A Practical Program For Parents to Enable Productive Summer for Children – Day 6

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Day 6 – How to Do Physical Development Of Children

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah hirable alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim while early he was hobby Marine, all to be let him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem urbanna habla Minh as wodgina Watteau Ria Tina kurata Aryan

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Akina mama rubbishy Sorry uncle Emery wahala, aka de melissani of Ollie, my dear brothers and sisters, welcome again to our sixth session of how to make our children's summer most productive, well hamdulillah by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala we have covered so far five sessions in session number one, we covered what is productivity in an Islamic perspective, we talked about the program we mentioned, why is it so important for us as parents to enjoy this program, and we also talked about our approach, how is it going to be in day two or session two, we talked about 10 golden rules of parenting in general and with with the, with the addition to talk about the areas

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that we have defined for the development of our children, in day three, we dedicated the whole session for spiritual productivity or spiritual development, we talked about what is it, how we can develop it, you know, and the ways that we can, you know, take up in order for it to be done. In day four, we talked about morals and manners development, we talked about its importance, you know, the, the areas where the morals and manners need to be developed, and how we can actually make our children morally and you know, morally develop and how we can actually empower their manners as well. In day five, that is the previous session, we talked about social development, how important

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it is for our children, to be to behave well to be connected with the society and come out as ideal Muslims as the Muslims who can be you know, looked at will hamdulillah now, in today's session, we shall continue our journey with the you know, fourth area of development and that is physical development. Now, Islam is such a beautiful way of life, our Deen al Islam, the way of life which does not leave any aspect, you know, for us to develop Subhana Allah, it has covered all the area. So, that is the reason the beauty of Islam in compared to any other way of life is that it comprises of all aspects. So, as as, as a Muslim, we need to look at its beauty that it does not leave any,

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you know, any stone unturned, it does not leave any aspect uncovered. SubhanAllah So, physical development of our children is really important. Now, there are certain things that we need to understand, you know, from the Islamic perspective, it is our, you know, obligation, in fact, a duty that we must take care of our health, and we must take care of those who are under us, their health as well. Allah subhanho wa Taala through Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has, has taught us to show importance and to fulfill the right of our body as well. So, like Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said near Matan. Mark Boone, Fie McAfee Romina NASS a syha, one for our two great

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blessings that many people they overlook, or they neglect about about our time, and good health. This is really important to take care of our children's well being is, you know, really important for us. Another Hadith,

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in which prophets Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Alma mineral COVID you don't have in Allah him in a minute minute by Eve,

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a strong believer, Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, he said, a strong believer is better and is more lovable to Allah than a weak believer. Now, as Muslims, we need to have a holistic approach and overall understanding this trend of a believer, it comes from the belief and from his physique. So it's, we need to be strong in terms of our belief, and we need to be strong physically. So

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When we have both the things, then it is related to us that Allah subhanho wa Taala, he loves a person more, those who are strong, right, a strong believer is more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we need to ensure that we adopt and understand this important area and address it, and what better time than, you know, the summer time to ensure that we take their overall analysis of their physical development. Now, as always, in the previous sessions, also, as you are quite familiar with our three E's, you know, through five W's and one h approach or strategy, that the first E is educate, evaluate, and empower. So first is educate, second is m, evaluate, and third is

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M power. So let's begin this approach, educate. Now, what is physical development Now, when we, when we talk about physical development, we ensure that they are strong internally, within their, you know, body and externally as a part of their strength. So, we need to ensure that we must do health check of our children at least once a year, you know, there's general physical checkup, in order to ensure and make sure that you know, he's physically fit and fine insha Allah be in Allahu taala, with the help and mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, the physical development is, this is what it's all about. Secondly, why is it important because obviously, the more physically fit that

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we are that we will be, you know, more, you know, happier, and we will be more better in terms of producing goodness of hand Allah. So, the a believer who is physically fit, he performs acts of worship of Allah subhanaw taala, most stronger than the one who is weak, right, and we are not talking about intentional ignorance of, you know, we're not, we're not talking about intentionally, you know, somebody is not really, you know, looking after himself, but but, but he's internally sick. So, because of the sickness, he's weak, so that that's not included in this scope of what we are discussing someone who is deliberately not taking care of, of his health, we're talking about

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those people. So, we need to ensure that we must have the ability to perform the physical effort more, so that we can be equipped in, in in the development of our children in Sharla. So, this is important, as we said, because this will allow us to do more, this will help us and enable us to produce more results through our efforts was when is it required, you see this is something which is which should be the routine, taking care of your children's physical, you know, check is an all time job. But however, in summer, you have got more time you have more availability, it becomes more relevant and important to ensure that this is done, who should develop again, it comes back to us as

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parents, as leaders of the home we have to ensure that we take care of their physical, you know, status, when where we need to develop it, you see, there are various areas that we should encourage our children to get involved in, for example, you know,

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look at their interest, how and what are they interested in? So, whatever their interest in, if it's, it's permissible, and it's it's in the within the boundaries of Islam, then we must ensure that we give them that supportive environment, we must give them you know, that leverage and that support for them to perform it, for example, you know, ensuring them that they are with, you know, you are with them in the ways that they want to physically develop, so it becomes much easier, where they want to actually develop it and how to develop the powerful question. Well, we have to ensure that we, we as parents must focus on the diet, on the eating habits. What are they eating, when are

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they eating, they're, they're eating style, they're eating habits, you know, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said,

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You know, you must

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eat half of your stomach, you know, quarter of your stomach, in fact, and leave the rest for the water for the air for for, for something or the other. So we need to ensure that, you know, our, our eating pattern and our children's eating pattern must be considered consciously so that we can, you know, make sure that they are physically fit, we need to realize and understand, especially mothers by eating more your child or our you know, our children don't get better, eating good by pure and, and, and nice food will make them physically fit. So it's not about the quantity, it's about the quality of the food and the right timing that they eat. So, this is all really important for them to

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be physically fit. And we can also ensure that we partake in terms of at least once a week, you know, a game in the park with them, whether it's football or anything that you know requires physical activity, you know, we must do so. So, and also it is really, really important that we must prefer physical activity or games than electronic games. So, most of the times you know, you ask a kid What do you want to do, he just wants to be on the phone. So, that's not the proper or physically fit way to address a child, you need to take them away from the electronic for most of the time and let them be involved and engage in physical activity and if possible, let them join

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health clubs, let them join swimming, let them join horse riding let them know how to do a you know archery and let them understand you know, how to

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you have running race for example, for you know for that matter, let them learn karate, Judo, any physical thing that will keep them engaged, keep them apt keep keep them you know, physically fit, allow them and give them that platform by joining them in the health clubs or any you know, area or places where they provide these facilities and this is what or this is how we can actually make them

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you know, physically fit in sha Allah. So, this is about how we can talk about e that is the first e educate, let's go to evaluate Now, what is physical evaluation, as I said, we must perform health questions, you know, health check with the doctors you know, we need to ensure that we take them or let them undergo the tests of physical examinations and let them lead let us be satisfied that their physical effects and ask them questions. How are they feeling? are they feeling any pain? Any, any sickness internally? Are they oversleeping or they began to to lazy or what what is going on? So when you ask questions, as we said the powerful way of evaluation is asking questions, right? So

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it's really important to evaluate our children because you know, many times it is it is observed that you know after a long time, then we realize that you know there was some physical problem that was there in our children's mind or heart or you know, body for that matter. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect every child, every one of us from any and every kind of physical, spiritual mental illness in Sharla. But it is always important that we be cautious. We take care of, you know, our steps in order to ensure that we go on the right direction, when is it required it becomes apt that you know at summer could be the time where you can you have more availability so you can actually go

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and get the checkup done.

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Again, who should evaluate? You know, it comes back to us again, that we as parents, it's our job our responsibility to ensure that we do that physical evaluation and it is it is more apt when we actually do it within our homes. This evaluation because this evaluation will help you know the doctors and you know the people who are going to take care of their physical evaluation it becomes much easier if

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If you give them you know, a history of your child, if you know what your child is going through, this is, again, a very important area where we need to evaluate, we need to ensure that their physical organs, their eyes, you know, I checked their mouth, the teeth, their hands, their physique, you know, the mind, the ears, you know, knows everything is physically fit or not. So these are the areas that you need to evaluate. And then the last question, which is how to evaluate, as we discussed, it's very, very apt and powerful that we must ensure that we ask questions number one, we observe them and make an analysis that they are physically inshallah fit, we should, you

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know, experiment by by putting them into a test, for example, a 200 meter running race or 500 meter running race, you should race with them, or you should have bunch of kids who should race together and see them how they are actually performing in that. So when you actually provide them this atmosphere and environment, they are bound to be tested, they will be experimented and they will be demonstrating that they are physically fit, inshallah check their levels of fitness, you know, it's just not about, you know, internal internal fitness, but they should be physically strong as well. So, give them some work to do some effort that they have to put some struggle that they have to go

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through, so that they will also be physically stronger and stronger insha Allah give them the ownership of things which we get, which they can actually ensure that you know, they are physically fit, for example, every single day, they have to walk, for example, 100 steps, or 5500 steps of walking or jogging for that matter. So when you give them this kind of evaluation, it will be much more helpful. Now, let's go to the final E which is empowered, right? What is physical empowerment, when we see a proper education in terms of physical education, when we understand by doing evaluation, it becomes more apt for us to physically empower our child, when we know that our child,

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you know, his sleeping habits is perfect. His eating style is, is very good. When we see that he is playing, he's taking part in activities, he is you know, very much energetic, he's enthusiastic, in terms of running in terms of activities, like swimming, you know, horseback riding and things like that, then it becomes very open and obvious that he's physically empowered. That is a very powerful way of understanding it. empowering our, our, our children with good physical development is important for us, because, as we said, we do not want them to be harmed in this world and the Hereafter, our love for our children is for both their worlds, their world, which is just one this

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is Jr. And the next word, which is an era. So that's the reason, you know, we have to ensure that they are physically fit as well. And empowered as well, it's really important for them to be empowered physically, so that they can perform much much better than those who are weak. And that's the reason why Allah loves a believer who is stronger than those who are weak, although, you know, goodness lies in both, but then the, it's it's the preference that Allah chooses. So, there is a wisdom behind that there is an a mat of you know, thought that we have to put in it that it's really important and we need to understand when is it required, physical empowerment is required, you know,

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at an early age, in fact, you know, when when we ensure and give them platform to physically empower you know, at the at the early age itself, they will be accustomed and they will be used to it and they will be more apt you know, and they will be habituated In fact, when they when they grow older, they will be habituated in doing things which are you know, very good for them. So, it becomes much easier for them to perform physical exercises, you know, physical activities and games. If you make them, you know, habituated and, you know, give them that encouragement at the early age itself. So this is again

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You know, our responsibility to ensure that we empower them

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as parents, because, you know, they, their overall development is on our hand, they will, you know, you are the one who are who is going to influence, you know, influence their, their life, you know, it's you who rule their life. So, you who govern their life, when you when Allah has given you this, this you know freedom or this you know pleasure of making the the rulings and governing their lives as parents as leaders as guardians, as guardians, then it becomes our responsibility to ensure that we empower them physically, where we need to empower as we discussed, find out the areas from the physical perspective, you know, which are very obvious, you know, our senses and internally as well

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ensure that they are empowered in both in an obvious way as well as internally, how to empower them. As we mentioned, this is the empowerment strategy for all the areas of the development, this is the empowerment strategy that we are sharing for all the areas development, be it spiritual, be it morals and manners, be it social, be it physical, whatever the area of development is, this is our empowerment, strategy or guideline for us to follow. And that is, number one, make dua for your child, make dua that Allah make my children physically fit, let them enjoy good health in their lives, both internally and externally. This is really, really important for us, as Muslim parents,

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we need to enjoin this habit of making dua for them. And there is as I said, in the previous sessions, as well, there is no better draw for the child than the the draw for the father and mother, the the way they have the status that is granted by Allah subhanaw taala it is apt that we can understand that Allah has given them that this honor, and Allah is ready to accept your and my prayer. So as parents, as mothers, as fathers, we have to ensure that we ask Allah subhana wa Taala for their physical fitness, we ask Allah subhana wa tada for their well being, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for their better health, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect them from any and every

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kind of illness. Because we know we know my brothers and sisters, some are the other way we may have undergone this test that you know our child when they become when he becomes sick. What kind of tests that we go through, you know, people who have got children, you know, with with different kinds of sickness and illness, ask them, What is the pain that they are going through? What a big sacrifice or the struggle that they're going through? So, before you know,

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before anything of such happens us insha Allah, may Allah protect us. We need to be proactively enough to ask a las panatela to protect our children from all kinds of fitna all kinds of, you know, evil eye all kinds of,

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you know, physical illness or sickness. So this is the first thing that As parents, we must ensure that we empower our children's physical development by making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Just a quick pointer, if someone is going through this challenge, don't lose hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala. If your child is sick, or he's suffering through something or the other, don't be hopeless, just continue. Just continue your dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala and one day inshallah for a surety, Allah will listen, Allah will, will, will allow you to, to get out from those, you know, painful situation or times insha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says la takana tumor Rahmatullah Do not ever be, you know, hopeless about the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala so we need to have high hopes in Allah azza wa jal, we need to be absolutely positive. We need to be absolutely, you know,

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hopeful in Allah's mercy

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So, if we are going through of such kind of difficulty, pain, challenges, sacrifice, struggle, hardship, we must ask Allah subhanaw taala to remove it, and we must continue to sleep, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala So, that's the first D of empowerment the secondary is devise a plan, as we said, we are told to work whatever is best in our capacity and ability and then leave it to Allah subhanaw taala. So, we need to ensure that we devise a plan, we devise a plan in summer for our children's

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physical development. For example, as I mentioned, plan, you know, a play of football once a week in the park, admit them in the health club or or join them in the swimming you know, classes or take them to the horse riding classes or let their friends get together and make a running race competition somewhere or the other you you devise a plan and we keep your child be a part of that plan, as we discussed in the first session, the introductory part that make sure that this planning is done as a joint planning so that he is very much involved and engaged in this you know, area of development and this planning phase, so that it becomes much easier for you to invite him and

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encourage him to do that actually. So, that's the second D of the empowerment strategy. Number one is do it number two is devise a plan number three, develop a strategy, just by making a plan and not having a strategy to make it into practice will not help you in any ways to actually find results. So, you develop a strategy by putting your plan into action by joining you know, things as I discussed earlier, make a routine of your future plan weekly once in a park, you know swimming classes, horse riding, running race, karate, whatever, but develop a strategy which allows you to implement your plan insha Allah number four,

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the D is demonstrate for them as an example, you should be physically fit to take care of them, you should take care of your own well being in order for you to take care of your children. So, when they see you, you know health wise good, they are going to again emulate the same, they are going to copy the same if they find you, you know that you are conscious on your eating habits, they will do the same if they find you to be

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very caring about your own health and conscious about your overall health, they are going to do the same when you do exercises in front of them, they will be encouraged to do so, when you engage in physical activities and games, they are bound to be the part of the same when they find you to as an example, for physically fit person, they are actually going to do the same so demonstrate for them as an example to follow number five D is drive them with motivational words, encourage them with good choice of words tell them Abdullah you are an amazing strong boy Mashallah, you can do much more. So, when you use good motivational choice of words for your child, they will be more

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encouraged to do things you know, fifth, which will make them physically fit, reward them for example, if they win a competition of running risk, reward them invest in them, this is the right and wise investment for them in a proper and a true sense panela. So reward them, avoid them so that they will be encouraged to do it in a in the future as well and appreciate them in front of others. Tell them that you are physically strong Boy, you are stronger and your strength will multiply more when you continue your activities, your engagements, your games, you know much more so ensure that when we implement this drive, this will drive them in, you know their lives in sha Allah and they

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will be much better and more stronger physically in a true sense. So this is all about their physical development that we can ensure that in this summer

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We take up this step, this initiative, this conscious plan, with an intention to practice this plan this summer for our children so that inshallah they will be among those believers whom Allah Subhana. Allah loves more. The stronger believers as we said prophets. He said, he loves those who are strong believers. So let's make our children as strong believers strong, both in belief as well as physical, you know, way. So we asked Allah subhanaw taala to keep all our children and all of us health wise physically, you know fit and and God does our blesses good health, for us to live a well being life or well pleasing life and that will enable us also to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala

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more perfectly. We ask Allah subhanaw taala again, to make all of us and bless all of us with goodness with great health and pleasing to Him ultimately, was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh