Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L058I

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various impurity that come with sexual contact with women, including rules of "will" and the use of the washroom. It also touches on various ways people can avoid confusion and loss of friendships by avoiding similar experiences. The importance of guidance and understanding of one's religion is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and being alert in certain situations. The book is only for those with partial knowledge and it is used to benefit from it.
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Are we let him initiate

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solar to NASA

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we did a design number 43 just a few points from the earth about them

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let's paint ourselves we're in quantum more or less suffering, if you are sick or upon a journey or had an incremental halt or one of you has come from the toilet meaning you need to do water

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coming from the toilet over here using the washroom over here represents had a slough

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and what does that mean? How this is the state of mind impurity in which a person just needs to perform in order to perform salah

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and then under says Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Over here represents high does above which is major impurity for which a person needs to perform a reversal in order to be able to perform center.

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So, every year we do things I mentioned, what are the

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the toilet and touching the women meaning sexual contact with the women.

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However, we know that these are not the only two things which fall under assault and how they occur.

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There are many other things as well.

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So after things that break a person's widow or what

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First of all, using the washroom and by using the washroom what is meant is what comes out of the lane meaning if a person excrete something from his body,

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if a person excrete something from his body from stubby lane from the two ways or the private part only then the window breaks. This is the primary rule remember that

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because many times people think that if you see something wrong when your little breaks or if you touch the private part and the wooden breaks

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however, remember the rule is that if something comes out of the body from the subway line, then the window breaks.

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Remember that

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now, if a person looks at something haram and as a result he excrete something from his body, then obviously they wouldn't obey.

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Similarly, if a person touches his or her private passion as a result something excretes from the body then the water will break

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okay, because once there was a person who touched his private part and was asked about and if he needs to find will do and the profit sort of RSM said no, because that is a part of you. The private part is a part of your body. So if a person touches himself which invokes desire, and as a result of that something excretes from the body, then performing will do is necessary. So remember the rule one does what we bake,

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when something comes out of the subway lane, this is the rule.

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It includes your indemnification as well as any discharge, for whichever reason that comes out of the body. Whether it is because of the arousal of sexual desire, or it is some natural, something that is going on in the body because of what something is extracted as a result of that a person must perform.

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So primarily, what is it that breaks widow if something is extracted from the civilian?

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And remember that for example, if you're changing a baby's diaper or washing a baby, again, that does not break your routine, okay? It doesn't break.

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What breaks you will do is that if you touch something, if you see something if you use the washroom as a result, something comes out of your body, something comes out of your that then the water is going to break.

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So this is the first thing what else folks would have eaten camel meat,

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as we know from the Hadees Okay, when a person eats camel meat, even that breaks,

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what else breaks with asleep, sleep also breaks.

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And remember that anything besides these does not break will do. So for example, if a person is bleeding from some other part of the body, let's say a person gets a cut on his hand. Now the blood is coming out to the body, but that's not going to break his water.

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Similarly, if you're washing the baby that's not going to break your body. Touching the private part is not going to break your will to washing a dead person is also not going to be equal to the don't nullify will do. What is the rule if touching anything, seeing anything doing something as a result of that, something extracts from that

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There is going to be equal to

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each other, you will learn all of these details in fukuhara as well. But this is the primary route that using the riot, they will do that as well. And for what about what is it primarily, sexual contact with the women. And we learned earlier that all of the states of Geneva, they fall under How does a couple of they fall under major impurity? What are the four states of Geneva sexual *, a *, then cessation of menstrual period as well as with us. So all of these fall fall under has a couple of major impurity

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and undermining impurity. What is it? What comes out? After Sebelius, if something is excluded from the sibylline of a person that is a big supporter, and along with that eating canned meat as well as sleep?

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Let's listen to the recitation

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Taku joven Illa.

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All right.

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On number 44

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even though you know all Tomasi, the middle kita Have you not seen those people who are given a portion of the Scripture?

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What do they do? Yesterday not the letter. They purchase error in exchange for guidance when you read owner, and W Sabine and they wish that you should lose the way

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and then Tara, Tara, this is something that you will see a lot in the Quran at the beginning of some era.

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And an era is for the purpose of provoking amazement.

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That easily strange Have you seen? Have you noticed that it's like when you find out about something very strange, what do you say have you heard Did you know? So similarly, Anantara. This is for the purpose of provoking amazement, provoking wonder.

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Have you not seen this is something very strange.

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So have you seen and Nadia Audrina Sabir minella kita, those people who are given a portion of the book, who are these people, the

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the vote and then a sorrow,

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but over here, in particular, and Medina autogenous, Lieberman, and Peter primary refers to the hood Why? Because they are the ones residing in Medina from the island kita. They were new Christians who lived in Medina. Now what is it mean by this, that they have been given a portion of the book and a slave of the book? First of all, it is understood as that they have a portion of the book in the sense that all that they have of the book is just information and knowledge. Only words and no armor, no action.

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What's the purpose of the book? Why has a loss of Paradise revealed scriptures? Why?

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Just to let people know, just so that people become great academics, scholars, knowledgeable, they have a lot of facts. They have a lot of information. Now, that's only a portion. What's the other major part

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action implementation.

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So those who have been given a portion of the book only what does it mean? That they only know the book, they don't act upon the book.

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The only show that they have taken from the book is after

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knowledge, information facts, not amaan, not purification.

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Secondly, it is said that alladhina, alternativa, minarchy doubled. And given a portion of the book, what this means is that they know only parts of the book. They only take and choose part of the book, they don't take the book in its entirety, they will follow the book in its entirety.

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What did we learn earlier? About the money? Sorry?

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I thought no, no, no, the bobbin kita. What

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do you believe in some parts of the book, and he does believe in some?

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What does it mean? That they only took parts of the book that they liked, that suited them.

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And titled The book that they did not like they did not wish to implement, they did not wish to discuss, they left it. So what this industry prefer to only what they selected from the book for themselves,

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only what they selected from the book for themselves. They didn't take the book as a role in its entirety.

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Thirdly, it is also said that it was quite nicely because there is people present at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and even today, did they have the original Torah

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that they know they only got a portion of the original Torah that was given to musasa.

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That's what they had with them.

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So basically, what they had was not the entire book, it was only a part of the book.

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So what they had was partial knowledge. Now, why is this being said? If you have partial knowledge from what does it mean, you need to learn more.

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So what they have of the book is incomplete. They need to earn. So Tara, Medina, una sabe, amin Al Kitab, Have you not seen those people who have been given a portion of the book?

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And because they only have a portion, they only they can choose? They only are a part of the book? What do they do?

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They purchase misguidance. And what does it mean by this that they ishta? Yesterday? What does it mean? That they actually go and buy from a store? What does it mean? Is thorough history primarily means to purchase something, but figuratively, what does it mean? to prefer one thing over another,

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to choose one thing over another?

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it means that they give preference to misguidance? Over guidance. They give preference to disbelief over belief.

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How are they doing this? Especially the Yoda of Medina.

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They saw the Prophet sort of on the center. They knew him, they recognized him.

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But instead of believing in Him, instead of accepting him, what would they prefer?

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This belief,

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so they prefer this belief over belief in the prophets.

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And they also want n double noosaville that you all also go astray from the way

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What is your affinity to Muslims?

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That first of all, they have preferred misguidance for themselves. And secondly, they wanted you should also lose your way. You should also become misguided those people who have belief in the prophets or about a sudden they want to mislead them as well. And

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we've learned early in total Baccarat voluntold, by uncle Yehuda Massaro

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there'll be never happy with you until and unless you follow their EULA until you follow their religion until you follow the way.

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So this is what they wrote that you should also be misguided. What do you know Dr. Luna Kanaka

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they wish that you alter disbelief just as their disbelief.

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So you really do that until they lose a bit and because they want to misguide you, what is it that they do? They try many things to misguide you. Sometimes they market your religion. Sometimes, they say that the profit center is not the profit that they were looking for, or that they were waiting for.

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Sometimes, by their actions, they do some things with which they create doubt in the hearts of the Muslims like we learned earlier, that they will become Muslim in the beginning of the day, and they will leave Islam at the end of the day.

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So, first of all, they only have a portion of the book. Secondly, they prefer misguidance. And thirdly, they wanted

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Those who are guided should also go astray.

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What does Allah say?

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And Allah is most knowing Allah knows better.

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And who is more than just one who knows? He knows more he knows better.

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So Allah knows better than you, then you are Muslims. You don't know as much and a lot knows more, which is why he's telling you

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about who we are equal about your enemies. There is a fair enough I do and who isn't either an enemy.

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So I love Moore's very well about your enemies, which is why he is telling you about them, which is why he is warning you about them.

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Because a person might say, why is this being said, Why are we being told about this? Okay, these people are still gonna

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be fine. But why is this being mentioned in the Quran?

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Because from these, if people say, look, the Quran is it's anti semitic. And they say such things. Why is the loss of penalty telling us this?

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Because Allah is warning us about.

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They prefer banana, they don't prefer hedaya. And you have preferred hedaya.

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They want you to go astray, they don't want you to be guided. So if somebody wants this for you, are you going to listen to them?

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So no, I'm going to be equal, Allah knows very well allows most knowing about your enemies, which is why he is informing you about them. So that you can avoid them. He can be cautious, you can be alert, you can be careful.

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We all can fall below he will be here and alone is sufficient as a wedding worker for the Lahaina. Surah. And Allah is also sufficient as a helper

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Kapha is from the enclosures cafe from the world cafe.

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And what is it for me that when something fulfills the need of the other in such a way that the person doesn't need anything else after that,

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the need is fulfilled in such a way that nothing else is needed after that.

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So allow will fulfill the need of What

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will a friendship.

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Why is this mentioned over either alone sufficient as a wedding?

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Because when a person is upon the path of guidance, what happens usually

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what happens usually he loses his friends. Right? Like for example, in Medina, what had happened.

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Yesterday was enmity between the Arabs and the hood, there was alternated between the Arabs themselves. But remember, we learned earlier that some of the tribes of the Arabs had made allies with some of the tribes of the bunnies for you.

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So they have friends. But when they became Muslim, what happened?

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that friendship, that Alliance it was finished.

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So similarly, when a person walks upon the path of guidance, what happens? He begins to lose his friend, sometimes he wants to do something and the friends they want to do that which is wrong. that which Allah subhanaw taala is not pleased with.

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So what does Allah say? You're feeling lonely. Don't feel that alone is enough as your friend

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or less friendship should be enough for you.

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And remember that when a person has befriended a law, that he can never be alone.

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And if you defended people, then you can be alone, how if you've defended people and what's going to happen, you need your phone, or she need your computer, or you need something in order to connect with them. And you can't do that all the time. But if you're friends with the last panel, then you can talk to him all the time. You're never alone.

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You can ask his help. Anytime. You're never alone, walk alone, he will leave him alone, sufficient as an ally, as a friend worker for the Lahaina sera. And Allah is often sufficient as output,

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meaning a helper to defend you from their paths.

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So primarily the AI refers to the Muslims that these people they want that you should go astray. And when you're walking upon the path of guidance of friends that you had before you lose them. But it also happens in the case of those people who are intending to become Muslim. What is the fear that they have? Or what is it that they face

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opposition from other people, that other people are trying to lead them astray. They think about becoming Muslim, but other people, stop them. They create hurdles and then they create that

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In their art,

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and then they have this big fear. I'm going to lose my family,

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I'm going to lose my friends.

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And it's a very big thing. It's something very difficult.

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So what does Allah say Allah sufficient when you become a Muslim, when a person has entered Islam, then unless it is really,

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Allahu, Allahu Latina, and Manu,

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and Allah is also sufficient, as in asleep.

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So what do we learn from these two is

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that there are some people who are given the book, who have the knowledge of the book, but they still don't benefit from the book.

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They're still talks about the Bani Israel, about the alligator. But we should also check ourselves that Allah has given us a book, I know the book, but am I really benefiting from the book.

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If I'm not benefiting from the book, then I only have an asleep, I only have one asleep, and I need to take more in asleep.

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Secondly, you also see that having the book does not just mean that a person possesses a copy of it.

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Or he has a certificate that he has studied the book,

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or he has some good marks on his test paper. That does not mean that he has the book. But having the book means having the knowledge of the Book along with the understanding, as well as the application.

00:21:29 --> 00:21:36

knowledge, understanding and application, this is what is meant by having the book

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The prophets of Allah said himself that the Quran is a hurdle for you, or against you.

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It is going to be an argument either for you in your favor that it's going to come arguing on your behalf. Or it's going to be arguing against you,

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when I'm being argument for you,

00:21:57 --> 00:22:04

when you then have gotten over it, when you haven't just recited the words, but you have also acted upon the book,

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when you haven't just given importance to some portions of the book, but rather to all portions of the book.

00:22:12 --> 00:22:25

Because you see sometimes read the is we read the accounts America we love we really like we're so proud of them. But then there's some parts of the book, which we're not that comfortable with. That is no say

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this is to believe in all of the beaucoup de except all of the book and apply all of the book.

00:22:36 --> 00:22:41

So this is what is meant by having the book and when a person does that, then the Quran is going to be a project for him.

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We also learn from these two, that Allah subhanaw taala warned us against our enemies. And we should be cautious of such people, which people who appear to have a lot of knowledge. But they don't have any implementation.

00:22:59 --> 00:23:03

Those who may have a lot of degrees, they may be great academics. But when it comes to

00:23:04 --> 00:23:09

when it comes to our and when it comes to applying the book, they're not really applying the book. So what should we do?

00:23:10 --> 00:23:17

Just be impressed by their degrees, just be impressed by their academic success. Now, what should we look at?

00:23:18 --> 00:23:23

Okay, yes, this person has a lot of in, but what about his armor?

00:23:24 --> 00:24:00

personality that how can you judge the amount of the other person that is quite visible, and is quite visible. So we should be careful when we come in contact with such people. Because many times a person might quote a lot of ayat II may sound very knowledgeable. And the way that they speak to you, they impress you. And you're like, Oh my god, they know what they're talking about. And all of a sudden, you accept what they're saying. But what is it that we should be careful about? That if a person has a lot of knowledge, but no armor, then we should be very alert we should be careful of such people.

00:24:02 --> 00:24:08

They also learned that if a person prefers banana over he died despite having knowledge or does it show

00:24:09 --> 00:24:17

that a person has read the book for instance, he has read the book, but still he prefers misguidance over guidance

00:24:19 --> 00:24:26

that he prefers, for instance, something that is not part of the theme over what is part of the theme.

00:24:27 --> 00:24:35

Then what does it show that this person does not have? Actually, he only has Nestle and he needs to learn more.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:44

Now let's apply this to ourselves that we have read the Quran. But isn't that everything that we learn actually comes in our armor? Does it happen?

00:24:46 --> 00:24:51

Can you say that every single thing that you've learned so far is active in your actions? Can you say that?

00:24:52 --> 00:24:57

No. We make mistakes we forget and sometimes we know what the right thing is. But still What do we do?

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

We don't do it.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

What does it show that we have only an athlete and we need to learn more. We need to continue learning.

00:25:06 --> 00:25:18

We need to continue learning. So never ever can a person say, I have studied the Quran and it is enough for me, I don't need to learn more a person can never say that he still needs to learn more.

00:25:20 --> 00:25:27

We also see over here that I was prioritizing reassurance and comfort to believers, that he knows very well about their enemies, and he will deal with them.

00:25:29 --> 00:25:34

Because only find out that somebody is they don't want good for you. And they're trying to lead you astray.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:35

How do you feel?

00:25:37 --> 00:25:43

You feel sad? If you scared? If you're rejected, she like how can they know and good for me.

00:25:45 --> 00:25:52

So at this time with this Allah say, Allah sufficient as a warning, and alert sufficient, as in asleep. Allah will help you

00:25:54 --> 00:26:04

to if you remain firm on the truth from Allah, Allah and Allah no sweat is sufficient for you. Because many times in such situations we think of compromising the deen

00:26:05 --> 00:26:18

that maybe I should leave my Salah. Maybe I should not wear the hijab properly maybe I should not do this. Maybe I should not do that. Why? Just because we want the friendship of others. What does Allah say?

00:26:19 --> 00:26:27

You're not happy you're not satisfied with the friendship of Allah. Allah sufficient as a friend. And Allah is also sufficient as a asleep

An-Nisa 36-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 44-45

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