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The speaker shares various legends and legends about the spiritual world, including those of Islam, Al reminder, Islam's fruit of labor, and the fruit of marriage. They also discuss legends of the rainbow and the tree of the tree. The importance of kissing the forehead of one's mother and the need for forgiveness are also highlighted. The speaker also mentions a woman named Jalla and a woman named Jenna who want to be with them.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome back to another episode of, to my daughter, heart to the heart. Last time we talked about was not

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the character, the moral conduct, the way you behave, and they left you with among them is better way the middle way, Dean is being benevolent and kind to your parents. So Honey, I need to tell you,

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we're getting old now.

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We're forgetting things. We need some help. Maybe a bit too demanding,

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or may not smell too good.

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ever, though, ever thought, how you ended up in your bed every night? No matter where you were? Who do you think took you there?

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Remember Who taught you how to speak?

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So please, don't use it against them.

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Let me share some stories with you.

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I want to make sure that you understand where we stand,

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allows a panel to Allah forgive a woman,

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a daughter that carried her mother on her back.

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An invading army was coming.

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She did not forgive that her mother carried in her womb

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for nine months.

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She did not leave her. She did not run away and say NFC NFC myself myself. No. She carried her mom on her back to run away from that invading army. Not to just save herself to save her mother too.

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And she got tired. Then she carried her mother on her.

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She didn't forget the womb that carried her. She got tired. She placed her feet beneath her mother's feet. So her mother's feet will not touch the hot sand of the desert. Till she get away and they were saved by the grace of Allah from the invading army. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he heard that story. He said Allah forgive that young daughter because of what she did to her mother.

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Another story I want to share with you.

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There was a man that came carrying her, his mother on his back. And it was Abdullah Abdullah Noma. He was saying I heard him say, Come to the Highbury role model and I was her mode of transportation. I carried her her back

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is I paid my debt. He asked him Have I paid my debt.

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I carried her like she carried me. I bathed her like she made me I fed her like she fed me. I cleaned it like she cleaned me I paid my debt is lauhala you well I better.

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Ne bi Allah, not even with one labor pains you had to endure to give you life. Because remember, like I told you before,

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your mother will see death to give you life will go hungry to feed you will go thirsty to quench your thirst. She will devote her life

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to raise you. So he says How come I didn't pay my debt. He says he used to do everything for you. Like you do for her. But she was hoping that you would live but you doing everything she'd done for you now, but you're hoping that she would die like Susa. They're not the same.

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They're not the same.

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So remember, one day, a man came to cry to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. As a matter of fact, one narration said the gibreel Ali Salaam descended to tell Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam asked that man why he was crying coming to you.

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So the man came crying. And Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said what made you cry? Is my son on messenger of Allah Allah saw Salah

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when I was strong, he was weak. When I was rich, he was four now that I am weak and he is strong, I am poor and he is rich. He gives me not he helps me not.

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Prophet Mohammed Solomon, bring me his son. He was fair, do you have to verify the story? And when the son verified it, he grabbed his shoulder and shook him. He says until Mr. Lucario Verbeek, another generation until a man

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Luckily a big you on your wealth for you, Father you on what you possess this for your father.

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And remember the story of the three that traveled and it was a heavy pour of rain. So they went to a cave. And once they were in the cave, a whole boulder came in and close the gate. Three of them. They said there's only way out when we ask Allah to help us with something we've done sincerely for his sake. The first one says, oh, Allah.

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I had a cousin. I love very much beautiful girl. I wanted to marry her. She refused. One day she needed me. She needed financial help, because I will only give you money if you let me have my way with you. So close the doors. So close the doors, close the windows, he closed the windows. So what do you see is nothing. Only the stars is a Nemo Cohiba. Where's the one there Lord of the stars is I let her go. I gave her the money if I'd done this for your sake of Allah, alleviate the hardship that we're in. So Allah subhanaw taala alleviated partially of the boulder to move but it wasn't enough for them to move out. The second one is Allah I had everybody working for me. I give everyone

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what they deserve or the salary except one person walked away before I get in. So I invested his salary up till now when he came it was all this valley of the herd is here is when he came I said this is yours. Are you making fun of me? He said no. Everything is there as yours will live. I did this for your sake. alleviate the hardship it moved wasn't enough. The third one is what I'm after. The one that says Oh Allah, I had parents. I used to give them warm milk every night. I was late one night I came and they were asleep. Even though my children were there and they're crying. I did not want to feed my children before I fit my parents totally woke up and waiting for them. And I gave

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him that milk. If I did this for you, Seiko Allah alleviate the hardship upon us. And Allah subhanaw taala freedom because of that.

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Remember, my dear daughter, what was the first sound you ever heard?

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There was a sound the part of your mother

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was the first hand that extended for you.

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It is that same hand that raised you, bathed, you fed you wipe the tears of the eyes, shaded the sun from the eyes. And that is exactly what I want you to do.

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I want you to kiss that hand every night of your mother.

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I want you to make sure that you kiss the forehead of your father.

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Because that is the forehead

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that poured the sweat.

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To put food on the table, roof over your head clothes on your back. And that's your homework from now on. Everyday in the morning everyday at night when they wake up in the morning and when they go to sleep at night.

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I want you to kiss the hand of your mother in the forehead of your father. You know why?

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Because generation said

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that if your parents go to sleep happy because of you. If you die that night, there will be one or two doors. gates of heaven waiting for you depending on whether one or two of your parents alive. But if your parents go to sleep and crying because if you if you die that night, there will be one or two gates of Hellfire waiting for you.

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So ask yourself which gate do I want? And remember what allows panel data said Walker darbuka and last year were bill Worley they near Santa. In my beloved nine McKeever, Oklahoma fella tabula mofem Wollaton homopolymer colon Karima workfit Loma Jenna Halima Rama, Rama Kamara by anusara you know what that means? My dear daughter?

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says Allah decreed to worship none except Him. And were bill while Dania Santa You know why? righteous? The scholars see because they are the second reason for your creation. And if they reach a higher age, like we are reaching now, don't see the smallest word in our language. It's a sound

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and lower die wings. You know why? Because if you raise your wings, it's a state of fighting or a state of fleeing the cool, they haven't fled. They haven't gone and don't forget. So don't turn your back on us now when we need you the most.

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And he says, We're corrupt your Hama Kamara.

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You know, the hammer. amatola Allah says he supposed to say that in every prayer between the two semesters. You see we'll call up your hamama camara banasura. So please, don't forget us in your diet and your prayer.

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When Allah subhanaw taala says will sign an incentive.

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More than either one. You know what that means? One, as if Allah is trying to tell you here is the sound that your mother made when she was walking, carrying in her womb for nine months, as if she's stepping with difficulties in what we're sleeping with difficulties eating with difficulties Allah has given you a visual, a sound that you can relate to. Maybe one day you will be carrying a daughter of your own in your room, you will know exactly what that means.

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So Allah Allah subhanaw taala says, This is also a year or sinal incentive already Pamela to Omu another one with photography. I mean,

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two years, your mother has been nursing and that's why Allah elevated women higher than men, as a father and a mother and a father. Because the three stages we will never be able to compete with you. You know what that means?

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We will never be able to

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We will never be able to go through the labor pain and we will never be able to nurse. These are the three stages that your mother, your mother, your mother, then your father, even then allows panatela says we're in Jeddah and touch the cabbie my la sala de la Fela, Houma wasaga Macedonia Moreover, I'm going to ask you a question after explain. Even Allah says indeed and if they do, ask you to ascribe partners on tala commit chick,

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it is the only act that allows one other forgives not on judgment day. In Allah Allah, I usually Can you hear me sha Allah forgives not the active shift anything else He forgives. So he uses the same measuring stick in the ship coloboma, Navin say mission stick, the greatest act of oppression is you commit it is even if your parents asked you to do that don't obey them. But he says

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well, so I Boomerang

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meaning accompany them for dunya that means as long as they're alive, moreover, what is known to be righteous and good.

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And that's why I'm reminding again, where Prophet Mohammed Salim says, Who do I spend my time with? He says your mother, your mother, your mother, then your father.

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And a man came to Prophet Mohammed Salim says, I want jihad. I want to come to please Allah. I want the daughter after the hereafter. I want to be with you and Jenna. So you know what he said? Is your mother alive?

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He repeated the three times his wife. Woe to you. Is your mother alive? He says Nam. Yes. Yes, yes. All the way. Haha, Fatima Jana.

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You want Jana? You want to come with me? For Jana?

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Be there a defeat? Serve them? You will get

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this worm ending up the story with you. Engine. May Allah grant us a good ending. Make our last words three La la la la. Best of actions and these will be the last of actions and deeds and the best days we meet Allah subhana wa Jalla, viola and Jenna with no accountability, I mean, after that 100 I mean, or salamati wasabi otavi

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salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh