Progression Comes From Salah

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Then it became full and Subhanallah we see this brothers and sisters in Islam, how Allah subhanho wa Taala brought the Salah into the lives of the Alma that as the oma had the platform, to develop into a greater community and to develop the Dharma in a greater way Allah increase the salary. And this is what we learn brothers and sisters in Islam, that if we want to progress in any way, the Salah has to exist as the bare minimum. And if you the greater you want to progress, you have to increase praying that salah and think about this, that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the oma 50 Salah, Allah knew it was going to end up being five and he was going to reward the Ummah for 50.

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But why did Allah give His Messenger 50 at first and make this knowledge known to us? ponder over this brothers and sisters in Islam and ponder over the story of Zachary. Why would Allah make 50 known to us and make His Messenger go up and down getting a reduction and at the end reward us for 50 for only praying five? Why Why not just give five initially and say, the mercy of Allah mandate, you get 50 and that's the end of it. To teach us what brothers and sisters in Islam, that the five compulsory prayers are the minimum, Allah once more,

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Allah once more, he wants to sooner and he wants you to do more with your time that connects you to him in terms of the vicar in terms of the entire hour in terms of doing charity. Islam doesn't want you to be happy go lucky lackadaisical kind of human being No, it's not wants you to be a man of action and a woman of action that whenever someone sees you, they see a member of the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on a mission.

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That is the reality why we were given 50 because if you had 50, let's face it, you'd be praying the whole day and the whole night.

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So it's five to facilitate other things, but those other things should be practiced as well. So this is the story of the Salah brothers and sisters in Islam, that the more you want to progress, the more you have to pray it when Medina became an environment for the expansion of the Alma

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Allah increase the Salah.

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And when makup became a place of great difficulty for the oma, Allah told his messenger to stand the night in prayer. And this is why the scholars say brothers and sisters in Islam, that the training of a believer to carry the legacy of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is in standing the night in the head. This is where you train for anyone here who's working in the day hour, you have eight hour project. You are volunteer, maybe you're a trustee, you are a senior member, irrespective of your position. If you working in this hour, and you don't have a standing with Allah in the last third of the night. Then you're failing at your job and you're failing at your task. Why? Because the

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training place for

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that day, for the one looking to be diligent with the legacy of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in standing the night with the Quran recited clearly. For the sake of the lord of the words pan of water. This is our latrine this messenger very early on stand the night. This is your gym. This is your diet. This is your regime. This is your program. This is your program for you to manage what's happening, and Allah tells in fact panela if we read further insulin, resembling