Ramadan Series Day 23 – The Month of Tests

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting for achieving health and wealth. They explain that the test is to remove-Vian blood from one's body, and that this is a process that is necessary for achieving a pure gold forestay. The speaker also discusses the importance of being a servant or slave to Allah and the need for students to practice hard work to achieve their goals.
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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the 23rd name of Roma Juan Shackleton, he's the month of testing of trial of tribulation. And we put the idea of Salt River Cora diverse from salted Baccarat on the planet. We're number one Nakanishi in mineral Hoshi will enjoy. When also minute unwind, you will see what the Murat abashiri summary, we will test you, you are going to be tested Vichy a little bit. Some of

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you will hope fee field.

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Protect your whole Free Will joy and hunger. Why not go son and less from unfussy with tomorrow, loss of lives and resources? Well, surely slavery and give glad tidings to those who are patient during these tests. So why Ramadan was given the name, or the month of atom haze, or airlifted out the month of testing of trials. Why? What is the word test mean? In the Arabic language at tempis, basically, is a process in which something becomes pure, more purified, removed, or the process by which impurity is removed from something. For me, it's commonly used for gold, some hints of the hub of return of the hub to purify the Gold Award called Tom Hayes. Basically, you put the gold in the

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fire, and then the impurity will be removed, and the pure gold forestay. So what does all my lawn has to do with this, it has two ways if you want to look at it, let's look at ourselves for the last 23 days or 22 days, we were tested, absolutely are tested with hunger, we were tested with thirst, we were tested with being very tired, we were tested with lack of focus, we were tested of lack of energy, all these are not something we normally have. These are something out of our comfort zone. And it's a test and 100 later on, but I mean most of us if not all of us were able to go through it. What does this test brings to me and and this is what we need all to learn the

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message of Ramadan already the aim and the goal of Ramadan when I leave, the main goal is I have changed, I have become a different person. And this is what we really need to work on. If I can stay for 14 or 15 hours without food without a drink, and I was able to continue doing what I am doing. And then if I am able to stand up in the night, it was tiring. It was difficult, then this process has changed me should have. It's the same as when we put the gold in the fire. The gold, if the gold was to speak, doesn't want to put to be put in the fire who wants to be in the fire, but the result is pure gold. So me and you when we are practicing this fasting this long hours, this long standing

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specially these last 10 days of Ramadan, where we are spending longer hours in the night standing and reading Quran and asking Allah pantalla this all is a process to purify me, this is a process to make me closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And scholars always have asked, Why are we tested? Why does a lot testis SubhanAllah. And there's so many reasons, as so many benefits of the test. And number one is actually to submit to the will of Allah when I get sick. I know that I am weak. I know that no one will cure me except the last one Tyler and I have to submit to His will. Fasting is actually submitting to the will of Allah willingly. This is the beauty of us Muslim fasting that honestly we

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are doing it only for Allah no one has forced us to do it. But we are doing it we are submitting to the will of Allah. So that's number one. We're showing Allah pantalla the real meaning of being a servant or a slave of Allah pantalla that's number one. Number two, which is very crucial and beneficial in our quest over the lifespan data. Are you as a human being full of sins, we are sinners. Allah said that Saraswati salatu salam told us that

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all the children of Adam

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sinners, the best of them are those who repent.

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So when I end you are tested with difficulty. It's a mean of my and your sins to be removed to curate the room. This is how it is. So when I get sick, it's a way of removing my sins when I am hungry when I'm struggling for the sake of Allah when I'm standing that long weeknights, and I'm really tired and I want to go to bed. But this is also a way for me to be purified and closer to Allah spawn Tada. And the most important reason is to be rewarded. When I am tested and I respond with patient I struggle. I keep doing it. I am continuing to fast day 23 I'm standing up in the night, I'm getting very tired. specially those who have tough jobs, those students may Allah make it

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easy for them what tests and martial law they are still doing it. It is a mean of reward. This month is the month of champions of purifying the me showing me also my strength, showing me that I really care about Allah span data. What do I need to learn at the end? next week when the eighth comes in? Let us love gold back to square one. Let us keep remembering that we did it and hamdulillah Allah made us do it. We struggled for his sake. We were tested and purified and we need to continue with this and Allah Subhana Allah said in Surah two uncovered the last verse one levena, Gerardo Hina an idea in the home Solana what in Allah Allah mon masini worldly those who struggle for our sake for

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our loss sick, then do your home Sabrina, we will guide them for to our ways and Allah is with those who act and treat and, and does things with excellence. You're large on them then Watson in your be makers of those who does things with excellence. You're allowed to accept our struggle, accept our difficulty, give us more Baraka in what's left home this summer will make us leave this month way better than pure than when we entered and continuing does in that journey out of the army.