su cannon Canada can measure Hannah Chakrabarti, Ms. yakata. To Monica jogia. What what to reply to the mother give? Don't you dare compare your efforts with my efforts. I bought the child in great amount of difficulty. I kept the child when it was heavy. You as a father kept the child when it was right. You kept the seed of the child for a short period of time. I kept the seed of the child for nine months. You as a father drop the seed of the child in effect of pleasure. I dropped the seed of my child in pain that was nearing death.

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Therefore literacy is was seen an incentive bydd oh snap harmala como Cora what was that who could

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be very kind towards your mother, because she bought in she gave birth to you in great difficulty. And this is what Islamic said with regard to women. Look at what Islam it said with regard to woman, the paradise of her children lies at her feet, the feet of whom not the father, under the feet of the father is only a jumper.

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under the feet of the mother is Jenna, the righteousness of a husband is to be judged by his kind treatment of his wife. And to bring up his daughter in a loving caring manner, assures the father protection from the fire of Jan, this is a right of woman in Islam. The closest woman to you would be your mother, your daughter, and your wife. What does Islam say? JANET lies under the feet of your mother. What does Islam say?

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Oh, come on call the best amongst you are those who are good, not to your friends to your wife. The best amongst you are those that means the righteousness the conduct of the husband needs to be gauged how he deals and how he interacts with his wife. And do you know the Father has an eye shadow the ultimate says one day a woman came. She had two small daughters. And she came in she was very angry and she complains and I don't have I haven't given my daughter's, you know, food for so many days. So as I said in the house, he was only one cajole, I gave it to her. She broke the control. She herself was hungry. She gave off to one daughter. She gave one to the other daughter. She

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herself did not take from that schedule. I told him when he came that's what happened. Let me saw some said Whoever has any difficulty in bringing up daughters. Allah will grant him Jenna.

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to look after your daughter's is a means of gaining gender and protection from the fire of gender. This is a reality or not a gender market catwalk Italia head, who's Kishore kataka who skates Superman has Sirhan Beatty kpr or mohabbat separase karna a Baka Jana copper one Amita This is a reality. So this is the last one and of course Allah subhana wa Taala has told us with regard to these particular aspects, sometimes especially we interact a lot mostly with our with our women with our wives via cream sauce cinema stole us yes, sometimes they might be difficult. Sometimes they might have different moods. We have to take that into account. By Allah tala takes into account a

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woman's moods.

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Once a month, Allah tala makes it she doesn't have to worry Sarah, if in that particular type of situation and state that she is she doesn't have to keep fast. When Allah tala takes into account her mood in a situation and weaknesses. Why can't you as a husband take that into account? Maybe a criminal law while he was selling was one day going and they used to be a person by the name of Angelica. So Angelica used to sing very beautifully. Because he used to take the camels and they when he used to sing beautifully, you know he used to in India because he used to hurt the camels and sometimes they used to go fast. So one day Libya couldn't sell some Cydia and Joshua rich.

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Oh and Joshua drives slowly with the camels. Do you know who is selling on those camel? They are women. They are real you know what is the cover here? So kawari just to give you an example, is a very expensive glass chandelier or very expensive glass item that you have in your house. Maybe a cream sauce and says this will cover real or under shall go slowly and be kind and be soft. These human on

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the agreement. They are like you know expensive glass items and lettering the Holy Quran says

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Allah, Allahu

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Allah and for whom in holy. It is our motto for mighty cream sauce lamb was kind and compassionate to his wife. If he would have been vulgar, you would have been harsh, would have broken people wouldn't have come around him. This is how Allah subhanho wa Taala expects us to treat our women with the utmost amount of kindness and compassion as an HIV ultimate Sage maker himself said with Allah tala wants to bring Baraka in a home.

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When Allah wants to bring Baraka home, that Allah subhanho wa Taala make that home full of kindness and compassion not full of you know

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Full of harshness and vulgarity and swearing and shouting, that's not the way of us. So in this particular regard, we find even our beloved Livia Karim salsola used to deal with situations like that the vehicle himself seems to have the utmost amount of kindness, compassion to his wife to such an extent that I made mentioned once and I will conclude with this, that maybe a cream sauce them to resin I shall have a look. And I know when you are very happy with me, and when you are not in such a good mood with me. So as I said, you know, Sula, how do you know this? He said, when you are in a good mood with me, then you say, you know, you say things like and in your conversation, you say by

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the load of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And when things are not going well between us, there's a slight argument there's a slight dispute which will happen in an atrocity Spain called kimono. If you dislike something of your life. Look at the good things. In a some sort of argument. Then you say in your conversation by the Lord of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, Allah has given us this gold. Allah has given us this goal in terms of the rights of women in how to deal with them. Why should we? Why should we bother in change debt for glitter? glitter means this apparent gold, Allah has given us real gold. This is the right of women, how we are supposed to treat with her. This is a

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virtue. This is how Allah subhanho wa Taala is looked upon in Islam. May Allah give us a topic of understanding in economics.

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