The Phenomenon of The TOKEN MUSLIM

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Shaykh once told me and this is very, very deep, what He said He said, access is not power.

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The establishment is always going to want to try to recruit token Muslims to support their causes. Now, that might mean that sometimes they actually completely fabricated. And you know, we've seen the phenomenon of fake Muslims or especially fake ex Muslims, right? How many times have we seen a fake ex Muslim? We asked them how many records and sorts of Fatiha and they say three or something like that, and they're exposed, right? We have to understand the larger paradigm in which this sort of behavior happens, right? The establishment tries to recruit and conscript token Muslims as almost like a psyop against us, right to get us to renounce our faith or to have doubts in our faith or to

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think that something's wrong with us. Now, that's just one of the ways in which it happens. The other way is with recruitment of people that are close to the establishment that are actual Muslims that are actual people of faith that probably pray they probably, you know, fast Ramadan, and they probably are convinced or deluded and thinking that they're doing doubt, right. And so they cozy up to power. And they're given, you know, some kickbacks, or they're given access. But as a sheikh, who once told me and this is very, very deep, what He said He said, access is not power. He said, you get your a lot of people in the Muslim space are confusing two things, access is not the same thing

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as power, and they'll give you access all day, they'll give you platforms all day. But that doesn't mean they're giving you power, right? Just because you're in front of the cameras and look at the people who have gone, you know, who are at the White House. If tars and or the the national level, the congressional level and stuff like this, where are they? Where's their assignment? Right? Like, what happened to it? What are they doing on Palestine right now, the tune changes really quick. Right? You start realizing that you're dancing to their tune, you're not dancing to, to the figuratively speaking like we're saying that they're not accountable to Islam and Allah subhanaw

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taala. They're now accountable to their their fundraisers are the people who gave him that access in the first place. So we have to realize that the establishment has been doing this, like this is an old trick. This is an old playbook. And Muslims have to be smart. And more than that, they have to be disciplined, you have to be principled, you have to be intentional, right? Be ready to refuse access, be ready to refuse a platform, be ready to refuse an interview, don't think that you've got this big name, or the New York Times contacted me this organization contacted me and they invited me. Now the shaytaan is gonna give you all these sorts of justifications for why you're going to do

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it. Well, I can do that. Well, I can do this. Well, I can do that. That's not to say that you can't do that in those spaces. There is a time and a and a situation in which yes, you can actually some of those invites, you can actually do doubt in those spaces. But most of the time, and a lot of the time, they're doing that to you. You're not doing down to them. They're trying to conscript you and to draft you into their token Muslim figure who's going to peddle their agenda and going to weaken the position of Islam and the Muslims. So everybody has to be disciplined and principled and be ready for that.