99 Names of Allah #26 Al-Hakam

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AI: Summary © In this transcript, a speaker discusses the negative impact of actions taken by different people in different parts of the world, including the bully and the bullied. They argue that it is impossible to judge people and that it is impossible to judge actions. The speaker also mentions that it is impossible to judge people's actions and that it is impossible to judge people's emotions.
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Tonight's name is Al Hakim, a law to Allah is Al Hakim al Hakim means that Allah is the most just means he's the fairest, the most fair out of anything or any one.

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This is a really important aspect or quality for a lot to have. Because in this life, some things happen. That isn't fair.

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Right? Think about some of the stories you might know from the Koran think about Pharaoh, and Moses, how Pharaoh wanted to kill all of the children from the people of faith. That wasn't very fair.

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And then Allah was the one who made it happen so that Moses would survive that and then become a prophet and try to convince Pharaoh to stop. But he wouldn't listen.

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So Allah is the most just, Allah had to end this, this big bully,

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that wouldn't listen to anybody or anything.

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And so when Moses threw down his staff and parted the sea, and the people of faith crossed through to the other side with safety, when Pharaoh tried at a loss ponds, Ana brought the water back together, and destroyed Pharaoh and made an example out of them. So people wouldn't do the same sorts of things that he did ever again.

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A lobbying just also means that the people who do good

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are going to see the reward for that after they returned to him.

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There's lots of good people in this world who do amazing things and they never get recognized. They never get the credit that they deserve. They never get thanked or praised.

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Some of those people actually are wronged, right, like they are the ones who are bullied or pushed around. And those things aren't fair.

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Well, once we all return to Allah, Allah is going to settle all those accounts, he's going to give everybody what they deserve. If they were the bully, he's going to punish them like a bully deserves. And if they were someone who was picked on and was bullied, that a lot is going to give them a nice reward and going to forgive them and give them honor and the status that maybe maybe they never even had in this life.

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That's what makes a law at hakam. And that's all for tonight. I said I'm Michael Warahmatullah.