Adnan Rajeh – The significance and etiquettes of Jumaah 7

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Herodized word "naive" in their faith and upcoming events. They also discuss the physical narratives of the Hadee's time in Africa, including setting a time frame for events and the collection of images difficult to read. The importance of praying during prayer, especially during the time of GEMA, is discussed, along with the importance of forgiveness and higher ranks in profit. The speaker also talks about the physical narratives of the Hadee's time in Africa, including setting a time frame for events and the collection of images difficult to read. The importance of praying for others, particularly those with high rankings or facing problems, is emphasized.
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why many of Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know Habib You know Mohammed early he was so happy as you may know that we share hi and if you Mata vaca Adi Haman, Hadith OB OB Allahu Anhu. And then the videos on Allahu alayhi wa early he was a llama, Dhaka Romelu Marathi for 530 Tonight in the collection of both Bukhari and Muslim radios.

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And what it tells us the Prophet Allah you saw, it also was talking about Joomla, which is obviously the theme that we are addressing over the last couple of days and the next next week or so, we're talking about the significance of Joomla, the etiquette of Joomla. And the importance of kind of maybe observing the aspects of this day. It's an important part of our faith. It's a weekly, weekly event, it's not something that happens in Ramadan, and you can afford not to talk about it until maybe a few weeks beforehand and then kind of go through the an annual thing. But this is a weekly recurrence occurrence. This happens every week. So we should have full understanding of what's

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expected of us on the day of July in terms of our behaviors. What's why is important. What are we supposed to do to I need to honor it and to benefit from it? So the private citizen was talking about Joomla Don?

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T has attune ly you fearful her abdomen Muslim woman who are called Imani or suddenly, yes, and Allah her she and in artha, who Yeah,

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he said out of your thoughts, then that there's an hour of time, the PSA is not really an hour as in 60 minutes, it's more of just a period of time. But there's a time in Joomla that if you no Muslim person will align with that time just achieve synchrony with that that moment. In a state where they are establishing their connection with Allah and when you will, slowly does not necessarily mean that they're standing up praying, it just means that they are establishing a they're establishing a connection with Allah subhanaw taala. So that could be many things which I'll explain in a moment, asking Allah subhanaw taala for something except Allah subhanaw taala will give it to them.

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While from sha Allah Via de sol Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah your Khalil ha. And then he started to go like this with his hand. He's one of these, this is one of the Hadees that are narrated both verbally and physically. So how do you have a physical narration maybe he did something out of your soul to assemble the narrator has to do what he did on a hillside with them. There are those are my favorite ahaadeeth And there's a collection of them. They're really nice. Because he did then I'm going to do a series for you in sha Allah at some point in the future, the Hadith how physical narrations you can lead to me saying it's very like this a small, not, it's not a prolonged period

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of time. It's just it's a small moment. It's not it's not very long, so you can miss it really quickly and easily. So the scholar has differed on what exactly is the time in the scholars talked about a lot of different times.

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In Africa, we hear this is one of the issues where there's at least at least 15 different opinions from credible scholars on what the hour is. So I'm not going to share all 15 with you here today. There's too much time, but I'll tell you what I think it is because there's a hadith in the collection in my Muslim, Alia Sato and I'm playing so at the time to be in between where the Imam is on between the time of war and when the Imam was on the number mean little time between when the Jump Start Time starting, and the Imam getting on to give his football. So what's around the time of JaJuan whether it's between the two footballs before the first football right after the second hole,

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but we're not sure but it's around the time of Juma. So I'm just gonna say this the last hour of Oslo before Maghrib I don't think that's the case. I think I think there's a misconception I think that's for something else. But for this time, it's most most likely around the GEMA time because that's when you have established yourself in prayer. When you sit down to listen to a hook, but that's praying, that's an act you have to help will do. That's an act of prayer, even though you're not standing up and pray, but you are actually in Salah that's why when the mom is speaking you shouldn't be saying a word because you're in Salah you can you say you speak and sigh You invalidate

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your prayer so you listen to the man. So the Prophet either you saw to some points out that the hours around Joomla just before it just after it drifts between are great time for you to be praising Allah subhanaw taala and making do out for yourself, which is why the between the two hobos people usually I sit and then people take a moment and the stool is too far. And they make a quick drive because that could be one of the times and it's a really nice habit to get into that every Joomla remember that? Remember that there's a time during Joomla where if you are lucky enough to be aligned with it during a time moment of prayer, you're making dua wherever you ask Allah Subhanallah

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for you will be granted mind you that whenever he says that Allah you sought to assemble a lot of a hadith, he's usually referring to issues of Astra just so that it's clear to people can I feel like this is actually not a clear point. Whenever he points out to us through His Son that there's a moment or you make a DUA and you're accepted. A lot of the time when he's referring to it Islamism is that is that is regarding something of the Hereafter, as an acceptance or forgiveness or higher ranks are closest to the profit out of the assault to a sedan, etc. Not a new car or something like that. Like it's usually it's usually not specifically referring

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into that even though Allah subhanaw taala is the one who grants you the mega G Brahmaputra, either da who actually will sue you will gradually for but usually when the Prophet Allah has taught them usually uses that terminology, he's talking about Allah.

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So if you're someone who feels like the week is not going so well, you didn't do as much as you should have, you're not as close as you you would like to be, then push yourself a little bit of DuBois. Around you more time, prepare yourself and we'll go through the advocates and make a lot of it so people should be sending the message to be making because you never know when you actually get that one moment and you make dua and you ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant you it's from Johanna or grant to the highest strengths and gender are to grant your parents full forgiveness or to gather you with your loved ones on the on the gates of heaven. All of these all these things that are

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really the stuff that really matter. It's not that really, really matter not not this dunya stuff that dies, no no significance, the stuff that matter on the Day of Judgment, you make that DUA and Allah subhanaw taala granted to you and that's what he taught us and he can salatu salam and and he didn't tell us exactly what it was that just like you look for little soldier, just like you look for that night or those last 10 Nights. You look for this hour on the day of Jomo every week you have this hour where you can be granted everything you look you hope for if you're in the right position, so something to think about and to look forward to inshallah Tada Yahweh and Imam Bukhari

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you will email Muslim couldn't be so he and Avi Murata and then maybe your Salah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam Anika Yo Ma Jomo Antifa con fi has Antonella you have your poha I will do the Muslim on well who are called mo Salah yes it Allah has che and in Arca hula who iya who took a shot at he some Allahu Allah he was setting up a new set of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in

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