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A khutbah by Abdelrahman Murphy titled: Life is Tough: Lessons from the Life of Musa


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Have you

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been alongside Mohammed

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for God?

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Allah, Allah in the Quran, he gives us a definitive statement, he gives us something that we know for sure will happen, regardless of time or place, regardless of who you are, regardless of where you're from, how much money you have, what you do for a living Allah subhanaw taala that says, I was allowing you to check on the regime law, the follow up on an incentive fee, Kevin, he says, barely, without a doubt, for sure. We created mankind inside of work. Now, this verse itself has some interesting points of rhetoric to discuss. But just to give a basic translation, Allah subhanaw taala initially just saying, to all mankind, lightnings going to be tough things are going to

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happen, right? That you might have to deal with, that you might not like that you might have to struggle through. And actually Kevin doesn't just mean different, or it doesn't just mean work doesn't just mean you know, obstacles, it means difficult work, tough work, things that you don't want to do. So unless one without a state to creation, all mankind barely we created you inside of this, right? Now, interestingly enough, when I was when I thought I was telling us he's telling human beings, we created you inside of work. The word inside here when you translate to the English language, it feels kind of weird, right? So if I said, for example, that someone is very, very kind,

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right? I'm not saying man, you are inside of kindness, right? So my call me you know that I don't know how to speak English very well, right? It might make fun of me for that. But if we look at what it means to be inside of something, why did Allah subhanaw taala choose the word fi because remember, in the Koran, there's no such thing as coincidence. There's no such thing as chants are happening Oh, Allah, you know, just happens. No, every single letter in the Quran was divine was waiting. So Allah subhanaw taala. When he when he when he said these words, then it was chosen specifically with wisdom. When you ask her when you think or reflect upon, what does it mean to be

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inside of something, as opposed to outside or with or on top of? The answer is that you are always going to be surrounded by that. Right? So if I said right now I am inside the slot machine in Teaneck, New Jersey, right? I said that inside the machine, and I said, what quality does this machine have over me if I'm inside of it? Well, it means that no matter where I look, I'm gonna see the machine. I'm gonna see over here, over here, over here, we're always gonna see it. So I was born.

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In Santa Fe, Kevin, he says, rarely, we created you inside of work in a way where no matter where you look, you're always gonna have things to do. And this is how life is right. This is, you know, if you're, if you're an undergrad student or a grad student, you take one exam, you feel great. I'm the law. I'm going to go party, I'm going to go sleep for like 12 hours straight. Right? I'm very excited that what happens? professor says right after you turn the exam, by the way, class, we have another exam next Monday, right? Always, always seems coming up. You know, for the older people who are much older, taking care of their families, you pay one bill, what happens? another bill comes in

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what happens your son comes with a speeding ticket, right? That you pay this right? Things are always popping up, always happening, work always comes in the Wait, there's always going to be obstacles. And you know what, when this is the case, when this is a scenario, it's very easy to lose hope in a loss.

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And it's something that we should never do. It's very easy to become upset, anxious, even depressed. It's very easy to fall down that slippery slope of sadness. But we should never ever do this. And there is a shining example for us. In McLaren. As Allah, Allah says to us in the Quran, he gave us the best of stories. He gave us the best of stories, why imaginators from Allah, very famous scholar from our history in our tradition, he said that the stories did not put on our agenda into the lab. They are soldier, it is a soldier from the soldiers of Allah. If you look at what a soldier is supposed to do, what the purpose of a soldier is to reinforce, is to motivate to get competence,

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right? When an army has more soldiers coming, or when they're soldiers protecting a group of people, they feel safe, they feel fortified. So when imaginator himolla is saying that story's not going on are not as fairytales. They're not just cartoon shows. They're not just things to read and feel good about and go to sleep and know. He's seeing that these things are supposed to motivate. They're supposed to fortify us. When we feel like we're weak when we feel like we're vulnerable. Just like when a community or a country feels like it's vulnerable or they do they get their soldiers ready. Right? So unless Masada sent the soldiers to us in the stories that go on, so that when we read them

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we feel reinforced. When we're down when we feel upset or things are tough, right. Life is

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going the way that we want it to work out the way that we expected it to, and we don't know where to turn, we turn to the Koran. And we get that motivation. We get the motivation from the Koran, as Paul said, or from Allah, He said that the only way that you will be able to read the Quran correctly, is that when you read it, you feel like Allah subhanaw taala talking directly to you. One on one, right? You don't put anyone in between you. And this is the this is the visionary the automatic ball was coming online. So today we're going to talk about a very, very popular and interesting story in the pond. And we're going to talk about it in regards to this verse that we are

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all going through Kevin, we're all inside of work, no matter where we are, alongside of work from the lab here visiting this community. But even to get here what happened this morning, my flight got canceled, my flight got delayed, then what I had to go back and forth between the airport twice, always things come up. Even when you're on vacation, things might come up. So we're going to learn how to deal with these things from the example of none other than our beloved prophet Mousavi.

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Mousavi said I was a very interesting person. Right. And I know that we can say this about everyone, but really he was you really was. And he had a very interesting path in his journey towards the Buddha. Prophethood. Right, very interesting. A path that if we read it, it's very easy for us to reflect and feel like wow, Subhanallah he was someone that I can relate to. And moose is that in particular, all the prophets as of last month,

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tells us, Allah subhanaw taala, he tests the prophets the most. If you ever feel like you're being tested, go read the stories of proper use of

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any of the Prophet read the test that they went through, because the Prophet has also said he tested the prophets the most love tested the prophets the most. So we look at the story of Musa we see these tests coming out. And interestingly enough, guess what the tests began even before he was born. They began for him even before he was born, he might have How's that possible? Let me explain. The leader at the time of Musab was right, he was the tyrant, the oppressive tyrant of Egypt, one of many, right? So he was the leader of Egypt. And at the time, he had a rule because he was afraid, right? When you're an oppressive tyrant, you're always afraid you're afraid that people are gonna

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revolt and come and take take over, right? Because much, much like what is happening now. So he's afraid so he feels like he's powerful. And he's conquering people. But deep down inside, he has fear in his heart because he knows what he's doing is wrong. So what does he do? He proposes to his ministry, he says, We cannot let any boys be born and let them live. Because if they grow up and become young men in this society, frustrated seeing what's happening, right? Especially because the people who were this was a slave class from the from the Jews of the time, he said, they will come and they will revolt and take over. So what we're going to do is every baby boy that is born, we're

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going to kill them. Right? And as ministers, right, this is a great idea. Yes, let's do it. Okay, so they did it. Right, they did it. Now what happens after a few years now let's look at the society right here, you see that he is the leader of Egypt, he is ruling a class of people called the Coptic Egyptian, but people that he is actually there on his side that he has this the labor class, right, then you saw al at that point, they were the they were the the Jews of the time, they were the labor class. So what happened was, he's really over this labor class, he's suppressing that he's oppressing them, and he ends up killing all their boys. Now what happens when you kill a lot of your

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labor class? Who's gonna do your labor, right? If you kill all the boys who's gonna do all the labor? So the minister has come to him after a few years, and they say, have around our ruler, you know, you propose this idea to protect our power, our sovereignty. But we're realizing now that we're losing a lot of people as the as the slaves grow older and weak, what ends up happening to the young, there's no younger boys to take their place, because we're killing all of them. So pronounces Well, this is really a problem. So what we're going to have to do that he says, is go every other year, right every other year. So one year all the boys that are born, like good. The next year,

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they're going next year, to kill them again, because we want to make sure we control the population, want to make sure we control the population. So

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how does this relate to papa moose on his struggles? Well, problem was, he and his brother, were both born in yours, right? Obviously, they were born in a time when his brother was born in the year where they weren't killing the boys. But moose Eisner was born in the year that they were.

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So Moses struggles, his difficulties began even before he was born. Because he was he was conceived and he was born in a year where he was supposed to be killed, as we learn later, and so a thought Hall was telling me he says, We gave inspiration to your mother, that when you were born because she wants to protect you, when you were born, instead of having you in the house because the soldiers used to come around and look and see Are there any boys here new boys, right, and they want to see people are hiding their kids. So all of us are that I gave her inspiration and he inspired her adult

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Go and put this this chest, this case, in the river behind your house in the industry behind your house and put your baby boy Moosa in that chest. That way when they come to your house and they look for your baby boy to see if they should take care of him right? In a very evil way. They won't find him. But you'll still know where he is. Tie that trust to your house, make sure it doesn't float away, and you're good. So this happened for a period of time, Moosa was born he was putting the chats, imagine what a difficult life It must have been, by the way, for a baby boy, you're stuck inside of a box in a floating in a river, your mother came to be with you all the time. For those of

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you who are fathers, could you imagine your wife or yourself being separated from your infant child for that long? How difficult was that had been called? traumatizing, right. So we see just Kevin, this difficulty just falling.

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Right, even before he can even fully comprehend it before you can cognitively understand what's going on.

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So this happens when they the rope that the chest is tied to is loose, it's not as tight to the house as it as it was before. And I type it in the computer from a lot dimensionally. He says

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that it floats downstream.

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It flows downstream. Now where is the end of the stream? The towels have been around. So here you have this baby boy, who was born in the year that he was supposed to be slaughtered. And now he's floating downstream towards the Palace of the man who wants to kill him. It seems like it's doomed, right? There's no chance for him to survive. It's over. He goes and if you can see up from Allah, He says that a worker, a worker girl from the palace, she goes down to the river and she sees this box and she picks it. But she's too afraid to open it herself. So she takes it up to the palace to come out with it on and his wife. And he says, Look what I found. They open it and they see a baby boy,

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but he gets very upset. This boils that he's young enough, he should have been slaughtered, we should have killed him. But his wife, her heart, her heart softens. And she feels No, let's keep him. Keep him for those of us who are married. You know, when your wife says let's keep let's do it, right? We want this then sometimes it's difficult for you say no. Right? So his wife says, Let's keep him perhaps you'll be good for us. Right? He'll be good for us. And so for Greece. Now, problem was Alice and I also had an older sister, when you have a young baby at the time, what's the number one need the number one necessity after love is feeding, right? And a baby will only take from its

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mother, right? only take from a person who was feeding with at the time. And so a problem was a sister goes and she knows that she sees this happening. She sees the whole situation. She hears rumors around the city, they found this baby boy in the chest. She knows my brother was the only baby going to touch this whole city. And so she says she goes to the city. She says, you have a baby boy, she goes to the college says you have a baby boy said yes. She said how are you going to feed him? And the wife says we don't know we're still trying to find a nurse who can take care. And she says I think I may know someone who can take care of him.

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And he said who and she says Follow me. So they take back to the house. That's where the mother will sit

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and do it and the mother Moosa sees this truck coming in with her son, and she doesn't want to she doesn't want to get too excited because she doesn't want to act and say with my son, right? But they say can you feed this, we see that you're a nursing because you have a son previously? Is it possible for you to see this boy? And she says, let's see. And moose obviously is his mother. So he takes to the feeding and the problem seems to be solved. Right? They're reunited. This is a lesson for us. By the way. This is a lesson for us and trust in Allah. Imagine, imagine the franticness the franticness of a mother when her baby disappears. Have you guys ever been in like a mall or shopping

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center when a young child goes wandering, right? And all sudden they're making announcements every three seconds, there was a young boy missing, please, if you see a young boy wearing a red shirt, please. Everyone's going everyone feels bad, right? Even people who don't have kids, they like man, that's a really terrible situation. So imagine the feeling of this lady. But what happened last time it took her son away for a short time. And then he reunited her with her son in a way that is safe for them both to exist and be with each other. Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala will take something away from us. Sometimes we want something really bad. And we think that it's good for us. We know

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it's good for us. What we got was good for us, please. And then it's not given to us at the time.

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Right and let's mantises micron, you might like something you might think that something is good for you might love something, but it's bad for you. And you might not like something but it's good for you. So trust no one trust in the past that gives trust in the in the process in the method which your life is rolling out. Right make drop asking for things, but in the end called Oh, okay, whatever Allah, Allah wills is the best for you believe it. It is. So Moses reunited with his mother, and they're able to, they're able to grow right? So Moosa grows up into a young young man, and we fast forward now later on in life. You see already though the difficulty that you've had to

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go through, it goes up into a young man

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And he's walking into town, right? He's walking into town, and he sees a person from his class, but the class of Indians are the labor class or the class that he was born into. He sees him fighting with a Coptic Egyptian, right. So he's he's two different groups of people, two different social groups, right? The people that phone support, and the people that find out is a tyrant over, he sees them fighting. So he goes in the person, right? If you see someone from your tribe, or your city or your country, and they're in a in a situation, they're in the argument, and they notice that you're from their tribe, they're gonna call you and say, Come help me out. Right? So the same thing happens

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if I lose eyes. Mm, this person knows that he was fed by a mother of the baby Satya. So it says, mostly come help me, come help me. This person, this person is fighting with me. So Mousavi said it goes up. And he goes, and he actually pushes the guy away the Coptic Egyptian, and he ends up punching him because the guy tries to attack him. And with one punch, he kills him.

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You might say, Wow, you might say that is incredible. How can someone kill someone one punch right? Is Manny Pacquiao. Like how's it How did this happen? Right? You might not understand. We'll find out later how strong problem was it was? So he killed us out with one punch, right? No one's expecting it. Everyone's kind of like, Oh my gosh, what just happened? The guy's dead. So moves over treats, right? He goes back. And it's like a murder case. Right? The next day, the same person from any oil is fighting with another person. Right? And he calls him remotely has come help me. And Moses says no, no, you are always getting into fights with people. Well, yesterday, I know I ended

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up killing someone on accident. I can't come to defend you. You need to stop getting the fights of people in the garden says you are belligerent you are out of control. Right? And he goes and he walks towards them to try to separate them. And one person yells out very loudly in the middle of the town right? Imagine like in the middle of Times Square in New York right now, but just bear with me in the middle of Times Square tons of people. And he says Aren't you the guy who killed that guy yesterday?

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What would happen in Time Square all the police are what you killed.

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This one the video game wasn't right.

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So now Moosa his story. his mistake is his accident is exposed. So the guards here. Now that says in number on he says A man came from all the way from the opposite end of the town. And he said, almost up. I've heard that there's a group of soldiers, a group of police, and they're conspiring to come get you. They've heard how they've heard the rumors that you killed someone of their people, and they're coming to get you to leave. You need to go. Right. Let's pause for a moment. Right? The trauma, the difficulty of killing someone. The weight is on your shoulders. You know, sometimes you step on a bug on the floor and you feel bad. Oh, man, I killed that bug. Right? Right. If anyone

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accidentally hits an animal in the road, you feel terrible. I remember one time I was driving home from support at the masjid during Ramadan in Chicago, and I accidentally hit a duck. It just completely snuck up on me. Maybe I was falling asleep. But anyway, so I accidentally hit it. You know, I remember exactly, and I felt terrible. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep after bedroom. Right? I couldn't sleep. I was so traumatized that I had killed something.

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And that thing was an animal and even though animals are important, and we should honor them and not kill them, right, not kill them unjustly.

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Imagine now the level of killing human beings. Like how much trauma how much weight we fall in your heart? And yes, they were MBA. Yes, they were prophets. Yes, they were perfect. They were they were connected to Allah, Allah Allah through a divine link, but at the same time, they were human, putting them in the midst of a water just like you said, so they were human. So Moosa has this difficulty of growing up being a being a person who he had that he was he was hidden from the people because he was supposed to be killed that he has a difficulty of murdering accidentally of accidentally killing this man. It wasn't on purpose. It wasn't intentional, but he does it that now

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he has a difficulty of what he's on the run from the law.

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He's a fugitive you know how scared you feel when you're going five miles per hour over the speed limit? And you drive awesome you see a competence you right? You see a cop in that street and oh my God didn't see me. And your eyes are flicking back and forth in the mirror like his lights on his lights on. You see build on put your seatbelt on quick, right? You get really scared that just because you were going five over on the road. Imagine that you had murdered accidentally killed someone and now you're a fugitive. How much stress would fall on you. When you think when you think you see a competent video ticket, your heart starts beating out of your chest you feel like it's in

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your throat. Imagine being being chased by people who are trying to get you for excellent killing someone. So you see, as I said, this difficulties is falling apart the Mussa over and over and over again. What is it going to end us

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So he's running, he's running. He's a fugitive he's leaving.

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And as you need when you're in the desert, when you're in a hot climate in the desert, he goes to and he sees the this land, right? The land of medion. And he sees a well, and he sees a few people there and out of the people, there are two women, right? to women, they're sisters. And they're trying to get something out of the well. Now the well, it back in those days, it wasn't like a faucet. Right? It wasn't easy. It wasn't just like, Okay, I'm just gonna grab a little with some water. No, there's a huge lid over the well, a huge lid, right? Very, very big lid is made out of rock. And the people had to team up together. And Omar for thought on photogra Gohan. He said that

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this, this well, the top of the well normally takes eight men to take it off

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by himself.

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Now you see how one punch could kill someone, right? He's very strong. So he removes this talk for the people because these two women are there. And he says, may I assist you in helping you get some water out of this? Well, and they say that would be so kind of you. So he gets their water for them. The two sisters, they go back to their their home, their father actually his profits, right. And so their father says you're back early, right? Normally, it takes you a lot longer to get water. They said yeah, you know, something interesting happened today. There was a really nice man there. And he helped us get water. That's why we're back quickly. He was really, he says, Can you bring him here?

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I'd like to thank him. They say okay, so they go back, and they meet them and they say, you know, oh, man, our father would like to thank you for the good deeds that you have done. And he says, okay, so they follow her. They he he says, you know, leave me from behind and throw rocks and give me directions which way to go because he's very modest, right? But Moosa, right. And so he says, leave me from behind, show me which way to go. So he's going back and he needs to their father problem was all right. I know it's a long story, but stick with me, it all wraps at the end inshallah.

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So he needs to follow the Prophet showing promise, which says, You are so kind, I'd like to thank you. And he goes, No, it's honestly no problem. You're very welcome. And probably sure it was no, I want to thank you. I want to offer you a job. I want you to work for me. And whichever daughter you like, you see, please marry them right? away and the job in this economy right.

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so he's offered a job and a wife,

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Mashallah, he's rolling, right? And he says, you can work for me for this many years or more if you'd like. And if not, that's what do Han said that Prophet Musa was a person of an accent. He was he was a magician, obviously, right? He's a prophet. So he did his best accent needs to try your best 110%. So probably the most, he didn't take the shortcut. He didn't take the short way out. He did the more years for the puppet show. So he worked for him for a while he got married at a family, it was over 10 years, I believe it

00:22:46--> 00:23:27

was 12 years of work. So you know, he probably had some, some kids by family. And he wants to go as naturally when you get married and have kids, your natural instinct, I want to go visit my family, I want to go see my mom and dad, I only go show them. You know, my wife, my kids, I want them to see. So he has back and he's going through the desert, and it gets to be nightfall. And it's cold. And they're a little bit lost in the desert, he and his family. And he looks and as the story tells us, and he looks and he sees fire on top of this mountain. And fire back in those days is like if you see like an oasis, if you see the two golden arches, right? Right. You see like a fire up at the top

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of the mountain, you know, people are there. And you know, they probably have food, they probably have supplies, they probably have some guidance as far as where to go. And so following the proper moves actually says, oh, as you do other naughty Buddha, he says, or maybe from that fire will come to me some guidance, right? I can get some guidance from that. And what he means is he's saying I'm going to go find directions to go to the right place. But what is he going to receive up in that fire is the message of prophecy. So he's going to ask for guidance. He actually uses the word without guidance. But he means directions. He needs physical geographical guidance. But what he

00:24:03--> 00:24:22

doesn't know is he's actually going to receive divine guidance from Allah subhanaw taala on becoming a messenger and delivering the people. This is the beauty of the Quran. When you read it like this, you see, wow, he didn't even know he was gonna get it, but he's still use that word. So he goes up to the fire. And I lost my father says what? Take off your shoes, right?

00:24:23--> 00:24:59

And he goes, and I was having a conversation with him. And this is the point of this whole story. There's one point that I want to give today. Just one point. This is that point. Allah subhanaw taala. He begins to speak to most eyes. And he tells Moosa I know about the difficulties you went through. And he begins to narrate documents that you went through this, you did this, you will be inspired your mother to do this for you to protect you. Right when you were born. We inspired her to hold you in the chest. And when you you accidentally killed the man, right? you accidentally killed the man and you were on the run. And you had to do all this work and life was difficult.

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What'd he say, wants to know?

00:25:03--> 00:25:05

He says, I have been preparing you for myself.

00:25:07--> 00:25:18

All of these trials, all of the tests, all of the difficulties, were for one thing and one thing only to prepare you for greatness. And look at how great nonprofits is.

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Every day three Abrahamic tradition looks to him as one of their own. Right? The Jews like to claim in the Christian that we all like to talk about Moses, Moses split to see the stories of Moses, for God's sake, even they even make you know, a movie about

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the 10 commandments. That doesn't mean that that's not part of his greatness, obviously. But look at how people love him. And look at what a great person he was. What is the lesson from this verse that we're getting from Muslims? Is that the more difficulty that Allah Subhana Allah is putting into it now, the more tests you're getting, the greater you're going to become. So embrace those tests. Yes, you might have some difficulty. Yes, things are easy. Yes, things are difficult. There are obstacles in life, you want to get from point A to point B, and in between, there's 1234 difficulties. But realize that those four difficulties, those five difficulties, however many they are, they are

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preparing you to be an amazing person. And the more difficult things get in your life, the greater you're going to become. So try not to complain. Try not to feel like Well, that's my father doesn't love you try not to feel like he's imagining you. He's not. He's preparing you. Just like when you go to the weight room, right? If you only lift, like the bar, if you only run for three minutes, you're not going to lose a lot of weight, you're not going to get a lot of muscles, how are you going to get strong? How are you going to get big? How are you in shape? If you do a lot of work, right, as they say, Now do work a lot smarter than telling you do work now, because you're going to

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become great. Each and every one of you has the potential to become great. It's just the way that you see your problems if you see them as a training ground and will allow you to become greater than you've ever thought. Right? Could you call

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in a whole

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lot more