Nouman Ali Khan – Improve Yourself

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan ponders on what Allah wants from us and what we should be doing in this life to earn rewards in the HereAfter.

Allah is actually telling us to invest in ourselves not just in terms of the Akhirah which is obvious but even in terms of dunya. There are things we need to improve about ourself and we will see the gains of that later on in life. One should never underestimate the good that people do in a community and the good that one is capable of and Allah has sent down upon us huge mercy in the fact that the good that one is capable of cannot be the good that someone else can be capable of. The opportunities that Allah gave you may not have been given to me and the opportunities Allah may not have been given to you. Every one of us has a different set of opportunities a different set of challenges and we have to make the most out of whatever life Allah has given us.

Allah is watching carefully and Allah has full view especially of what we Muslims do despite the fact that we are embroiled in our obsession with the lives of others while completely neglecting our own shortcomings.