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While he was a rocker to welcome to our nightly dua session for the 28th night of Ramadan May Allah Azza from all of you. We are officially live with a number of Institute's channels on YouTube and Facebook and many other places of Hamdulillah. So we'll give inshallah about 30 seconds or so for the live stream to begin. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward those who have been consistent and those who have been asking questions and learning how to make dua, and also some of the etiquettes of dua that are important for us to keep in mind may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings one so once again 28th night a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome Welcome

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to the many familiar faces and names mashallah and to those who are coming for the first time may loss of contacts all the way from Florida. We have I think, Oklahoma as well Masha Allah, we have a number of different states represented here in the first few seconds of him that Allah

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may Allah accept from you all. I pray that your last night went well 27 tonight and for those for whom it is the 27th now especially those I think in the eastern most countries in the world, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from you along with me.

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We'll go ahead and get started with the Arabic DUA and then we will move forward inshallah Tata would come

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all the way from Boston mashallah, welcome, welcome.

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Let's get started in sha Allah, the Arabic da

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Alhamdulillah Hamden. Kathy, you don't play iba mobile or confy Yeah, it'll be like Al hamdu Kemah Yun Bellini God, when did he go all the Masonic? Along medical from head to toe law? Well, I can handle either all the way I can handle invaluably law Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad infil Awali waffle feeding Philomela either either your MIDI, a llama andina, FEMA and Herdade da fina no female athlete, whatsoever learner female until late Bubba Nicklin a female outpoint walking shuttle on off or late in Naka Tuffle Do you wanna your colonic in the hula the Luma Walid What are your resume an article about Dr. Obinna. What addict? Allah how might you notice

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it will come in on height equally. Judy, Judy Malema I mean who am I am not. When are we coming to shove equally? Gee, gee, I didn't know I mean, who am I I'm not alarmed that you notice I do occur federal hierarchy what sort of filament cut off or have been Misaki way the Waterbury burn ecofit Not un* Midna e Laker or you know Mustonen last Marzano Hogback will help them and your hymnbook were damaged in your quantity buena EDA homemaker, Amin

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alumna in a car for 12451 Law him in a car for winter he will laugh off on a lot of men that are 41214 or five one Robin alumna and fusina What you themselves will learn out are 100 and Akona. nominal cost in a law merging unfortunate Aqua was a king and a fireman zurka And only you her well my Allah, Allah Mohammed Elaine and Iman it was a in Horfield alumina. What can we renal COFRA well Fuzu our Garcia Jana law who may or may not wash it in law myth will hit our Milena Amina the court and Cena terminal caddy while you Nana menial Haryana Papa Lubin Amina shift Yamuna neufeldt A lot of my MO Polywell Paulo we want to absorb some bitcoin Illuminati Nick Marzocco Koblin mo Titova

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Werrington Moti shahada What about in multigene nuttin when our EMA Allah Almighty No, no, they'll be coming Raymond Nyanza. We're in Cali Villa Yaksha I mean, I in tandem, I mean, FC la touchbar I mean, you're in La Jolla, la sala Allahumma, even if era. Well, when Hoshyar what he said in the UK you Don't shirk you know, while I'm in I'm sorry ha What do motor company

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a lot of monotone jargon mostly materna feeding you know what I tell John in dunya Akbar or Hamina whatever blah or emunah Wallah either nerdy mostly you don't know why John and Janet are here doubt on what's going on between Medicare hammerlock me along my journey and I'll be I'll be awkward Rubina when you would also already know what zone you know whether her but her Momina well Mina I love my that kidnapping her man who Cena Well I think that I mean her murder who knows what was up now Tina what leave you alone off and now I've been watching lately your leak on bureaucratic hammer right I mean, a lot of my letter galana Female Amina her the them but you know what 111 Raja what

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are they in love public? What are born into her data while Mr. Bloom and learn Asalta what are called even elanda Jatta whatever Marie lon inertia feta, what am yourself you don't either Solomon here auditor will automatically

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out from above me, allotments or Islam or as an ostomy a lot of women are either really slimy when Muslim in a hide on our field or in a coolie hide, or men are audibly Islamic and Muslim in a zoo and federal Medicaid goofiness what y'all do? You notice so you're either here or we you yeah materia Allah Allama Eric mesothelial Oxo elodea have been with me a lot more has opened up his heart and problem I met him a lot I mean Allama fitted J kalaburagi Muslim enough equally makan Allahumma federated kettlebell and Muslim enough equally Mecca Allah mythology kind of antimicrobial walk the day in Medina and wash Fremont Alana mandala massimi and yo don't bug me a lot more federal

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didn't want me Nina wellmont Me not one Muslim you know one Muslim at a higher immigrant Ahmad olam affinity Medina Why did you already know a lot more federally motel in Muslim ina Germany and Medina Shahidullah can be done here when you know via COVID recited at MAMA to Allah. Lama fieldlevel more humble more I have him waffle on home equity Missoula home well Watson will follow him while still haven't been he was telling you all went up to him you know don't be able to hop on camera you know Pato will have Yagoona done us a lot more Hamner either sooner either Masada Allah whomever Liliana Alina to Allah Mobiliario Allah my geography Hermione Maureen Allahu Medina fee her Maka moody. Love

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Mayer Hi Yuya clay young Mira Matic and Estelle Leith also left Anna shenana Cola. Whatever tequila unforeseen alphatauri

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Allahu my feet Alaina DUNU Bella Coola Yokohama de la Kabira wa salam ala Marlena minha limonada Aloma stimula Mallanna beauty Blahnik when Naja when it's coming nirvanic law regarding Ramadan se Nene or deed was Amina to Medina, but on Allahumma feminine Macavoy de la may notice Luca Mooji moutier automatic or the email Filati was salam Atomico Leith Wallonie you met him in Colombia? Well fossa regenda Tijuana Jaya Tamina no Allah Houma jib nomina na log imagine I mean Allah Allah has given I mean and no longer are typically followed by now what about you know my hurt you know, I mean, I'm not a mama Kinnelon Jana Tanaka brah Yeah, Aziz, we have a fall on us. I do configure

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those on the lady

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on the B you know, also nearly no shahada it was Saudi thing in her husband Hola, Rafi Aqua

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Allah metal carbon solid and we'll see what Liam and a little cooler on was to do that when you are an indica into some unity motor body in the counter to well, Rahim. Robina Hublin I mean, as well you know what the reality you know, Parramatta Ion windjana Dima Tofino EMA Robin Allah to the Hulu Bonanza in her data well Hublin I mean that don't fit in Nick into a hub from better at nothing dunya has an awful lot to Huseynov working out of and

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what else would I want to hear from the law? I mean Solly love Marlon, Amina Mohammed rather early he was happy to be here. Thank

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is Aquafina to our brothers and sisters who are joining us from all around the world may Allah bless you all while they can sit down what I happen to love from Charlotte North Carolina as well Michelle

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Alright, let's move on to the English the English dua inshallah Tada

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Oh Allah we praise You. We praise you Allah for the ability to praise you. We praise you Allah for every blessing that you've given us, your Allah we praise you for the blessings we know of and the countless blessings we don't know if all we praise you for the gift of life, for guidance to Islam, for the gift of the Quran, for being followers of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam peace be upon him. or Allah we praise you and we thank you for granting us life to Ramadan and the last night of Ramadan. Oh Allah, you are the truth and your speech is the truth and your promise is true. And the meeting with you is true. Paradise and hellfire are true. The prophets and messengers are

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true and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is true. Allah we submit to you and we believe in you. We depend on you we repent to you, your Allah we refer back to you we seek judgment from you. So grant us forgiveness from you for the past sins and the new, the sins that are hidden and those that are evident from all of them we repent and from the sins we forgotten while you knew.

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or Allah we ask you, for our loved ones, for our families for our offspring, for the highest levels of paradise and everything that will bring us closer to of actions and speech. And we ask you to protect us from the fire and anything that will bring us closer to of actions and speech or log guidance amongst those who have guided and grant us health amongst those who've granted health to protect us amongst those who have protected and bless us in what has been given to us by you. Protect us your law from an evil that has decreed for you decree in truth and none can decree over you

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You're the blessed and exalted Yeah, Allah will know you're the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. The Most Merciful of those asked, the most generous of those who give the sustainer of everything and you alone ever live. You know Allah, we thank you for our faith, our families, our health and our wealth and we declare you to be our Lord with no deities other than you. You created us we are your slaves and we fulfill our pledge to you. We seek refuge in You from the sins that we commit. Your blessings upon us cannot be counted Your favors, we all admit, we also confess our sins and ask for your forgiveness for non forgive sins except for you. Oh Allah, you are alive for the

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forgiving you love to forgive so forgive us O Allah. We beg you you are forgiving you love to forgive so forgive us your Allah. You're the one who told us when the Rooney study bla can call upon Me I will respond to you. Yet Allah you are the one who informed us tough not woman Rahmatullah in Allah Hi el futuro de Nova Jamia, you will not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah Allah forgives all sins, yo Allah, we repent to you. And we ask you to forgive all of our sins. We asked you a lot to allow us to leave this night and to leave this blessed month with a completely clean slate or Allah and to die with a clean slate. You know Allah, we seek refuge in You from a heart that is not

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humbled. And an eye that does not tear and knowledge that doesn't benefit us and a prayer not lifted near. Oh Allah make us and our loved ones people of the Quran. Oh Allah allow us to really appreciate the gift of the Quran and the light of the Quran and the cure of the Quran and the guidance of the Quran and the salvation and success through the Quran. Allah Allah make us amongst the people of the Quran, who internalize it, reflect on it, recite it, study it, understand it implemented, memorize it and teach it or law make the Quran the spring of our hearts, the light of our chests, the remover of our sadness, the repeller of our stress, teach us what we don't know of

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it and remind us what we forgotten. And grant us the ability to recite throughout the day and night. Oh Allah make us amongst those who connect to the Quran as a way of life and end up having the Quran as a companion in the grave and on the Day of Judgment Oh Allah make us amongst those who are told to recite and elevate ranks in Jannah and elevate to the highest ranks through the blessing and companionship of the Quran. Allah guide us in our loved ones guide us and our brothers and our sisters and keep us steadfast guide us and rectify our affairs Yet Allah forgive us for shortcomings guide for us our youth and bring them to the truth and protect them from influences that would cause

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them to be misled. Forgive our parents and grandparents and have mercy and our dead removed from us the overpowering of people in the overburdening of that year. Allah grant us success. Remove our stress and marry our bachelors and bachelorettes and place your blessings in your bed aka and Melinda and Rosmah love and mercy and Taqwa and your son good manners and character in all marriages of our brothers and sisters around the world and grant us justice and grant us peace and grant us happiness in what we do. Or law our innocent prisoners of brothers and sisters around the world to Allah we ask you to free them and bring them back to their families safe and secure. Heal our sick

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from all elements. Yeah Allah you are a Shafi the one who cures Oh Allah we seek Your protection from being tested. And we ask you for your relief from any tests and trials. And we ask you to make us people of contentment and people of gratitude in all times and places. Oh Allah, we ask for your protection. For our brothers and sisters in every land in every place around the world. We ask you ask you a law for protection and relief and justice for our brothers and sisters being oppressed in different lands and places. We asked you a law to purify managerial oxygen in the hands of oppressors and to allow us to pray in a free Mass General OXA soon in our lives, Oh Allah, we ask

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you to protect our brothers and sisters and to remove from them their sadness and punish those who oppress them they have no state to support them no matter behind them no learn to accept them and no one to carry them it is them and you are Allah. You are their only supporter their only hope all avenues are short for them except your door that never closes your Allah be their greatest supporter, an ally and make us a people of justice. Yeah, Allah guide us to be a source and a facilitation of justice for those who are being oppressed all around the world. Yet Allah make us a people who facilitate peace in the world and restore the rights of those who are being oppressed,

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locally and globally. Oh Allah. Have mercy on our brothers and sisters and friends and relatives and everyone who requested our prayers. You know, ALLAH forgive all of their sins correct all of their affairs. Oh Allah. We ask you to bless our brothers and sisters who have converted to Islam in recent years. We ask you Allah to make them steadfast and protect them. We ask you a lot to make them a means of guidance for their families and to make things easier for them and to reward them for their patients during these difficult times. Oh Allah make us a source of guidance for

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others in this world and make us a people of peace and unity make us a people of justice and truth. Oh Allah, as you've allowed us to experience the month of Ramadan, allow us to be forgiven. Forgive us your lawn be with us. You Allah we've committed so many sins we've neglected your commands. we've strayed far from what you've asked us to do. From what you've commanded and revealed. Your Allah we asked you during this blessed month during these blessings hours during these final days and nights. We beg you Allah to forgive us for all of our sins, the major and the minor, the past present and future the sins that are public and the sins that are private the sins we remember and the many sins

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we forgot your Allah forgive us your Allah you are a Rahman and Rahim at to work a lot of forward a lot of you are the one who forgives you are the Ever Merciful you the offer giving you the most gracious year Allah you are a laughable you love to pardon and forgive and erase the sin from our records. We beg you Allah to erase all of our sins and to guide us, Oh Allah, as we repent to you. We asked you for strength and resilience in never going back to those sins again. We ask for your help and your aid in worshiping you and praising you and remember you the best manner possible at all times and places. You know, Allah make us and our loved ones people of the people have the

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highest levels of gender people have generated filters and protect us from the fire. Oh Allah protect us, our families and our Ummah from all evil and heal the hearts of unbelieving people. Yet Allah

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with all of our shortcomings with all of our guilt, with all of our shame, there's nothing that gives us the ability to ask for your forgiveness, except what you've taught us of your mercy. We beg you a lot have mercy on us, we beg you a lot to make us amongst those who succeeded this formula, and succeed throughout the year and succeed at the end of their lives as they leave this world and succeed in the grave and succeed on the day of judgment and succeed as they enter Paradise by Your mercy and grace. Yet Allah, we ask you to make us amongst those accepted on Leila, to order the Night of Decree. And we ask you a lot to forgive all of our sins and to accept all of our prayers

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and to give us the best things that we're asking for in the best form at the best time. And to make us content with the response to our device. All we ask you for all that is good, now and later. The good that we recognize in the good that we don't recognize, we ask for your protection from all evil now and later. The evil that we recognize and the evil that we don't recognize, Oh Allah, we asking for happiness and healing. We're asking for optimism and hope. You know Allah we asked you to protect us and aid us and grant us well being in our mental health and our physical health and our spiritual health. We asked you Allah for consistency after Ramadan, grant us the wisdom and the

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strength to overcome laziness to overcome distractions. To overcome temptations to overcome sinfulness. We ask you Allah to grant us consistency after Ramadan. Oh Allah, there are many brothers and sisters amongst us who have come to you in Ramadan more than any other time of the year, who started to worship during Ramadan, who started to pray who started to faster story to where Hey Joe, we started to follow your commands. Here Allah grant us consistency throughout the year Mirantis consistency and wisdom throughout the year and surround us with reminders of friends and family and people online and offline that will continue to aid us in our journey towards you.

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Your Allah as Ramadan is coming to an end. And the time has passed by very quickly. We asked you to put blessings Barak and the rest of our time in LA Mulana throughout the year throughout our lives. And as the days count down very quickly, we ask you a lot to make us amongst those who increase in their good deeds. And to grant us many more Ramadan's to come. Oh Allah, we ask you to guide our Islamic institutions, our scholars and our teachers and students of knowledge and the activists and the politicians and others all around the world. We ask you a lot to guide them to that which is most pleasing to you to forgive us for shortcomings, and to make us a people who give advice in a

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prophetic manner and to stay united upon what is good you know, Allah, we asked you to protect us from divisions, and people of evil and people of disunity and people who like to see harm and people have doubts within our communities and external to our communities. Yeah, Allah, we ask you a lot to show us the truth is truth. And to guide us to implement it and to see falsehood as falsehood and to stay away from it. We asked you Allah, to forgive our brothers and sisters and to remove from our hearts any grudges, we asked you Allah to protect us and unite us upon that which is pleasing to you. All along.

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We asked you to accept for none except our do our prayers except for you. And our final supplication is that all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds or loss in your peace and your blessings upon your messenger Muhammad and those who follow Him until the end of times, law murmee.

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Does that Mohit and once again to our brothers and our sisters for joining us from around the world about a cloth equal? Equal May Allah grant you the highest levels of gender. And may Allah put Medaka in all that you do. May Allah reward you. May Allah rectify your affairs in your studies.

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In your education, with your children, with your marriages, with your family, with your parents, and for those who are struggling with loss may Allah subhanaw taala mend your heart may Allah to make it easier for you and allow you to continue moving forward and to reunite with your loved ones in the highest levels of Jannah May Allah subhanaw taala accept and deserve more Satan to all of you for your participation during these days of Ramadan with all the Muslim Institute programs with a video series that we have on the topic of the Quran, as well as with your charity, your sadaqa yours may Allah accept from you all your remarkable support is priceless do that more later on, and you will

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see inshallah Tada some of the fruits of this in coming years and inshallah to add and more importantly, with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Of course, the works that a Muslim is doing will continue Inshallah, to Allah. And we will continue trying to provide as many different types of programs as possible. And the more we see from our community, the attendance and the participation, the volunteering the students, and of course, your support through charity, the more we will continue to provide inshallah with many people working behind the scenes and many different things at hamdulillah of hamdulillah for these opportunities, and I just want you to think about this, the

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fact that we're able to have this live demo right now. It's 3:21am eastern standard time where I am the fact that we're able to do this during our lives it's such a blessing the fact that we live in the era of technology and social media and the internet and it's live as well we're not just you know, recording this and so on and so forth. It's a blessing from Allah let's thank Allah subhanaw taala and utilize these blessings in the best manner possible. This is officially the 28th night where we are here in the United States and we have 29 days for Ramadan here and so tomorrow night will be our final live dua inshallah a lot on tomorrow night will be our final session for the

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nightly dua the objective once again is not a group dua The objective is to educate inshallah Allah to motivate to inspire so whatever you can do whatever you can learn from this in terms of making dua take it inshallah Tada teach it to others and try to practice it to your best capacity and we look forward to continue continuously seeing you all for the rest of our online programs does that mean for you do and your support and your Salah as well for trusting and Maghrib with a sort of Algeria like this May Allah accept from all of you and reward you immensely and allow you to see its fruits along that I mean, does that make it and we will see you all tomorrow inshallah Tada for our

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final live do our session in sha Allah does that Mohan wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa early he was happy and Jemaine was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh