Deeds Beloved to Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him

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Deeds Beloved to Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him

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When I will be left

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in Sydney

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the data why you believe in

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Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Allah barracks for all the times before I

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mean, yeah, you handed in law have

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one or two in

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the army.

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Yes, coding

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or braces belong to a lot of Canada.

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We praise them, we seek his help, his assistance in all our matters. And we send bs Salutations, lessons and mercy. Upon the last of the prophets, the leader of all the messages were handed over to law, sort of operating

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upon his household, upon his balance, and above all those who follow him up until the last day.

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My brothers and sisters in the south,

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as always refers to invite our attention in terms of gaining the consciousness of love

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and gaining the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala For indeed, beefed up Wafula the consciousness, the awareness of lots of panel data is not the most to the believer, and it is the way that will help us to take us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala Medina.

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It is one of the greatest failures of a lot of carnivores either upon the oma of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he has sent, Prophet Muhammad Salalah, he will send them to us and made us to be his own humor, to be his niche, to be his followers to be his people.

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And the topic of today's quote,

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is all the deeds that are picked up and to Prophet Muhammad.

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The acts that

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we love to do for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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In order to know the axe that

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he loves, we need to invite our thoughts and ask ourselves this powerful question.

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That How much do we love profits in the long run

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and also kind of Canada, he says in the war on keeping his of beatings

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as equal to the love of last time, as long as there is a PC is only a boon to

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see if you really love a long term view. For me, meaningful

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work will be the outcome, when you put this investment in forming the profits of the Dharma center. The outcome is your own law of the law, love you

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and forgive your sins of love. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

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From beside my brothers and sisters, we can clearly understand the importance of forming the processor the level

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and how important it is activation. If criteria

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a prerequisite for gaining the loss of

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meaning is the claim any point in time that our love of God and I do not have the obedience of love or it was the love

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My love for Allah is false, because it is the condition of loving Allah is to obey your true love, so not ready. So the clear manifestation, the clear outcome, be re evidence of a believer in claiming his

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claim right is to see that the obedience of profit to the Learning Center is there or not is there is the claim that he loves his true

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nature keep on improving and keep on struggling to make his game right and to work on loving profit. So

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if the thing you're learning says, he love of the formula of a mighty, towards profits of the mighty you assembler is seen in the actions and that is the reason

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he taught us acts which are beloved to him. In other words, these other acts which are beloved to Allah.

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He showed us the example by which and through which the movement can learn and live upon those guidance in order to fall in love with the love triangle.

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And go to the love. He says, In the homies law Yoku

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akuna de la de Meanwhile he was, he was not a marine.

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You should never be allowed to believe, unless and until it

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is all beloved to you, there are your parents, that your children and the rest of the mankind. So the love for profit

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should be the top most love. After a long time, they'll really have love and affection connection simply get wrapped up that bridge that we have our own parents, our children, our own siblings, our own spouses, our own relatives and friends, we must evaluate ourselves that the love for profits or the love of reading seller should be much higher than the love that we have for each other. If we have the loss of profits,

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more beloved than anyone else was learning the way that you love each other will be more fruitful, it will be more blissful, it will be more productive, because profits are the landlord.

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He showed the real example the practical way, the real way, how you can love each other, how you can fulfill the rights of each other how you can have, you know, play your duties with each other. So the love for profit center before is to be obedient.

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And there are beings that

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to begin with a

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profit center Learn more at alayhi wa sallam he loved praying.

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Of course, as he said, there are no deeds more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala than

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the deeds which are obligatory and upon the obligatory acts, the first evidence the first proclamation, the first proof of a believer after he states ushered in by law, the law in the law is up in

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his brain.

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So my brothers and sisters, one of the powerful ways of building

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upon the DS that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his prayers Express, and we must have a really beautiful overall perspective of salatu salam is not a physical exercise. It is a programming and that's how prophets are another one of the central talks, the Sahaba the companions, they didn't come for prayer just for the sake of doing some physical movements. No, it was a spiritual

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like two minutes, it's more of a way or the means that you build a connection with your raw. Now season Sala has an input signal which means link, your that connection. Whenever

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you want to connect to Allah, there is no better way than prayer. Of course the obligatory prayers are there for sure. There is no doubt about that. Then prayer in general, is highly recommended by prophets, Allah Allah.

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Allah azzawajal, he says, was dying to

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see the Hello. So I

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have a lot to prayer. And

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so prayer comes first in believers life, no matter where you are, for sure, you need to be really focused. First, on the obligatory prayers, we need to have our schedule clearly defined. For the prayers, we need to know the accurate timings of the prayer, we need to handle our transport our schedule, according to the PSA, not the other way around. We need to ensure that for example, if I'm leaving, and there is only 10, five or 15 minutes for Salah, I should make sure that I have a Masjid on the way so that I can pray. And that is something which is the need of pneus. We want to have that spiritual energy, that positive impacts that kind of folks, then that is

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that is the reason profits have already in the system. He said

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we can

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use conference by saying Have

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you heard that from

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the poll.

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That that's the reason you get that positive energy. And this is one of the deeds.

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That is how we look at solar, just our physical movement is the movement with which will tell you your position, the best position for a believer in the entire goal is not to become a CEO, or have some really, you know, degrees or something I know for a believer, the best position is to do

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is to do and then

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upon asking the companion Prophet,

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he said, if you want my company in general, if you are really serious of your claim that you will miss me and you want me to meet you in Geneva in that highest level, gentlemen, that make sure that you can please your

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panel in green, how could we please we increase it. That's the primary room. So we need to ensure that we focus on our

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beautiful and powerful deeds that will help us to refrain from the evil and that's the reason I'm not gonna dive

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But it is a law that prevents you that protects you from fire and move from a more writing. And so if you want to be seen in the States or the regular insula, not just two main reasons. First of all, for example, the island action of the Sahaba was every single morning before they start, they used to pray to Raka Raka to Allah subhanho wa Taala to ensure that there is that day, guided by love.

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So we need to ensure that he performed this beautiful deed for Salah number two, my brothers and sisters is young.

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Fasting is something which will be between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course, the obligatory fasts which are there in the month of Ramadan, what hamdulillah all the Muslims across the globe would have been without the facts, but they will be discussing and the result and the fruits of the fasting is what

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fasting is prescribed to them that you will need to engage in gain consciousness. That catwalk has been a tough one. We talked about the squat. This is very important, but how do we get one

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Power ways or means is by faster. So we need to ensure that we also have the same type of

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who loves too fast, and who fasted every Monday, Thursday, these are the two days that he used to last and used to say that I that these are the days in which the deeds of a person are presented to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I would love to see my deeds are presented to a law. So why am I passing? So we need to

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possess this beautiful action of refer

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to him that we keep on fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, whatever capacity that we have been focused on this beautiful day.

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stop you

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alameen wa salatu salam ala,

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he was shot with

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my brothers and sisters, as we mentioned, the topic is Beloved, to the profits of the center, and you must find out more and more in this short foot, but it is not possible to deny all of the beads that are beloved to Prophet sallallahu sallam. However, as he mentioned Salah as we are one of the beautiful and the beloved deeds to the prophet to the

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light, what is

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the attachment of the for the engagement of beforehand, on a daily basis is something which was beloved to me. Because he knew, and he was told by us how you can never have a direction in your life without a lot of loss.

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Your day will be empty and you should see so as a Muslim, as a believer, you must feel so that your day will be empty. If there is no recitation reflection over the Koran, the words of the last kind of will be in five minutes be it's 10 minutes be feel, Bill be assured of how much ever It doesn't matter. What matters is that we have a daily engagement with

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foreign laws with a loss of data is the only way that you can find it.

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If you don't appreciate the world, how would we appreciate our online survey? So the way that

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is given to us explain as guidance. So how can we know guidance without getting into

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each game as a mercy? So how do we gain mercy without getting involved with the Quran is king as as a solution? How do we get the solution without touching the forearm. So meaning is made that happens every single day, preferably your most highly recommended right after or before, that is the moment where the angels they witness be more on the recitation of the Quran and this hash war in a deeper way, meaning we just don't recite it, but we learn we need to understand debates, we need to know the meanings of what we are reciting. And that is the rule should be we know that sometimes, you know, whilst majority of the people they divide don't understand Arabic. So there are translations

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available by which you can at least comprehend the meaning of what was mentioned in some message and a little

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bit glory for our it has transformed nations together. It has brought the verse to the best. It is the Harare that

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he was sent up. He said a lot of shuhada who was on up raises the status of the people before and don't leave them around. They will be formed.

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They were falling in a building into pieces. So they don't have direction, they are not worthy to deserve the mercy of Allah. They don't have solution oriented by almost in the Quran. So how do we how do they get closer to Allah.

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So that's the reason the profit center, he said, one of the ways that you can

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be set up to profit in the lab is engaging with the bar. And this has been behind for

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so long. He used to be to say that this is the greatest of all data. And that's how we find subpoena.

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Come in

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with the remembrance, we are on with the law, should

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we find what it is comfort, satisfaction that happened is that we are working for that kind of, you know, luxury that we will have internally. And that's how we get to the engagement of the last thing that I would like to share.

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And sisters, that the prophets are loved more and he was he loved, he loved

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to have good character.

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he himself was declared by Allah subhanho wa Taala what a fire alarm. That's

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a lot to handle more time and he raises his status offline.

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And he,

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the way

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he said it was as a worshiper, he was forfeits in terms of His love, in terms of his behavior, in terms of his attitude, the way he tolerates people. And we know that UAE is declared this year with a view of tolerance. He was a bathroom of, of tolerance. He's shown how to respect people, even they are different. They come from different backgrounds, different religions, different religions, different ways.

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But how do we make sure that we show our exemplary character, a lot of kind of what

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he said he's about,

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what you never know

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who you are, we have insulted your character, hi. And

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he said,

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on the day of judgment, the most beloved the most, you know headless, g that will be there is your character, what is character, just be good to

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be there.

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If a person fulfills the needs of his brother, he is better than maybe everything else. And you must know.

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He says must have a number we know that the sanctity we all know that must be the love we have. And he said it is better that you go and fulfill the needs of your brother, your brother is in desperate need. He needs sometimes finance he needs sometimes your emotions have been sometimes psychological support, meaning sometimes they'll just be standing beside them to give that moral support. Be there for your brother, for love to hang on your child will be there for you. You'll be kind to people, and a lot will be kind to you have mercy on your people, in a moment Have mercy, you forgive people out loud for you. And these are the categories or the ways that you actually gain the good

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character. And this is the meaning of our my brothers and sisters. The world is watching Muslims, and we need to present ourselves as the best example as the ambassador of peace, tolerance, respect and honor and give them the affection by seeing you and me they just want a beautiful beam is not just by seeing you they know

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by seeing you and me they will know the beauty that Islam provides as useless. So these are some of the beads that

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he laughed and that is the reason it is imperative upon us that before

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as an example, as a

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the best example for you in your life is a nice of profits in the long run. We asked a lot

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to help all of us to follow is shining and you follow for example, in our lives we asked about

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to shower is mercy lessons upon us, we are supposed to enrich those who are you know, poor, we are similar to those who are facing the challenge of sickness. We are supposed to remove the problems, the atrocities and the challenges and the obstacles and the difficulties that the people are going to we are supposed to Canada to bless this beautiful country. The United Arab Emirates we are supposed to protect and grant will be good. Hello. And we have set up to the leaders of this beautiful country United Arab Emirates. We are supposed to protect this country from all kinds of citizens from all types of persecution and all kinds of evil. We are supposed to cannibal tyla to

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the group we ask Erica to help us to be those who will be

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in the hi Jenna. We can see the face of Medina in La Jolla COVID.

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William Jolla,

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