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The lengthening of actions in comparison to others is discussed, with a focus on showing patience and attend events. The lengthening of hip hop and the lengthening of American celebrities is also discussed, with a emphasis on the importance of showing patience and avoiding the idea of society. The speaker suggests that words and behavior can be powerful, but it is difficult to explain a situation in 15 minutes.

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By the early he was so happy as you may know about your will imam or Muslim on fee so he and

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maybe you were ill call. So this hadith is in collection in my Muslim in the Sahara and is narrated to us by me, I'm gonna start from the narration of the tabby. Before I tell you what the Sahaba says just because there's a story related to it. And this is where maybe not the last night I talked about the mindfulness of the tongue, but tomorrow will be the last night I think I saw I

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think that's how I put it. We'll start talking about hygiene a little bit because the Hajj season is coming in. You're probably not going to watch it, you're still here, but you can still enjoy

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talking about it in JAMA.

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And this this hadith Today Tonight is it works in different ways in terms of mindfulness of the tongue, a little bit of a reminder for me than it is for you but

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it's an important Hadith for me to share with you. So this is what happened quite a while ago and one of the nondiabetic I'm not gonna go into detail about him. But cappadonna I'm out mouth, but oh Jezza well below where Manas, Ella ko nya Jaquan. Oh, just what I'd love to know Khun Tatiana first.

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So he said, I'm Mara vinyasa gave us a heartburn. And it was direct and summarized and consistent to the point and it was it was it was short. It was just very to the point. Very clear was no, there was no extra adding to it. And it was it was short. So he was finished. They said, Yeah, well Jacobian which is his name.

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Yeah, and he was clear it was consensus summarize, which is the point but you could have taken a breath in the middle of it is like I might have just went Yanni in a just one direction. He started 100 until the end of the month, he was done in like 10 minutes. They told him you could have taken a breath don't you breathe like breathe and he was very quick. The highlight of the Allahu Anhu in the semi eye to rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa early he was telling them I oppose and I heard the Prophet Hassan said the fourth day the following in una sala de agua, Julie, wealthy Surah Cotabato he met in NuTonomy. In fact, he he put up legal solid will after Cyril how to better were in you

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know, Bernie, let's see, wow. So this hadith actually is narrated for you for the last piece, that's what you're gonna take from, I have to kind of talk about the first piece for myself, but the piece that Allah has said of him and this hadith, and indeed, the lengthening of one's prayer, and the shortening of one's Hoba is evidence of there

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is evidence of their knowledge of Islam, and they understand why things are being done. So they're doing it right.

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So lengthen your Salah, and shorten your hopeless

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a lot of people misunderstand this hadith and they think that that means that the salata Juma should be longer than the hotbar. That's not what this hadith means at all.

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These, the lengthening of the Salah, and the shortening of the hotbar are in comparison to actions of the same nature. So the length, the shortening of the hookah is in comparison to hip hop that are given. Not in comparison to Salah, which is something it's like, we're not comparing an apple to an orange, I have to compare Apple to other apples. So when we talked when he says please also don't make your hook much shorter. That's in comparison to other talks that are given. So what's an average talk and average talk because an hour, that's an average talk, that's an average talk in any in any, that's what averages, so making it shorter is around something around half an hour, that's

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very normal, by the way, half an hour, is completely normal to actually even on the, on the on the on the shorter side, not just from our era, but even from errors from before is actually on the shorter side, they want something less than 30 minutes, basically, it's playing out. It's like It's like the 15 minutes, you know, the the when you eat and you just want to kind of do a little bit of movement to kind of get rid of that. indigestion? Yeah, so you can make solitary really, really, really short, really short. And yeah, it's happened before. And yes, it still happens today. And you'll find a study that do it that way. But is that really what the the point of this actual act of

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worship is? And that's, I think, open for debate. And talk about making the cookbook. Shorter is regarding in comparison to other cookbooks, and he'll bottle to soda and make it a little bit longer is in comparison to other acts of prayer. So in comparison, for example, what you would do for a yachtie How long you would stay standing for a given book because Jama is actually lower. So how long have you recite the Quran for lower than make it a little bit longer in Joomla. Now we don't do that given very well, we should be doing a little bit better. But usually, the reason is that people have lost their ability to show any degree of patience to attend Joomla appropriately everyone wants

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to be out in a very short period of time when Joomla is a one a week event that it's easy for humans to eat for us. It's our celebration day we're supposed to come to the masjid. You're supposed to actually not only you're supposed to come early, used to having a shower, you get your bed

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Clothes on ear smell nice. Come early your estates when

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you listen to the hotbar, you pray you hang out a little bit afterwards. So our job is I've always been during his life it was because we live in a time in a country where that's not available to us. We want to get out really quickly. But that's really not a good argument to me. Because I have no I mean, if you need to leave, that's, that's your

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fine, that's your situation. But really, we should run Jamar appropriately. So when we talk about the hopeless should be short and docile should be longer in comparison to other to their same nature. So yes, Jo ma should maybe be a little bit longer, maybe we should be reading a little bit more. But in the department, an average talk is, is isn't out. And that's that's why actually ours exists as a as a time limit for things. So when we say hope I should be short half an hour is actually very reasonable. A little bit longer is actually very reasonable as well. I'm not trying to defend myself. I'm just saying that that's, that's what that is what it is like I wouldn't give a

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HELOC. I go for an hour, sometimes an hour, 10 minutes. I hope I don't don't do that. I gotta go less than that. But to ask for anything less than that is basically telling the person on the member, look, we don't care, you have nothing to add. So doesn't matter. Just Just get up, do your thing quickly and get down because you want to leave. Because you can't imagine someone to be able in both languages to offer an idea in 15 minutes. Like it's not possible, I guess, the construct the construct of society today and the problem, the complexity of problems. It's impossible. I can't I can't explain something to you and cover it appropriately in 15 minutes. So it's not it's not

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something. Yeah, maybe there are super operators in the world that can do it. I ain't one of them. I need a little bit of time to explain the idea so that you can comprehend it and maybe benefit from it. But it's still well within what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam explains that I need is important because people misunderstand they think, oh, Salah should be longer than hook. But what are you talking about? What are your thoughts on the hook but that's that makes no sense in that at all. He's He's comparing these things to the same nature activities, not to each other. And then he said, really the reason I asked you this hadith, because here he says we're in Minella, Yanni, the

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Salah, and indeed, some as some ways, or some

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doses of articulation can be like magic

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is magic. But Yan is articulation. Sometimes he's saying sometimes articulation is like magic. Sometimes words, see words matter. And narratives are powerful. And, and populations and communities and countries will literally change their mindset will, will change their way of behavior just based on words that they heard that stuck with them. And Raiders of the past are, are really the people who change the course of history, we know that we know that. Even the worst leaders, even the leaders that are just pure evil, they were good operators. And they said things that resonated with the people that listen to them. And it's the words that they heard that allowed them to continue to

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walk the path whether it was right or wrong, they walked the path because of the words they heard, it wasn't anything else. It wasn't anything else that affected them and affected them with what they heard. They heard something that was so powerful, it was like magic. And as he says on his own, it's like magic. The power of words is very powerful. Your words are powerful. The point of this whole, this whole any theme, your words are powerful. They possess power, they really do. It's important that you you weigh them that you think before you say things because that power can either be used for height or used for shelter, it can lead lead later on take you to high places in general into

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very low places in agenda. It can affect someone positively and encourage them and lift them and elevate them and support and allow them and set them free to be great or it can it can cripple them. It can it can chain them down and hold them down. Be careful what you say. Be careful how you say it. Careful who you're speaking to what's coming on, because it can be like magic. Those are his words on Asos and he was called a magician he was never never was. He wasn't a star. But he used that word to say but yeah, sometimes words can be like magic and be so powerful. So meaningful been touched upon. It can resonate with you and like yeah, not that I and then it shapes your mindset and

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shapes the way you move forward. And he didn't realize I was telling him. It wasn't magic. But his articulation was like magic. The closest thing to it. The articulation of the Quran is like magic. It's not magic, but it's like it it's close those words in the Quran, the book of Allah Subhana Allah those quotes those things he said those gems he left us upon are very powerful. They can they can literally they can shape a life if you allow them to young female Muslim female. Hey, have you worked in Karl Popper been a mod for Oh Jessa Well, I belaga but I'm

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one of just a beloved no quintet and a first caller in the semi rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon

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in to La sala to gradually work your Salah hottie he may not to meet up for La La sala at our episode on Hakuba. We're in Manila

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Yeah honey let's see Rasulullah he said Allah Allah Allah Cypress I'm sparkler foundation Allah Allah heyland is talking to Blake What's that Allahu wa Salam o Barack Obama how many whites are you