Why is the iqamah recited quicker than the Athan

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 describes how Islamist groups have finally achieved relief after Islamist groups were pressured to use the word Qaeda to slap rewards for showing political ads. This has led to the release of theiled return of Jesus Christ.
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righteous my brothers and sisters in Islam the righteous. They would wait anxiously impatiently for the word karma to Salatu called karma to Salah they would wait Alhamdulillah finally relief has come to them, the standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala has finally come. This is why if karma was recited quicker than an event, because by the time the karma is happening the people are standing here let us finish the karma we cannot wait to begin our so that and begin our conversation with Allah subhanahu wa tada and I was standing before law so as you can tell if karma was recited very quick, and they found excitement with the words of karma to Salah like relief has been given to

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