55 Aauthu #20 Final Episode – BEST DUAA to make before RAMADAN

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AI: Summary © The transcript is a series of dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue. The series is a three part series covering various topics including religion, religion, and the future of Islam. The series is a three part series covering various topics including religion, religion, and the future of Islam.
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a Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and founder and founder of Mr. Lim Tana was in the element.

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We ask Allah azza wa jal teachers will benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us acknowledge me in yellow but I mean, my dear beloved respected rather than sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who listen and apply.

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Today, in sha Allah, Allah Allah is our last episode of the 55 hour window Subhan Allah it was a great, amazing series that we learned so many dogs, and we're going to end it with a major to have a dog today's is a dua that will cover all the 19 episodes, all of them together, are included in this dua Subhanallah and more and more, okay, so what is this beautiful first, before I tell you that in sha Allah Allah?

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I want to remind you, that this dua was taught by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to His most Beloved, ya rasool Allah, Who do you love the most? He said, Isha Allah Akbar. So he taught it to each other the Allahu anha, His most beloved wife, and the daughter of His most beloved friend, Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Allah. And so this is a very seriously amazing, okay, we should all memorize it, and especially the month of Ramadan is coming. We should make it every single day because Rasulillah Salam called it Al Jazeera America yml it is concise, comprehensive, perfect, inclusive. Every good word isn't the start. Ready? Okay. The first part of the DUA in sha Allah Allah because it's such a

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long dua but it's very easy at the same time. Allah Houma and he said yeah, Isha say Allahumma inni as a Luca Minal Fein equally ideally, we're actually Malin to mean who were my LM alum. Where are all ubica Mina Sherry Cooley, Julie, Julie, ma Lim two men who were mallam alum Allahumma in the LUCA min fiery masa Luca min Haley masa alaka AB Dukkha wannabe Yuka Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam what are all the bigger mean sherry? Man I mean, who Abdullah want to be yoke Allah hum in the local Jana Cordova la encoding a woman who are also becoming a nurse. We're gonna call Robert La Hamin Colin, oh, I'm an was a Luca and Tasha and Aquila, kava, kava eater, holy Hydra. Allahu Akbar.

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Let's go step by step in sha Allah. So first, I'm asking Allah subhanaw taala ya Allah I asked you for all the good in this dunya and international all the good you could think of in the dunya and the Asherah Yeah, Allah the good that I know and the good I do not know because you are the Olympia Allah, you know, all the good. Yeah, Allah give me all the good of the dunya and the effort. And yeah, Allah protects me from all the evil, you know, we'd be learning all the evil out there for the past 19 weeks. Yeah, Allah protect me from all the evil in the dunya and in the akhira the ones that I know and the ones I do not know, Allah and then listen to this, Ya Allah, I ask you, from the best

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from the best good that Rasulullah Salallahu Salam asked for

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there are some dogs that we know and some dogs that we do not know. So in this too, I'm asking Ya Allah, grant me everything good that our souls has asked for.

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And yeah, Allah protect me from anything that Rasulullah saw Salam sought refuge from the hem, sadness, worry, poverty, disbelief, anything that was also assalam sought refuge from ya Allah protect me from that also. And then listen to this. And then

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it says hola hum in the local Jana yeah Hola. I asked you the Jana and every action that leads to it or every saying that leads to it cold our Amel anything that leads to your Allah make it easy for me to perform and your Allah I seek refuge with you from the from the hellfire and anything that leads to the Hellfire from action.

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and words Allahu Akbar What a beautiful amazing DUA and your Allah and then it says, yeah Allah I asked you for, to make all the decree that you made for me whatever you decreed for me, whether it's good or evil yeah Allah make its end make its result fail. Allah Akbar, Allah.

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Allah please brothers and sisters please that is very very easy very easy, even though it might look like it's long, but it is repetition between higher and inshallah between Luca and I seek refuge between Jana and now Subhanallah learn this to teach this to our to your children

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forward this this diet to everybody it's an amazing diet inshallah we will put it in the description with the meaning and transliteration. This is the last I specifically on purpose I ended the scenes with this da because it is like a soulless, SLM said, comprehensive, concise, it includes everything Subhanallah so we learn to ask Allah for many, many things right? And we learned to seek refuge from Allah from many, with Allah from many, many things. All these and more the ones we do not know are included in this too.

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So Hamdulillah I am so grateful to Allah azza wa jal that he blessed us with the series may Allah make the series sadaqa jariya for me and for all the brothers that helped me brother Basir and everyone who's watching and forwarding this and everyone who's who's teaching this these two hours, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. I have a beautiful series coming in Ramadan in sha Allah Allah

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wait and you're gonna love it beat in the law and in sha Allah Tada. It will be another thing that will bring us closer to Allah subhanaw taala again, just like every episode, I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah, Allah and the staff Utica on a two week

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Nina Shane, Bonnie Enos

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