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Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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Smolov hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Loma Linda main founder and founder of Yuma alum Tana was in need. Ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase as a knowledge. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to put baraka and this gathering, and I ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward us with all the promises that Rasulullah sigh solemn promises about any group that gathered in the house of Allah, to study the book of Allah to study the deen of Allah azza wa jal, they will be surrounded by the angels and the tranquillity will descend upon them. And Allah will show him show of them with her with his mercy and Allah subhanaw taala will remember them

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in the manual Allah may Allah make us all amongst them I mean

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excuse my voice a little bit under the weather, but I don't want to miss any any classes inshallah. So we reached

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use of Alayhis Salam

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was asked by his brothers. And keep in mind till this point, they did not recognize him yet he knows them, but they do not know Him. So, they asked him, if you can please take one of us instead of Binyamin because they already made a very solid promise to their father, that they will bring him back and they will protect him when they allow you to have your home. And we ended by the when Allah subhanaw taala said that Yusuf Ali Salam said Kharlamov Allah, no, no, no, I would rely on you No way.

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We seek refuge with Allah from doing something like that.

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Allah and with that lemon was your dinner Madonna in the in even Lavalley Moon there is no way we will take someone who that we will we will only take the person that we will find we found the cup in his meta, we will not take someone else at all. Otherwise we will be wrongdoers in that valley moon and we noticed and we said last week that use of aluminium did not say

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we will only take the person who suck who stole because he knows that he did not steal. So he said we will take the person we were we found our cup in his in his metallic.

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And we also hinted about the difference between or the strength of the of Allah compared to ours of ALLAH because ALLAH is stronger. Like for example, what's the difference between which one is stronger Subhan Allah or Subhanallah Subhanallah is stronger that Allah is the one who's deserving of the test beer with the hammer. That means I am making this beer but meritas B does not affect Allah azza wa jal Allah still will be glorified whether I make this beer or not. So Subhan Allah is stronger similarly man of Allah is stronger than out of Allah Subhan Allah Allah He said we will not take except the one we found the cup in his Mata now this is where we start today inshallah fella

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Misty so Minam fella mistake as a woman who called us to Nigeria and when they despaired

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Allah subhanaw taala he could have said when from Maria is so yeah, Isa is despair. Stay ESA and we discussed that before anytime you add Elif seen

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a tap to the verb it becomes what

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what does it mean? When we add LFC into

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to the verb

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asking for it and also exaggeration extra Estelle artha Estelle Farah from Rafa iStan Farah ESTA is to add all this when you add here is stay so they did not leave any way except they asked him to please take someone else other than Binyamin Jonnie they did not leave any door they did not knock and when they reached a point that they are desperate, he they found out that he is not going to change his mind for alumnus

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They assume they all tried, they did not leave any trick. And they reached the point and the decision that use of Ali Salaam is absolutely not changing his mind. For them mistake so

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can I sue Nigeria?

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What does how does energy I mean,

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they broke away and held held a private gathering, Karla Sue,

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how is to break away? That's why That's why the word loss is to break away from anyone other than Allah azza wa jal. Okay, so hello Sue, they went on the side and Nigeria is to speak, you know Allah subhanaw taala haram in them in Nigeria.

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Min ash shaytaan Liana Lavina, Amman. And Allah says salam prohibited us from making measure, what does it actually mean? If I'm standing with Abdul Rahman and Yusuf and I started whispering without adroitness ear, and you're standing there, this is not allowed in Islam, this is called measure because you are giving the feeling to us that we are speaking about him. Okay, that's not allowed. And similarly was not allowed also, and we do all the time is that I'm speaking, I have myself and a brother that speak Arabic and we have a brother that speaks to do next to us and he starts talking Arabic and the brother standing and does not understand this is also a form of Najwa similarly, if

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it is all due in the guise of any language.

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So, we are not out of respect, you cannot speak of another language. And the final person who does not understand it, and I'm sure you have noticed in this country, this is like a big insult. If you are sitting down or standing in front of people who do not understand your language and you start talking in your language, they considered as a major, major insult and they start you know, telling you English please and all that. So they have a soldier here they went on the side and they start talking to each other what are we going to do now fella mistake as women who come as soon as you get caught a corner Kabiru

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now, their

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oldest brother spoke and it was said he is the same brother that suggested in the beginning. Do not kill him, throw him in the car in the car, it'll mean home that to yourself. Do not kill yourself and throw him in the well. They said that he was the one that similarly now. But at that time Allah subhanaw taala did not indicate that he was the oldest son. Here Allah subhanaw taala indicated and told us who he is called a cabbie roll. The oldest brother spoke. How come here he indicated who he is. And over there he did not

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excellent. In the first one. He was not doing something good. Kinda no minimum. But when he said something good, which is now as we will see, Allah subhanaw taala specified who he is. So what is the lesson here? The lesson here? Yeah, one is that you know, cover your brother. If he does something that good your sister, cover it, don't immediately rush and run and expose it. And if they do something good rush to praise and say oh, mashallah, they did this. They did that. This is a lesson here. Kinda can be wrong. What did he say?

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And then tell them about some other alleged mouth you can mean Allah. Don't you know that? Your father took a very strong promise from you,

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which is the promise of Binyamin. He took a covenant from you in Allah's name. And before we have already fallen short. In our mistake with use of SLM one a couple of methyl Ratan fie use of you forgot that we made a big promise with our father that we will take care of Binyamin

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and we have already made the fleet

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when we were supposed to guard

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us of so he said now, you could tell the good side is coming out you could tell that the change is happening. And this started with with the eldest, he

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announced and declared that I am not leaving. He entered the area by saying find an Abraham had the LI ABI common law. Li wa Hierro al Hakim in and then he said

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I will not leave this land until my father gives me permission or Allah judges something else in my case and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the best who judge

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So he the oldest son, he decided that he would not leave. He felt like he promised his father that they will take care of Binyamin. He felt like there's no way he could go back and tell his father that Binyamin is left there and he cannot explain himself. So he said I'm gonna stay here until my father permitted me to leave. So

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he is giving them instructions of what to do. The oldest son, he's in charge now. It'll do a vehicle for cool. Yeah, Diana in nebula Castle Rock. Well Moshe hidden in Bhima alumna whether Hakuna lillahi halfling

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go back to your father and tell him your son has stolen

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your son stole he has stolen the cup of the king.

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we have witnessed that

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they have witnessed

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the accusation of Binyamin

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and they have also witnessed that Binyamin when he was accused. Now if somebody tells you

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you stole the cup.

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They'd Binyamin in anywhere in the story. You say? No, I did not.

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This is false. I'm not a thief. Did we hear any of that? Why?

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Because he already made a deal with Yusuf Ali his center, they already agreed. This is the plot they already know. So when but the brothers do not know that the brothers they saw someone being accused and not saying anything. So they got convinced that Binyamin stole even though they know that their brother will never steal. They know me is a very good kid. He will not steal but because of his reaction. They said Jani oh our father

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in nebula Castle Rock, your son have stone have stolen while in LA Vemma. Linda Jani. We're not saying this, except that because we saw there was no reaction whatsoever. When I couldn't Daniel Hi behalf even what does that mean? And we do not know. We do not know the unseen. What does that mean? That means, even though we promised you that we will take care of him, but we did not know that he will be stealing. That's why he's not with us, is a clear. That's why he's not with us. So he's trying to cover up. They're trying as much as they can

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to convince the Father, that it's not their fault. And keep in mind that the one who's talking is a person that lost his credibility with the father already. The father already has doubts about them. He does not believe them because of what happened with with use of Allah he and his Salaam. So when I couldn't add in HyVee halfling Now did you notice something here? Interesting. What did they say?

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In nebula Kasara.

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In EBITDA, select your son stole.

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But when they wanted him to go with them, so they could get the gods. What did they say?

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A harder.

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Oh, father sent our beloved brother with us. So we can get more grain. But when when he's told, this is your son, like we said last time, and this is your salary. We don't know him in Mecca. Yeah.

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Just a few days ago, I found out Habib, no.

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So that shows you that when there is benefit, the tone changes. And this is also in our daily life. If I want something from you, Allah kubatko Yeah, and you are the best man ever. And when the Muslim has done

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Do I know you? You look familiar with the noise anymore. When the Tesla has done when the when they finish? I don't know that personally. Well, this is not that's not the way supposed to be. And they continue to convince the father that's not our fault was created. Let him fear when they hear when they hear or let fear. We're in Allah Sadiq Khan. If you don't believe us, because keep in mind they are lost credibility, right? They don't have a good past.

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Ask if you don't believe us as to the

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village where we came from, even though they know that the Father is not going to go and ask, okay, ask the village that we came from. And if you don't believe us as the caravan that we came with, they saw everything what happened over there? They saw what happened when the people of us have came and they looked for the gear for the cup, and they found it and our brother asked them ask the caravan when nella Sadiq Khan, yeah Our Father, we are telling the truth, we are definitely telling the truth. So look at this, trying as much as they can to build to build the case.

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Now Subhan Allah, even though look at the state of the Quran, even though they were telling us what the elder brothers informing them to say, and then immediately the story went, as if they already said it to the Father. Now the father Jacoba is synonymous LC carnival, so we're a platform and Umbra for sovereign Jamil SubhanAllah codable. So we're clear, calm and physical camera for subbrand, Jamil as Allah a tea and EBM Jamia in know who Allah Lehmann Hakeem Subhanallah rather, you have all come together to do something in your mind. You have plotted the plan. As for me, I'm going to have a suburb, Jamil and we spoke about the suburbs. I mean, this is the highest level of

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suburb. We said that there is suburb, there's patients that you have no choice but to be patient but the suburbs Jimmy is you're having patience and you're expecting the reward from Allah azza wa jal and you have no doubt in your heart that Allah has made the best, the best plan for you. And subhanAllah even though I said this before and I love to repeat it is that it will kill you Rahim Allah He said if you close your eyes and you want to change or if you want to

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plan your life in a way that will be the best ever for you. You will find out that the state that you are in right now is the best state.

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If you were given the choice

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to plan your life in the best form ever.

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You will find out that the state that you are in right now is the best state ever the sickness that you are in

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the that you are in whatever the state you are in that is the best state ever and you will not choose anything else if you will given the choice. So always we have complete trust that Allah subhanaw taala is attacking. Now look at this, look at their core values, salons patients, look at their core values salaam Subhanallah, Yanni the same exact thing he told them to be aware of and be careful. This is exactly the same thing that happened. Be careful go from separate entrances don't do this don't do that every so in order for Binyamin to be safe.

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So imagine you did every precaution you know in the book, and then whatever you were worried about took place.

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Usually you know you get annoyed but not Jacoba Islam for some reason Jamil. And then he said something very beautiful Subhan Allah as Allah

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as Allah, a year T and EB him, Jamia

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and may Allah subhanho wa Taala bring them all

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Where did we get them from?

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I thought it was Binyamin and use of

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what happened to the supposed to be the healer? Right, Yosef and Binyamin, how can be him.

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Now, the older brother is included as some ma N. Yeah, TN EB him jamea All three of them. That's why it's plural. Otherwise it was Binyamin and use of it's supposed to be more Santa. Right double. But here the language indicate he's talking also

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about the older brother, and it was said with extra in the yard that it was used of in love scale. It was use of Binyamin and then the older brother

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SubhanAllah. Now your Jacoba Islam is deprived from the most beloved sons to him. So

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he said the same phrase that he said when he lost use of for saloon. Jimmy and

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as if you saying I know you tricked me back then. I know you are tricking me again now because I know my son. He is the most righteous amongst you. He would never steal. There is no way he would he would steal. He knows that Yaqoob he knows that something is not right. He knows his son will not will not steal. So he figured that they are doing their their plot again. Now Subhanallah like we said the thing that he was doing

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really worried about this is what took place and this is one where our Eman shows eliaquim Please listen to me. This is where our email shows in this dunya in this dunya there's no rest. If you are looking to rest in this dunya you are fooling yourself. There's no rest.

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One day you're healthy the next day you're sick. When they are happy the next day you're sad when they you have a baby, the next house is having a funeral. And when they are having a wedding, the next day somebody is going to the janazah Subhanallah this is this is the dunya there's no rest. There's no rest until we get to the agenda Yama Garrison Jana, I mean yorubaland me. So the Muslim and the believer, the more he is faced by calamities and tests, the more his Eman increases

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the week. Please listen carefully. One of the signs of weakness of Eman is that every time you are hit by a calamity you complain.

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Why? Why me? What kind of god is this? And the second calamity comes and what is this? I'm doing this I'm praying. I'm wearing the hijab. Why is this happening to another calamity comes you might even leave the dean. This is not a good sign. The true believer like Kubernetes Salaam. He taught us a lesson. First son so dear to his heart God patients second son, third son, haven't seen them and he never lost faith in Allah azza wa jal and ordered increased him is Iman and Allah azza wa jal for Sabra and Jamil he knows. Yeah, one, the one who is running your life is the best of planners, the best of planners, the most wise, the one who knows the right job. Can you imagine someone tells you

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listen, I know what's going to happen.

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Let's say let's talk about for example, stock and investment. I know for a fact, what's going to happen to this in this stock, it's going to double or triple or quadruple in few days. 100% I'm telling you, you will be very secure to invest. How about if the one running all your affairs is the old wise is the All Knowing

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is the oil expert appear? So all I have to do is do my use and put my trust in Him. Elia one. This is I know it sounds easy, but this is the way this is the summary of our life. We do what Allah subhanaw taala ordered us and we have complete trust that nothing happens. Like Salah Salem told us if all mankind gathered to stop what's happening, they will not. If Allah subhanaw taala decreed it will take place. And if all mankind gathered to harm you, they cannot hurt you. If Allah said no, nobody can touch him.

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Subhan Allah

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so now

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Jacoba Islam is very sad and don't be Don't Don't be confused. By being sad. And

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not trusting Allah there's nothing wrong with being sad and crying and feeling emotional to the loss of someone. There's nothing wrong with that. The best of creation cried when his son died right Ibrahim, right when his son died. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with a son of Rahim died he cried. He's a human being. But he's not he's not cry out of complain about Allah's decree. He cried as a human being in them and Bashar I am a human being just like you. So similarly, I will learn what I want to know. So Yahoo bunny salaam turned away from them after he found out that there's no way you could get to anywhere with them. Whatever land who were called, yeah, as a use of web your

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birth Aina hoomin and husband for hula coven. And he turned away from them and he says, Wow, to me, how my grief is for use of and his eyes became white because of grief. Allahu Akbar.

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What kind of love Yahoo Valley Salam had for yourself.

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He was just informed that Binyamin and the oldest son are gone and he said yeah Safa Allah use of

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he's still thinking about use of imagine I'm telling you, okay, you have some madam Hammond and Muhammad Ahmed. 35 years ago he was lost. And it just informed you that Muhammad and Muhammad just got lost. And he said, Allah, Allah, Muhammad, Allah

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Took me how much love did he have to use of Alayhis Salam, what kind of sun for my younger brothers what kind of Sun was use of Allah His salon to leave such an impact that it's almost if we go according to the calculation, some 3540 years you're talking about

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lost something or someone for 45 years, and your eyes became white, which someone they indicated or beyond that Aina some of them said he became blind from the crime. Some of them said he almost became blind. And some of them said, he cried so much, that the tears covered the black area that everything becomes white. Yeah, honey, this is an exaggeration, of, of how deep the sorrow that Yaqoob was in Allah

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subhanaw taala what kinds of love he had for use of the insula for who are caffeine

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caffeine is holding back, Kava

00:26:12 --> 00:26:26

is holding back to hold back. Allah subhanaw taala praised Alkaff Amina Allah is the One who hold back their anger. Now he is holding back Jacoba insulin is and it was

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as if he's saying that I'm not complaining to you.

00:26:32 --> 00:26:34

Very sad and I'm very upset

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of the loss of my three boys. And he's trying so hard to hold back his sadness, even though his eyes are becoming white from crying and this with the holding back. So can you imagine without the holding back? This is how sad it is Salaam. He was.

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Allah describes Yaqoob as he has concealed he has withdrawn he has protected he has not shown his grief he has not shown his grief. Allah praised him for not showing his grief and for controlling his emotions. Now, I will end with this in sha Allah, the boys the sons they said God

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to lie to Stoughton, Kuru use of

00:27:24 --> 00:27:43

Hakuna Hassan out akuna minal Harlequin so they said by Allah, you're going to continue remembering use of your talking for 35 years and you still remember use of look at the jealousy and they thought that Subhanallah and listen to the lesson here.

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what was the whole plot from the beginning? Why do you want to get rid of use of

00:27:55 --> 00:27:55

because the Father

00:27:57 --> 00:28:00

loves him more? What happened?

00:28:02 --> 00:28:09

He loved him even more. So the plot so when we plot

00:28:10 --> 00:28:18

and my younger brothers, when we when you think that you're doing something wrong by achieving something Khaled it will never happen

00:28:19 --> 00:28:30

to never happen. Sometimes, I know I mentioned this example a lot. Sometimes I go into haram business thinking that will increase my risk.

00:28:33 --> 00:28:36

I will start selling alcohol

00:28:37 --> 00:28:43

law lottery porque cigarettes in my in my shop that will bring more customers

00:28:44 --> 00:29:26

Subhanallah Look, when I added the alcohol, Allahu Akbar, business increased. Oh, this is from the Shaitan nothing has increased. You're fooling yourself. Because the amount of money that Allah decreed you will make is the same amount of money. It's up to you how to earn it. You want to earn it through haram. You want to earn it through halal, you want to earn it through gift you will only through inheritance, this is up to you. But the amount of money still the same. You are fooling yourself thinking that if you do it through haram, it becomes abundant. No, it will lose the baraka and you will see Subhanallah the result of the Haram in your children in your home. You will find no

00:29:26 --> 00:29:37

Baraka in your life, no Baraka in your time Subhanallah for for a few dollars, you could ruin your own marriage, you could ruin your own children, you could ruin your own life.

00:29:38 --> 00:30:00

So, all the plot was to make them more beloved to the group. It turns out that use of eraser was till now after 30 something years, so beloved to his father. So you keep remembering to Allah He we spoke about Allah is one form of swearing that could use of

00:30:00 --> 00:30:03

By Allah you're continuing to remember use of

00:30:07 --> 00:30:42

and you're going to always mention use of until you are going to go senile thinking of use of the cooler harridan out akuna minal huggy Harlequin or you're going to remember him till the day you you die and you're going to still be thinking of use of Subhanallah you're going to perish and you still be thinking of use of you and he could taste and feel the sense of jealousy in that speech. Yeah until now you still remembering yourself after all we did and after all, and we are the ones with you and we are the one serving you and he's still remembering you so Subhanallah and then he answered with AI that I would like to give

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a lot of time to and I'm going to keep it to next week, kind of in the magical bethey warehously Illa Allah, Allah will mean Allah, may Allah Tala moon I am only complaining of my Beth and my husband to Allah subhanho wa Taala and I know from Allah what you what you do not know. This is an area that almoradi Allah Han stayed on night just reciting and crying, reciting and crying, reciting, and crying Subhanallah so we this is where we'll continue next week. Insha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala strengthen our love to one another. They Allah subhanaw taala protect our children. We Allah subhanaw taala protect our homes, may Allah subhana wa Tada increase us and Iman and

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Charlotte Allah please come to Fraser tomorrow at 6:30am inshallah and make another salon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam Subhana Allah Taala maybe I should underline and stuff your account when I talk

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