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Do we mean God? Keep in mind that some people claim that he was gone? For being hard? He prayed, okay. Now the question is if he's God as money

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to himself,

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he wasn't saying that

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to do a good job, and then I did. Well, you are a mystery. You said you were standing

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in one place, God, you saying, I am x in another place, you're saying I'm white? In another place? You're saying, I said, What are you? Oh, my goodness. That's why

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Jesus can put his dog on here if people want to go

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and do it, but

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he wanted to find out who you are themselves. When you want to be as good as many people say, I am Elijah, some co founder back to something. But who do you say I am? He said that you are the Christ, the Son of God. Jesus said, flesh and blood to you the name of my father, which is in heaven.

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And the gates of hell.

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All that all that we use told me yes, through a direct

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claim to be God, or even people who speak into the reset, he's gone. Christ is not gone. Christ is not God. Because he just said, You're You're the Christ, that's upon this rock, I will build my church. His name was Petros, which means rock, stone, right? Christ does not mean God. He was, he was never called God. Never even the point in the Gospel of John. Policy of Michael by law is vague. It is not a clear reference,

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in fact, uses it to the contrary.

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You know, in chapter 20, verse of the Gospel of John, when he is ascending on to the to the heavens, I ascend on to my father, and to your father, to my God, and to God is either a liar, Jesus, if he's God, if he's gone, he is either a liar, or people, you people misunderstood him, because he's saying, I am ascending onto my God, if He is God Himself, who, then why are you saying, I am ascending onto my God, you simply say, I'm ascending to myself, I am God. I'm going back to myself and to ask a question, who was speaking in the book of Revelation? And he says, I am the Alpha the omega, what does that mean? What does that

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mean coming back? Was not Jesus speaking in red in the book

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is coming

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out from the middle.

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Okay, in Hebrews chapter seven, verse three, Melchisedec says, I am gonna have a father, I don't have a mother. I am that I don't have no beginning. I have no end. Is he got that same standard? That's not literal?

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No, no, no, no, no point in you.

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Which one?

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And he's one, one, not 513. And one, I was just saying he's one most three persons in one. Not sure.

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Which one makes more sense for you? Which one is more clear? Does anybody know that you made up of three parts? The body, the soul and spirit? The mind? No, it's not. No, it's not? No, it's not.

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Your soul is where your emotion is, with the mind is with the spirits?

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Who defines that?

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That's what you mean.

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You need to understand system. You're telling me that if I say to you, this cotton is made out of plastic and some sunflower or you need to tell me how did you get that from? You don't try to say, but I just want

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your blessing.

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In the Holy Spirit, how many books

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I mean, it was in the Jewish

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But Jesus never taught that.

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That he did not teach God.

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Remember when Jesus called but what my question to Christians my question my question. When with the doctrine of the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, God, the Holy Spirit, when did it become established doctrine of the Christian church when Constantine 50

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know I believe it was 381 which is almost 300

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I just had the bathroom

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Just as

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you see,

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these were

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Neoplatonic Greek philosophers who happen to be Christians who want you to justify or explain the issue of logos, which is to be found in the Bible in the Gospel of John, in the light of Greek philosophy, what he called stoicism. It is complicated, I don't expect you to understand what you are given as a child when you were born in Africa or in Jamaica, or in the UK or wherever. But you were born when you were born your child, God is free. Okay.

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Okay, three.

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It was like

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I didn't know that. And I gave

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it to Christ. Rich.

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But he never said I'm wrong. But he taught you on the, on the day, on the Day of Judgment when you die when you will face even tell you I never said I'm God. Why do you worship? Why did you worship me when I never said I'm God?

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I worship who did Jesus worship?

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Which forms?

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Who did he worship in the garden in the Garden of Gethsemane? In chapter 26, Book of Matthew, when he goes and falls on his face, like Muslims who fall under, just like Jesus did. Who Who did he pray? Jesus was a Muslim. No, I'm saying Jesus prayed like

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we did in

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chapter 26, verse 36.

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I will demonstrate to you right now how Jesus prays that's the first point. The second point we will establish We pray to the reader and have a demonstration but can you because she's the one who wants to learn you're free to

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come to that first woman when we see how he prayed. Now we mean God keep in mind that some people claim that he was God. Being hard he prayed, okay, now the question is if he's God as money

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to himself

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he wasn't saying that

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it was worshipping himself okay

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with things is really possible. Does that make sense?

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fell on his face. You wanted to follow my face right now? Okay, move.

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Not to be

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that way.

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Which is

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the worst read it.

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You know, we demonstrated this and I did Africa. You know, how many people

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just buy, there was a pastor there. I asked the pastor to come and pray like Jesus, and we read the verses. He wouldn't. He wouldn't. He wouldn't. Wouldn't bow

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he didn't want to do it was standing like this. And I did this. If I didn't say I didn't say anything.

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And he, Jesus went a little further

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and fell on his face fell on his face and brave.

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This is exactly what

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Matthew 2639