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Why Andrew Tate Accepted Islam?

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Adnan Rashid

Channel: Adnan Rashid

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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thought well to me, you know, God to me is strong. God to me is something to be feared. God to me something someone that people are afraid to mock. God to me is someone that you have to go out of your way to prove something to God to me has red lines, like God to me represents the Islamic faith, the Christian God to me, I don't see God. I don't see anything there. So, to me it was it was the only logical choice in the end. I mean, this is the reason why Andrew Tate accepted Islam, one of the biggest reasons, at least, God to him is strong, someone someone to be feared someone to be respect to someone to follow someone with guidance and restrictions. This is God. This is why we

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respect God. This is why we worship Him. So this is a reason why he accepted Islam. Remember that? So the concept of God in Islam is the most logical, most intellectually satisfying, and the most correct. Okay, follow that slavery.