Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 09 – L096E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of calling on the name of Islam by its beautiful names is highlighted, especially when practicing the rule of Islam. The speakers emphasize the need to call upon the names of Islam by its beautiful names to avoid confusion and distorted meaning. The speakers also discuss the concept of "offensive" and how it can distort the meaning of the name of Allah. The speakers emphasize the importance of accepting and abying by the truth, establishing justice, and working towards one's goals. The segment also touches on the loss of penalty and the possibility of a division of people until the day of judgment.
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Our relationship on the regime is my letter to him.

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I am number 181 illa Hill, a smart listener, and to Allah belong the best names further all will be here. So invoke him by them.

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Allah subhanaw taala has names, many names, and all of them are and they're all beautiful. And when he has so many beautiful names, then what should you do? Call him by those names.

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Because when you love someone, when you really love someone,

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then how do you call them by their best description, by their best names, especially when you love them? And when you love someone, you have many names for them, isn't it?

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Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is most beloved, and the one who is most perfect, the one who is most praiseworthy, therefore, he has many names and all of them are beautiful.

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And therefore, we must call upon Allah subhanaw taala by all those beautiful names. The word smart is the plural of ism. And what is Islam a name? That with which a person is identified the title or the name by which a person is identified. That is what Islam is. And her Sunnah, is the feminine have a sun,

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it's the feminine of our Sun from the roof letters have seen noon, and sun is best. So her SNA feminine also means best.

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I have a question over here. Why is it feminine Krishna?

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asthma is broken chloral and a listener is it safer. Therefore it's going to be singular, feminine.

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So when you lay a smell, to Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names and how many are

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99 from a hadith for the rule. So you all call upon him, be here with it, meaning through the names. So when you pray to Him, when you make dua to him, when you ask him for something, how should you ask him by calling on to his different different names? Why

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in order to glorify Him in order to praise him.

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And each of the name of Allah subhanaw taala describes him in a different way in a unique way.

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And when we have a particular need, then we should ask him by that name of his which shows that he can fulfill that need to understand, like for example, algebra love, what does jabber mean to fix things. That also means to have overwhelming power, but at the same time, it also means to fix things. So when you feel that you are all broken up, when things are a big mess around you. Then who do you need to call upon algebra?

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Don't just say yeah, Allah helped me say yeah, Allah, yeah, Jabbar fix my situation for me.

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So call upon him by his names, which show that he is able he is the only one who is able to rectify your situation for you. He is the only one who can respond to you, who can help you who can really answer your prayers. And remember, when a servant glorifies Allah soprano, tada, then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala is pleased and when you pleased a lot by calling onto these names, then there are very high chances of being accepted or to do are being responded to for the role will be here and how can we call upon a loss of panels or by different names? How if we know that, so, for that purpose, memorizing the names is essential.

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And not just memorizing the names, but also understanding the names because only when you understand them only when you know their meaning, then you will be able to call upon the loss of penalty by those names in proper situations. Further will be here

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whether anyone leave who should you leave? And Medina those people who you will have unifi asthma IE, they deviate concerning His name's

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leave the company of those who practice deviation concerning His names. So you rizona McCann we are Malone. They will be recompense for what they have been doing.

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Now what does it mean by this? People who practice deviation concerning the names of Allah soprano.

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The word you'll be doing is from lamb her dead lad ill had

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and Ill heard is literally to divert

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What does it mean?

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divert from the same root is the word Moodle head and what head is used for an atheist? Why?

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Because he has diverted from what? From that which is correct from his Lord from the one who created him.

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So it had literally his digression perversion. And the word left, which is from the same root is used for a particular kind of grave. One grave is just a hole in the ground.

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Another type of grave is that it's a hole, but it goes sideways. There's a niche on the side,

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you understand?

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It's an L shaped grade. So when you bury the dead person, where do you put him in the niche? So this is why it's called love because it's going down and then it goes sideways. It diverts onto a side

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You understand? So this is what it had is.

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So those people who practice deviation concerning the names of Allah subhanaw taala. What does it mean by being in deviation concerning the names of Allah?

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even find him he has explained this in four different ways. First of all, deviation concerning the names of Allah is to deny some or all of the names of Allah

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or distort their meanings. You understand that a person says no, Allah does not have a name such as a black man.

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This is what denying the name of Allah.

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Similarly, it is to distort the meaning of the name. For example, a person says that a loss of panel data is a rock man, and Rama does not mean compassion, but rather it means just to have good intention to benefit someone.

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This is what is incorrect interpretation. This is inappropriate, especially with regards to the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala is not just to have the intention to benefit someone, but raha is to benefit someone. If you just say that Allah has the intention to benefit people to benefit the creation, that is distorting the meaning of the name of Allah serpentine.

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Similarly, it is to claim that the names of Allah they don't have any meaning they're meaningless. For instance, the name of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah is merciful Allah, saying that it has no meaning. It doesn't have any meaning. How is it possible that Allah is the one who is most Supreme, he has a name that is meaningless. He has a name that is meaningless, it's not possible. So this is deviation concerning the names of Allah.

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Second, secondly, in head is also to consider the names of Allah subhanaw taala as human attributes.

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It is basically to give a human being a loss of penetrators names that are exclusive to him. Do you understand? some names of a lot are exclusive to Him alone, and they cannot be given to anyone else. Remember, it's not all of the names, it's some of them.

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So it had is those names which are exclusive for him? What does the person do he gives those names to others. For instance, there is mutual Allah Allah, it is only for Allah, only for Allah.

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Therefore, no one else can be given the name of Allah.

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And if a person does that, that is ill heard.

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Similarly, online man,

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man, remember black man is also only for Allah. Right man cannot be for human beings. It's not appropriate to call a human being man.

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It can be a man but not like man.

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Rahim, however can be for human beings. Why? Because the prophets are a lot insulin has been called Rahim in the Quran.

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So there are some names which are exclusively for Allah. And if a person gives those names to other than Allah, whether it is a human being, or some other creature, this is what it had.

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moussaka Who was he? False Prophet, he used to call himself a man of Yama, that I am Rama and I am rock man of humanity area that he was from. So this is what it had concerning the names of Allah

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30 Thirdly, it has concerned the names of Allah is to derive names for Allah that do not fit his majesty. that a person gives such names to Allah, that are not his. There is no evidence for those names in the Quran and Sunnah. A person has just invented those names by himself for a loss of data. And on top of that, they don't even refer to him.

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For instance, calling a loss of panel data of the

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of the

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If you look at the list of 99 names, which people generally memorize, there is that name of God, but it has no evidence from the Quran and Sunnah. And what does that mean? The one who gives harm. The one who gives thought of this is inappropriate, there is no evidence for it. And on top of that, it doesn't even fit his majesty that he is being called above. It's not appropriate.

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So, giving such names to Allah, which have no evidence and are also not befitting His Majesty. Similarly, a las panatela cannot be called father, he cannot be called father, or, because he is a Shafi, the one who cures It doesn't mean we call him a doctor. Now, this is not appropriate.

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Just because he is a new light, it doesn't mean you call him white, it's not appropriate.

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So, giving a lot such names which are not his, and on top of that, they don't even fit his majesty, this is all inappropriate. This is all it had concerning the names of Allah.

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Fourthly, it had concerning the names of allies also to name idols, or other beings with the names of Allah. basically give the names of Allah to who, to idols,

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or to alter the names of Allah or to derive

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other names from the names of Allah gave those names to who, to idols, for example, a las pantallas name is Allah is modular, the machine What have they done, they had feminine eyes, the word is modular, Allah, Allah, and change the to a left and the name do their idols, one of their idols was Ooh, and let similarly, Allah subhanaw taala His name is, and then the machine, they had also made a feminine version of that. Monette

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and they gave it to, and I love this,

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it was name is lrcs they gave the feminine of that erza to who their idol. Do you understand, changing the names of Allah or deriving other names from the names of Allah and giving them to other than Allah that is also it had concerning the names of Allah.

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So what does Allah say? Leave those people who practice deviation concerning the names of Allah,

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primarily over here in the context, who is it referring to them which Sikkim because they had committed it had concerning the names of Allah, so leave their company, don't be with them. Don't do what they're doing. And over here in particular, leave their deed, don't be an accomplice with them, don't cooperate with them in what they're doing concerning the deviation of the names of Allah.

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Why? Because the EU does own a Meccano yarramalong. They will be recompensed for what they're doing, meaning they will be punished for it. So when it comes to the names of Allah soprano data, what are we supposed to do? We were supposed to know them. We were supposed to memorize them.

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And we're supposed to understand them. And we're also supposed to call upon a las panatela by those names.

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Not that we invent their meanings, or we alter their meanings, or we name other than Allah with those names. That's not appropriate for us. It's not our right to do that.

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Just imagine your name, somebody changes it, somebody alters it, and gives it to another How would you feel? How would you feel? Or just imagine if you have a particular you know, people have their special names online. If somebody else imitates your name, and you know that it's only yours, you have been known by that name for a very long time and somebody else takes it, how do you feel?

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insulted, it's not fair. Why because your name is your name. And although you're only a human being, and so many people can have the same name as yours. But Allah subhanaw taala, he has some names which are exclusive to him. And it's not our right, to misinterpret them to give those names to other than Allah, or to alter them in any way. It's not our right we don't have the authority to do that.

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Now, what's the connection of this ayah with the previous if

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you seen the previous ayah, who was mentioned,

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those people who are often those people who are negligent, who are heedless of Allah subhanaw taala. Those people who have been given ears, eyes hearts, but they don't use them. They don't use them. And as a result of that, they become like animals or even worse, and we will touch people end up in the hellfire.

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So what does a law command does over here that

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Know your Lord, get out of the state of flow. And how will you get out of the state of flow by knowing your Lord How? By learning about his names, and is learning enough no call upon Allah by those names, because when a person remembers Allah makes the art to a lot and such a person is not often, such a person is not heedless. Such a person is not unaware. Such a person is conscious, the one who was calling upon Allah by his names. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, in LA, discern what is your investment may attend in our hidden man saw her the hollington Verily, Allah has 99 names, how many names 99 100. Last one, whoever counts and preserves them, whoever enumerates them, he will

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Now this harness does not mean that Allah only has 99 names, but rather what it means is that Allah has many names and 99 are mentioned over here in particular 99 are mentioned here in particular, so that a person uses them to call upon a loss of predator.

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And what has been said that whoever saw her, then such a person will enter.

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What does that mean? But I saw her just that a person makes a list of them, know that a person knows them. He understands them. And he uses those names to worship almost. he worships Allah penetrated through those names. How? By calling upon Allah by those names, by calling upon Allah by those names. And there's a hadith in which our dilemma must arise. He said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that any person who is overcome by sadness, or grief, and then he supplicates Allahumma inni indica, even Emma Tikka nasally antibiotic Melbourne fear hockomock ardalan fear kabarak as Luca because policemen who Allah so make the BNF sec oh and delta houfy kita avec our lambda who I

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had them in Hong Kong. I wish that softer behavior in labor in that and Tatiana an early model beer akanbi when neurosurgery vajilla Hosni where they have a HMI so if a person reads this, then what's going to happen a lot will remove his grief and sadness and exchange them for delight. But what does it mean? It means Oh Allah, I am your servant, the son of your servant. My forelock is in your hand, and your decision concerning me shall certainly come to pass just is your judgment about me, I invoke you by every name that you have,

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every name that you have, whether I know it, or I don't know it,

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and that you called yourself by that every name that you have given yourself, or every name that you have sent down in your book that has been revealed in the Quran, or every name that you have taught to any of your creatures, or kept with you in the knowledge of the unseen that is with you.

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So we don't know about all of the names of a loss of primary data and this Hardys this there are chose that there are many more Names of Allah compared to what we know. And to do our continues that make the glorious call on the spring of my heart.

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Just like in spring, there's life everywhere, similarly made the score and the spring of my heart, that there's delight there's life, there's happiness in my heart, because of the

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the light of my chest, the remover of my grief and the dissipater of my concern.

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So when a person makes it rather than what happens, Allah will remove his grief and sadness and exchange them for the light.

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So, what do we learn over here that further will be a call upon a lot by those names. Call upon him. Because when you do so, there are many benefits, many benefits.

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But how do people call upon Allah subhanaw taala by his names,

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they will select only a particular name and they will read it 1000 times 50,000 times and unfortunately, it is soprano learning the most practicing or you can say learn it people in the deen as well who are engaged in such practices. And it's amazing that yes, it is the name of a loss of penalty, but we haven't been told that we must say on hurricane one hurricane one hurricane 50,000 times No. If you need something from a hurricane that asked him for that,

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over here, we've been told further rule would be here, make the rod through those names by using those names. Not that we just read those names over and over again. That's not what is being said over here.

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Woman man Hakuna and among those whom we have

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created, meaning among our most Luke, among the creation among the people. There is an oma, there is a community, there is a group of people. What do they do? Yeah, don't have been happy, they guide by the truth will be here the loan and buy it, they established justice.

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Previously we read that there are some people who are going to end up in hellfire. Why? Because they don't use their eyes, ears hearts that Allah has given them. And as a result, that's what they deserve entering to elfa.

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But on the other hand, there is another group of people, there is another group of creatures. And what do they do? Yeah, do they guide by the truth? What truth? Is this, the truth that Allah has given? Whether it is in the form of Quran, or it was before the prophets or the Lord is in the form of the Torah and the NGO, whatever truth that Allah has revealed, what do they do? They guide by it, how do they guide by it? That first of all, they guide themselves through it. Because you can only guide someone, do something, when you yourself, have accepted it. So you don't have been happy how by accepting the truth, and abiding by it themselves, and then also guiding others by it.

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So there are two steps to your donor will happen. First of all, accepting the truth and abiding by it themselves. And secondly, then taking it on to other people.

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What we hear they do, and by it, meaning by the truth that has been said, they establish justice, who are these people, which group is this?

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Many scholars, they have said that oma over here refers to Ahmed Mohammed Salam is

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that after the prophets are a lot of Salaam came after he came, then until the day of judgment, there will always remain a group of people who will be upon the truth, they will abide by the truth themselves, and they will guide people to the truth as well.

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And they will also establish justice by the truth of the Quran. And this is supported by many of these factors example the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that there will always be a group of myeloma, there will always remain a group of myeloma who are apparent on the truth unabated by those who fail or oppose them by those who fail or oppose and people will be opposing them, but they will not leave the truth until the last hour commences.

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And in other narration, it has been said, until a loss command comes to life. Well, Homer, Allah vatika that until the last hour comes until ls command guns while they are still like this meaning while they're still up on the truth, so until the day of judgment, they will always remain a group of people, even if they are a very small minority, even if they are a very few in number, but through our time until the day of judgment, some people will remain on truth. There is going to be truth out there with somebody or the other until the day of judgment.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that my oma will be divided into 73 sects. 73 different groups just imagine until the day of judgment, these many groups and all of them will be in Hellfire except for one. Each one of them is deviated. Each one of them is deviated except for one and Which one is that? Those who are on what the prophets are allowed is him and his companions were on and what is that? The Quran and Sunnah and what is that? And how

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and how the truth.

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Similarly, another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that you will follow the ways of those nations who were before you span by span and cuboid by cubic inch by inch. So much so that if they entered a wall of a reptile, you would follow them. So, this is how some people are the Muslim woman will be deviated. This is the length through which they will be in misguidance. However, at the same time, there will always be some people who will remain on the truth. And what are the signs of people being on the truth? Allah subhanaw taala tells us over here, that first of all, you're doing a good help. They guide by the truth

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that they themselves accept and live by the truth that Allah subhanaw taala has given and what is it the Quran and Sunnah

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and what are they calling people towards as well?

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Quran and Sunnah.

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If someone has a slogan, other than the Quran and Sunnah, then they're not going to the Quran and Sunnah.

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If they're promoting a person, if they're promoting a particular Imam or a particular book or a particular personality or particular mission, and it contradicts the Quran and Sunnah it's not quite it's another not calling people directly to Quran and Sunnah. And what does it show, therefore causes something else? What do we learn over here? Yeah, don't I will help. Their focus, their goal, their mission, their vision is what the Quran

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and when their vision and mission becomes foreign, then they are durable, happy, whatever he or they don't, and they also establish justice how, by the meaning, they abide by the law. They decide between people, according to the law, they act according to it.

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One Medina, camdeboo, bi, Tina, and those people who deny our ayat, then what's going to happen to them? Send us the rejuven we will progressively lead them where to destruction mean Hazel layer and a wound from where they do not even know who those people who deny our idea what's going to happen to them center study regional

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centers, third region is from the roof better. Is there a gene that Roger what is the Roger mean? rank level, but what kind of level is it

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rank that goes upwards a sense and the opposite of that is the which goes downwards.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:57

And instead Raj, instead, Raj is to proceed gradually. It is to gradually take someone to word something step by step, step by step. You understand?

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Like for example, if somebody is being taken up from the first floor to the second floor? How will you take them? Just pick them up and lift them up? No, are going to take them through the steps. For example, imagine a child you're taking him up the stairs, what are you going to do, you're going to hold the hand, one step after the other than the next and the next and the next until eventually the challenge reached the top of the stairs. Right? So instead, Raj is to gradually, slowly step by step, take someone to words a destination, it is to promote by degrees to promote by degrees by levels one level after the other. This is the literal meaning of the word is to the right.

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So over here, law says that those people who deny our ad send us that original meaning we will gradually lead them to destruction mean hastily or they move from where they cannot even expect from where they cannot even imagine. And how is this done? How does a lot progressively and gradually take someone to destruction? How

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that when a person does something wrong. For example, over here, the cleave of the Earth is mentioned. When a person denies the Quran when a person goes against the Quran says, I don't believe in it, I don't care about it. I'm not gonna follow it, say whatever you want to. The person does something like that. Is He punished immediately? No. Does it happen that he says I don't like to hold on. I don't want to listen, I don't want to study and all of a sudden you see that he's become deaf or blind. Doesn't happen. What happens slowly and gradually, one step after the other. A person is taken to his own destruction. How that we see for instance, a person who used to pray before and

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then what happens. He says, I don't want to pray. So he delays the Salah. He realizes

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he doesn't have any kosher in a Salah. He rushes through the Salah. He leaves a sauna. He's only praying the fourth

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and then he's barely making it on time. Barely. And then one day Finally, he skips one Salah.

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It feels bad present, okay, never mind. The next day, he skips to every week. He's keeping more and more silhouette until eventually his operator. Mr. Similarly, there is a person who's reading Quran reading every day, one day like I don't feel like it can't be bothered. He doesn't read the next day and he's not going to read

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a week goes by he hasn't read a month goes by he hasn't read gradually. You know, we learn about fun Salah Herman, how that how the snake, he sheds the skin. How does he shed it? It's a gradual and slow process. It's a gradual and slow process. And remember that when the snake is about to shut the skin for some time the skin become cloudy in between

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comes down, even the skin on the eyes and the snake does not have any appetite. He doesn't have any desire anymore. Similarly, a person what happens to him, he doesn't have any inclination to good deeds, to learning more knowledge and slowly and gradually, what happens? He leaves everything and he's completely left the religion behind. He's completely left everything behind. It's a gradual process. It doesn't happen overnight.

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Similarly, the punishment does not descend upon a person overnight. It's gradual that a person is living in his blessings. Anything's Everything is fine. And then all of a sudden, something strikes him and he's finished. He's gone. So Nesta, the German hated Ireland move, the way they're caught. They don't even realize they don't even know

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