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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of writing in the church's history and the use of the gospels in the church's culture. They mention the history of Jesus and the Bible, as well as the Parables of the New Guinea book, which is not the first copies of the same things. The Parables of the New Guinea book, which is not the first copies of the same things, also discuss the origin of the Parables and the Parables of the New Guinea book.
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So I'm trying to say there's two things you need to go home and look at. Yeah. Is this Is that you? Are these people Mark marking the agenda for kids in these names and who

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the first week has been called mark.

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And secondly, the scriptures that ask us

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Who are these people? Okay, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and john were evangelists who said, who said, Dallas?

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We you said this earlier, but you're not telling us anything? Who

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would you like to tell us before? Before you tell us who they were? Where did you get this information from? Okay, this written condition. My written submission was the first and I know the names of other Clements. Alexander. Yes. Okay. Tell me what you said. About Who?

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Who is the earliest testimony to the authorship of the Gospels. Official, earliest, earliest test Yes.

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It's in Eusebius

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Yeah, when you see this alive you see this has accomplished

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you CBS was was writing we've been

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to publish you he was living at the same time as elder john who's an apostle user.

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Now who says Happy sad that you said he said,

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but have you said something? No.

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Okay, who reports it? Who reports the copy of said such astounding you see this and when did you see this live? Yes, he compiled it later. When? When? When?

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When, Okay, wait.

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How much is the gap? The gap between

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say something? Yeah, okay. When was the first part

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is like

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no, no, no, no, you're wrong. This is not the first of all Robin Zubair, a direct companion, the son of a direct companion with Isabel Bina one was the Companion of the Prophet of Islam is the first. Sorry, we have changed.

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We have the history of all these individuals.

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Hundreds of men tell me why life and if you want, you want to know

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what I'm telling you what bucatini rates of the lava

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tubes compiled together but in the same life is missing.

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Now, let me finish I'll tell you exactly what's happening. Okay, who was Makati? Did he exist or not? Okay existed

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because he had 90,000 students. Okay, and he had over 1000 teachers. Okay, now this is the difference now watch you're gonna be blown away once you get the details and he will see there's no comparison. no comparison. Okay, because he had over 1000 teachers one of them just one of them. What are the loving use of to give you one example a chain between Buhari and the Prophet uninterrupted meant known public and what does he say about the aid where he went with a prayed with a thought everything known. Okay, because he had Abdullah Yusuf Abdullah be useless teacher was malignant. Let me finish.

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Let me finish now you ask me a question. Okay. So bucarest teachers have the love and user ability. Abdullah uses teacher is Malik when Anna's who also had 1000s of students and hundreds of teachers. Yes, one of his teachers. Now fair enough. It was, again, a student or a servant of a man called Abdullah bin Omar Abdullah bin Omar was a direct Companion of the Prophet Mohammed a disciple of Mohammed. So Abdullah bin Omar knowledge from the Prophet that the Prophet said such and such at this in this place, nothing took that information of the love and armor, and then passed it on to Malik.

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Malik gave it to the love of use of the love and use of gift to Bukhari, publicly. And in the presence of hundreds of people, hundreds of witnesses. So So this is how our tradition is preserved. Now, likewise.

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So you hold it as two different things, by the way. Yeah, I think we all read a book for Jesus and the eyewitnesses. There's a book called or sorry, there's a way of transmission of Sunday oral tradition, which you just said.

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And all history, okay. All history is when I witnessed

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around spreading the news, right goes around preaching. Okay, so what was the reason that the gospels were written? What do you think? What were the reasons that they were actually written? Luke said other people are writing

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but I'm giving you an answer.

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I don't know. We have no idea more than lacteals written because the iclusig everything like everything by Lucas case, it wasn't history is always like pure probability. So

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the disciples

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Die, the eyewitnesses of Christ would die. So that had to be contained within something to pass on to the next generation. Now what is beautiful?

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So, let's just take Mark, Mark is a book of oral history. Okay? He is in the eye witnesses, the top New Testament scholar, which important read the piece. You can tell somebody is testimony of someone in the gospels that has a name of why. Just an example. Why did Mark name the people that Joseph Smith? Why did you mean named people that? Because he wasn't How can you name?

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Calling? Okay, let's see the first.

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One was the name of the

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What's your first book? First Book?

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Why did it have names in their traditions? Because we don't even know what form it was in. We don't know. When is the earliest manuscript Listen to me. It's called textual criticism. I am aware.

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So we know that the text that we have now are more than likely the first copies of the same things. No, no first copies, what the Texas Florida thing what the Texas color the thing that most of the corruptions into the New Testament, whatever it is, first of all, the New Testament didn't even exist for the first

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three centuries, there was a discussion taking place between Church Fathers screwed up. Well,

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Irenaeus is the first man to mention them for together. No arranged Athanasius came afterwards to helping us all

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Irenaeus wanted to live in the first century. No, he was alive in this early third century. In the year 200. Iranians, I apologise, no. Okay. athenaeus used to live in Aachen.

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Athanasius lived in the fourth century. In his festal letter of the year 367. He gives the final cannon for you're right about the

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first person to mention the four gospels together was Iranian in the year 200. Do you understand that? 200. So

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the New Testament doesn't even exist, what you

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imagine there are, for example, the gospel of john was mainly that Egypt is the Gospel of Luke was read in Antioch, the gospel of Mark was known and wrong. Yes. Okay. And the Gospel of Matthew was written mainly in Palestine. Okay. That's why it's called the gospel of Hebrews. So these gospels were written by different people in different times, and they had different conceptions of Jesus Christ in different regions. So

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we have no idea. We have speculations, we have speculation.

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I can say, Can I say something? Yes.

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Because the way you're acting is speculation. I can speculate about the Quran as well. Sure I can bring one thing I can bring scholars who would say that actually, Mohammed didn't exist, but let's

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use the word scholar.

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Rubbish. But he says scholar Give me one scholar who said mama didn't exist. One was one. Anyone who has read who has who's a scholar, who has said Muhammad didn't exist. We are bigots, we are idiots. Yes, there's no scholars, because they don't have credentials. They don't teach in any. Show me once called when we What do you mean by scholar scholar is someone who is teaching in a reputable institution and specializes in the topic? as a scholar, would you agree? Right? Okay. Someone who specializes in early Islam, the most skeptical, the most skeptical of those scholars was a woman called Patricia Chrome. She died recently. She says she never Yes, he never Christian.

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In fact, she has, she continuously changed the views. Even before she died, she wrote an article so that we know a lot more than we knew in the 70s. Okay.

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Because she said a lot of things, the historical differences and why, you

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know, but I'm telling you, I'm giving you the most extreme example, like her, you're using her to support you, you know, I'm not an advocate, you know, I'm saying, I can bring scholars who deny that Mohammed exists. I am challenging that. I'm saying no, they don't exist. You don't know what you're talking about. Because the more skeptical the most extreme of them was Crone who never questioned his existence. So who are you going to bring more extreme than that? So

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my point is

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these individuals

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When did they live? And how do you know the truth? How do they know? How do you even though they voted, even they, even if they existed, yet, we gave you a chain. We said that we know what we're about to change. We believe that hasn't been changed. You will never come across the issue of two Muslims debating each other

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This grant

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never happens. Normally there's memorized by millions. Okay, so what we're trying to say to is why we believe that what you're following is the teachers report and it's wrong is because you will agree with me. I'm going to summarize it. you'll agree with me how many prophets were there that was sent from God? Or in your in your, your worldview?

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limited number of limited amounts.

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100,000 Okay, let's

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say a bit less. Okay. Let's say every single Prophet, did any of them ever worship anything other than what, like Trinity or Jesus or something?

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None of them did. Okay, none of them did. So you need to understand where we're coming from. Yes, photomedicine splotches. You need to understand that when

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Jesus was sent with a scripture that he claimed the same as that's why I don't go into the Bible. You know why? Because we go back and forth all night. You say, Oh, the father is when I see Jesus as a hero, Israel, the greatest commandment is heroes. Oh, our Lord God is one that one of the 10 commandments, he says, I am a generous God. Yeah, universe, anything besides that beneath the sea above the earth, there is nothing like me. And another person, the Bible says, I am not a man. So I can go on and on and on to show that you can give me ambiguous thicknesses. Oh, Jesus said this, etc. So I'm seeing all these English, no partners. We believe Jesus did the same. Okay, and we

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believe it got corrupted. How is it that all these prophets do that? And then all of a sudden, Oh,

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hold on a second. Now, it's the whole matter of

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the resurrection, and grace, and grace, etc, just

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the way it comes down to all those of us want to say, what was the first one to see, but

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now you have a

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you have a scripture, and we don't know who the authors are.

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And this contrast is not reliable has been changed. And then we have another scripture, which is the Quran, which we believe is from God. And he's saying that what they are saying is correct is consistent with

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me the first time I said what is the oldest part of the

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manuscript or the Texas, Texas?

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The oldest manuscript No, cannot manage? What is the what is the first text that was written? In the Old Testament and New Testament? In the New Testament? Paul's writings on which one

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Corinthians could which one, first or second was actually zero Corinthians, but yeah,

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yeah. Okay. What's the oldest part? Well, again,

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these are, these are.

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So here's the question just Yes or no? Oh, not Yes. No, but

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yeah. So what is the oldest part of one Corinthians? I have no idea. One Corinthians 15. Okay, but how do you how do you come? But how do you come to this conclusion that gets me

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one Corinthians 16. And like are saying the reason why you can bring me any verse, you can say everything that contradicts all of these things. But you all this thing that is in the New Testament, which would have been five years after Jesus was crucified. He won't say suppose for whatever happened to listen, this is a claim you're making a claim, but you're not telling us why it's true for you