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salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. When are people to tap in with our agenda in our other Lolly mean or shadow Allah? Allahu Allah Sharika Allahu Evelina Allah here in Washington in the region and Muhammad Abdul who are a pseudo Mustafa Amin la masala he was selling robotic arm to go to Saudi come Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Marian and

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welcome to another episode of ultraseal page by page and inshallah Tada. Today, we are on page number 20, the penultimate page of the first Jos Surah Al Baqarah. And in the previous episodes, or in the previous episode, rather, we had begun speaking about the Prophet Ibrahim Ali salatu salam. And we mentioned that Allah azza wa jal in the Surah Surah Baqarah Surah that speaks about the importance of submission to Allah subhanaw taala the importance of steadfastness upon Iman and the way that the Muslim should be in terms of responding to Allah azza wa jal an obedient strim subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal gave gives to us the example of one of the greatest of His messengers and

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that is the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam. Ibrahim Ali Salam, as we know throughout his life, goes through a number of challenges and he goes through a number of tests that Allah subhanaw taala placed before him. And in each one of those tests, as Allah azza wa jal mentioned in yesterday, in our last episode, Allah azza wa jal said for Tim Mahoney, he completed them he fulfilled them. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala praises Ibrahim Ali salatu salam in this way. And Allah azza wa jal started to mention a number of the accolades and number of the virtues of Ibrahim Ali salatu salam, as well as a number of donors and supplications that he made to Allah subhanho wa taala. From those

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applications is the one that we took last last episode. And the final verse of page number 19. And that is that Ibrahim Ali Salam asked Allah azza wa jal to make the city of Mecca, a sanctuary, a harem. And as we know today, Mecca is a haram It is literally a sanctuary and that is why the people who come for Omran for Hajj they enter into that sanctuary in the state of haram in order to perform pilgrimage for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so it is a sanctuary. And at the same time, he also made dua, that Allah subhanaw taala should provide for its inhabitants and its people. And Allah subhanho wa Taala did so.

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Allah azza wa jal at the beginning or at the top of page number 20, in verse number 127, Allah subhanaw taala will mention a number of the eyes that were also made by Ibrahim Ali salatu salam. And one of the things that I want us to bear in mind as we go through this particular page on these number of donors, is I want you to look at and consider the level of submission and humility and humbleness that this amazing prophet of Allah has before his Lord. subhanaw taala. We know me and you the role of the prophets of Allah were chosen by Allah, they were selected and favored by Allah subhanaw taala and therefore, by virtue of being chosen to be prophets of Allah, they are guaranteed

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Jannah that guaranteed Allah's reward and Allah's forgiveness and Allah's Allah's fevers and his blessings. But despite that, you don't find within any of the prophets of Allah as we will see now here in the example of Ibrahim Ali salaam, you don't find in them arrogance, you don't find in them a sense of entitlement. You don't find in them that type of cockiness or overconfidence that they deserve, what it is that they have. Rather you find the exact opposite, that despite having that guarantee of Allah's mercy and His reward, they are still people of utmost humbleness and submission before Allah azza wa jal, Allah Subhana Allah says in verse number 127,

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or in the on Pharaoh Ibrahim will cover in the menial bathe Eva is Mary You know Rob banner, the bell mean, in the semi on Eileen, and remember as Ibrahim and this Marielle built up raised up the foundations of the house meaning the karma. It is the position of a number of the scholars to see that the foundations of the Kaaba had already been laid.

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Some say as far back as the time of Adam and Eve salatu salam ala they said that it was the angels that first lay down its foundations. This verse seems to seems to agree with that Allah azza wa jal knows best that the foundations of the Kaaba were known and were there and that it was therefore Ibrahim and Abel is marinas job to construct the Kaaba to raise the foundations of the Kaaba and to build to build upon them. And so as they are doing so as his Marine is looking for the rocks and the stones and he's bringing them to his farm

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Ibrahim. And as the Brahim is taking those rocks and stones in his building the Kaaba raising the Kaaba and its foundation. Both of them are making the turning to Allah subhanaw taala and what is one of the most amazing there is that you will find in the book of Allah azza wa jal and all of the eyes of the Quran are amazing. And they are saying a lot better Taco Bell Mina in NACA into Samuel, Nemo, Allah accept this deed from us, for indeed you are all hearing the All Knowing, they are asking Allah azza wa jal for his acceptance. And that automatically then shows us that for the believer, there are two aspects when it comes to worship and to good deeds. The first is the

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performance of the action, the deed. So you pray, you give us a cat, you're good to someone, you say a nice word to someone, whatever it may be, you help someone that is the deed, the action that you performed. And the second aspect is the acceptance or the rejection of that particular action. The first part is in our control, I choose to pray or not to pray, I choose whether I will give us a cow or not gives the cat I choose to the right will be good in this scenario will be evil in this scenario, but whether that action is accepted or not, that is determined by Allah subhanaw taala alone. And Allah azza wa jal bases that acceptance or rejection on things like the person sincerity

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and the Eman and the following of the Sunnah, and the example of the Prophet salallahu, Alaihe, salam, and so on. And so we, even though I can say that I prayed for, or I prayed ISIL or I fasted this month of Ramadan, I don't have the guarantee that Allah azza wa jal accepted that prayer or that fasting. And that is why the believer is always between, as we said before the two wings of hope and fear, we hope and Allah's reward that we have put forth in terms of deeds and actions are enough for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, but at the same time, we have this fear. We have this uncertainty that we don't know. Perhaps Allah Azza didn't want to accept those deeds. And if Allah

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was to reject our deeds, and what possibly would we have left to present before our Lord and Kurita Subhana wa Tada. And so that is why the Prophet Ibrahim Ali, Sam isn't just taking them for granted. That is a prophet of Allah, a messenger of Allah, in the holy cities that Allah azza wa jal loves the most building the house of Allah subhanaw taala for the pilgrimage of the people will make to the house of Allah azza wa jal doesn't take any of that for granted. But rather he shows humbleness and submission to Allah, He is continuously making this drug, and it is a beautiful drug so succint but so powerful in meaning. Rob Bell, Taco Bell Mina, oh Allah accept from us, oh Allah Azza kromus

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And that is why it is said, for example, that the companions of the Allahu Anhu would make dua for six months of the year that Allah allowed them to witness the month of Ramadan. And then for the remaining six months, they will ask Allah to accept their deeds. One of our shortcomings today, brothers and sisters, one of the things that we rarely do is ask Allah for acceptance. We don't ask Allah to accept our deeds, whether it be the deeds that we do that are smaller the deeds that we do that are major, how many people have made Hajj and after Hajj I've never asked Allah to accept the hunch, have fasted the whole of Ramadan never asked Allah to accept the month of Ramadan stood up in

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the night of Laila together and made dua and prayed and recited the Quran, but then never asked Allah azza wa jal for acceptance, or ogbonna Taco Bell Mina in Atlantis, Samuel Aleem

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in verse 128, they make another dua urbanna Jana mustI Maynila Kiwami in lewdly Tina Mata Muslimah Tulloch or arena monasticon Our to Marilena in Etowah Rahim again showing the humbleness before Allah azza wa jal, a beautiful dua, O our Lord, make us people who submit to you fully.

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How often have we made dua that Allah subhanaw taala keeps us firm upon Islam? How often do we make dua that Allah azza wa jal makes us people who affirm upon the Salah and zakat, how often do we make dua to Allah subhana data for for ourselves and Allah azza wa jal allows us to live upon Islam and to die upon Islam, that Allah resurrects us with the people of Eman. This is essentially what they say oh Allah make us from amongst those people who are devout submitting to subhanaw taala make us Muslims to you. In essence, when you do the attina Muslim Atala and from our descendants, make them a community a nation of those devoted to Isn't that an amazing dua? You know, often we make dua for

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our children, and we'll ask them Allah azza wa jal give them wealth, whereas all of Allah make them successful in their studies, we may make dua that Allah azza wa jal gives them a good husband or wife that Allah provides them with children that Allah gives them so many of the blessings of the dunya and those are good and halal do as they should be made. But how often do we sit on that prayer mat or sit raising our hands, turning and facing towards the Qibla asking Allah azza wa jal, Allah helps our children in terms of the Iman that Allah keeps them firm upon this religion, that Allah subhanaw Dionysus.

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leaves them from the traps in the whisperings of Shavon and we will see as we come to shovel Tara into Surah Al Imran, the beautiful dua that the mother of margam RA has sent him, the wife of Amman makes for her progeny and for her offspring. Here we have an example of Ibrahim Ali salaam, and he set his mind to doing so. Oh ALLAH from our children, we want children that are first and foremost before they're successful in their in their lives and in their careers and with regards to money and other things. The first thing we want to Allah is a child or an offspring progeny descendants that are obedient to you that submit to you that of Eman to the funnel that you have emailed in you the

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follow the Prophet sallallahu Why do you send them people who follow the Quran and the Sunnah people who love your Allah, people who worship you people who humble themselves before you. This is the drug that they are making. And it shows you that level of submission and humility before Allah subhanaw taala were early Nam and Asika were to Ballina and they say oh Allah show us how to worship you. Show us how to worship you. And that is because to see someone worshipping Allah azza wa jal, to show to be shown. The example of worship is better and easier for a person to to then understand how to worship Allah azza wa jal than simply being told. And that is why when you have a non Muslim,

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you show them the actions of the prayer. When you have a child and you want to teach them how to play or to make what do you do for them so that they can see and that is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said concerning the Salah, salute Kamara, Ito Mooney Solly pray as you see me praying, because sometimes the audible or the audio version, just instructions, just the written version may not necessarily make sense to a person or they may not necessarily understand in the way that it should be understood.

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And likewise, the Prophet said some Allah while he was sent them concerning the Hajj, holo Arnim. And a seeker can take your rites of Hajj for me, the Companions can see how the processes make them throw off, see how it's making site, see how he's stoning. See how we shaving his head, see how He's torturing his animals. And so all of this is something which they can see. And so like, what's the Brahim Ali Salam is saying, Oh Allah show us how to worship you. And that shows the importance of what these prophets are asking for. They want Allah azza wa jal to accept their deeds. They want Allah subhana data to make them from the people of Eman and submission. And they want to ensure that

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they're worshiping Allah in the way that Allah wants them to worship Him, not in the way that they think, or their desires may dictate or the way that they logically would would anticipate that this is how you worship Allah know, they want to be shown the way that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and that is why as Muslims when we're told, this is how you should pray, this is how you should give us the cards. We shouldn't be so hard to arrogant to say no, actually, this is what I think you should be. Well, this is the way that my father told me if it's not necessarily according to the best practice of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and ask Allah azza wa

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jal for his repentance, for indeed he is the one who is of repenting, Most Merciful. In verse 129, Allah subhanaw taala mentions a nother dua that they make Rob burn our barracks V him Rasul them in whom yet to know early him tikka, when you are limo, Humann Kitab I will hit metal User Key him in

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diesel Hakeem and our Lord make a messenger of their own rise up from amongst them, meaning from amongst the inhabitants of Mecca from the people of Mecca. Make from them a messenger from amongst them, who will recite to them your revelations, teach to them the Scripture and wisdom and He will purify them for indeed your the almighty dollar wise. This is essentially Eduardo Brahim Ali Salatu Salam is making which will be answered by Allah subhanaw taala later on, many generations later in the form of our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and that is a Rahim Allah is still missing, oh Allah make from amongst these people, the inhabitants of Mecca that will come make from

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amongst them a messenger that will come and rise from amongst them, this messenger will be the one who will stand and he will call people to Allah azza wa jal showing them the signs of Allah subhanaw taala teaching them the knowledge and the wisdom in in the Quran and the Sunnah, and He will purify them. And so therefore, we see that these are the main roles of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if you can learn about your religion, these issues from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, then you have attained success by Allah's permission to learn the verses and the signs of Allah subhanaw taala that show the Tawheed of Allah azza wa jal show his right to be worshipped alone

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subhanaw taala showed the truthfulness of the Day of Judgment and all those other aspects of Eman, the pillars of Eman that we have, and to learn the Quran and wisdom, the book and wisdom which essentially teaches our religion, the halal and haram the commandments and the prohibitions to learn about our religion what we need in order to worship Allah subhanaw taala and the test kiya the purifying element through our D

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leads through our worship through our character through turning to Allah azza wa jal no repentance and forgiveness. This is essentially what the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought, he brought for us knowledge that would give a strong Eman both for the deeds that would purify our souls and purify our characters and our mannerisms. And indeed Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is almighty and all wise. This is what the prophets brought. This is the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is what the Quran contains. So Allah subhanaw taala then says in verse number 130 131, may your verbal I'm miletti, Ibrahima

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Sophie, Hannah Hafsa, who put a full will then forsake the region of Ibrahim Ali Salam. Though the Jews claim to follow the way with Brahim. Don't the Christians follow the way we brought him or claim to follow the way Brahim and we as Muslims also claim to follow the way we brought him. How do you salatu salam? This is the original Ibrahim that Allah has laid out to us, though he's calling to Allah to refine your deeds, making dua that Allah azza wa jal makes from the people have you met. This is what Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam lived upon and died upon this is the religion and where we brought him out. He said I'm so Allah says now subhanaw taala in verse 130, who put a fool would

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then abandon this religion? Who would forsake this way of the hate of worshipping Allah alone? According to Allah subhanaw taala alone? No one would do this except someone who is extremely foolish with someone who is ignorant of the ways of the Prophet, someone who is happy to take what is less and sacrifice what is better, and what is more, and that is why Allah azza wa jal then continues and says, what about this toffee now who feed dunya and indeed we have chosen him in this world, meaning we raised him in rank, and we chose him to be from amongst the greatest prophets and messengers of Allah, what you know, feel clarity, let me know Saudi Hain and he will rank among the

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righteous in the hereafter. Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu Salam is someone who showed us the path of turning to Allah azza wa jal in submission. And he is someone who shows us the way that we should turn to Allah subhanaw taala in dua, in invocation in supplication to him and he is someone who shows us that we should be people who are constantly mindful of Allah subhanaw taala and people who remember him to live your order. And that is why from what we know of the Sunnah, is that the Prophet told us on the lower alley, he'll sell them that he met the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu Salam on the night journey. And Ibrahim Ali Salam conveyed his synonyms to this ummah. And he said, tell them that Jana

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is like a fertile field. And it seeds its soil is ready and ripe for for for four plantation. And it seeds are Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar. This is one of the advice or some of the advice that was given by the Prophet Ibrahim to this ummah. And there is a we have people who are constantly mindful of Allah subhanaw taala, remembering Him who would turn away from this example, except one who is foolish. Allah azza wa jal says in verse number 131, then essentially epitomizing or encapsulating for us the way we brought him out, he slammed his example. He says in Karna Hora boo Aslam, Karla Islam to Nirav Beloeil. I mean, when His lord said to him,

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devote yourself to me, submit yourself to me, Ibrahim responded immediately, I devote myself submit myself to the Lord of the universe to Lord to the Lord of all that exists. Allah azza wa jal told Ibrahim and Islam to submit with the hate, with love of Allah azza wa jal being sincere to Allah subhanaw taala. And what did he respond? I submit to Allah azza wa jal and that is why when Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam whenever he is given a command by Allah azza wa jal, he does so. He is told by his people that he will be thrown into a fire and he will die within it and he trusts in Allah subhanaw taala. He is told by Allah azza wa jal commanded to take his son and leave him in a barren

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land, and he's a baby, a child that doesn't even have the ability to take water, or food or hunt or anything and he does so due to the Command of Allah azza wa jal, he is told to go back to that very child and to sacrifice him support him by his own hand, and he does so submitting to Allah subhanaw taala every command that he is given, he submits to Allah azza wa jal and that is where Allah subhanaw taala raised him in the station. That is why Allah subhanaw taala honors him in the Quran. In many verses, that is when Allah azza wa jal honor Him on your multi Yama as the Prophet told us, Son, Allahu Allah, he was sending him a woman who QSA Yeoman, the Amity Ibrahim, that every one on

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the Day of Judgment will be resurrected, naked, barefooted and circumcised and the first one to be clothed. On that Day will be the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And so Allah azza wa jal praises him. Allah subhanaw taala says that this praise of Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu Salam is because of his submission to Allah as Allah

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just said in verse 131, it is because of that submission to Allah subhanaw taala because of his understanding the heat and making sure that it was propagated amongst his family and his children, and that is when Allah azza wa jal continues to go on to investment that you do well wasabia Ibrahim obey any wire ago but yeah burning you're in Allah stuff Eric will Medina for that and more tonight in our tombs New Moon and he commanded his sons to do the same as did Jakob his grandson. And they said my sons indeed Allah has chosen your religion for you. So devote yourself to Him and make sure that you do so until your divine dying moment. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam advised his sons, Ibrahim

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is married and is happy, and therefore by extension, his grandson Iago and Jacobi some Allah says, did the same for his own children amongst whom would be the Prophet Yusuf Ali salatu salam ala as we know from them, that progeny we descend that descends from Jakob COMM The 12 tribes of Israel, many Israel as we mentioned in a previous episode, what was the command, their advice, the legacy to their progeny, these amazing prophets of Allah azza wa jal, they said, Indeed, Allah has chosen your way of life. Your religion is Islam, your religion is the one of the heat, so don't die upon anything other than that, don't die except that you're in a state of being a Muslim. This is Allah

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azza wa jal comment us in the Quran, or you who believe it took Allah aka Takata. Fear Allah as you should be feared, and do not die except in the state of Islam. That is the command that Allah azza wa jal gives to us. And there is a command that the Prophet Ibrahim and Jakob gave to the children. And so what the people claim on the scripture, that Ibrahim was on a different path, they are globals on a different path, that he didn't necessarily believe in this or the the originals outs or what was other than this other than the original though hate. Allah subhanaw taala rejects this here. And Allah azza wa jal says that if you truly claim to follow in the footsteps of Ibrahim, you

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are Abrahamic faiths. This is the faith that you have in the way that you have chosen. The look at the example of Ibrahim, this is what Ibrahim stood for. This is the region that he was upon. This is what he died upon. Adi salatu. Salam. And Allah azza wa jal goes into further detail in verse 133. And he says, uncle, Tommy shahada, how about Cobell mouth over you there to see when death came upon Iacobelli salatu salam, jacobellis salam, as we will see in more detail on the economy come upon the chapter, named after his son use of solar use of the Jakob Valley CERAM lived and he went through a number of challenges and tests of Allah subhanaw taala but eventually he is reunited with the use of

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and with all of his sons, at the time of his death. Iacobelli salatu salam, this amazing prophet of Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal says, Will you present then, when he advised his children when he gave them his legacy, when he told them his parting final words, and therefore it is from the Sunnah of the prophets and it is something which is recommended that you give your children your last word, your asset, whether it's written in your will, or you verbally say for those people who have the opportunity to do so they know that death is coming or they reach old age for them to advise the children that this is what I am upon, and this is what you should be upon, that they

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should look upon their children with these words of advice, so that they weren't inshallah Tada take that advice and continue upon the path of the heat.

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Allah azza wa jal says they are Kobani salatu salam did so when he gathered his sons around him in Carla Lee Benny Hema Tambu name embody, and he questioned his sons and ask them, Who will you worship after me? After I die and after I am gone? Who will you worship? He is testing them to see how they understood the heat. Have they understood his mission, his religion, the religion of his parents of his grandparents, and they reply clone or Moodle ILA hacker

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Equilibar ah, Hema is marrying inner hacker.

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Ibrahim, is Marina always happy? You know what either one afternoon level Muslim on and they all responded, We will worship your God and the God of your forefathers, Ibrahim, and he's married and his hack and that was the one God alone. We devote ourselves to Him we are muslims submit ourselves to Him. They respond showing that they had understood the heat, which shows therefore, that the origin of the Legion Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam and the bene Israel as they trace their lineage back to your home. How do you stamp that religion is one of pure to heat a worshipping Allah azza wa jal alone, the children of Yaqoob say Oh, I will father We will worship your God. And the God of

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your fathers Ibrahim, who is the grandfather of Iacob is hap, who is the father of Jakob and is married who is the uncle of Jakob Adi who salatu salam shows that the uncle the person

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have an uncle that your father's brothers are of a similar station to your father, just as your mother sisters are of a similar station to your mother. And so they say We will worship your your father and you're the God of your story. We will worship your God and the God of your forefathers. Ibrahim is married and his heart that is the one true Lord and He will submit to Him. And that is when Allah azza wa jal concludes this page, page 20 In verse 134, with an amazing statement and verse till the Mattoon for the harlot, that is a nation that has passed away. Yeah, oop, Ibrahim is married is happy. Many of them they've all passed away. And they have gone to the Lord for their

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accounting, the harmonica, but what matters to them, what they earn belongs to them, what you earn belongs to you. It's not enough to say that I am from the followers of Ibrahim, but you don't follow Ibrahim. It's not enough to say that I am from the progeny or the descendants of your OLB or is married or the prophets of Allah, what are you sending me for you do not follow the way and their path. That is a nation that has passed away. They did what Allah azza wa jal commanded them to do. And if they did not, then Allah would hold them to account what they earned belongs to them. Just as what you earn will belong to you. Well, as an owner, I'm

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alone, and you will not be answerable for the deeds. Allah will not question you about what they did, about whether they believed or didn't believe Allah will question you about you. Allah will ask you about your responsibilities your children, your family, I knew what you did in terms of your deeds and your actions. And so Allah subhanaw taala tells us therefore, in concluding this particular page, Allah azza wa jal says that you shouldn't worry so much about claiming that I am with him or with them, you know, guidance and you know, what is from Allah subhanaw taala you are responsible for you and you are not responsible for anyone else. May Allah subhanaw taala give us

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the ability to follow the Quran and the Sunnah and to worship Allah azza wa jal in the manner that pleases Him most Baraka lofi komatsuna unlimited Muhammad were either early he or Sami engineering was set up by the commandment Allah he will barakato listening Bismillah

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