Soundness of Heart

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Soundness of Heart

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Send out more ID Kumar to lock evil ARCA to

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handle your locker operator either mean wa Salatu was Salam ala sugarfree ambia even more serene Nabina Muhammad vida if he was happy as Marine, I will give it a show economy regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yah Latina Armando de la. How to politic? What are some tuna in LA Welcome to Simone. rockfish are you suddenly were suddenly hungry? Why? term melissani? Yes kaaboo only, all praises belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him we seek His help his assistance in all our matters. And we send peace, Salutations, mercy and blessings. Upon the last of the prophets, the leader of all the messengers, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, upon his family, upon

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his companions, and upon all those who follow Him, up until the last day. My beloved brother is in Islam, first and foremost as always, we try to remind ourselves to be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. To have the Torah of Allah subhana wa island for the piety for taqwa for the consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Always keep a believer close and beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is indeed the success that we all are looking for

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my brother's Islam, the topic of today's how to that is a very powerful reminder, it is a topic that is very reflective in a way that reminds us how important it is for us to take care of that organ.

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The topic of today's talk, is soundness of heart,

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our heart.

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My brothers in Islam, is of high importance when we study the glories are and the sooner we get to know how important it is to take care of our heart, the heart that beats 70 times in a minute,

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it pumps the blood

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60 to 90 times are millimeter millimeter in a minute.

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It moves from five to seven liters of blood out of our heart, which means about 7600

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liters in a day. An average heartbeat of a person is about 2.5 billion times that in beats, which pumps about 200 million liters of blood.

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That is a loss of Hannah Tyler who created this heart and He wants us to take care of his heart. For Indeed Allah azza wa jal, he said

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on that day,

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your mind and your children will not be of any benefit is love and adore Bobby, serene, except the one who comes with a sound heart with a pure heart with a righteous heart, which is the sound heart

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of that day, my brothers in Islam, remember, no one else, no children, no one and nothing. What we possess in this mold will come and rescue you. It is your heart, the sound heart, the beautiful and a powerful and a pure heart that will rescue

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The hearts

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are three times as they are their mind, just drain it will give him a lot. He said there are three types of hearts. The first heart is the head, the heart.

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The first heart is the healthy heart. What is the head, the heart, the heart, which has the mind of last time, which was just the love for Allah subhanho wa Taala which has the belongingness with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is longing to do, what Allah commands, which stops himself from that, which Allah is pleased with is displeased with. That is the healthy heart. That is the healthy heart which Allah talks about, as good, serene. This is the beautiful and a healthy heart. This is the healthy heart that everyone should work on. And this is something between you and your heart. There is no one else, no interference, no second party that should do anything to you.

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It is you and your heart, to make an effort, every single time, how to make your heart as the head the heart. And that is the reason a lot of whatever is he taught us this door to to ask this drama, continuously and consistently. Allah subhana wa gyla uses rabada law doesn't matter. Back.

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Man in

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our Lord, let not what our hearts deviate from that. after You have guided us, and you are the giver without account. Our heart My brothers in Islam, it is the most important thing. And that is the reason Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he also taught us this Yo, yo submit a lead either dreaming or change of the hearts or the one who controls our hearts. Allah is the one who controls our hearts, he can flip it

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any moment he rolls. So we are asking we are told to ask a lot of control over of our hearts,

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our hearts steadfast be or our hearts on your dream, on your exam or on the truth. And then you have this Mario Brothers, the beautiful fruits that you actually gain out of this healthy heart is amazing. Love spreads from your heart decisions that you take. It comes from your heart. So when you have to carry a healthy heart, in your in your body, love, it flows.

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God that you do as a destination, it works out everything that you see as as as a mercy, you become forgiving.

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In today's time, my brothers, we live in a very strange times had a lot. Our heart

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is attached with something which is going to finish or our heart

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is carrying any

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jealousy, hatred, intolerance, lack of forgiveness. These are the killers of our heart. These are the things that killed the watch any moment you see that you do not want to forgive your own brother. Think about it. Think about it that you are at war, every single moment of your life.

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You're battling with your heart to make it a healthy heart. A good heart, a sound heart. Whenever you think that you do not want to do any mercy or have mercy on people on your spouse or you do not want to forget when you do not want to be tolerant. Think about it that are not the qualities of a healthy heart.

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I had the heart always gives the fruits of love,

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mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, beauty, attraction.

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And these are the gyms that we moved it cydonia will occur in this mode, and in the year after, and that is the heart that Allah loves the most. And the Prophet said a lot more. And he was said, he said fate eemaan

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and envy hazard. It doesn't stick together.

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What are the causes of disputes? If we look at and analyze in the world today? What are the causes of findings?

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What are the causes of breaking up of the relationships? Is it mine isn't Well,

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isn't that has a tractor, is it the envy factor? Yes, it is. And that is the reason a lot of women Enza wants us to obtain a healthy heart, this hendi heart it discards evil, of all kinds, it discards envy, it discards anger, anything that has to do to displease Allah,

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it just comes that is the beauty of healthy heart, it protects your heart with righteousness, with goodness, with soundness with that beauty that is required to be successful in this world. And the year after the second type of heart

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is the dead heart.

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It is exactly the opposite of the healthy heart. This dead heart does not have any faith in a law, no EMR, no space for good. It only has hatred,

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and forgiveness, unforgivable nature,

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no actions whatsoever that are required to be a healthy heart. So this is a dead heart. It doesn't have any place for the love of Allah and His Messenger

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must have power data protects us from having that harm.

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The third type of art, my brothers in Islam is a sick heart, this sick heart, the situation of it is, sometimes it goes to the level or the direction of our head, the art. But the other moment, it goes to the direction of a dead heart. So it always goes here. And then. And that is the situation of many of us today. That it was either on this site, when we have good environment. When we are with righteous people, we feel good, and our heart becomes sound. But when we shift ourselves, then it becomes dead.

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It doesn't have that quality of forgiving, if loses the element of mercy. And that's the caution that we have to take from ourselves, the moment it goes to words, that that heart, we have to have a red signal, that is the portion that you have to give to ourselves. And that is the way that we resist ourselves and striving towards this person called insha. Allah did come to a level of a heavy heart. And that is a struggle from the depths of darkness struggle, which has the reward, and that is the reward of a sound heart agenda how to achieve this subtleness of heart in few pointers, as mentioned in this quote by my brothers, and in Islam, it is important that we have the level of law

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as the priority. What law anyway, brothers, there is no other way. There is no other way that our heart becomes sound without the love of God.

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That's the reason we always need to work on the love of Allah subhanaw taala and when we say love of Allah,

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it means that we do what is pleasing to Allah and be stuck. What displeases to Allah. This is the result or the outcome of the love for love is you and me claim that I love Allah and I do not do things which pleases to Allah that I need to check back on.

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The weight of my love for Allah, is it true or false. And that is a struggle that you need to do continuously. And that is what Allah knows. He knows that we struggle, it's very challenging. We know that is a result of love to have them looked it up. He says in Fujairah, that the righteousness of the hearts are being tested, and they will be given the reward and gender

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and forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So love of Allah is the first thing. Secondly, prayer, my brothers, if you want to have a sound heart and the heart, we need to be consistent in our prayers. prophets have a lot more and he said that he used to say, and I'd regard this as a comfort in life. A rationale behind

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this give us some for that peace factor comes in Salah. It becomes sound, our heart becomes sound. Number three song fasting

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every Mondays or Thursdays or any other beat, the three days in a month. This fasting it takes the closer to Allah, the One who takes us closer to Allah, it gives us some art number four Zakah or charity. A person's closest thing in this role apart from the relation is mine is well if you pay that out for Allah, Allah says in the Quran ensure to Toba that Allah will purify you with that what you spend, and it increases that's the beauty. When you spend for Allah, you don't lose it, you gain it. On top of it, it purifies you. So these are the elements that we need to have the most important thing with which I would like to end this quote by Charla, my brothers in Islam, the hobbies

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narrated by others been modicon, brilliant ravago he said that we were sitting with a messenger of Allah. So Allah already said in a matter of concern he comes and the fear of a loss of a loved one. And he said and he said, who admitted

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he is the inhabitant. He is from Jenna, the first day he did the same and the same man came the second day that man enters under solid solid hour he said, he said he is from Jenna, the third day the same man cave and the messenger of a loss of the lover instead of he said, he is from Jenna, this harbor they had one desire to live and that is gender. So I let

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move forward that man, that man from answered, he said what do you do? What do you do that the Prophet of Allah, the Messenger of Allah continuously for the three consecutive days? He said, he is from Geneva. He is from Geneva. He is from Jenna, what is that special thing that you do? I would like to know so that I can do that person who gets into Jenna. And he spent three nights with that Sahabi with that person.

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He spent three nights and he sees no special Jeet. No specialty, whatever the Sahaba he doesn't say. So he asked what do you do as a special thing? I don't find anything. You know, I'm not sure or very big thing that you do that the Prophet told you that you are from China. And he said, whenever I sleep, I sleep with a heart envy free. No jealousy, no bad feelings, no grudges no in feelings in my heart. I purify my heart and I sleep and that means that Sahabi

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chestnut tree. That is the need of today. My brothers in Islam. We need to take care of our heart to make it a healthy heart, a sound heart so that insha Allah when the wisdom the mercy of Allah we begin an agenda