Why is the Salaah area for Men and Women same in Makkah?

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Hello my name is Mei his metta. I am retired person

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I visited 15 Islamic countries, Salah area four main women are different everywhere. Even musty the NaVi Salah area for men and woman is different. Karbala, Niger cosmin Sombra Damascus masa, men and women Salah area are different. But during the harsh times, Meena Mustafa, our efforts suffer Marois and when doing top of Aqaba, sorry, men and women are together and Dome of the Rock, Allah Thomas G. Bethel mukha does in Jerusalem men and women are together. Why the merge method asked a good question. And, you know, merge mythos in several years since the conception of iref Mashallah, he's the person was a non Muslim, who's to take videocassettes when we started 1991 and maximum cassettes

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yesterday again, and I feel that he has in mocha filovirus than any other Muslim also, he's asked the question that when he has been to many mosques throughout the world, most of the places the prayer area for men and women, it is separate, but when he went to Hajj, and when he went to Makkah and Medina musella, the prayer area is the same, and men and women are mixed down separate.

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What better fails to realize that everywhere, even in Makkah, and in Muslim leafa and Mena, the prayer area theme, but because of the situation, for example, when we go to Makkah, and they're one of the important pillars, is you to know when to you can't have separate area for

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that reason why

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we can't have separate spaces. But after they finished off, normally, men and women have got different designated areas, even in Makkah, but while they're doing time off, if the Salah time takes place, some woman may not reach the designated place. So there are occasions when they stand in areas which are not designated for the woman. So because of this, there are occasions when we find when we see, there may be some woman mixed up in the gender area. But ideally, you see when you come at the rear side, but not at the at the other part, you find that they're separate designated area for the woman and separate for the men in normal MOS that we have the entry gates of men and

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women is separate. In her arm, there are separate areas of it for women to enter. But because then they go for tawaf, there's bound to be that the mix, but when they pray, they're supposed to be a different areas, but because the time may not permit them to read the area, there are occasions when you may find that they may be certain mixing on certain areas. Same thing in Mena same thing you must deliver, even in Muslim differ and Mena you will never find men and women standing in the same room

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because they are scattered. It's a very big area, because they come with the families. Same when they come for the Haram in Makkah, they come with a family. So you're because they come with family, you have separate segregation. Suppose it may be 100 acres. So how for Jen's have four ladies then the family cannot stay together in all the other MOS because the mosque is small, you can easily have separate area for Salah separate for entry separate for exit and they can meet the family outside here because most of the luffa RFR is hundreds of acres and the family come together to do Hajj while they stay in arafat, Meena Mustafa. So at that time, even when they pray, men and women

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don't stand in the same row.

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They're a separate area, but the areas are scattered. Because of that. It may not look that they are separate. But if you go to the caf,

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that's in Mena, or in RFR. Mas is the number there. There is separate segregation, just like any other mosque, because when they pray in a large gathering in a large area, it is difficult when families come together otherwise, always men and women, they're supposed to be separate, separate but equal facility Why? The reason is so that they can concentrate on Allah subhanho wa Taala better, and there's no intermingling of sexes of nouns. So the question whether