Waleed Basyouni – Why Did The Prophet Marry Multiple Women

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of documenting the prophets and living at home is emphasized in the process of Allah marry. The speakers stress the significance of personal behavior and the names of women involved in marriages, including those who are older and have different cultural norms. The age gap and the need for documenting the prophets is also highlighted. The speaker discusses the impact of multiple marriages on people's experiences and personal relationships, highlighting the significance of knowing the names of women involved in marriages.
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Salam Alikum Can you answer a bit more on why the process Allah marry so many women? And also why? Because I showed the long haul was way, way, way younger the age gap was a lot. So what's the Islamic perspective of it? So like a Lucha, libre presents q&a With Shaolin Sunni in nebi, Salah married multiple marriages. First of all, some of these marriages are one of them, at least Allah subhanaw taala ordered him to marry one of them

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so it was even ordered by Allah subhanaw taala and also it is a common practice on the culture that time that men will be married multiple wives it's something that's that's the default that's the norm. Okay, and very common practice but for the prophets on Sunday was a different many other reasons. Number one, one of the reasons

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was to document the prophets are sometimes live very well. So one of the reasons even why he married woman in early age so they will live way longer after him Salallahu Salam and they will relate an array to the next generations about the process and lambs.

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Life in home is a big portion of your life and what you do at home. There's so many things that they learn and they narrated to us, you know actually offer us instance one of the she narrated so many a holiday she considered number three or four narrators among the Sahaba of the Allah we took the look at the number of the Hadith that generated

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and also she lived way longer after the process alone time.

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Another also reasons why the process Allah married multiple woman because you have multiple witnesses over his character traits salatu salam, it's easy to have or to look good and perfect outside. What really It will show your real character if you how you behave at home. You have nine witnesses at one time saying that Muhammad SAW Salam at home was better than outside. In his private life was like outside and some of these women have every reason to expose the process alum if he was lying, like Sophia, Sophia is father was killed by the army of Muhammad Sofia's father uncle her whole entire tribes were defeated by the hand of the prophets of Solomon's arm. So this woman have

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every reason if she found that Muhammad Hassan was lying and not a true prophet to expose him, but she didn't. They're all testify the tea is Rasul Allah Subhan Allah and His character is just proven that so Allah ism

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so that's another another also I said the prophets of Salaam is live and what you do at home from whistle will loo even intimacy and prayer at home fasting, eating, sleeping, walking up clothes, all these kinds of things. As so many can imagine every one of these needs to be documented need to be reported need to be narrated to the to the you need multiple actually people to witness that to be able to generate all this for us how many incidents of things took place during the process on life at least only to be documented for us so all these woman documented the details liable the problem was there is no human being his life documented like the prophets of Allah Salah every detail of his

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life is was documented for us. And it's interesting sister

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and I don't want to give names but

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there's so many names that today we have so much respect and even we celebrate Okay,

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days after the names, okay, and celebrating their legacy and their contributions and civil rights or in human rights or whatever. Okay, but those same people when you look at their personal life, especially with their family terrible

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one Oh, some of them were abusers one of them no to some of them even accused in the good good doubts about them accusing any

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having no violence beating heading, you know, against woman's and some of them

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do terrible things with children, you know, and things so disgusting like that, even though they are iconic in other areas.

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But when it comes to the personal life, it's so ugly. And maybe it was almost not like that.

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Even presidents and kings and and you name it, and maybe some was not like that. And the reason for for all these witnesses we have also one of the reasons it's an LMS. And if you look at the process of marital marriages, they tend to be synonymous connected to all tribes, and rabid so every tribe feel that they are related to the process. So the support for his Dawa for his Deen came from every corner on Arabia, even from an Arab as well.

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Also, one of it is in the visa Salam is a role model. And something I mentioned earlier, that if you look at his marriages, it represents almost every scenario in life, all this different type of woman, older, young, same culture, different culture, married, not married widow, divorce, you know, never been married before, and so on. So this is also something that we can all relate to,

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when it comes to our own experience, in our marriages, our own marriages today. So these are some of the reasons that I can think of why the problem had

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multiple marriages.

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As for actual, the Allahu anha the difference in age. First of all, this is not a unique case,

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I should have the law. And we have to understand the difference between a contract and consummation. So you might have a contract, but the consummation of your marriage will be happening later on. So So you might marry it, but the consummation of the marriage will be later on the day. So we might be after two or 356 years from they're married. And in that time, this is not something consider strange or unacceptable. That's why never ever in the early days or even centuries afterwards, ever, anybody raised this as a problem.

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It's just because in our modern days, we kind of

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culturally we shifted, we find this to be strange. And I give you example, if I tell you, there is a woman who married in the age of 13

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Oh, 13 that's just not acceptable. And you will feel this is like, right, right? This just a child. And I have a kid 13 I can't imagine her merit at all.

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But guess what, so many places, so many states, even they have 13 as a legal age of marriage today.

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And 14 and 15.

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Which consider very early, and so many culture today. That's when you look at even non Arab culture, non Arab culture. Mini kings, they will tell you he married in the age of three and seven.

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That doesn't mean they consummated the marriage. It means they contract the King of France and the queen of France, the queen of Austria and all this Anwar will talk about this, we'll talk about early marriages. And it's you find it's very common that the do that. And it was not something objectable That's why none of the kuffaar did and by the way, I should have the Alana, she was actually engaged to someone else before the process Allah.

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That's why wouldn't it be so so I'm talking about her? Abu Bakar said, I can say yes, until I see the man who asked for her hand first would agree or not.

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So just shows you that how common this practice was.

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When it comes to marrying woman and early ages.

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Yes, I hope that will answer your question.

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Okay, anybody else?

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I'm seeing is that he had so many witnesses for character. Why is it that most of the produce that we see our neighbor to buy eyeshadow they love on? Free? Good? Us? I hear this question a lot like, why most of the story about him and ash, what about other others? First of all, you heard me sharing many stories with others. But definitely with actually there's more stories. Why? For some reason, because actually, she lived longer. And she had more students than anyone else. She had way more narrators and people narrate honey from her and students, then Salama or Hindi,

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or, you know, Xena or how facade or the Alana or SOFIA actually had so many students and she was a scholar, she was an arranger of Hadith. That's why

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It will definitely start with their own stories you know and that's why he became more popular and well documented than others and you can make an analogy and it'd be so solemn was fair and just with all of them

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