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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and friends, this is Mila Rockman Rahim we start with the name of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the intensely Merciful, the loving the kind, the one that has blessed us with a beautiful Ramadan because we're in this month and just being in this month is a beautiful experience. I'm Allah subhanho wa Taala grant every single one of us a successful and transformative Ramadan. So we have an action packed live stream. We have an amazing live stream in sha Allah. We have Dr. Osman Latif with you with us. We have myself we have sobotta Achmed, we have Adnan Rashid, coming on board very shortly, we have Mohammed hijab coming on

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board as well in sha Allah. And this is the first of a series of live streams in this month of Ramadan, we're going to be phenotyping these live streams. So the first live stream today is addressing destructive doubts district addressing shubo heart destructive species claims. And as you know, Sapiens Institute has been dedicated in actually responding to the species claims. For example, we have the sapient thoughts series on our YouTube channel, which addresses many of these species claims and sapient quotes is designed to do that, we have designed a course called no doubt and that course gives you 10 effective strategies on how to deal with your doubts and the doubts of

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others. And after Ramadan, we're going to be professionally filming this and giving it to everyone for free, they'll just have to log into our educational platform. We're also producing a book after Ramadan, and inshallah be published before the next Ramadan is going to be dealing with most of the doubts that you find online, and how to address outs as well the shubho hot, how to address the specious claims. So, Sapiens Institute is dedicated in dealing with this. And obviously, we're going to be addressing some of your concerns today as well, we have an expert panel with us today. But at the same time, we're going to be requesting your support in the month of Ramadan, we want you to go

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to see pins institute.org forward slash donate live. So when you donate to this cool as you're donating for the book that's coming out after Ramadan, inshallah dealing with all the doubts, you're going to be supporting the professionally filmed, extensive course, on dealing with doubts caught, no doubt, you're going to be supporting CPN thoughts, you're going to be supporting all the work that we do that we try and do and deal with these issues. And also, I want to really announce something very significant before I hand over to brother of mine. We have now implemented something called the lighthouse mentoring service, Sapiens Institute has really

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put time and put effort to launch this service. And what is this service? this lighthouse mentoring service, which you could find on our website right now is you book an hour with one of the train specialists to do with your doubts, to mentor you to become an activist so you could share and defend some academically, intellectually, and also non Muslims can book a free one hour slot to ask questions about Islam. And you sort of learn more about Islam and also is open to x Muslims as well. I believe this is a first of its kind service in the west where you have an online system with someone logs in and they could do with their doubts. They could become mentors so they could

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articulate Islam intellectually, academically, and so on and so forth. This is the lighthouse mentoring service. So all of the things I've just mentioned, deserve support, because inshallah they'll be a huge service for the oma But without further ado, I'd introduce our beloved or starred denine Rashid brother Adnan Rashid, welcome to the live stream, take it over from here

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at night has been frozen in time martial arts robotic Allah, his Tao is so effective, it becomes timeless and therefore his imagery is fixated in time is transcending time at the moment. He's, he's he's frozen, so we wait for him to fix his technical issues. So let's, let's bring on Dr. Osman Latif. So Dr. Oz man, tell us why it's important for us to be able to empower others so they can deal with these shubho heart. So I'm gonna come to begin with and of course, we begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. And of course, acknowledging of course a great Rama great mercy of Allah for allowing us to be in this great month of Ramadan we anticipated this month with great eagerness

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and great enthusiasm. And we will recite Of course to dwell on a daily basis, Allah home Bricklin, a few Raja Shaban oberliga Ramadan and it is it is here it is here it is come Al Hamdulillah. And so this is from the topic of Allah subhanaw, taala everything that

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That we see what we witness is not an account of our our doing but it is something that is facilitated for us by Allah by himself. So I notice we, we extend our gratitude and praise to him subhanho wa Taala.

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I mean, it's it's really an honor for myself. I mean, I think Sapiens is really a remarkable, remarkable initiative. It's something that, really, I think coalesce is a lot of stuff. And one of them, of course, is having the understanding that there is a lot required, particularly in this time today, in terms of the challenges facing facing Islam facing Muslims. But I think just for us to be equipped, equipped in terms of knowledge and encrypted in terms of understanding about how we can better deal with some of the contentions from the detractors of Islam. It is not I mean, that's No, I wouldn't say that's the fundamental point to begin, I think that the most fundamental thing to

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place to begin is simply to be able to spread the call of Allah subhanaw taala. I mean, that's the that's the most important thing for all of us. That it is based upon our our faith or based our the fact that we're Muslims in the beginning, that we have this responsibility to proclaim this message to the rest of the world. That was a Prophetic Mission. It was a mission of his companions. It was a mission of the Muslims of the past, and of today, and I think that that is something that we are not worthy of, we're not worthy of that great undertaking. That is something that is gifted to us from Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Rebecca, Bill hickmott, you will know a lot al Hassan, Allah says cold invite to the web, your Lord, with wisdom and a good preaching and reason with people in ways that are good. And so therefore enough for us to be involved in that 100. And for all of us, all of you, all of us would be involved in that task is something that is that is of great privilege of hamdulillah.

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So I'm on

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the smilla introduce yourself and take it over heavy.

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The introduction is All praise is due to Allah subhanaw taala. And we thank Allah for this opportunity to be able to work in his path. And we ask, we ask Allah to accept from all the brothers were working hard, then removing doubts from the minds of gullible youngsters, people who have little knowledge of Islam or little understanding of Islam, they end up facing doubts. And those doubts are caused due to ignorance rather than any legitimate reasons. Because we believe Islam is the truth and we are very able to Alhamdulillah intelligently, intellectually, we can defend Islam as it is, without changing it without reforming it without watering down or being we can actually

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defend, defend our Deen as it is. So doubts are mainly caused by ignorance or lack of knowledge. And these doubts can be fatal and as a fatal fatal for your Eman. So Sapiens Institute Institute is working specifically in removing doubts from the minds of youngsters, those who have these doubts they may be in the Western world, they may be in the Muslim world, they may be in Africa, they may be in, let's say South America, Muslims are all over the place, or throughout the entire planet. And there is a lot of Islamophobia in the world, there is a lot of deliberate misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims. And for that reason, we need more and more activity on the part of those who want to

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remove doubts about this beautiful faith. And this is exactly we are here today, brothers and sisters, we want to answer some of your questions, we want to welcome you to ask question, and we will try our best to respond to those questions those doubts you may have in your mind. And at the same time, we want you to understand that this institute needs support. Muslims don't have many institutes like this, unfortunately, you can count Institute's like this Institute's that are doing this particular job in removing doubts or defending Islam intellectually against all the attacks coming from

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all the islamophobes and anti Islam. Activists around the world. They are very active, they are well funded, they receive a lot of support, in some cases, even from government. And in our case, we are a bunch of skins to put it in simple terms. Okay, so we depend on the port coming from the masses coming from the Muslim masses who want the children to have no doubt.

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We want the children to learn about Islam with confidence. They want their children to have confidence in this beautiful faith. And that's only possible when they understand it. Understanding comes from defending it right. So for that reason, we want you to look at that lake which is running through your screens, JP institute.org forward slash donate live go to the

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And see the options for making donations. You know, you cannot imagine that the kind of work this institute is doing and the amount of people this institute has already trained in defending Islam effectively intellectually and intelligent. with compassion, love and mercy of course, we stand for compassion, we stand for mercy, we stand for a fruitful, friendly dialogue, cordial discussions, this is exactly what Sapiens Institute stands for. Okay? And we feel confident enough to defend our faith intellectually, without any insults without throwing any accusations without you know, making better and then we have someone very special Mashallah join us for this stream. Mashallah. I think

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he's been in hibernation, or he's been in the lockdown for a very long time.

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Welcome to the stream, my brother in law Bless you. It's okay to hear from

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some of the soldiers of Allah, you will be joining today in this life have been defending Islam for a very long time without beating the drums of these guys. And, you know, as they say, destroying your brother. by praising him to his face, I don't want to do that. But some of these people hamdulillah they've been very active for a very long time. So brothers and sisters, the least you can do is to share the link for this particular live and ask people to support this is one Institute, which accompanies or which accommodates people that have been very active in Dawa for at least for the last 10 years, okay, so these are battle hardened, great guys. well educated

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Mashallah, in the fields in the respective fields, Mashallah these people are out there to defend this face to defend the boundaries, the intellectual boundaries of this faith. And by doing so, we protect our youngsters, our children from all sorts of spiritual, intellectual, and, you know, mental challenges. You know, sometimes, our kids going to mental breakdown into depression because they cannot answer simple quiz questions posed by people who want to spread misconceptions about Islam. So the least we can do, the least we can do is to click the link, go to the link and make a donation whether it's a big donation or a small donation, what will that donation do, that donation

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will potentially protect 1000s of youngsters 1000s of Muslim children out there from unnecessary doubts caused by lack of knowledge are caused by malicious islamophobes who are deliberately spreading lies against Islam. And we are simply out there to remove these misconceptions. And this is the least we can do. So please do not hesitate in going to that link safe Sapiens institute.org forward slash, donate live, you can find that link in the description of these videos wherever you go, and click it and go and support inshallah Tada. Over to you Hamza.

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Just Just to break the ice and to warm things up a bit. How long have we known each other broke?

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I feel I feel like that I've known you since the day I was born.

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Yeah. Well, you. Every child cries when you receive immunization, you know, they

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need I think we've known since 2007. Yes, longer. Who needs 2006? Potentially? Yeah, and I'm not sure what man?

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Ah, yeah. Nearly 14 years on holiday. And I've known

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Yes, absolutely. And I think I've known share with mine since 2006, if not more, if not more. At least, this is when another similar Institute came about. And I think Sapiens Institute is I can say that is an accumulation or is is

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yellow. Absolutely.

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And and it is amazing to be in this brotherhood allow awkward what what a beautiful way to know, you know, we come from different backgrounds. We have different upbringings. We have different stories to tell, but at the same time, we are in this field. Allah has blessed us to be able to serve in our imperfect capacities, and we ask Allah to accept. At the same time, we want people to be involved. We want brothers and sisters out there. They may be in the 1000s watching, just don't just watch this as the month of Ramadan. A little donation you make

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may protect one of your brothers or sisters, somewhere sitting in a Muslim country was having doubts and going through depression because of doubt. And because of lack of knowledge. So we want to create this platform, make it even more effective, come up with more content with more courses with more webinars with more articles, all sorts of things, so that our youngsters are protected against unnecessary, deliberately maliciously spread lies against Islam, or even some, in some cases, genuine, genuine doubts, doubts that come from real information, and people don't have the acumen to understand that information. So, we are there to explain these things. So, Sapiens Institute is

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very, very important. Go to the link, for that purpose, go to the link support this institution support this work, and you will see the outcome as well. Hamza has already introduced the Institute, we have done Alhamdulillah a lot of work 1000s of people have been trained online, in how to defend Islam intellectually and 1000s more more will be trained, we want you to have a share in this reward, we want you to come forward make a donation of 510 20 100 1000 pounds, whatever your capacity is, and we can ensure you we can assure you that this will go towards defending Islam and your children against doubts. The doubts and the attacks are getting more sophisticated social our

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resort in defending our the inshallah, for that reason, we want your support brother comes over to you. Luckily here Yeah, so I want to introduce brother fire to steam a very close, close close friend of mine,

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a brother from another mother. And I think, you know, it's, it's like the brother I never had will lay

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off the law. I want to introduce the lighthouse mentoring. So we're going to address some of your shubo heart and questions online as well. So you have Adnan Rashid here myself, so both Fahad doctors, man Latif, will be addressing your questions, I really want to introduce something that which I think is such a unique, unique thing that we're doing, which is the lighthouse mentoring. And I'm going to tell you a story before Farhad goes into it. And the story is someone who runs an institute actually passed over someone to me, who was either an apostate or the verge of leaving Islam. And he's popular online, I can't give the name because we keep these things private. He has

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over a million people on Facebook.

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After two calls and Hamdulillah, he's realigned himself to Islam. Now, I had a conversation with the chef who gave me this this brother. And we realized that articles and essays and books are not enough. Videos are not enough. You need that one to one, connection and experience. It's like a tsunami of Allah that when you meet someone and you interact with them, something else happens. I've seen it with my own life. I remember once dealing with someone's doubt, but I wasn't really satisfied with my own question. But I think I spoke to admont a few months after he gave me the same answer. And I was satisfied. Because it came from a different perspective. Maybe my spirituality was

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of key or not has a really good way of waking me up here. So you need that kind of psychological psycho emotive connection. And this one to one mentoring service. We launched it not not properly. We haven't marketed yet. But it's online and people I think we're inundated with, with, with with requests at the moment. So I had two sessions a few days ago, and they were phenomenal. It wasn't just about dealing with people's doubts. It's also mentoring people and how they could get involved in the down a very profound way we give a one hour zoom call time. For example, I tell him from Kashmir, Indian occupied Kashmir, and he is a PhD he's a lecturer at the one of the universities

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there and he did a PhD in computer science and he deals with artificial intelligence ethics and he is published in peer reviewed is well established. He was again involved in the Dow he's been inspired by our work so I was giving him some ideas on how you can get involved and he wants to write stuff so we're mentoring him there was another sister for example. She was basically

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a doing a master's in counseling and wanted to get involved and one of the brothers advised her on what she should do on you know how she should protect herself as well because counseling people in the in the

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context of Tao is very difficult. You have to be spiritually equipped, you have to learn your own Deen as well be grace in your arcade and so on and so forth. So, this mentoring process is transformative it has such an amazing impact. So, let me let me just let me first introduce yourself Habibi and talk to us about this brainchild of yours. I won't go that far.

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I think your lighthouse was your idea. Alhamdulillah No, vissel Armando Rahim. So

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As some of you may already know, me, my name is Fahad to slim. And to be really honest, I think this project is, in fact late. And I say that because, you know, when I introduce it to people, and I tell them that, look, here's a program where we get to, we have a one on one mentoring service for people that are suffering through doubts. I mean, I'm sure each one of us on this panel has gotten texts and calls from people. Can you speak to my son? Can you speak to my daughter? Can you speak to my friend? Can you speak to this non Muslim who wants to marry my daughter? Right? we've all gotten those texts, right? And so and this isn't a this isn't one that's just limited to ourselves here on

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the panel, if you asked any of the, let's say, well known to author even less well known to all the Imams of certain massages, and things like that, they constantly get requests like this. And so to be honest, like this project, in fact, I would say is late to the game, not in the sense that, you know, obviously I'm It's a unique project that no one else is doing it. But the fact that it's such a need that as soon as someone hears about it, and they're familiar with the situation, and what's going on with Muslims, what's going on with people that are about to take their Shahada, but then they get confronted with doubts. Once they hear about it immediately clicks, they say this, this is

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exactly what we need. And you know, I mean, Hamza was mentioning that we haven't officially launched the program. And I'm getting texts from Hamza and like, Hey, you gotta go and start taking some of these sessions. And I was like, just like, wow, Subhan Allah. So it is, it is a massive need. And you cannot imagine, you know, the fact that when it comes to speaking about that one on one conversation, that has a profound impact, something that a simple video, or a simple article, it just, it can't do, right. And, and there's a lot of reasons for that. Obviously, there's a dynamic of the person that you're speaking to what I mean, there's so many layers that are involved when

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you're having a conversation with someone, your facial expression, your own spirituality, your own state, and how that comes forth, is very different than, you know, a flat video that someone may be looking at, or an article that, you know, that that you send to someone, you know, I'll be really honest, sometimes a couple of the sessions we've had before we launched a program, I would people would be asking me certain questions about doubts that they're having. And, and I would say, Well, you know, you mentioned you have this book, you know, that this book called The Divine reality, maybe you guys have heard of it. I'm not sure. But anyway, so I'm like, have you have you read such

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you know, since you read that book, have you read such and such chapter, like, the other day, I was talking to someone, he had some issues about the Koran. I said, Have you read the chapter in the book related to the inevitability of the Quran? He says, No, I haven't read the book, because I got to page 15. And I just stopped. And I said, Okay, you haven't read the book. But the reality is, a lot of people, they have the shubo heart, but they're not going to be people who are on some sort of deep, deep academic level where they enjoy reading, they're going through all the arguments, and now they've, they have these doubts, some of them, they're just involved in the kind of the culture of

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new atheism, for instance, and they're just on this bandwagon. And so really, what they need is someone to just walk them through, because if someone doesn't, then they just, let's say, watch the wrong videos online. And wow, Sam Harris is so amazing. He saw articulate, and they don't know all of the rest of Sam Harris and how ridiculous he is, and so on and so forth. So I don't think it's it's an understatement to say that they were you know, that that this is not a need, but a severe need. And if, if any of what I'm saying is ringing a bell with you, if it's, if you understand the need itself, then I'm going to reiterate what Shannon mentioned, and that is to go to Sapiens

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institute.org, slash, donate live, and contribute to the cause. And this is something that's upon a lot, if you were to donate, I'd like you to imagine one person that's going through a doubt, that perhaps there's a trajectory in their life that they're going through a doubt, and they leave Islam versus they come on, they have a one to one call, or even if they benefit from the articles and videos and things like that, that's a trajectory of life goes in a different direction, they now become a practicing Muslim. And that happens because, well, they were exposed to the work of Sapiens Institute, right, whichever project we're looking at, and because of that donation that you happen

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to have given, they start practicing Islam, their family starts practicing Islam, they get married, and so on and so forth. You know, and what's one other thing before I'll hand it back over, and that is and this is very important, is that sometimes you know, you'll have people that say, Okay, we have this one to one, but these one to one sessions are not just for people having doubts, or let's say not even for, you know, non Muslims who are had need some questions answered, but it's also to train people and how to articulate the message, one that is relevant one that is in that can be

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Express in a modern context, such that you we train people to do that. And so when you train people, it means you're, the effect isn't just limited to an even limited isn't really the correct word because it moves forward, but isn't just limited to the one person, but now you've trained a person who's going to expose, who knows how many hundreds and 1000s of people to the message to the articulation and to clearing up doubts. So we understand that this project, specifically and in general, and Sapiens in general, is something that needs your support, of course, after Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that this is something that's it's going to be your benefit. And on the Day

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of Judgment, you know, imagine you come on the Day of Judgment, and you have all of these people, and they're there. And they're all it's all in your account Subhanallah So, I'll hand it back over to Hamza. That was my brief introduction. I'll be it not so brief.

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So I'd Mumbai give us some inspiration from the Hadith, the Quran with regards to sadaqa and supporting these types of causes. And then after that, we'll get the administrator to give us some questions that we could address some of the brothers and sisters who want to answer asked some questions online.

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Okay, firstly, I want to explain something very quickly. doubts are not something bad necessarily. They can come because of demand when someone has Eman. shavon attacks you. And cherdon uses your lack of knowledge against you to cause doubts. So don't sit on doubts, ask questions, asked from those who know when I say those who know I mean those who are experts in the field. And this may mean people who have trained in this particular field or institute that specialize in answering such doubt or those who are actually able to answer these questions. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that you have a doubt a sophisticated doubt and you can go to the masjid Imam and the Muslim Imam is

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actually able to answer that question, he may not be able to answer that question. He may have a lot of knowledge of Islamic theology, but he may not be specifically trained in that field to answer that particular question to answer that particular question you must go to a specialized institution or a specialized personality. And the good thing about Sapiens Institute is that it has gathered very much

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a lot of people from different backgrounds to answer doubts that arise from

00:27:40--> 00:27:46

for example, study of science, doubts that arise from study of history. Now, doubts that may arise from

00:27:47--> 00:28:28

misconceptions coming from Christian missionaries, for example, and things like that. So we need people specifically trained in these fields or even philosophical doubts, doubts that come from philosophical thinkers are philosophers for that matter. And we need people who are trained in philosophy trained in science, trained in history trained in theology, Muslim Christian theology and all other intellectual fields for that matter. So, it is very important for us to know this, my brothers sisters that we must go to specialists, specialized people, Sapiens Institute is doing that and hamdulillah providing that platform for your children, for your youngsters, for your you know,

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masses out there who may have doubts arising from different sources. For that reason, you must sustain you must support without support, no institution can survive. You must remember that, okay, I have personally had people traveling to me from distant areas while I receive as Bishop Fahd was rightly mentioning that the scale is so by now that we sometimes we get exhausted, receiving calls, receiving messages on WhatsApp, and sometimes very simple questions, very simple questions with simple answers. Just because the kid or the child or the youngster doesn't have the ability to find that answer. The child doubting Islam, doubting his or her faith. For that reason, we need to be

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available for such people. We need to be available, there is a strong need. attacks against Islam are getting sophisticated, they are accumulating a number, they are getting bigger in magnitude. For that reason with that we need to grow if we don't grow in our support. In our response to such doubts and such misconceptions spread by a number of different organizations and individuals, then we may well lose a lot more people to doubt and even leaving Islam. So this is why you know, an institute that defends the boundaries of Islam intellectually

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is absolutely necessary Sapiens Institute is doing that. So click that link Sapiens institute.org

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and donate live slash forward slash donate the link. You can see the link in the description. Don't hesitate my brothers sisters, this is the month of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said

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Xiao Ramadan foot they had a wobble Jana, or wholecut awana was Sophia to share our theme. When the month of Ramadan comes Allah opens the doors of general wide and Allah locks the doors of jahannam tightly and a lot

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changed the health team the roaming share team get chained, they get tied. So now is the time to claim that Jenna from Allah subhanaw taala It is one of Allah bounties that Allah has kept for us. We just have to struggle. And one one line this wouldn't be one of the best donations to make in your life. And we welcome questions. By the way today's program is about questions people may have doubt. They want to ask questions we welcome genuine, genuine questioners. We're not in the mood of debating people. We're not here to debate today we have had many debates, every single one of us almost have had debates. But the Hamza has many many debates with philosopher with atheist thinkers,

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where the subwoofer has debated many, many philosophers, atheist thinkers, myself, I have debated because mine has had many dialogues and discussions and debate so far. Tonight, we are here for a specific reason, we will receive questions and we will give answers. At the same time. We want you to support this endeavor. And the least you can do is to share First of all, share the link that live link or this live feed on your pages on your Twitter, on your Facebook, on your Instagram, on your whatever mode of communication you're using on social media share and make donations Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link and you have different options there. Don't

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hesitate even if the donation is small, don't consider it small because it may save someone's Eman in the coming day. So my personal system there are so many examples I get I can get from the prophets live where the Prophet did not ignore doubts. Questions came to him. For example, I'll give you two quick examples. How Sapiens is Institute is doing exactly what the prophets Allah would advise in such circumstances, right, removing doubts, answering doubts of the people. Okay. Once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent one of his companions called movie Robin shaba, to a place called the drawn, saw movie, Robin Sharma being a Muslim, read the Quran in front of them are drawn Christians.

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Now john was a Christian settlement. So when surah Maria was read to them, for the right reasons to invite them to Islam to inspire them. When this verse came, where Allah said, telling the story of surah Maria when the Israelites so the baby in the arms of Maria Ali Salaam, they said, Yeah, of

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all the sister of Aaron, we never knew you like that. We didn't think you were like that. Where did the baby come from? You had no husband? And how can you have a baby and we thought you were a pious woman. Hence the title you have to Harun. So these Christians are redrawn.

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They thought Quran has a mistake. It has anachronism. Why? Because Harun was the brother of Moses. And both of them had a sister called Mary. So there is a mistake in the Quran is a mistake, because it is calling Mary the mother of Jesus who lived centuries apart from Moses and Aaron, the sister of Aaron, or the sister of our own. So there was a doubt that arose in their minds. They asked this question for me, Robin, Java, Ruby, Java came back to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he asked him, Yahoo Allah, the Christians of Niger, and they asked this question, how do I respond to it? And the Prophet Allah Islam, did he rebuke mahira? Did he tell him get lost? How dare you question me? I

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

don't have answers. I don't want to talk about it. No, the prophet responded to that particular doubt. The Prophet said Bala Salaam Mahavira. The Israelites would give such titles to people of honor, pious people who came from priestly families, people, people from priestly families were given such titles. Therefore the Mary, Mary, we are talking about Mary, the mother of Jesus, she was called author Harun Ayaka Harun

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

Or the sister of Aaron, because of our priestly family, he descended from a priestly family, right? That's why this title was given and Madeira went back to the Christian restaurant, and he gave this answer to them this. Hence the doubt was answered, because even in the New Testament, there is a similar reference to Elizabeth, the mother of john the baptist, she was called one of the daughters of Aaron. And she was not a biological daughter of Arab, she was called one of the daughters of Aaron because she came from a priestly family. Similarly, Mary was called the one of the sisters, or one sister of Aaron, by that virtue. So this doubt was answered by the progress of the lesson. So

00:35:44--> 00:36:34

the Prophet salaallah Islam did not leave the doubt an answer when the question came, he answered it, immediately he acted upon it. Likewise, there is another example, or even had him who was a Christian previously walking around with a professor local. So when he heard the verse of the Quran in surah, October, that they take the rabbis and priests as Lord besides Allah, he said, Your pseudo Allah, we do not take up priests and rabbis at large besides Allah. We don't do that. So hence, something came in his mind, perhaps a doubt that we never call them Allah. We never refer to the Prophet clarified. He removed his doubt. He said, they make them Lord besides Allah, by following,

00:36:34--> 00:36:44

they illegitimate fatwas, they illegitimate rulings when they make haram halaal and halaal Haram, they follow them in that.

00:36:45--> 00:37:28

So the Israelites were following the rabbi's in that and the Christians were following the priests and that therefore, they put them in the place of Allah because only Allah can make haram and Helen, no one else. So the Prophet removed these doubts Sapiens Institute is doing exactly that. Following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu salam, when doubts arise, we answer them, we don't leave them lingering in the minds of people so that they can become entangled in these doubts and eventually we become so this is why it is absolutely necessary for us to support this sooner of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which is answering doubts. Hit them,

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hit them on the head, as they say, you know, so Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link where you can actually be part of this and of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, there is the link on the screen, you can see it, it is in the description. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. And don't think too much. There is immense reward involved in this you may be saving people's demand, you may be saving saving people's Islam, you may be saving 1000s of children out there. Over to you Hamza sorry, Mumbai. So, I want to bring Dr. Manoj Keefe, before we get our guests to ask us some questions. We spent some time researching and developing a unique course called no doubt 10

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effective strategies on how to deal with your doubts and the doubts of other people. Myself, yourself and Farhad, we actually delivered that course. And now we're in the process of professionally filming it, and we're going to release it free on educational platform for everyone to learn from. So we're not only addressing specific doubts, but we're actually giving people strategies on how to deal with doubts, because doubts, I'm not only intellectual, that could be spiritual, there could be basically because of your environment, because we understand social cognitive psychology and so on and so forth.

00:38:44--> 00:39:20

It was like a quick summary on what people are going to be expecting if they attend this course. But exactly, thanks so much again for for asking the question and just Africa for Adnan and other speakers. Just to emphasize your point about the great necessity for, you know, for Sapiens Institute, but I want to speak about a few things if I can before I forget them, a lot of some of the things that were non shocker been mentioned. And one was about the personal touch of Sapiens Institute and also Shrek four had mentioned about the lighthouse initiative. There's a beautiful thing I was remembering, in fact about the way the porcelain had a personal engagement with his

00:39:20--> 00:39:56

companions, when he would send them out to give Dawa. In fact, in the Buddha, for example, I was thinking of an example of why the bingeable when he sent him, of course, to Yemen to call the Christians to Islam. In fact, the heavy for me is one of the most dramatic had Eve ever, I can't think of a more emotion written Hadeeth and in fact, this Hadith, because it says that when before when when the Prophet sent more Adam bingeable out to the Christians of Yama to call them to Islam. He was walking beside him as Wilde was writing. And he was saying to him, in simple steps, he said For example, yesira will add to surround make things easy. Don't make things hard for him. And he

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

says you know and and give them good news. Don't make them run away from you.

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

He says that and he said that the last thing that Prophet said to me, when I put my foot in the saddle wasn't make your character excellent or model tangible. I mean, the beautiful thing about it is that it was a personal It was a humanized experience there. And remember, of course, we're all human beings. And if they have the human engagement with one another, realizing, of course, we're all susceptible to the same difficulties in life, based upon time and place, and situation, and, and so on, and so forth, makes us all equally vulnerable in many ways. But the point is, is that with, with the work that we do, will hamdulillah and, and the kind of the knowledge base to focus on how

00:40:37--> 00:41:11

to deal with doubts that we could encounter in life, it really helps a lot of hamdulillah. And that's something really important in the course, or middle Hamdulillah, we delivered initially called no doubts, there was a kind of a 10 step strategy program, about how to deal with these doubts. And then the first one, in fact, he was about to be number one, aware of the fact that there was, in fact do exist, a show cannot mention the fact that the even the prophets, companions, you know, they had each they had they had, they had inquiries, that they were comfortable. And speaking to the Prophet about in one hand, he then says that they said, the other sort of law, we have such

00:41:11--> 00:41:47

terrible thoughts, that we're scared to even speak to them about you. And so what do we do? I mean, the simply asking the question, what do we do in a situation? And the Prophet said to them with alika, who will demand that is, in fact, faith that is speaking from within you, because you realize that there is something, you know, pulling against tugging against your faith? And what do you do about this situation? I mean, how do we deal with that? So there has to be a response. Some people in fact, are really troubled with the fact that they have bad thoughts. Does that mean that they're losing faith, I mean, there is a responsive Of course, to that. Things like the the problem of it is

00:41:47--> 00:42:31

not to pay attention, when you have when you have doubts, just to seek refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala, to be conscious of the fact that there are negative currents in your social environments, environments is crucial. The Prophet says that, Allah Allah Dini, Holly Lee vallelonga, had a New Holland, a man is upon the deen of his friend, look carefully to who you befriend, therefore. Right? So we have these things called conformities we have information conformity, there are there's tendencies in human beings to want to be liked to, to want to be right. And so you know, you could be subordinated seeking comfort in a dominant group. But if that dominant group have in a bad, bad,

00:42:32--> 00:42:32

you know, bad

00:42:33--> 00:43:08

value systems or bad beliefs, it could be if a person is not equipped with that knowledge, it could be easy for him to be swayed, in fact, to the dominant group, because he simply wants to be loved wants to be liked, wants to be right. And these are things that we don't we discuss, we look at the scientific experiments to to prove these cases. And then, of course, the prophetic advice and instruction that he gave, and how do we deal with these problems? One of the the one of the ones I really, I really like, in fact, this taps into what Shannon was saying, in fact about Heidi, if you think carefully because when the Prophet said that, you know, Ramadan, Ramadan comes the gates of

00:43:08--> 00:43:48

mercy gates of Germany are flung open, there are many people who are plagued by sin. And that becomes, you know, emotionally traumatic for them. Right. So when we're speaking about Allah's mercy in Allah's forgiveness, how does a person who feels so in a blighted by sin, understand that because some people, for example, that's traumatic for them, because they feel as if they can't approach Allah, they feel as if they can't ask for religion? They can't understand Allah's mercy. But of course, it's something that, you know, we understand, and that's one of the factors of doubt, because trauma could be a sense of a person that could die, for example, and their family

00:43:49--> 00:44:29

relationship could break between them and somebody else, or simply that disconnect that they could feel from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But what is the Islamic paradigm here? What is the Islamic solution to that? One of the things I've been working on hamdulillah working for quite a while is, is is, is really a very detailed response to some of the attractions coming from from Christian missionaries are concerning who Allah is, right, what is maximal perfection? In light of our belief in Allah? subhanho wa Taala? I mean, is Allah maximally loving is Allah maximally omnipotent? is Allah maximally omniscient? All of these are questions that hamdulillah You know, we've we've

00:44:29--> 00:45:00

invested a lot of time, a lot of effort Alhamdulillah into trying to understand these in the right way. And then of course, you think about, not only with dealing with trauma, but understanding that there is a heart that that every single one of us has, and the heart is the Kaluga The heart is it kind of you know, it's not in us. It's not in a in a fixed position, so to speak. And neither is life. I mean, everything is in social flux. Everything is unique. I mean, even for some time some people it's simply the fact that the world is moving

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

Long too fast for them to cope and for them to keep up with things. And so, you know, what is the what is the Islamic in the Islamic answer to these kind of things about understanding you have a heart that heart is exposed if that heart is not protected, you know with the good of Allah with with prayers with with knowledge, then of course it runs the risk of being susceptible to the influences of shippon influences of society, influences of the mouthpieces of disbelievers who seek to of course, you know, create these, these doubts within the hearts of people and Muslims. So this is Aqua Hertzog. For him, I think it was very interesting was, you know, in the beginning of the

00:45:42--> 00:46:25

course we make a distinction between what was spiritual whispers, whisperings, valid doubts and questions so we empower people to be able to make a distinction between spiritual whisperings valid questions and actually destructive doubts. testing a ship heart shubo heart which is the plural relates to the word touche be who and Touche be who means something that resembles something that it's not so sharp ha a destructive doubt is a false hood dressed up as truth. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing. And we expose that by giving you 10 effective strategies on how to deal with that, which is changing our environment having good friends around you going on a path of learning how to

00:46:25--> 00:46:27

critically think

00:46:28--> 00:47:03

spirituality dealing with your heart because the whole point of destructive doubts is about the hide self destructive doubts are like a parasite like to suck away your mind and belief. And amazing are the strategies and that's going to be professionally filmed, and upgraded for everyone free not only strategies to deal with your doubts, but to help others do with the adults as well. As the old adage says that if you give a man a fish, then you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, then he'll he'll be fed for a lifetime. Likewise, that's the strategy we're adopting not just to give you answers, but to give you strategies. So you could deal with your own doubts and other

00:47:03--> 00:47:08

people doubts into the Day of Judgment inshallah, and these 10 effective strategies are phenomenal.

00:47:09--> 00:47:15

To me, just add something to that comes up. I'm gonna get back to you, but we've had patient guests. That's why

00:47:16--> 00:47:19

I'd mean to unmute brother Mustafa.

00:47:22--> 00:47:42

Mustafa, Monica, salaam, can you hear me? Yes, we can handle it. How are you, bro? I'm good. How are you? Man? I'm good, man. Thank you. Last question or a comment? Just I'm gonna ask you really quick question. But just to comment. And thank you all for all you do. Like you do a lot of good for the format. And I watch a lot of your content and

00:47:43--> 00:47:51

it helps a lot of people. And my question is very, very quick. It's just for brother anon. I just wanted to ask him when his books coming out. This book Abraham fulfilled. I wanted to read that.

00:47:56--> 00:47:58

But not, not by

00:48:00--> 00:48:46

Yes, we use. Yes. You had a question for Mr. For most of us asking, when is your book Abraham for food coming up? Okay, great. Thank you for that question. Most of Abraham fulfilled is going through an editing process at the moment. We are basically the book has been written. There are three authors Alhamdulillah, including myself, abou Zakaria, and Zakir Hussain. So Alhamdulillah, the three people are working on it, the text has been written pretty much all of it now is going through editing. So it may take a while, maybe a few months before it comes out. So the first edition will be out very soon. Please keep an eye out. We will announce it and bear with us. And let me assure

00:48:46--> 00:49:31

you, it would be a very, very, very powerful defense of the Islamic position. As far as the question on Mohammed in the Bible is concerned, sallAllahu sallam, the fact that the Prophet Muhammad Allah Salam is mentioned in even the current text of the Bible is the point that is being addressed in that particular book, even though the current text of the Bible is altered. It is not in its original form. We argue, despite the fact that it's been changed. The Prophet is mentioned in very clear terms, and we explained that in the book, so keep an eye out inshallah, the book will be out very soon. And we do apologize for the time is taking, but it will be a good product when it comes

00:49:31--> 00:49:36

out in Sharla, zacco Hertzog, Mumbai, and most of you have any other questions, bro.

00:49:38--> 00:49:41

Thank you. That's all I wanted to ask. I tried to message him but he didn't see my message.

00:49:43--> 00:50:00

What you guys release, I'm always the content. I'm doing no one has has a very good seminar coming up in May, just two weeks off to eat, I believe. The second weekend off to eat. It's on an in depth seminar on the doctrine of the Trinity. And it's a very, very interesting

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

argument based on the patristic, early period, and he's going to be delivering that and he's got an essay for Sapiens is coming out before the end of May in sha Allah, which is on that very topic. It's a very unique topic. In actual fact, we like to support and develop leaders in this field and Adnan's argument that he's basically adopted and developed further actually influenced a lot, many other people's arguments in the Dow field. Like, for example, I hit Mohammed hijab when he had a debate with David Wood, he adopted some of those things as well. So, you know, this is exactly what we need to do. We want the leaders in the fields to come to sapience to deliver work essays and

00:50:40--> 00:51:15

seminars, to empower others to be able to do the same. Because it's about leaders spooning other leaders, you know, we don't just want to do a lot of work. Yes, we want to work hard, and we do it hamdulillah but rocking chairs do a lot of work, they, but they don't go anywhere, right rocking chairs, don't go anywhere. I've Mazda gonna last forever, I want him to last forever, but he won't. I'm not going to last forever. Dr. smila teeth will not fad will not we're gonna pass away, we're gonna die and crumble. And we're going to be diminished. We need to leave a legacy behind following the prophetic model of developing other leaders. In order for the Dow to continue in a profound way.

00:51:15--> 00:51:54

We don't want to create that we don't we don't want that dow to be one cycle, regurgitation of the same mistakes. We want improvement want to develop leaders for the future. And this is what Sapiens Institute is solely dedicated in. Yes, we do other things too. But we want to dedicate ourselves in developing Korean other leaders so they could intellectually and academically share and defend Islam. And this is what it's all about. And it's hard work to do that. And we have trained over 6000 people when I was looking at the numbers, I'm like, since July 2020, we trained and what I mean by training is not someone basically, you know, listening to a lecture for an hour, we trained 6000,

00:51:54--> 00:52:33

over 6000 people to articulate and share with some intellection, academically Alhamdulillah. And this is phenomenal work. And we're going to continue this work. And we have the no doubt book coming out. And that needs funding. We, for example, I've been receiving emails right now people booking on to our lighthouse mentoring. Yeah, it's always going to be fully packed. And by the way, we've only given a few hours because we don't have that many resources. Already, we're seeing the signs that we need at least two or three full time people to deal with the lighthouse mentoring, because we're gonna have like 50 people a week. That's phenomenal. We may have 100 people a week, we need full

00:52:33--> 00:53:03

time resources for this. And that's why we need your support for the book that's coming out for the course that's coming out for the lighthouse mentoring, which is already out but we need more resources to basically be employed to deal with people's Shabbat and also to mentor and develop the future leaders. That's why you have to donate right now brothers and sisters be of the first you know, the rewards of the first people to support go to Sapiens Institute org, forward slash Donate Life. Okay, we have a next question for lawn even philon.

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how are you I just wanna say, I love your content, and you guys and inspiration. So my question is, in sort of Baccarat, there's like a verse near the beginning where Allah says, basically, allies sealed their hearts and their ears and their eyes are covered, they will have great torment, right? This is talking about, I'm assuming the disbelievers, right, how do we reconcile this with free will, for example, of willowherb it was told in the Quran that he's going to join them, but then he died two years later. So do these people have the three will to go to Islam? And they are are they accountable? After Allah said yes, seal their hearts and it is and Does that make sense? Yes.

00:53:53--> 00:54:37

That's my question. Yes, so shafaq to steam you want to attack this ship? Ha. Yeah, I had a feeling good to pick on me on this one. Okay, this will our man Rahim. So there's a couple of things that we need to understand. First of all, you mentioned it was from a certain bucket on and one of the things that we know when we look at when sootel Baccarat was revealed. It came post hedger, which means that some of the people that are being addressed are people that the prophets of Salaam was calling to Islam for let's say, you know, 1012, maybe up to 13 years. And so it's not that they came to the state the process of them, this is the first time he's addressing them. And Allah says, We've

00:54:37--> 00:54:45

sealed their hearts. So the first thing to understand is that it's not that it's the hearts are sealed. But the one way someone described it.

00:54:46--> 00:54:54

Someone described it to me was like, Look, if you've ever thought about, like when you have in,

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

what's it called? And I'm trying to remember the term but basically, if you were to cover your eyes for

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

Very long period of time, you eventually would lose the functionality of being able to see. Okay? So what happens is the hearts are in the same way, that once they've gone through this period where it's just there just over and over and over and over again, eventually, they're sealed, like they they're not functional. So what we have to understand is, is that specifically when you're speaking about the iron, sootel, bacara, and there's other ions that are similar as well, as soon as the self has an eye like that, etc. But when we're when we're looking at this, it's not that this is the starting point. In fact, this is the ending point where the progress is Dunham has been calling

00:55:38--> 00:56:13

these people over and over in and day out to Islam and eventually, because of their own spiritual disease, it's from their perspective that they themselves have sealed off their hearts, right. And of course, the terminology is used Allah is put a seal in their hearts, but that has to do with their own actions over time. So that's the first thing. Your second question related or second part of your question related to other that do they have a free will? Of course, they have a free will. There's no doubt about it. But like I said, it's by their own freewill that they have taken this path. And because of that, their hearts have been sealed and their eyes have been blinded, and so on

00:56:13--> 00:56:22

and so forth. And Allah knows best. Um, then you've, you've answered prayer hamdulillah amazingly. Is it? Is it one question limit?

00:56:24--> 00:56:29

No, you can have one more. One more. One more? Give me one for free as long as you share the video.

00:56:31--> 00:56:32

Okay, I'm going to send it to

00:56:34--> 00:56:55

our last question is is a common question, actually. So I think it'll be beneficial to ask as well. This is on the eternal Hellfire, right? For example, somebody has sinned for let's say, 30 years or 40 years, and they're being punished a tiny hellfire. How will you explain this to someone the Justice behind this and so on so forth? I think it's a common question.

00:57:00--> 00:57:03

So I'm gonna pass the ball to shake up No, no. jello.

00:57:06--> 00:57:12

So eternal Hellfire? Sorry, repeat your question. I missed that question. Again. My question was,

00:57:13--> 00:57:25

how do you explain the justice of this a person who disbelieved for 50 years, or 60 or 70 years, and that particular hightown? Well, how far this is a common question that's asked, okay. I was just,

00:57:27--> 00:58:15

you see, Allah from his ultimate wisdom, knew that if this person was given the life of 1000 years, he still would have disbelieved. So Allah has the knowledge of the future. Allah knows what a person will end up doing, even in the future. So if Hitler was given a life of 1000 years, he probably would have done 1000 more Holocaust, right? This is how we understand it. So eternal Hellfire for Kafeel. Someone who has disbelieved for a limited limited time is absolutely justified because a lot in his ultimate wisdom knows who deserves guidance and who wants to be guided and our thought edge cases a very interesting case. For example, Abu Talib having seen the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

00:58:15--> 00:59:03

having understood it message, having seen some of the signs of prophethood disbelieved, and about him Allah revealed in the Quran in surah carcasses how to be live Misha Konya regime in nacala, that demon, but one can Allahumma Shah, who Allah will monitor the old Mohammed Salallahu salam, you cannot guide those you love. It is not upon you, you don't have the power to guide it is Allah who guides because what Allah will study, he knows better, who is to be guided, he knows better. So Allah out of his ultimate wisdom knows that these people who will be thrown into Hellfire eternally those who will be thrown is because if they were given a life of 1000 years or 10,000 years, they

00:59:03--> 00:59:23

would have disbelieved. Yeah. So they have no they have no chance, basically, yes, Hamza. And Allah mentions this in the Quran that if you were to send them back onto the world, you know, they beg for another chance, if they were to be sent back, they will do the same thing again. But also you need to you need to understand something here.

00:59:24--> 00:59:59

It we're assuming justice is, you know, you sin for a finite time, therefore, you're gonna have a finite or equivalent amount of punishment that doesn't logically follow. For example, it takes 10 seconds to kill someone with a gun. Does that mean the person has to have 10 seconds in prison or get a 10 second worth of punishment. So it doesn't follow that the time of sin or the duration of sin or crime is the same as the punishment it doesn't make any sense that this doesn't follow. What we understand as well is that no one's disagreeing with the philosophy of punishment.

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

People, you know, punishment is going to happen in this world in a worldly sense or or in a metaphysical sense, punishment is not something that we disagree with. So the question here is now, an eternal punishment, for sure for Association ism for associate appointments, you've got an eternal punishment should show you how severe the crime is in the first place. That's the point because we're assuming the punishment doesn't fit the crime, or the crime doesn't fit the punishment. And that's a false assumption. And that is because our understanding of the crime is, is misunderstood. If we understand the severity of Shrek is actually the worst evil shark in the

01:00:43--> 01:01:20

Islamic paradigm is Western killing millions of people don't get me wrong, it's very bad to kill millions of people and killing millions of people is usually because you have sugar in your heart because you're arrogant. But that's a different issue. The point is, should is the worst crime. So the crime, fix the punishment, the punishment is the crime in this case, also, as a bond by said, maintenance in the Quran, that those who begged to come back that if they were to come back, they would do the same thing, they would do the same thing. It's like the hots have eternally sent from that perspective. So from a philosophical and logical perspective, it's not it's not it doesn't

01:01:20--> 01:01:34

undermine the concept of divine justice is only so performed. Really, the problem is, is usually with the question Are they misunderstood what the crime is in the first place in the crime is so limited and so small, not at all, for in any shape, or form? So

01:01:35--> 01:01:59

I've known Why, why must people now donate tell us why they should donate? And what are the rewards in donating heavy? Exactly why exactly why the point you made earlier that those people, they were given a chance to come back, they would disbelieve again. But on the other hand, Allah mentions another group of people in the Quran, that those

01:02:01--> 01:02:28

there are some of those who died or who will die. And then they will say, oh, Allah give us a chance to go back. Oh, Allah give us a chance to go back to do what, so that we can do more sadhaka so that we can do more sadhaka not that we can go back and do more Salah or Hajj, or fast more, or do other good deeds, there are so many good deeds, but they will specifically ask Allah for a chance to come

01:02:29--> 01:03:06

sadhaka and this is exactly what we doing tonight. Brothers and sisters, this is your sadhaka towards men being vulnerable is youngsters around the world, in particular, the Muslim world who are facing doubts, they come across online or offline. They come across some Islamophobic material, they come across some Islamophobic website, they have watched a video and their faith has been shaken because of lack of knowledge. And Sapiens Institute is trying to protect them against these evil lies, in some cases, in some cases, genuine,

01:03:08--> 01:03:16

genuine questions. So my brothers This is the least you could do is to share this live feed with your contacts go on your life, your

01:03:17--> 01:03:19

social media pages, and please mute

01:03:21--> 01:04:08

someone's making noise in the live. So please do mute for a second. Once I'm finished that you can ask your question inshallah. So, brothers and sisters, share this link on your social media platforms and ask people to make donations This is a very important endeavor. It is directly following the center of the progress of Solomon asking. So it's sorry in answering doubt, Allah answers doubt. Allah answers questions in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala whenever Allah says yes aluna ca Yes. aluna ca yes aluna ca they ask you well, Mohammed, they ask you a Mohammed then Allah tells him call, tell them say this is my answer. This is my answer. So Ally's answering questions in

01:04:08--> 01:04:54

the Quran. Allah is moving doubt in the Quran. The Prophet removed, doubt that this is the Quranic way. What Sapiens Institute is doing is following the way of Allah the instructions of Allah and the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. This is why click the link which is in description Sapiens institute.org. forward slash, donate live, go on the link right now. And don't hesitate. You may be saving lives. When I say saving lives. You save someone's demand, you have saved their life in this world. And in the hereafter. You're not only saving their life here in this world, you are saving their life in the hereafter as well by saving the man by supporting such an institute that's working

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on a number of different doubts spread on different levels and different

01:05:00--> 01:05:07

society by different people online, there's so much out there to deal with and Sapiens Institute is already exhausted.

01:05:08--> 01:05:16

We will continue to grow with you or without you, which is your choice. And now get involved in the month of Ramadan. Don't forget, we are we

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we are going through the month of Ramadan. This is the mantra Ramadan, where each and every single good is good it is multiplied 70 times you do a good deed in the month of Ramadan, it is multiplied 70 times. So if you save one person from doubt, you're saved 70 people from doubt if you donate one pound or $1 you have donated 70 if you donate 1000, you have donated 70,000, as far as a license and Allah is very generous, very kind, very compassionate. And only he can give you the tawfeeq the strength, the courage to click the link and donate Sapiens Institute. org forward slash donate live is the link go and see the option and make donations Don't hesitate. Don't be, you know, don't be

01:06:06--> 01:06:08

thinking too much as this

01:06:09--> 01:06:14

is your chance to make a difference. Thank you. Let's bring on board now brother.

01:06:16--> 01:06:20

Hamza Khan Sharla. So let's unmute brother Hamza Khan.

01:06:23--> 01:06:26

Hello. Salaam Alaikum Salaam Salaam.

01:06:28--> 01:06:35

Thank you for having me. I just wanted to ask a question about hobbies. Can I ask?

01:06:37--> 01:06:37

Yes, of course.

01:06:40--> 01:06:47

Oh, okay. My English is not so strong because I'm from Pakistan, but I will try it. I'm good enough being the best.

01:06:49--> 01:06:50


01:06:51--> 01:06:57

I wanted to ask that there is a hadith that Prophet salallahu alaihe salam said that

01:06:58--> 01:07:14

killed the lizard because one of his ancestors blew into the fire of Iran. So I wanted to ask that, is it ethically moral or just to kill all the lizards just for the sake of their crime of the ancestor?

01:07:19--> 01:07:21

Okay, okay, good question I've gone by,

01:07:23--> 01:08:07

okay. Now, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this Hadees is there. Okay, now, he is not saying that kill all the lizards in the word. Okay, this is one particular type of lizard, which is poisonous, if I'm not mistaken, because there are types of lizards, which the progressivism allowed people to eat. For example, there is a desert lizard, which is basically halaal. It's not Haram. I don't know if you know this. So it's not every single lizard. It's a particular type of lizard, which is poisonous. And the progress also general principle Islam is kill the harmful before before it harms you. So if you see a snake that's trying to bite you, if you see wasps, for example, and you have

01:08:07--> 01:08:42

kids running around, you kill the wasps, because they're going to harm your children. Right? So this is a general principle in Islam, when it comes to harmful insects, harmful reptilians, and things like that that can potentially harm then the general principle in Islam is to kill them anyways. But there are exceptions. For example, as I give you the example, there are desert lizards, which the Prophet allowed the people to eat. He never liked it himself. He never ate it himself. But he saw people eating it, and he didn't stop them. For that reason. It is considered

01:08:43--> 01:08:59

allowed to eat it is halaal. Okay, it may be mcru because the profit in like it, but he's held on. So there is a context to this. So Professor solum is talking about a specific type of lizard here in this Hadees. If the Hadees is authentic,

01:09:00--> 01:09:01

I hope that answers your question.

01:09:03--> 01:09:05

Yeah, thank you, Doc, Allah.

01:09:06--> 01:09:46

Can I ask one more question last. The other thing that's very important is anonymous, right? It's actually a noxious thing. It's a I think it's a poisonous creature that the professor was referring to. The other thing you need to understand is when you look at a Hadith, the also the Sunni scholars, the traditional scholars, what they did, they brought all the Hadees together on a particular topic. So understand the ethics of Islam in a comprehensive way. So for example, when it comes to killing animals, there is a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu. It he was somebody if he if you kill anything, like larger than a spire or something like that, then without any just cause that

01:09:46--> 01:09:55

you'll be taken to account. So. So ethics in Islam concerning animal treatment is very important. You cannot kill things without any justification.

01:09:56--> 01:09:58

And the other thing that you need to realize is this

01:10:00--> 01:10:28

When we talk about the truth, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the source of our morality, he is the source of our morality. So when you consider that what's very significant is that when the person says something, is actually moral by virtue of him saying it, as long as you understand the context, as long as you understand all the other variables and all the moral variables and all the other principles, there's some connected to it, so you can understand it properly.

01:10:29--> 01:10:40

So, from that perspective, you need to see things holistically when it comes to those particular things. But Hamdulillah, I think that has been addressed. Do you have another question comes up?

01:10:41--> 01:11:18

Absolutely. The forums are question I want to remind everyone, donations link is there. You see, Hamza asked a very interesting question. They may be questions like this in the minds of 1000s of youngsters out there in the Muslim world and beyond. Brother and sister Sapiens Institute specializes in answering questions like this academically and otherwise, please report the Institute. This is the least you can do. Go to the link in the description, Sapiens institute.org. forward slash Donate Life. Over to you Hamza again. Please go ahead with your second question. Yes. So yes, I had

01:11:21--> 01:11:22


01:11:24--> 01:11:33

He has I had the same question like that about killing of dogs in Islam, but I think that has been answered. So. Wait, hold on a second have a second.

01:11:35--> 01:11:39

Islam doesn't tell you to kill dogs, by the way. Yeah. Let's be very clear about that. Yeah.

01:11:40--> 01:12:06

So again, again, look, Islam, if anything encourages keeping dogs, hunting dogs are mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. Okay, so again, there is a context, this is why it's so important to have Institute's like this, or discussions like this, questions like this so that others can hear the answers and get the context. Yes, no commandment as the Hamza said, in Islam to go and kill all the talk.

01:12:08--> 01:12:11

Budget, the Chihuahua was that you I was so cute.

01:12:14--> 01:12:44

So yeah, so So basically, in Islamic history, when there was a culling of some of the dogs is because they had something which you could equate to rabies. And this what happens in the Western tradition as well, like even in in Britain, where we're from, we're dog lovers, we love dogs in this country. You know, dogs are very loyal, they're very, that could be very compassionate. But when a dog has a disease that cannot be cured, or it has a disease that is going to basically create a lot of suffering, he gets he gets put down.

01:12:45--> 01:12:52

So it sound doesn't teach us to kill dogs in any shape or form. No, that's, that's, that's a misrepresentation and misunderstanding of Islamic ethics.

01:12:54--> 01:12:57

So yeah, so delicately comes up. Right? So.

01:13:02--> 01:13:02


01:13:03--> 01:13:40

now we're gonna we're giving racial answers at this present moment. But obviously, you know, over time in our CPM thought series on the YouTube channel, we're going to be providing answers to these questions as should wahat. Already, I think, you know, we have around 30, sapient, thoughts, answers, or these videos on specific questions and topics. With regards to scientific nature. Slowly, we're moving now to the CRR, then we're moving to ethics. So we're going to be addressing every single question that you could find online in sha Allah, and this and this dog, one, animal one is going to be included as well. But at the moment, it was a short answer, we're going to give

01:13:40--> 01:13:53

you more comprehensive five to 10 minute answers on our sapient thought series. And that's why you should support us, because we're going to provide produce a book on all of the shuba Heights and also produce a book on how to address these

01:13:54--> 01:14:29

shubho had from a strategic point of view, what are the strategies you must employ to empower ourselves what are the 10 effective strategies because not all Shibata intellectually based, this spiritually based, they're based on trauma based on psychology based on past experiences based on your environment, based on your spiritual heart and so many other issues. So what we're going to be producing a book dealing and teaching you how to adopt these strategies and how to teach others. And we have a course to do that as well. And not only that, we have the lighthouse mentoring, which you can find on our website, where you can book a one hour private time with one of our online with one

01:14:29--> 01:15:00

of our specialists to deal with your issues or to mentor us you could get active and actually particularly a positive case for the dean and share Islam intellectually and academically. All of this stuff takes a hell of a lot of time. For example, just the lighthouse mentoring alone, we will probably need two full time people who's gonna pay those people who's going to address all of these issues. We'll do all of this mentoring, all of this empowering and all of these dealing with these shubha these destructive

01:15:00--> 01:15:36

doubts on a one to one level because we already mentioned earlier that that one to one experience is so important. Because books and articles do a lot of good, but it doesn't, it doesn't any cannot replace the one to one engagement. That's why brothers and sisters, if you'd like the idea of the lighthouse mentoring, you'd like the idea of the book dealing with doubts, you'd like the new courses coming out there, the revamped and professionally produced courses gonna be free for everybody in extra fact, for head to steam is going to be in the process of filming in the month of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah we sell all the equipment to his house is got a great setup. And he's

01:15:36--> 01:16:18

actually doing it we've got the educational platform already ready, everything's in place for all of this needs your support. So please brothers and sisters Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. If these projects from adults perspective or projects that you think are worthy causes and I know you believe the worthy causes, then do not hesitate be of the first. So you get all of this reward for the book dealing with doubt for the course dealing with doubts for the CPM thought series for the lighthouse mentoring, spending hours and hours of our time on a one to one level, and pairing and developing other people and dealing with the doubts at the same time. And this is a part

01:16:18--> 01:16:40

of our work, there's more to talk about in the other live streams. And this part of the work is already requiring a hell of a lot of time and resources, which requires your support. So please go to Sapiens institute.org. forward slash Donate Life for her talk to us about lighthouse. Why is lighthouse so important? Well, like I'd mentioned earlier, I mean lighthouse is

01:16:41--> 01:16:47

it's something that has such a massive demand when you were saying we need at least two full time people.

01:16:48--> 01:17:26

To be frank, I think you're low balling it, just the sheer demand that that we have. And like I said, anyone that's involved in this field from any capacity, whether you're a youth mentor, where you're the counselor, whether you're a new mom, you know this in a way that's very direct and intimate, and even to the fact that you know, when you are in the position of the meme, and I'll give you a quick example here, you know, I served as an Imam for a little while. And I can tell you that it is emotionally draining. Because you're not only dealing with let's say all of the things that you need to deal with related to the masjid itself, right your letter, you're responsible for

01:17:26--> 01:18:04

the football, you're responsible for leading salon leading, throw away all these things that you're responsible for. And on top of that, you have to do things like marriage counseling, you have to do things like leading the janazah. And on and then you have on top of that youth counseling, or counseling people that have doubts. And to be very frank, with all of that on a person's plate, perhaps they may not have the tools and the know how and when I say know how I don't mean that they don't have the information. But the way to deal with these doubts in a way that, that they're able to give an answer to the question to the people that are asking these questions in a way that is

01:18:04--> 01:18:45

robust, that is, you know, academically viable. That is one that is goes to the foundations, you know, hands on your answer a few minutes ago, what I thought was key, which people might not have picked up upon, is that it's not just about answering the specific question. It's about understanding where is like, what are the foundations? And what is the worldview that you have? before you come to the question? Sometimes it's about well, hold on a second, the ethical moral basis that we have, where do ethics and morals even come from? So when we ask this question, it's it's not only understanding how can we give an answer, but it's also understanding the person that's

01:18:45--> 01:19:26

asking it, what is their worldview? And sometimes it requires a conversation with a person to understand where they're coming from, what are the what is the what are the lenses by which you're looking at the world? How do you you know, what are the epistemic tools, you have to understand truth? Sometimes that is really what needs to be unraveled before the specific question. And that happens on one to one conversations. And that's why it becomes very important that we have these one to one conversations, and that there's a service out there. So if what I've said hums that said, you know, she had none and everyone here that if, if what we have said makes sense to you. And it's

01:19:26--> 01:19:59

something that you understand the sheer need, then I want to say you need to do one of two things, or both of them. Number one, you need to share this video. If you're on a whatsapp group. If you're on you know, you've got people that you know, text them, WhatsApp, them, share it on your Facebook, share it on social media, wherever you are, you've got to share this number one, number two, if you have the means and inshallah all of us do, that you go to sapiens, Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live and you give something for the sake of Allah Subhana

01:20:00--> 01:20:09

Dollar Shave Club. Now let me ask Let me ask you a question. Since you're the only one left everyone else maybe went to go eat but anyway, so the question is, do you love Allah?

01:20:11--> 01:20:14

Well, you're on your mute.

01:20:15--> 01:20:59

Absolutely, absolutely. And you know, I would I would I, I'm very sure that if I asked all 500 600 people that are listening, do you love Allah for the Muslims that are here? I'm sure you would get a resounding yes. Yes. Oh, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the one who loves to meet Allah. Allah loves to meet them. Right? And the one that hates to meet Allah, Allah hates to meet them. So everyone that's listening today, we need to really think about this now. You know, I was online a bit earlier. And one of our, you know, one of our main moms, he was a chaplain, he recently passed away, young guy, right? And all of these condolences. We don't know when we're going

01:20:59--> 01:21:37

to leave this world. Right? And maybe Allah will bless us to leave this world on a Friday in Ramadan in the best of times in the best of states. But one of the things we need to understand is that our time is short. And therefore if we want to be amongst the people that we claim to love Allah with the tongue, but now the thing is we need to make the action. So be amongst the people who donate to the causes when when people are calling out. Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, he mentioned something really interesting and it's almost like a snapshot of this very, this very thing that we're doing, we're asking people to donate Allah subhanho wa Taala says hi unto him, how to lie to

01:21:37--> 01:22:19

the owner leetonia Kofi Sybil Illa, here you are, and you are being invited to spend in the cause of Allah. Alright, so this is exactly what we're asking you to do. You're being invited to the owner, you know, like a, you know, shake up now knows this, that the word in order, there's also dauert rpte dhabas corteo it's not, it's something that you're inviting someone to something good. You're not gonna invite someone to like, you know, and give them trash, right? So you want to have so Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying how to how to lie to the owner leetonia, Kofi Sevilla. Here you are, you're in this situation, you're being invited to give to give for the sake of Allah for men come,

01:22:19--> 01:22:58

man, yeah. Hello. And for amongst you, are those people that withhold and you've got to ask yourself this, as we're making the call. Is this the state like you're thinking I have this expense, this expense this expensive? Are you withholding? Alright, you're those months when a young girl and the people that withhold for innama, yaku and FC. And really, the reality is for whoever's thinking in the state, that where they're withholding. They're only withholding the benefit from themselves. Because the reality is, we're all going to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right, you just don't know when and if it's true that you love to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala go to Sapiens institute.org

01:22:58--> 01:23:37

forward slash donate live and donate right now Do not wait. And I'll finish the rest of the I A little later. But the time to donate is now this is the thing when when the prophet SAW Selim said, set up how to abort Han Salah is a proof because everyone can make lip service. Everyone can say I love Allah. Everyone can say I love the process alum. But where is it when it comes down to understanding the necessity of the programs, the need that is out there. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala is inviting all of us to give. So go to Sapiens Institute org, forward slash donate live and donate now, I'll send I'll pass the ball back to

01:23:39--> 01:23:53

the soccer lover and chef for that very important reminder and push for people to understand the importance of such institutions will lie, we cannot emphasize the point enough. You know, some of us are dealing with

01:23:55--> 01:24:40

crocodiles like that out there. When I say crocodiles, people who are lying to the teeth. They are deliberately spreading misconceptions. And I can mention, let's not mention these unfortunate characters and give them attention they don't deserve. But you are aware of her job as debated. One of them, you know, and he in a live debate, he job really done a nice job. He's done a nice job in showing how fragile and how dishonest and how malicious these people are in spreading their lies against Islam and Muslims, and in particular, the prophet of Islam. The other brother might debate with other people you don't want like this bunch of brothers. I mean, I'm not talking about myself.

01:24:40--> 01:25:00

I'm talking about the guys who are involved in doing this good work, defending Islam intellectually. You're not trying to give people confidence to believe in this faith will lie. They are a blessing of Allah. And male accept from them male or give them the strength to have the right intention. Male accept the good deeds, they are imperfect.

01:25:00--> 01:25:43

fact they are weak they are weak in knowledge perhaps they have weaknesses in other ways but one lie the fact that they are defending this Deen where they are it is a blessing for them and it is a blessing for this oma. So, the least we can do is to support them in ways that they can continue this work okay and support them so that they continue to do these courses what work is Sapiens Institute doing? You know, there are books coming dealing with doubt Sapiens will be writing books, this institute will be producing books dealing with doubts that Muslim youngsters and otherwise people otherwise face on daily basis lies lighthouse mentoring service, which is one to one

01:25:43--> 01:25:54

mentoring service for people who are going through issues to the, you know, dealing with doubts, okay, then free courses in dealing with doubts and other people's doubts. Okay, we are dealing with

01:25:56--> 01:26:39

people who have different types of doubts on different levels, and all of them need to be taken care of. Right. So when to answer the doubt, we are having free courses for that Sapiens Institute is organizing those right there are webinars, there are courses, there are workshops, or training sessions, all of that is going 6000 people have been trained as to how they can defend Islam and to lecture 6000 people that 6000 to add that 6000 people who are able to answer questions that's a lot of people Sapiens Institute in a very short time has done a lot of good work. Okay, then there are videos short videos answering some of these doubts. And these short videos are titled sapient

01:26:40--> 01:27:23

thought videos Sapiens thoughts basically, right. A lot of work is being done brother sister, you can easily be part of this reward if the month of Ramadan, every single donation you make may have 70% reward or 70 times rather than 70 times I want to go to share with man very quickly before I do that, I want to remind you to share this live stream on your social media platforms, this is the least you can do people who are watching on all these channels, my YouTube channel or Facebook account or other channels by the handles, channel 100 Facebook account or all other channels that are involved in this particular livestream, please, the least you can do support us by sharing the

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link on the on your social media accounts. And people will be able to support us in due course, Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is a link we want you to go to go to the description of this video, you will find the link there and start making donations right now. This is your chance to save your youngsters, your children, some of your brothers are dealing with these Rottweilers and, and you know, crocodiles out there who are causing major damage to young, gullible minds. Our youngsters, our Muslim youth are watching these evil videos, malicious videos, spreading malicious lies, lies and they are getting affected. And some of the people are Christian missionary,

01:28:08--> 01:28:51

and they don't preach their loving Gospel to the people. What they do is they live is entirely about attacking Islam. And you know, some of them, you know, some of them their entire life, the entire mission is to attack Islam, and they are well funded. How do we know that by looking at the quality of videos, they're producing, the editing, they're doing, the content they're coming up with, we know when there is funding behind the project, they are being funded by islamophobes. Throughout the Western world, this is happening. There are channels working against Islam and Muslims, right? How do we defend against all this? You know, all these attacks and onslaught by Institute's like Sapiens

01:28:51--> 01:29:34

Institute. So this is your chance to be part of this work, Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link, go to the link, and donate. This is the least you can do my brothers and sisters, and you will have a share in the reward every single Muslim youngster who is protected against doubt. Every single person who's a man was saved by having a conversation through lighthouse mentoring service, or by watching one of our free courses or attending one of our webinars or by watching one of those Sapiens thoughts videos, or by watching one of the debates conducted by Sapiens Institute members will lie all of this you can share the reward in this Don't hesitate. This

01:29:34--> 01:29:47

is the month of Ramadan. This is not a matter of recitation, click the link and start donating. Jeff is mad. Tell us if people don't support a project like this? What do you think would happen to our youngsters? You've been indignant about the last.

01:29:50--> 01:29:51

Continue. Okay.

01:29:53--> 01:29:59

All right, if not more, I know I've known you as a person of doubt. You I'm pretty sure you

01:30:00--> 01:30:18

Come across many people with doubts and youngsters and you feel sorry for them, right? Because there's not a proper institution there to protect them. What would happen? What kind of consequences could people face? What about parents who go through difficulties with the children? I will tell you some stories. But I would like to hear you at first, go ahead and jump

01:30:19--> 01:31:04

in, does that color hair? I mean, I can't emphasize the importance of this work. You know, I mean, the initial fad mentioned the Hadith when he said that, so Dr. Bora, hand sanitizer proof and I was thinking to myself, that it that our support of this of this work in helping people helping young people, you know, faces challenges raised by, you know, people who are not the kind of pseudo intellectuals, but they have a very big propaganda campaign, they have a machinery involved in that and money involved in that, who are trying to subvert and of course, to to, you know, cast doubt to to mix up to convey to, you know, to twist up the the pure message of Islam. The fact that sadaqa is

01:31:04--> 01:31:39

a proof of your Eman. I think everybody every single one of us, in fact wants to do something to defend Islam. I mean, that's something that's just even if you don't have the knowledge to do that, that's fine. I mean, that's fine. But the point I think it is deep done, everybody wants to do something to to raise the word of Allah. In fact, that's the that's the whole principle of what Islam is the Prophet enter Khun Kalamata learn only to make the word of Allah the highest. And so if I think everyone can be everyone else can be a part of that. So Pinilla I think like you said, Shannon, I mean, there's it's apparel. And I think that one thing that I was, like shocked when she

01:31:39--> 01:32:22

said that is something is way longer with you. I think, you know, there is something deep down. If somebody does have a doubt, there is a cause for the second embarrassment, because they will they'll think that I'm just too embarrassed to mention my my problem to who I couldn't speak to my parents. I couldn't speak to my mom, I couldn't speak to my friends. I couldn't speak to tea, who, who what I complain about my doubt, to Sahaba they had no reason solemn. There was a lot of sort of law, we have this issue, how do we deal with the situation? And then the Prophet tell them sometimes I'm in the Quran, Allah addresses them directly, you know, you know, the verse that we recite in Ramadan,

01:32:22--> 01:32:56

yeah, the one this is this, Allah some sort of says, This is the most hopeful verse in the Quran, when Allah says, say, Oh, my servants who have wronged their souls, don't dispose much of Allah, and some of the books of Tafseer it says that this was revealed concerning people in Makkah, who had doubts, they were in Makkah, and they had doubts about coming to Medina, because they've committed so many sins, and they thought we can't face the problem because we're so embarrassed. How would we approach him and accept Islam and give the bed to him? And Allah revealed this is concerning them see, all my servants who have wronged their souls don't despair of mercy.

01:32:57--> 01:33:36

So far, you see Allah is directed to them, but in our in our time today and of course, we can we can access the book of Allah if we under if it's taught to us if we have a if we have a system of teaching, so we can understand how these verses connect to us and the Quran is speaking to us Subhan Allah, but it just imagine if you're if you're a young person, and you will come across one of these YouTube pages, and you have these people who are just spouting nonsense about Islam about things, even some things by history and and like you mentioned, the video is a beautifully produced videos and his money behind it. And his comments that people read, of course, on websites, as well as his

01:33:36--> 01:34:14

comments are, are all asserting the same point as anti anti Islamic? What is that person supposed to do? Who does he turn to? Because it's embarrassing. What we're providing handling Sapiens is due in this lighthouse initiative, is you have somebody to talk with, we want to talk to you, we want to listen to you, we want to discuss with you, we want to show you we want to teach you and we want to work together in this and never feel alone. never feel by yourself never feel as if you're by yourself you're aware all this is an honor. And and you look at the meaning of an old man, we say a lot that the this is an ohmmeter most of you don't let me just tell him, you know, when he used to

01:34:14--> 01:34:51

say that the Muslims are brothers, you would put his hands like this, you know, he would swing with a distance. So this is a strength of Islam. But this is a time then to show what is the Brotherhood of Islam. I mean, we need to be here for it because this is about saving models the life of a Muslim the life of this is about saving the faith, the amount of a person, right we want to approach come to Allah with with with belief in Allah subhanaw taala pure belief in Allah, Allah in the Quran, he says, We're here to be Jihad and Kabira you know, struggle with this Quran, a great struggle, right? This is this is what we have. Allah has given us His book and has given us the reason. We have all

01:34:51--> 01:34:59

we have we have the we have the resources, we have the squid, the the experts involved Alhamdulillah it's really an honor for us. But let's just let's put this up.

01:35:00--> 01:35:36

To practice put this into action, let's donate in sha Allah. And this is of course, a month of sadaqa the person was described as a Jew with a nasty Ramadan as the most generous person in the month of Ramadan. And they were causes so how about they gave money to worthy causes, you know, to to help people to assist people what we saying the Apostle Paul and the work of Sapiens Institute, it's it's something that's even it's transcending even in a lot of them. I mean, every cause is important, every cause is worthy. Every every charity is is worthy and beautiful. But what makes it so unique in many respects is that it's new and it's, this hasn't happened before. I mean, I haven't

01:35:36--> 01:36:16

seen anything like this before. And I think inshallah, if we work together with this, this by Allah's mercy toufic is going to go far places inshallah, by Allah's mercy, but it's not just about a few people, it's about all of us, all of us putting in our pieces. And like we said, this is going to be in this month of Ramadan, this is time 700 times reward. And so my largest of all of us that are headed toward, I think it's also very important for us to realize that there is a lot of great organizations out there and need doing amazing work. For example, I era is doing some fantastic work, they actually have a live stream as we speak, you're more than welcome to pop onto the live

01:36:16--> 01:36:45

stream live stream and support them as well. You know, there's other great Institute's doing great work. And, and similar work. I think what's unique about Sapiens is that we're filling a niche, we're filling a gap. And that gap is that we're focused on developing and empowering others not through just writing and essays and videos, but directly training and empowering them through the lighthouse lighthouse mentoring. And through our free courses. In actual fact, I had a meeting with

01:36:46--> 01:37:28

the research director of a, a similar Institute, and I said, Look, we don't want to reinvent the wheel. We want to fill a gap in the dour. And he said, Bismillah go for it because there wasn't a focus on doing this one to one educational training and developing the dots that are able to articulate Islam intellectually and academically. So this is not another case of just inventing an organization and just basically saying this is to some work. No, it was thought out. The gap in the dour is leaders spooning other leaders. Yes. And even in our courses, we actually refer to other Institute's, we don't have a problem with this, we refer to other people. Absolutely. We wanted to

01:37:28--> 01:37:52

fill a gap in the dour and that's how people should be don't reinvent the wheel, if something exists already support them, improve them, make draw for them. But if there is a gap, then try and fill that gap. So hopefully, we've tried to fill that gap by creating other leaders. So other art can be able to defend your Islam intellectually and academically. That's very important to understand. The other thing that's important to understand is,

01:37:53--> 01:38:34

this is great work. I mean, now the time has come. We have lighthouse mentoring, you could book a book a session for free. If someone's got doubts, your son, your daughter, your husband, whatever the case may be, you could booking a session, the T's and C's are there. Everything is confidential. We have one hour, you have one hour of our time, not only be with adults, but people will be mentored to basically devoted themselves in the field of Dallas to the koshary some interaction academically. This is what lighthouse mentoring is about. This takes time. I'm sure my emails, if I share, if I just show you the emails of lighthouse, I just go right now. We're about 45 minutes ago,

01:38:34--> 01:38:37

lighthouse mentoring, look at all of this.

01:38:38--> 01:38:52

Look at all these unread emails. What's going on here? Look at that. I mean, we don't even have an administrator to actually get all of these, get these things. I mean, fired, you're in trouble. You don't see the thing.

01:38:54--> 01:38:56

All right, look at the time I gotta go.

01:38:57--> 01:39:06

So the point I'm trying to see is we haven't rewatched this properly. It's I think the first time publicly, we mentioned this in like, on live and,

01:39:07--> 01:39:32

and we're gonna be maxed out. And we're only providing people around six hours a week. That's what we could give at the moment or seven hours or something. But we will expand that to the whole week, we is going to do that. So we need people to support that amazing service. We're going to have a book on doubts and how to address doubts and how to address the doubts of other people. We're going to have a course on this is all free, all free. Are you going to support this? That's the question. It's the month of Ramadan.

01:39:34--> 01:40:00

And this is a great work Philip, filling a gap in the dour and, you know make dua for us get involved. We were experts to get involved. Absolutely. But we also require your support. Go to Sapiens institute.org. forward slash Donate Life Donate Life, Sapiens institute.org forward slash Donate Life. You could be the question

01:40:00--> 01:40:14

For so much hair, and on the day of judgment because of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. If you call someone to something good, you get the reward of that good. If you facilitate this hair, imagine the Day of Judgment you have

01:40:15--> 01:40:56

millions of Shahada is why because we develop the art to be able to share Islam academically, intellectually. For example, we did advanced our training to the team and the Blue Mosque, the Turkish team, the Blue Mosque, they speak English, they have 4 million visitors a year, four to 5 million visitors a year we delivered. I think it was a four six week course advanced course dealing with on how to engage with people, right, it was an advanced dowel training course, they have access to 4 million people imagine in 10 years, they get 1000s Shahada is you get all of that reward because you facilitate the training. That's the point leaders spooning other leaders, sometimes we

01:40:56--> 01:41:39

go Shahada crazy, then you give money to Shahada is that is not a strategic way of using your sadaqa. Honestly, it's no strategic, you know, what strategic is facilitating the engine behind the Shahada is, what would you write the support Shahada is, or the machine that produces Michelle Hodges, you want to support the machine. So the machine from this context is we divided the dots in order to go out there to articulate Islam intellectually and academically. So if you want the reward of a millions of Shahada on the Day of Judgment, then you're not just going to support one day here and there, you're going to support the mechanism, the engine that creates these to us. And that's

01:41:39--> 01:42:20

why supporting Sapiens Institute is so amazing. And that's why even supporting other organizations like I air is amazing, because they actually support those dogs to give down on a grassroots level. And as many of you know, Ira has re strategize to focus on grassroots dour and is basically gave us the kind of go ahead to continue with the advanced work at Sapiens. So this is why you should support such organizations be strategic with Yasaka be strategic with Africa, I would even say this is this would also include humanitarian work, because when you facilitate the art that gets Shahada is those people who become Muslim, they're going to give some other country to, and they may even

01:42:20--> 01:42:47

create their own dollar organizations or charity organizations, and you get all of that reward based on this Hadith, you just can't go wrong with this approach, support the engine that facilitates the leaders that enables the Shahada has to happen. I repeat, support the engine that facilitates the leaders and the art to enable the Shahada has to happen, and that trickles into the Day of Judgment. And if you're sincere, all of that reward Sokka.

01:42:49--> 01:43:27

Let me just mention one thing, and I know, Hamza mentioned something really important term, and that was to be strategically to be strategic, right? That also applies that when you want to give sadaqa like, let's say that you don't have the money to give sadaqa. But that doesn't mean you're limited. You could at least say you know what, inshallah this in this month of Ramadan, because I believe in the projects, that Sapiens Institute is moving forthwith, and you know, that they have a need, I commit, and this is what I'd like you to do that, okay, it's not about you just committing, I'm going to commit that I'm going to try to reach out to all the contacts I know. And I'm going to

01:43:27--> 01:44:05

raise 1000 pounds, 2000 pounds, 3000, whatever it is, because you may at least make the intention, at least make the intention to say I'm going to support them and I'm going to try to reach out to people I did this, you know, we, we a lot of these classes before the pandemic hit. We were teaching similar classes on the divine reality and so on so forth. A lot of those students, by the way, and I didn't tell him to this yet, but I've I've asked them to make a commitment to that you're going to raise at least let's say because we're working in dollars here $2,000 $3,000 you're gonna go to your loved ones get $20 here $40 there, because I know they're college students, but at least make the

01:44:05--> 01:44:43

intention that you're going to raise the money and then work your best and inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will open doors like you've never seen. And this applies how many different times have we heard that people when they made a commitment they made $1 I'll tell you one that just happened yesterday for my son. All right. My son, he's memorizing the Quran. And he's always he's he's he gets frustrated very easily. And he he said to me, he's like Baba, I've never memorized more than two pages a day. Because I have to make it Yani strong and in order to bucha right. Yesterday he said or the first day of Ramadan. He said I may do our to Allah that I could do four pages a day.

01:44:45--> 01:44:59

And he comes into my room day before yesterday. He says excited. He's elated. He says Baba, I did four pages today. I did four pages and he was you just elated. And that's what I told him. I said Ibrahim, this is it that you put your trust and reliance upon Allah.

01:45:00--> 01:45:18

Palo Alto Allah, Allah can open the doors. So if you make that commitment that I want to, you know, I want to do something for Sapiens and you have your own limitations will llahi This is theirs, I have no doubt about it, that you can raise whatever you want to raise inshallah, reach out your context and ask Allah subhana wa Taala to facilitate.

01:45:19--> 01:46:07

Sorry, to cut you off. I didn't mean to do that. My apologies. I just wanted to remind people about the consequences of not supporting such institutions. I've had private sessions with parents and children, whereby children are becoming Christians. They are becoming atheists, for example, sometimes because of simple doubts. And when they have these sittings Alhamdulillah their doubts are removed by simple conversations. The parents cannot have these conversations, right? I had a parent travel, traveling from Glasgow to London, he took a flight from Glasgow to London, to bring his son to me to sit down and have a conversation about Christianity. Right? He was exposed to some

01:46:07--> 01:46:56

misconceptions online. He was watching some videos. And because he had no knowledge of Islam, he became interested in some of the rhetoric that he was coming across online. So his father was worried. His father thought that he was losing his child. He brought he took a flight late. I mean, come on, taking a flight from Glasgow to London is not a piece of cake. People don't have that kind of time and money. Right. So he took a flight, he came to London for one day had a sitting with us Alhamdulillah and it was very positive. I thank a lot for for all the results. Another example is a mother from London, her son, because of again, lack of knowledge, being online, exposed to lies from

01:46:56--> 01:47:46

Christian missionaries, was drifting away, she brought him a hamdulillah he took his Shahada again, he took his Shahada again, so there are so many other examples. People meet us at Park in speaker's corner, where they bring the children to speak to us, right. And this seems to be a growing trend. Because this is an age of social media. Your children are being exposed to videos, articles, things that they have no knowledge to tackle. And the result is often either outright apostasy or depression caused by doubts, right? That's why we need Sapiens to put yourself in the position of those parents who have children being lost to these doubts or even apostasy. Parents cannot tolerate

01:47:46--> 01:48:30

this. Some parents who are practicing Muslim, I came across a child in Pakistan. I was in Pakistan and a family contacted me that can you speak to our child is becoming an atheist is doubting God. I had a sitting with him, we had a long conversation, we'll hamdulillah we made some difference. So the point is my brothers and sisters on individual level, it cannot be done as effectively as when it can be done institutionally. We needed solutions. We need institutions to train people to do webinars to do project to publish books, to write articles, to do videos, exactly what Sapiens Institute is doing. And look at the people who are working in this institute By the way, okay, these

01:48:30--> 01:49:06

people Mashallah they are highly qualified in their respective fields share with man Latif there, he has two PhDs if not one, if I, if I'm correct about that, he has a PhD in history and he also has a postdoc in Mashallah social studies, if I'm not mistaken. Right? Astarte Hamza Mashallah. He has done postgraduate study on philosophy at the University of London. We are Shaykh Fatah slim Mashallah Medina graduate. Right? We have done that. That's not me. That's my brother.

01:49:07--> 01:49:10

In other words, just want to correct you on the law.

01:49:11--> 01:49:56

Go ahead, go ahead. You I know you have a graduation and I'm sorry about that. I always mix you with your partner was Mashallah I'm used to it. It's okay. Abdullah candelilla Okay, then we have a job Brother Mohammed hijab, Mashallah, who is? Who was maybe a few masters if not one. Okay. So, the point I'm making is, these are qualified brothers who are qualified in their respective fields. We have a brother who is also helping sapiens, who is Mashallah is doing his PhD in the philosophy of science. So my brothers and sisters, these people are serious. They're not a bunch of jokes. Okay, as far as I know. Yeah, we behave like jokers when we are with each other together. Behind closed

01:49:56--> 01:50:00

doors, we have a very loving relationship with each other properly, relate

01:50:00--> 01:50:06

ship but we are very serious about this world. We are thinking of saving lives

01:50:07--> 01:50:13

in the world and the hereafter so brothers and sisters supporting this work Okay, there we have it

01:50:15--> 01:50:16

working hard

01:50:21--> 01:50:47

very hard in Ramadan not by not by. Okay so what we're going to do we're going to ask the admin to put the one minute 40 something second video on that summarizes really our strategy on leaders spawning other leaders it has some hearing humor in it, but it's a serious video to take Bismillah let's have this video to be shown in sha Allah. One pound fish comment everybody now one pound fish, one pound fish one pound fish, three fish.

01:50:49--> 01:50:50

Cover your cover.

01:50:52--> 01:51:39

Why refresh? I know you want one. I don't have any fish left with Muhammad hijab stop. The old averages give a man a fish and he will eat for a day teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. This is a great adage that describes the mission of Sapiens Institute leaders spawning other leaders. That is Sapiens Institute's strategy developing empowering and educating academic activists people can defend and share the deen in a manner that is academically robust and intellectually rigorous in just under a year, we have empowered and trained over 6000 people to be able to share and defend the deen academically and intellectually, all of this amazing work is

01:51:39--> 01:52:20

pointing to a bright future with leaders in every corner of the world who can defend and share Islam effectively. However, there is something missing what is missing from Sapiens Institute, it's you, we need people like yourself to engage with our content, to help spread the message of the deen and to donate every person who benefits from Sapiens Institute every leader who is developed and goes on to develop others and those others who develop others and those others who develop others generation of the generation long after me and you are gone. Click the button below and donate and don't forget to share this video.

01:52:27--> 01:53:03

So now when it comes to locks want to say, may Allah bless brother David in the background, he's doing all the admin work. And, you know, he with his own initiative, put the design, he put the video up, I don't even ask him to do that even think of it. And that shows proactivity mill I've gotten him and his family the best in this life. I mean personal life to come and envy the people from the background, you know, the people at the bank, we're gonna envy them on the day of judgment because they are more likely to have pure intention, the some of the early pious predecessors, they felt that, you know, the public actions were not accepted. So and this links to your Southern coffee

01:53:03--> 01:53:41

give Southern For now, we won't even know your name, we may never meet you. But Allah knows you. And you know, whether we're sincere or not, Allah knows. But the money that you give today, to allow us to produce the book handouts, produced a free course on doubt, to continue with the CPM thoughts, videos, to continue with the lighthouse mentoring program for people with the doubts and to mentor the leaders and to arts and activists and to expand that all of that is going to be your reward. We may not know you know, you may not be no one's gonna know you that you did this. But Allah knows you. And on the Day of Judgment, you're going to see it and to be as we envy you from that

01:53:41--> 01:53:53

perspective. Allah bless all of those people who give sadaqa hidden and open and all of those people who support the dour from behind the scenes, which is sometimes the hardest work to do. So let's

01:53:54--> 01:53:59

pray for the support. Yes, yes, boot is working very hard behind the scenes at the moment with chicken.

01:54:00--> 01:54:01

There you go.

01:54:02--> 01:54:03

Look at that.

01:54:04--> 01:54:15

This is plagues upon plates. It's like multi layered. We have the multi layered approach to understand science in the Quran. He has the approach to fill his tummy.

01:54:17--> 01:54:26

Some good support from behind the scenes. Yeah. Let's take brother Zane. Let's unmute brothers. Brothers in Salaam Alaikum. Brother Zane.

01:54:30--> 01:54:32

Can you put your unit speak a bit louder for the name?

01:54:33--> 01:54:40

Can you guys hear me? Yes, slightly. Sounds like you're talking from about five meters away, but we'll try our best.

01:54:41--> 01:54:59

Yeah, so I have a doubt related to cognitive science. You know, we have people who say like, our common ancestors, like people whose they are not who believe in evolution who say our common ancestor didn't believe in God. And so after evolution, we have this

01:55:00--> 01:55:05

A supernatural seeking agent in our brain something like oh, we have to say that.

01:55:07--> 01:55:24

Okay, brother, you know, can you try and put your mouth closer to the microphone? It's very hard to hear you can I put it in the tap? Me putting it in the chat will be easier than will take someone else on board now. Okay, I do apologize. That was a technical issue. May Allah bless you. Okay, let's take a friend.

01:55:35--> 01:55:36

Hello, friend.

01:55:39--> 01:55:39

unmute you.

01:55:42--> 01:55:45

Okay, they chose Okay, let's take the word. Salam Alaikum

01:55:47--> 01:55:56

Salaam Alaikum Brice two questions. The first one is so I think the Prophet Muhammad he says that the angel mckeel.

01:55:57--> 01:56:09

Michel Controls the Weather. But we know that this contradicts science, because the weather is caused by natural processes. So if the Prophet Muhammad said this, then he said something which is untrue.

01:56:11--> 01:56:16

So how do we reconcile this with the notion that he is the author truthful?

01:56:17--> 01:56:28

Okay, so let me just understand your question properly, brother, that what you're saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is saying an angel Controls the Weather. But we know the weather is actually caused by

01:56:30--> 01:56:37

caused by natural processes, correct? Yes. Okay, so who wants to answer this question?

01:56:39--> 01:56:45

You want to Mr. jobs since you just come on board? Yeah, I was gonna say, you know, pass the ball to the new guy.

01:56:46--> 01:57:05

I think you we are good at answering this question. Well, well, that was what I thought was, I don't see that there's any contradiction with all due respect. One does basically articulate the how the other articulates the why. And this seems to be a logical conflation between the how and the why. So for example, let me give an example.

01:57:06--> 01:57:24

How did for example, my first son, Zachary, how was he born? Now, without going into too much detail? There was a whole process, right? It's the process of m. embryology. So you have the sperm and it basically inserts itself into the ovary, then you have all of these things.

01:57:29--> 01:57:54

So basically, you have the logical process, and then it becomes a blastocyst. And it sinks, it solves the uterine wall, and then it develops further and it goes through the stages, then you have the baby. Okay, that's the that's the fast route. That's the how that's the physical process. Now. Now, what's the Why? Who controlled it? In essence, right? Well, the reason it happened is because obviously, I was attracted to my wife and I was married to my wife, I was attractive, and I was attractive.

01:57:57--> 01:58:37

I was attracted to my wife, and you know what happened? So those two things don't contradict each other. So the how the physical process and the why they coincide, there's no contradiction. So yes, we know how the weather works, for sure. But is it a contradiction to say that the angel use these these physical process these these s Bab these physical processes in order for the weather to happen? That's not a problem at all, in any shape or form? So there is a slight conflation between the how and the why, from my perspective, does that make sense note? Yes, it does. But I wanted to, like, would this process happened without the angel with this physical process happen? Okay, good.

01:58:37--> 01:59:14

That question itself is not a scientific question, though. That's what you call a metaphysical question. It's like, for example, saying, you know, because, because the only way to understand that if you were to remove the angel out of the equation, but you just don't have access to that reality. So that question cannot be assessed from a physicalist perspective, because it's a metaphysical question. So the question itself, is actually cannot be assessed physically, because we're talking about angels in this process and metaphysical entity from that perspective. Now, the question we should be asking is, can metaphysical entities actually have physical effects? Absolutely. Just look

01:59:14--> 01:59:49

at yourself and me. We're conscious, you know, we have this metaphysical, you know, non physical consciousness that actually interacts with the physical world. So it's not really a problem. And there's lots to talk about, obviously, in the philosophy of mind concerning that. But your question itself is doesn't undermine the Hadees doesn't undermine Islam in any shape or form. Because to say, if, if, you know, would it still happen if the angel wasn't there? Well, even to understand that reality, you'd have to be able to remove the angel from the equation which you can because the metaphysical understanding. So from that perspective, I don't see that there's any issue at all.

01:59:49--> 02:00:00

Just to add to that, you know, some Columbus actually, not necessarily in relation to the angel, but he talks about what he refers to as Jihad ibaka. So he took

02:00:00--> 02:00:02

About causation suburbian hedges.

02:00:03--> 02:00:43

In the third volume, he talks about a Jihad often so for instance, which means the direction of attribution. And so he says that, for instance, he gives this example right. And he gives it, he says that, for example, Allah subhanaw taala, he creates us, right? No one has any contention with that we believe that Allah created us ultimately, but that our parents also, you know, a mother, which is the primary cause for us. Now, what this is, is it's you have to evolve is basically what you say that there's an attribution of why something changes from one to another. And it can be different so it can be added. So in other words, for example, you see this bottle, right?

02:00:44--> 02:01:20

Let's pretend that we wanted to lift it from this place to that place like this. Now is this possible can be lifted from one side like that. But it's also possible can be lifted from both sides like this, right? So in other words, if we think about the weather or anything you like, there isn't a jihad, or fear or there isn't a direction of attribution, which is attribute to the suburb that is physical that we can see. And there is a general of love, which is actually directly to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there is a general offer that may be directed to something which is metaphysical, which which we can't see, the only way this would be a contradiction as if you had the

02:01:20--> 02:01:55

job offer or the direction of attribution, were crowded in the same place. So in other words, if I were to say that I'm picking up this ball from one direction, but there are two causes of picking up the ball from the same direction, this is where it would become problematic, but so long as the direction of causality is different. So you can have, you can have an infinite amount of causes, so long as it's not in the same direction. And so I think this is a very important thing. And what has also said basically saying it's a category mistake fallacy, unless you want to say that this GOP law is

02:01:57--> 02:02:33

is contradiction is contradicting, right? The natural process this, you can only do that with a natural process. So you can only contradict, you can only know that you will contradiction natural process with another natural process. You can't use a metaphysical thing to try and contradict something which is happening physically, physically. So from that angle, I feel like there is a contradistinction and a harmony going on. The only way you can possibly say it is a contradiction. If you could somehow claim that the direction of attribution is crowded, basically, it's from the same direction, and that it's impossible for that to be the case. Yes, it's up to him or how many

02:02:33--> 02:02:45

jobs? Make sense? Yes, he's here. So before we take another question, I thought we should remind everybody what the * what they're supporting and why they should support us.

02:02:46--> 02:03:33

Yeah, we are supporting exactly this, what's going on? Answering doubts. There are doubts in the minds of youngsters around the world, in particular, Muslim young youngsters. And these doubts can cause serious damage, to Eman to one's confidence in Islam. And our youngsters are young brothers and sisters who are exposed to all kinds of evil content online, in some cases, created by malicious lying Christian missionaries, and some extremist atheists, and all sorts of islamophobes are putting all kinds of rubbish online, and our youngsters get exposed to this stuff. That's why it is important to have institutions like Sapiens Institute to do away with the doubt these lies these

02:03:33--> 02:04:18

misconceptions or this outright Islamophobia. So this is why brothers and sisters, only five, six or 510 20 people cannot do it. We need all of you involved. This is why this session is happening. We are showing you a live demonstration as to how youngsters can have these questions in these doubts. And if they're not answered, they can remain unanswered for decades, they can remain in people's minds. For decades, I've had cases where people had questions in the mind unanswered for a very long time. And these people lived in doubt. Living in doubt is not something nice or your Eman. For that reason you need to right now click the donations link and start supporting or the least you can do

02:04:18--> 02:04:34

those of you are watching on our Facebook pages on our YouTube channels. Don't forget we share this link on your social media platform, your Twitter, your Facebook, or other social media platforms where you can actually

02:04:35--> 02:04:45

go ahead and share so that people can get into making donations Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link I

02:04:46--> 02:04:56

buy. Men are blessed. Doctors minor teeth is going to go and he's going to see us in another live stream that we've planned. So Dr. Manoj teeth just your final thoughts. Then.

02:04:58--> 02:04:59

Alhambra just to address

02:05:00--> 02:05:30

Everybody please just donate as much as you can inshallah support this call this is your cause as much as is our cause this is a cause of the oma of Hamza salam, all of us feel the sense of Riera, the sense of you know, pride and jealousy for Islam and we can all do something in sha Allah to aid and assist one another. May Allah bless you and enable you in fellow inshallah to give generously inshallah, in this nice, great days of Ramadan, Ramadan, for your for your attendance, and just continue watching and support the cause, inshallah, let's move ahead. And so now when it comes to love on Sunday, because yeah,

02:05:31--> 02:06:09

thank you, man, may Allah bless Oh, thank you, just to remind everybody, brothers and sisters, today, our live streams are Thema ties with focusing on addressing doubts, because a part of our work, not all of our work, a part of our work is involved in this. And how do we address this work is very simple. We have the lighthouse mentoring system in place now where you could book a one hour session with some of our specialists in order to deal with your doubts and also for you to be mentored. So you can basically become a Muslim that can articulate Islam intellectually, academically, it's open also to ex Muslims. It's also open to non Muslims as well. And we've been

02:06:09--> 02:06:46

inundated with requests at the moment that requires full time people to engage in this work. We're also producing a book called boy don't know what the name is, but it's going to be on doubts. And it's going to be anchored off the sapient thought series. Because we've been dealing with shewhart, specious claims, the detractors against Islam, the scientific claims, and we're going to go through the Sierra then ethics, and many, many others, that is going to be now expanded and put into a book and, and well researched and referenced, but sure enough, concise enough to be absorbed and articulated and conceptualized. So people can use in a practical way, we're also going to launch our

02:06:47--> 02:07:26

course code, no doubt, we've already launched it, I think 1000s of people registered, but we're going to now have it for free, online, on our educational platform that you can register, and it's going to be revised, and it's going to be professionally filmed. That requires also resources. We're also brothers and sisters, training and developing others on how to deal with their doubts and the doubts of others. So we could have mentors in the future, and to act in the future to deal with these issues. So this is the realm of shoe heart. We're also translating Arabic intellectual work books in in Arabic, that are written by contemporary intellectuals, they already deal with some of

02:07:26--> 02:08:05

these chable hearts, and were translated into the English language. Usually it's from west to east, but now it's from east to west, there are some great intellectuals and Sapiens Institute have the sole right, the copyright to translate them into the English language, that is a huge task could take a year, a thick Arabic book, while research to translate properly, it could take a very long time, we need resources for that. So look, all these four or five projects, if you want to support this and you want to be involved in this swing, get the reward for all of this and for generations to come. Then click the description, the link in the description, or go to Sapiens Institute org,

02:08:05--> 02:08:46

forward slash donate live, I repeat, Sapiens institute.org, forward slash Donate Life. Don't be like those people. When they say to Allah subhana wa Tada. They want to be brought back to give sadaqa why South Africa, why South Africa because the the way of South Africa is a sign of eemaan. So this is a great opportunity for you to to show that scientists yourself and for you to be on that path of getting all of the reward based on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam which business Sahih Muslim that whoever causes something good, gets the reward of that good too. So imagine, you facilitate the book handouts, which one doesn't exist at the moment, a comprehensive

02:08:46--> 02:09:06

book dealing with all the doubts, scientific, ethical, based on the pseudo historical in a concise and well researched way doesn't exist. Imagine you facilitate the course on 10 effective strategies on how to deal with your doubts and the doubts of others and unique course that doesn't exist, that we developed that hamdulillah the lighthouse mentoring, from my understanding, this doesn't exist anywhere on this level.

02:09:07--> 02:09:44

And the safety of thoughts, videos, the amount of videos that we've done on science, and many, many, many, many more videos we can do on Syrah and ethics and so on and so forth. hamdulillah but how many jobs did 26 of the 30 videos hamdulillah. In actual fact, he did much, much more. But we're slowly releasing them. And it go and we go for a very robust process, we go for a robust process to the point where, you know, we want to just elevate the game, you know, from that perspective. So if you want to order this reward, click in the description below sapiens, institute.org, Donate Life, job talk to I want to say something as well. I think in the next six months to something we're gonna

02:09:45--> 02:09:53

promise, right? The output that we are going to have in this institute is going to, it's going to be so voluminous that it's going to be terrifying.

02:09:54--> 02:09:58

It's going to be so voluminous, it's going to be terrifying. I tell you

02:09:59--> 02:09:59


02:10:00--> 02:10:28

There are people and there are institutes and there are apologetics firms in the United States of America, like Answers in Genesis which have more than 10s 10s of millions of pounds, okay 10s of millions of pounds reasonable faith, once again, they're getting millions of pounds. This organization that we have, which is actually the only Premier, if you want to call it this Muslim apologetics Institute in the Western world, the only a premier one that really works on the ground and has the reach that it has

02:10:29--> 02:11:09

this, we are doing more, and we will do more. And this is a promise, we will do more by way of reach and output and change. Okay, then all of those organizations in America that are getting 10s of millions of pounds. This is we've talked about just the tip of the iceberg of what we have already achieved in the very short time that since our inception, the fact of the matter is that we have lots of volunteers, we have people that literally spent 10s of hours 10s of hours, we wish we had a we have money to give to give them to really to compensate them for their work. It's not really the fitting that we know we don't have, unfortunately is maybe sad to say this, but we don't have the

02:11:09--> 02:11:47

money for this. We have people that are spending 10s of hours researching doing Hadith narrations and checking this and going into books. And we wish that we had a fund for these people. Okay. There's so many things we have to fund. I mean, at the end of the day, we see on first hand basis, we see on a first hand basis, people transform of all due respect to anybody who has any criticisms transformed from a point of leaving the religion of Islam to being a color to the religion of Islam, from being outside of enemy to the religion of Islam, to being within the ranks of the Muslims, we see this. This is the most agile everything you're going to see in the ajeeb things you're going to

02:11:47--> 02:12:24

see the most strange and bewildering and wondrous things that you're going to see you see in the dollar field because it is exactly what the prophets did. Let me ask you a question. He read the Quran 6236 verses of the Quran. In fact, you had to look at it from the beginning of the book to the end of it. Let me ask you a question. When you read the stories of the prophets, what is the most concurrent theme between all the prophets that they call to the people and they call to tow hate and not just calling to hate within their own communities? No. They're calling to tawheed within an outreach space, intellectualizing it, Ibraheem alehissalaam when he was within his people, what was

02:12:24--> 02:13:00

he doing? He was offering logical and rational arguments to the people to his own, to the point where they were dumbfounded by him. Just one man but because he had the spirit of an oma has Allah subhanaw taala he calls him an oma, just one man. Okay, and he has had one of the most lasting legacies of any human being in human history. When the Baraka is with us, and when the angels are with us, yeah, because Allah subhanaw taala, he sends angels, he'll send angels, and he'll send geonode Allah, Allah Mu darbuka. Allah who and no one knows that, you know, the Allah, the soldiers of Allah except him.

02:13:02--> 02:13:22

He can send the john D, who could send somebody who is a soldier who is actually antithetical to the Islamic project, but let you be those giunti today, you can be the soldier today, let me tell you something that you didn't know. Maybe I'm being a little bit pompous here. But I think you don't know this, that every single time Allah subhanho wa Taala, he mentions,

02:13:23--> 02:13:36

struggling in the sight of Allah in the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He, nine times he mentions the unwelcome emphasis, which means that with your money and yourselves,

02:13:37--> 02:13:51

because if you don't have it, to do it with your wealth, you don't have that you don't have it to do with yourself. You don't have what it takes to do it. You're saying we wish we were in this situation? This is Ramadan, 2021, we're in the one of the most highly

02:13:52--> 02:14:22

in terms of money, this country has one of the highest GDP and GDP capital in the world. GDP per capita in the world we have, we are the most rich people in the world. And yet Subhanallah we have situation like this where we can't even pay. So with all due respect, yani volunteers and stuff like that. And these people that they're in America, these charlatans and these fraudsters, they have 10s of millions of pounds in flight and fly jets. And all of us have canceled properties, we don't own a single property and you have if you saw a car you want to spare us.

02:14:23--> 02:14:59

So what kind of what kind of thing is this that we live, we have to be free. And then you know, working for salon and working for that. And then it was too much I had to almost broke down because there was no enough money. But at the end of the day, you know, there are we do this. So you don't have to, we're doing this with respect so you don't be sinful. Because somebody has to do this. Somebody has to think creatively and intellectually, so that when your children grow up, and your children's children and your children's children's children, okay, and they're asking very important questions, because these guys are the pinnacle of intellectual prowess in the in the Western world.

02:15:00--> 02:15:13

With the most sophisticated philosophical, intellectual arguments, and the Muslims are still trying to find their figure out whether using rationality and philosophy is halal or not. No wonder why we're going to be Muslim and humiliated.

02:15:14--> 02:15:55

humiliated. It's like we're on the battlefield and we're wondering, is it allowed to use a knife and gun? It's ridiculous thing. So Pamela, you know, at the end of the day what we need, we really need commitment from the people, okay? We need commitment from the people so that we can continue doing this work. Because the truth of the matter is, you know, Allah subhanaw taala he says in the Quran, lay Yes, the women commend him for coming probably in fact favor partner, Allah eka automata Raja tamina Amina Latina, woman bajo patello wakulla mother love Allah subhanaw taala says the people who basically to paraphrase the most important part of the A in Surah Al Hadid, Chapter 59 is that non

02:15:55--> 02:16:33

equivalent other people who do it first to pay first and to strive with their monies first with the ones who do afterwards? It's not you're not equivalent. We know who the sub equivalent Allah subhanaw taala when he's praising the Sahaba he says, well, Serbia Kunal or Luna Mel mahadji Nieto, I'm sorry, the ones who came first from the mohajir so we need we need a group of people, brothers and sisters, soldiers in Islam. You know, and we know that we have the best chance. Sorry to say there's nobody else that has the best chance to stand at the face of the enemy. And to make them bow, not to us but to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then submission Yeah, because we can Yes, we can

02:16:34--> 02:16:48

prepare ourselves well, I do lahoma SATA two Min kuwa. You know what Allah subhanaw taala says prepare and what you can from strength it doesn't always mean Yanni battlefield stuff, no, it can also mean the pen. And in fact, in the there is a hadith where it says

02:16:50--> 02:17:16

strive against those basically this believers who are enemies of Islam BLC datacom How is it with your tongue? How? How can you strive against your tongue? If you have nothing in your brain? How What are you going to say? Yes, we do need the Quran what Jackie to whom bt Jihad and carry it on? We do need the Quran because Allah says strive with it, ya know, the Quran, Jihad and Kabira. But we also need to do well, if not best. And all of these Sahaba did when they went and

02:17:17--> 02:17:56

knew the Hebrew language and to try to immerse themselves in other cultures so that they can do proper thou. We need a proper team. And then Ramadan, what other yummy What are you going to do it? Well, what are you starting to say? Well, we all are only watching. Let's donate. This is what like, it's an opportunity for you. Because you know what? You and I know both that in 10 years time in 15 years time in 20 years, 20 years time. Yeah. When our children aren't in schools, or our children's children or grandchildren in schools, and they're being bombarded while locking up some of the law and they'll be bombarded with everything. From Darwinian evolution to feminism to liberalism. I

02:17:56--> 02:18:30

believe in Allah, ridiculed get out. Okay. Can you believe it a lot? What What do you have to say about this semester, we need to be able to unpack, decipher, destroy their argument, and then tell them why we believe in Allah, that's going to give more power to our community. And it's going to allow us to retain capital in terms of people that we're losing to these ideologies on a daily and weekly basis. And you know, what, this is the most, I will say this, I've been involved in so many different charity projects in my life. And you will notice that those who follow me though, they'll notice, but these ones I actually believe are the highest, the most important ones. And I will stick

02:18:30--> 02:19:05

to this and I will challenge anybody on this. Because this is the one where we produce people that will be challenged to give us we produce people that we instill the level align them, and they kind of align them so that you can go and give charity, there's no other project that you can do, where you can make people want to give charity them these kinds of projects, the intellectual changing of people's minds so that they want to give charity, you give charity today in a Sapiens Institute, we're gonna have proper environment this and that we can we can have proper research teams, I tell you in the next six months and hold me to this, if the publications and the output

02:19:07--> 02:19:10

is not such that you think you know what, that is serious.

02:19:12--> 02:19:40

We will do more than what these people are doing in the United States of America 10s of millions we promise you that but we just need your help because we need to hire people you know, I'll be honest with you guys, you know these these these books, we have to lift them the brother is not me Actually I have to be honest. But support on him does also have to lift himself and break his back almost lifting and I'm not sure I know she was there. Everyone put picking up the books and it took like three four hours gonna hernia because you can't afford to

02:19:42--> 02:19:59

it's not a joke. driving in the car this and that. You see them you want to feel sorry for them Allah. You feel sorry for these people and they are meant to be the premier guys. The premier guys that you know, has Hamza sources. He's got a 5 million watch debate with Leon sorry.

02:20:00--> 02:20:00


02:20:02--> 02:20:21

Yeah, Lawrence Krauss, volio. Is 4.2 is no problem. But if you check all the other languages, maybe, maybe this is the most watched debate in history of Muslim atheist debates. And what's he doing? He's walking around picking up books and, and editing our videos because we have no editor. This is harmonic, you know that we put the people in this position.

02:20:22--> 02:20:35

It's not fair, you know, and he's going down and this and that. And yeah. And Adnan Rashid is working, going to Pakistan got gone to Africa, go on this and go on that. And look at him, he's volunteering most of the time, because we don't have that. It's ridiculous to be honest with you.

02:20:36--> 02:20:36

It's not for him.

02:20:37--> 02:20:40

Luckily, so the caffeine kicked in Alhamdulillah.

02:20:43--> 02:20:45

But he started crying a few times, like

02:20:46--> 02:20:51

he started breaking down. And so the people don't do they do

02:20:52--> 02:21:28

after you know, it's fair to say, you know, they don't see what happens behind the scenes, they don't see that you know, how I have to be honest with all the people I've ever worked with, in my whole life, there's not been a single person that has been more scrutiny with every single penny that has come in than hamsters, or has always put systems in place so that people hold him to account as always like that. You know, he never ever he never hire somebody to do something which can be done by us. Even at cleaning, to be honest with you, we had, we have a nice fixed tire place, every time we have to clean ourselves.

02:21:30--> 02:21:40

So can get a cleaner, please, you know, because no, no, we're not going to get cleaner, we're going to clean ourselves every single time to clean ourselves, editing ourselves, everything. And that's why the quality as low as it is.

02:21:42--> 02:21:46

You know, this is the situation will lay support at

02:21:48--> 02:22:22

two o'clock in the morning, sending me books and sending me articles and these people are living this life. And you're not going to get people that live this life. You're not going to get people that live, you're lucky. Well, I every one of you I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about the rest of the brothers and nanosheet going to Africa, you know, and then working on the ground people you know, they'll they'll villages that have become Muslim of his hands. Absolutely. Villages whole village, you know what that means? That That means you give him a bit of time, he can just do the most damage. And then he goes James White's destroys him. One of the most high level

02:22:22--> 02:22:48

intellectuals that they're giving him good money, good salary, this and that. And he's the elder in the church. He has to struggle around for for money to send because we don't have budget. And I'm not saying it's fantastic. He's people, they work hard. But all I can tell you they work hard. And it has to be the case that they go outside and scramble for money to send back. This is doing some Bitcoins. I don't know what they're doing. They make money on Amazon.

02:22:49--> 02:22:52

You know what I mean? No, it's serious, you know, it's not

02:22:53--> 02:23:25

and the kind of stuff you see. And they make time for everybody. It's not like we've gotten to a point where are we not going to speak to you anyone who comes up Never seen hamsters also saw someone or any of these guys, they come they people come to them and they make time for them to go even if they're even if they're vicious people say look, you want to come and talk to pizza this and that. And you turn it on? Good. Okay, so so he job has inspired someone I can't mention his name, but he's a very dear brother to us. He said that he will give 1000 pounds if someone else matches it. Okay, it's 1000 megatons.

02:23:30--> 02:23:31

He said he'll give

02:23:33--> 02:24:13

See, look this 572 people watching right now which is very good for live and handling. And this brother has said he will give 1000 pounds if someone can match it. So he told me to set the challenge, not to mention his name. Just to repeat brothers and sisters. We trained since July last years over 6000 people I mean by training is not just basic, attaining one hour course, as if it was like an in depth webinar. It was in depth and research. We also had 10 in depth, seminars and courses for people to attend. And we trained over 6000 people to articulate Islam intellectually, academically, that is, I think, a phenomenal thing that we did and hamdulillah the hard work of all

02:24:13--> 02:24:56

of the brothers. We produce safe food videos. We produced 13 well researched essays and answers and an articles we published three books for free that you can download on our website. The Divine reality newly revised edition is there for free on being human updated edition is free hijabs book on the scientific deception of new atheists is there for free and there are other books coming out for example, we have a book on no doubts on doubts rather dealing with shubo heart we have going to have a book on advanced our book on the contingency argument has come Yes, we have of course we have a book on a very well researched, well researched book on the contingency argument for an Islamic

02:24:56--> 02:24:59

perspective musical dilemma the the science

02:25:00--> 02:25:36

There's so much coming out, we've got the third hypothesis, we're gonna be frightened. So as he just said, the output that we're going to do and we're doing is going to be terrifying from the point of view that we want to dedicate this for free. We want to be able to empower you so you could share it some academically and intellectually, so we could. So leaders are spawning other leaders, we're not going to live forever. We may die tomorrow, we may die next week. Allah knows, may Allah protect all of us, and we die with a man, we die with the Shahada. But the point is, we don't know we could go at any time. We want to spawn other leaders so they can continue this journey. They could continue

02:25:36--> 02:26:11

enhancing the Dow and they could create other leaders too. This is actually the prophetic model, the province of Islam did not achieve success on his own. He didn't achieve success in his own summary MSC, well, he had directly 100 charges, 300 charges. But look what's happening all around the world because he developed the Sahaba. And the Sahaba development have been and the tie been developed the students and so on and so on until we have Islam today. That spiritual intellectual heritage of Islam is because of today. And because they will focus on developing people. And I've been told me this 80 years after the death of the Prophet salallahu idea, he was selling more and more fun in

02:26:11--> 02:26:42

Pakistan, and we're in Spain. But it was at two years after his death sallalahu it was some of the Muslims decided to fix his Mac, but it was still dripping of water, because the Muslims at that time had the right mindset develop people of substance. So you have a future for the onma. Now it's the other way around, we build massage, we build institutions, we build buildings, everything is all good and gross, but there's nothing inside is empty. So what we need to do is really develop other people, muscle buildings and COVID.

02:26:44--> 02:26:46

Building over time,

02:26:49--> 02:27:25

told to go and pray at home. Again, the point is, my beloved brothers and sisters Sapiens Institute, we're trying to fill a gap in the dial, which is actually developing these intellectual activists. Yes, we refer to other Institute's to refer to other art to create good products and good work and good research and good courses. But we're filling the gap from an educational point of view from an empowering point of view so we could develop the future leaders of today that is much needed. And imagine the 6000 people that we trained, they go on now, to create a massive impact in the Dow are different in different languages, because it's all around the world. And then they develop others to

02:27:25--> 02:27:36

imagine you supported that. Imagine what kind of hair you have on the Day of Judgment. Imagine the Shahada count, even point counting the Shahada is because we are developing the people that develop the people that produce the Shahada.

02:27:38--> 02:28:15

So what you have to do support the Shahada has also put the people that developed the Shahada is and that's why there's actually an AI era livestream as well, I suggest some of you go to the IRA, live stream and give money to IRA. They're doing great work. As you know, I was the CEO of AI era and still very in love with AI era that in great work support AI era. They're doing great grassroots work, especially in the in the developing world, in Africa, in the Far East. And we have I say we because it's still part of the Tao family, they have do art, outreach specialists all around the world, please support them because they're the engine that's producing the shadows too. So if you

02:28:15--> 02:28:51

can see from that perspective, that like the grassroots on the ground, with the kind of the grassroots intellectual activist and academic activists as well at different levels, so we're, it's a symbiosis. So I do want and the reason I promote others other people is a lie, he will lie on some below I believe, Allah is the most bountiful Allah is the most generous, and I believe Allah is bounties for everybody is for everybody. So no strategy or anything I say is going to put any obstacles I put is going to stop that bounty. So this is a matter of Toledo, who Allah is on one line, when you have this attitude, you have Baraka in your life. You have Baraka so brothers and

02:28:51--> 02:29:01

sisters. Let me just mention the challenge before he talks against the brother said he will give 1000 pounds if someone can match that 1000 pounds let me just check if someone's done that yet.

02:29:03--> 02:29:04

Oh, my God.

02:29:05--> 02:29:12

So for some reason, why don't know what you've done, he died, but it worked. It's like we just almost doubled our fundraising.

02:29:14--> 02:29:21

hamdulillah so yeah, are you reading the same message? Um, I received no not what message did you send it to me?

02:29:25--> 02:29:59

Wow. Anyway, my love blessings. I have a couple of things. Yeah, some people think and I'm going to mention some of the brothers that I also work with that are not part of Sapiens per se. But people like Ali Dhawan Zhi Shan and these guys, you know, if you think all these guys are big YouTubers, and you know, they're this and that, and they must be getting a lot of money from the ad revenue, brothers, books and below artemia. You know, we do find advertisements. But let me tell you something. The advertisements that we're getting is like 10% of what we should be getting for the size of our channel. They've limited it, because we have to limit it. It's like peanuts with all due

02:29:59--> 02:29:59

respect to you.

02:30:00--> 02:30:06

And all of the problems are like that. I don't want you guys to think that oh, we get making money. No, we're not. If we did, we'd have some assets. We have no net worth.

02:30:07--> 02:30:15

So I saw recently somebody put in Google one of the things Mohammed hijab net worth a lot and I saw that start to giggle. I think I got money, money.

02:30:17--> 02:30:48

You know, the truth of the matter is this, honestly, the lion or the oxen bola, we have brothers that are working for free. Okay, we have a group of brothers that are working for free, would go to the office, and we finish at three o'clock in the morning, and I feel sad, I feel sad that the oldest filming and all this he's brought his books and the brothers and this guy is who is his notes and all that. And I just felt like what can I do have to take him home with my car, that's the only way I can do that only that offer is taking him back home. That's what we can do. Because we don't have the facilities. We don't have

02:30:49--> 02:30:51

to have a good mood was

02:30:54--> 02:31:06

a brother a brother to match other donations, he said he will make a donation of 1000 pounds. May Allah bless him. I know him personally He has sent me a message on WhatsApp. I mean,

02:31:07--> 02:31:53

make a donation of 1000 pounds. inshallah. And I know him personally, I don't know if I want He wants me to mention him. But I will ask everyone watching to make Doha for this brother but the call was him. Brother will seem make the offer brother will seem who has pledged to make a donation of 1000 pounds, more bla bla bla and accept from you, my last panel open the doors of general for you. And this is the month of mercy Allah subhanaw taala has opened the doors of general white and one of the meanings of this Hadees could be that Allah wants people to do good deeds so that he can put them in Jannah. So Ramadan is the month of January Ramadan is the month of mercy it is the month of

02:31:53--> 02:32:50

nadaka. Remember, in this month, every good deed is multiplied by 70 times 70 times. So what better deed is there to support our support, intellectual struggle with the enemies of Islam, there are so many enemies of Islam who are attacking Islam on daily basis in different ways. Left right front back, attacking from all over the place above where you know, beneath you name it, they are trying everything in anything to cause more and more people to have doubts about Islam, you know, but Allah has his ways. When there is fair on there is Moosa remember, when there is fair on there is Moosa and it is the people of Musa, who will be remembered by Allah, their own had an army. And Allah only

02:32:50--> 02:33:39

only mentioned that army as junoon you know, origin example, right? It is just an army, but the supporters of Allah and his cause the supporters of their own are forgotten with the support of Allah and His prophets are remembered. They are remembered Allah mentions them in the Quran. Allah mentions the supporters of prophets repeatedly. Why? Because they were supporting the work of Allah. This is the work of Allah. There are many veterans out there. But there are followers of musala salam there are followers of Isa Salaam, there are followers of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who are upholding the flag of Islam defending this great this noble this model this upright Deen of Allah

02:33:39--> 02:33:40

subhanaw taala we believe

02:33:43--> 02:34:14

so, yes, sir. Yeah, so I just repeat what you just got to say donate now brothers and sisters Sapiens Institute. org forward slash Donate Life, brother fight I want to bring in here, you know, quickly explain why supporting the lighthouse mentoring service and the course that you actually will be filming parts of it during Ramadan, the course on doubt and the 10 effective strategies and how to deal with your doubts and the doubts of others. Why is that something that is going to be a worthy cause to support?

02:34:16--> 02:34:42

Alright, well, this Mila before I get there, actually, you know, Muhammad mentioned something that that I want to just add to that. We are in the month of Ramadan. And you know, when you think about the prophets of Salaam and the fact that the process Sallam gave more in the month of Ramadan than other months, Is this correct? Shannon? Is this correct? Mohamed? This is correct. This is right. Okay, this is right. Now here's the thing. Yes, sorry.

02:34:44--> 02:35:00

Right. So he gave like the wind Diani. It's like like you just gave and gave and gave sallallahu Sallam i thought was interesting is that he ma'am Shafi commented on this, what is the wisdom behind giving in the month of Ramadan so much? He said, because when you think about the people

02:35:00--> 02:35:36

are out and working and doing labor and working around the clock, that they're not going to be happy, they're not going to have the same amount of time because they want to spend time in the worship of Allah. So what giving in the month of Ramadan does is that it frees them so that they can connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so it comes down to a certain wisdom that when you give to these programs, you're not only just giving in terms of the program itself, the people that are involved, you give them a little bit of despite, so that they can connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that becomes really important when you move forward and that you're involved in this type

02:35:36--> 02:36:14

of work your own person and all of us on here know that when our own connection is weakened with Allah, it has a direct impact on our dollar Salalah. Is this correct? Of course. So it's not just you know, we talked about multi layered multi leveled, your donation is multi level on so many different levels you can't even imagine. So do not delay Don't let don't think i'll give it later this and that, you know, if you don't have it now, like I said, make a commitment. So I'm going to raise, you know, the brothers said 1000 pounds, hello, I will raise 2000 pounds, I'll contact, you know, 100 of my friends and tell them donate 10 each 20 each 30 each, right, because that's doable,

02:36:15--> 02:36:55

and make that intention right now. Don't delay it. This is the month of Ramadan. So back to this question. What you know, the projects that we're doing, first of all, the lighthouse project. I mean, we've been talking about the fact that there's an overwhelming demand, like anyone that's been involved in the field knows they have texts upon texts upon text calls, you know, that are coming from parents that are coming from people that have their spouses, they have text from a mom's dinner, dad got a text or any Mom, I need you to talk to this brother, you know, he's right. He's teeter tottering. He's just about to leave now. And he needs something. And these are the people

02:36:55--> 02:37:15

that need that one on one counseling. They need that one on one mentoring that someone can see. And that's what lighthouse does is that it's that one on one Sorry, go ahead, check on your father, the good news, another brother of ours, a huge supporter of Dawa for many years, but always, he has donated 500 pounds Southern

02:37:16--> 02:37:20

grandmother, she passed away this Monday to panela.

02:37:21--> 02:37:32

His grandmother passed away this Monday. And he has donated 500 pounds as sadhaka for his grandmother May Allah accept your grandmother in the northern Virgos

02:37:34--> 02:37:38

natural ward in Paradise, open the gates of

02:37:39--> 02:38:00

people very these are very difficult times on many people. So many of our loved ones are parting from art due to the pandemic in some cases and in some cases naturally due to other complications. But May Allah subhanaw taala open the doors of Jenna for your grandmother and May Allah make you an excellent for the khagaria as you already are.

02:38:01--> 02:38:51

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No abs, lol mommy mail us pound I'll accept from him the brother. That's excellent news.

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You know, as you were speaking, and as I was thinking about the importance of something like lighthouse, the one on one mentoring program that we have the book that's based on the no doubt course, and the course itself.

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You know, when when I was teaching courses that were similar, or in the same realm, so for instance, we taught a course here in the States, based on Holmes's book on, you know, divine reality. And I, I can tell you this, that every city that course went to, and it went to multiple cities, every city, that course went to, you would, or almost every city, you would find someone that would pull you aside after the class after going through all of the material and say, I wish so and so I was here for this information for this class. Right? I remember we did this class here in Houston. And it was at a we actually did it at a conference. And this mother pulled me aside and she could barely hold

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her tears back, saying my son, he's left Islam, and I wish that he could have been in this class, I wish he could have taken advantage of this material. So the problem is, is very real. And if you could just put yourselves in the shoes of a of a mother, or a father or you know a husband or a wife, or a grandparent that is losing someone to these sugar hearts that are you know, spreading like wildfire all over the internet all over, you know, publications that you need to put yourself in their shoes and understand that it is one of the most difficult things to see a loved one to go through doubts, and there is no one and nowhere that you can turn to. When we want to change that

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dynamic. We want to make that dynamic completely different by bringing it and bringing you an answer and bringing you the materials and equipment

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that you need to defend this. Sorry. Go ahead support. Yeah, absolutely. We've got a few guests. So I'm thinking

02:45:06--> 02:45:11

about some brothers might have questions. They are waiting. Some people have been waiting. That's what I'm gonna

02:45:14--> 02:45:20

go a friend. Welcome to Sapiens Institute live. Let us know your thoughts on what you've been hearing so far.

02:45:22--> 02:45:24

Assalamu alaikum brothers, can you hear

02:45:25--> 02:45:26

from sound?

02:45:28--> 02:45:36

Before I ask my question, I have a little request, I'm going through a very difficult time. So can you guys please make a prayer for me?

02:45:37--> 02:45:41

May Allah make all of your affairs easy in this life? And actually,

02:45:42--> 02:45:48

may Allah make you go through ease such that you forget everything that you've been through? Log on? I mean,

02:45:49--> 02:46:20

my question is related to the last live stream on Sapiens Institute, by the job while answering about the issue of free will and determinism said that there is no way we can fully explain our free will alongside Allah's Divine Decree and determinism. There is no analogy the analogy that can explain this. To me. That's exactly. That's exactly what I used to think until I found an amazing analogy, which really helped me understand this issue better, and I wanted to share it with you brothers.

02:46:21--> 02:46:25

Know your thoughts about it? Yeah. So just before you share it, my brother,

02:46:26--> 02:47:06

just hold the hold that thought for a second, everybody that's watching, we have approximately 479 people that are watching this, sadly, the number of people liking it is only a lot less than that. And also the sharing is not really what's going on, and we need to share this live stream. Additionally, brother, like the brother, a friend who just joined us this question, these questions are dealt with. But we've been putting out this content for free for a long time. And as an institution as a new institution, we need your help. We need your support, and we need your donations so that we can actually take this to the next level. And we can actually expand on help

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many, many, many people. So just before we address the brothers question, question, in the pinned comment is the donation link. Please click the link. Give your donation when you've given your donation, please comment below what your donation was. It's very important. Yes, we're here today to answer some of these questions. However, the objective tonight is inshallah to address the questions and to raise for Sapiens Institute, because guys, all of this research that Mohammadi job, and you know Hamza, and everybody that they do the video that, you know, they did, some two weeks back in a corner, and free free will. This is not just off the top of their heads. This is stuff they have to

02:47:48--> 02:48:06

research for years and think about and ponder. And all of this costs money. So please, please, please make sure you do donate and share the link with your family and your friends. Brother, please continue with the analogy. So you remember the brother has him when he read a poem about the Prophet on this live stream recently?

02:48:07--> 02:48:26

Yes, I actually bought the book, my 40 poems to know the meaning of life. And there's a one poem about free will and determinism. And there's an analogy in the summary of the poem, which really helped me understand this issue. If you allow me, I'll quickly read it. And I would love to hear your reactions about this analogy. Yes. Bismillah.

02:48:30--> 02:48:31

Just give me one minute.

02:48:34--> 02:49:19

So should I read the poem first? If you allow me? Yep, go ahead. It's called Am I free? So it's go it was, I sat one day to wonder, am I really free to do things right or to Blender? Or is everything already determined to the laws of nature? Am I confined? Being a believer that I am I asked for guidance from the God of Abraham? Because the forms of philosophy were too much for me to handle? The more I read, the more it all seemed but a scandal. What law? What law now can make me write what I write million other things I could have done or just said quite? Did he really plan everything for me? Is it all his way? Or am I really free? clouds have my doubts began to depart as I remembered

02:49:19--> 02:49:31

his verses in my heart, that which said, I can only wait until and unless it falls under his will. So he explained the poem in the summary. I'll just read it briefly. And maybe

02:49:33--> 02:49:59

you like it, just give me one night. Show One moment, the summary says the one thing that atheism and Islam agree upon is determinism, well, at least to some extent, determinists argue that everything that we see and observed in this universe is a result of prior costs. And that includes absolutely everything, including us in our actions. The actions that we do are a result of our genetics and our environment and forces. Oh,

02:50:00--> 02:50:38

We have no control. It is either nature or nurture that we act upon. In other words, atheists believe at least most of them that the free will that we experience is nothing more than an illusion, and that ultimately, we are just puppets of nature. All our actions can be traced back into the past even before birth, and in the same way, they can be predict predicted far into the future until our death and beyond. And there is and there is a reason for atheists to be hardcore determinist for and atheism How could one possibly explain a free will? It is this free will that breaks every law of physics or nature one can possibly possibly imagine. Imagine yourself jumping

02:50:38--> 02:51:17

up, for instance, a scientist, a scientist could very well explain how the food you ate broke down producing energy in your body, and how your leg leg muscles help help you overcome the pull of gravity for a few seconds. But what could possibly explain you jumping at that particular particular point of time and not any other? What can possibly explain why it is you who jumped up and not someone else who could have had similar and same amount of food? Why you exerted some of the energy you got from the food by jumping up for no reason and not someone else? There is a simple reason by atheists deny free will, it is simply because there is no answer for it in a godless universe where

02:51:17--> 02:51:49

all that there is, is blind forces interacting with one another, producing varied results. If they were to acknowledge free will, it would be akin to opening the door of the unseen to the metaphysical and ultimately to God, it would be exceedingly difficult for them to acknowledge that it is not just biology and natural forces that drive the human body and its actions. It is something more than that it is consciousness, it is a soul and that in in turn would require acknowledging the giver of this consciousness and the soul someone beyond matter and material.

02:51:50--> 02:52:30

To to avoid and deny this reality, most of the atheists stringently adhere to determinism and overlook and altogether reject the most obvious of the intuition of freedom we experience in our daily lives. If you still are a hardcore determinist, try jumping up and down for no reason and try finding the causal chain which led you to do so. adhering to this causal chain, however, has its own challenges. And coming to the analogy, please give me one, two minutes, two more minutes. Okay. With the recent scientific developments, it is almost impossible to deny the fact that the universe began to exist at a certain point of time. And that Brother, brother a friend, the The problem is we have

02:52:30--> 02:52:43

very little time left, just just one minute. I'm coming to the brother, brother, a friend we a lot of people are waiting. So we've already sort of like it's Ramadan. Let's give him 200 more.

02:52:47--> 02:52:53

To the analogy. This is very good content, but it would be best if you can summarize it, which one is beautiful.

02:52:54--> 02:53:08

And coming to the energy I need you to give the context I just, I'm reading just two paragraphs and I'm coming to the analogy. two paragraphs is a lot the problem is we have a lot of people waiting and very limited. knowledgeable.

02:53:10--> 02:53:13

Yeah, okay. Yeah, analogy.

02:53:14--> 02:53:55

So, one of the pillars of Islam is Divine Decree, all that has ever happened or will happen in the future happens in accordance with the will of Allah. So why do we human stand in this picture? Are we really free in any? Any way? Or is it all the will of Allah and it just takes manifestation to better understand the concept of Divine Decree in Islam? Let us consider an analogy. Say a babysitter was hired to look after a six year old boy. The babysitter brings all of the toys the baby boy has and asked if he would like to play to which the boy agrees. The babysitter then sits himself down and watches the boy as he plays with his toys. Notice that in this scenario, the boys V

02:53:55--> 02:54:35

and the will of the babysitter, co exist and there is perfect harmony and synchrony. The boy could have chosen not to play at all, but he did so out of his own free will, which happened to coincide with the will of the babysitter. Let us say in another scenario, the boy prefers not to play with his toys, which the babysitter brings out for him. He instead asked the babysitter to allow him watch TV for some time, to which the babysitter agrees. In this case, the will of the boy and the babysitter when not in harmony, but the babysitter allow it allowed, in other words, will the boy to go ahead and act upon His will. In the third scenario, let us say that the babysitter instead of

02:54:35--> 02:55:00

bringing toys bring some of the boys books and asks him to finish his homework. The boy hates to study he flatly refuses. But this time, the babysitter insists and the boy do reluctantly and unwillingly, but yet in the end finds himself doing his own work. In the first and the second scenario, the boys action were completely out of his own free will, with the approval of the babysitter in the boat. In the last scenario however, the boy was

02:55:00--> 02:55:38

Forced to study, even though he never wanted to, and the boy acted completely in accordance with the will of the babysitter. The analogy about Apple he represents the free will that we possess and the religious relationship that it has with the will of God. The free will that God endowed upon us is in no way absolute, it must always be approved by God. In other words, there is a limit to the free will that we have, and the limit is the will of God. This is what is mentioned in multiple times in the Quran. And you do not will accept that Allah wills indeed allies ever knowing and vice. Sometimes what we will or intend to do is exactly what God desires animals for us. So he allows us

02:55:38--> 02:56:03

to go ahead and act upon our intentions. At times our actions good or bad are solely out of our own freewill which God approves for us in His divine wisdom and allows us to act. And there are other times when our will is in conflation to the will of God. In this case, we fail to act or achieve our goals however much we try. In any case, it is the will of Allah that prevails. And this does not take any anything away from the fact that we

02:56:05--> 02:56:10

have understood it my brother, thank you, friend, I've got it. Just to just to kind of

02:56:12--> 02:56:33

get at the heart of what you're talking about. There was a paper in 1971, written by Harry Frankfort, which is a 19 page paper which talks about free will and determinism. And the way he Frankfort describes freewill is exactly the same way as you've defined it. Right. So

02:56:34--> 02:57:05

they will actually called Frank foot cases. And he gave an example of Jones and black. These two people the Jones he said that, you know, Jones is a person who wants to kill black and if he doesn't kill him, then he'll be forced to kill him by by Jones by black by somebody else's come up with the exact analogy. And so in essence, he's forced to do something but which is exactly His will. The problem lies at this point, you see the baby set a baby example? Friend.

02:57:06--> 02:57:10

Yeah, baby when the baby was doing stuff, was he doing so independently?

02:57:16--> 02:57:18

Sometimes Yeah. Yeah, let's

02:57:19--> 02:57:22

see, that was only the that was only the opinion or the mock as it is.

02:57:24--> 02:57:27

Not yet, independently, but just hold on, hold on, hold on.

02:57:29--> 02:58:10

The in Islam, the only people who understood that somebody can act independent from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Whether martez illes Abdul Jabbar, he wrote this in his books, okay. And there's an interesting book you can read in English language is called Black Death by Sherman Jackson. And in fact, he outlines all of the positions, he outlines and he does a good job of outlining the matilija position, the ashari position, advantageous position. He's not that great one, he's outlining everything, his position, but all the other ones he's okay. Basically this. There's never there's never a place it's impossible for human beings to act independently. What's the Delete of that? The

02:58:10--> 02:58:47

delete of that is in chapter number 23, verse number 91. Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, but Taka, Lomond Wellington, Omar kenema, amin Illa, isn't Lega, Bakula? Illa Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, but Allah has not taken a son, the end, there's no other God with him. Otherwise, that would have taken what they will try to dominate one another. Or they will take in each of what they've created. And they will try to dominate one another. In the so if you think, and this is what the martyrs race thinks, I'm not I'm not putting this on you. You have to be careful, because the monitors It is believed that we act independently from God, a and a file, our creations are our own

02:58:47--> 02:58:56

creation. But this is impossible logically and theologically logically. Because that's that would mean that we are creators of something from nothing.

02:58:57--> 02:58:58

How could we create something from nothing?

02:59:00--> 02:59:07

When there's only Allah can create something from nothing, right? We can't create something from nothing, including our actions and our solutions.

02:59:08--> 02:59:10

Number two, is that

02:59:12--> 02:59:49

the problem with these kinds of analogies is that it still does not talk about the mechanism of how these two things are working at the same time. It's true we have a will, which is non fossil, which is basically separated from the will of God. The order of the human is different from the order of human being from Allah and established order of Allah is underneath the corner of my Sharona ah Allah, that you don't will except for all of our logos, but it's nearly never. We never act independently. This is the belief of Andersen ojima everybody believes in that we do not act independently. So the problem with all of these analogies is that when you really think about them,

02:59:49--> 02:59:56

they fall into two kinds of problems, either heresy or fallacy, and in your case it fall into heresy, because I

02:59:57--> 02:59:59

can interrupt. I answered you

03:00:00--> 03:00:06

directly in this analogy The, the baby cannot act independently it can only act

03:00:07--> 03:00:14

like dependent, he is dependent on the babysitter. Okay, then you have the polios.

03:00:15--> 03:00:51

discussion, while just question to the point. The point at the altar is, I want to, I just want I want to remind the viewers that will go to other questions as well very soon. And please don't forget to share this live feed with people who are who are maybe watching your other social media platforms. Please share this on your Twitter, your Facebook, wherever you are. Okay, Sapiens Institute dot.org. forward slash donate live is the link we need donations coming through to support this work with excellent discussion that's taking place between brother Java and a friend.

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03:01:59--> 03:02:23

Yeah, so a friend, I think the simplest way to do it, his job if you give you end of the answer, and then we move on to the next few years, because there's a lot of people to the profit and the self of the Sahaba of the Prophet would always tell us when it comes to the other when it's mentioned for mssql. So just be careful, like don't try and divulge into the mechanics of it too much. The reason why is because genuinely This is the cell. This is something which is

03:02:24--> 03:02:54

it's like a secret of Allah subhanaw taala is relating to his actual head, the hollowness of his, his his cifre of his attribute, there's no way you can understand the mechanisms of Allah's sufa. Like if I were to ask the question, how does Allah create from nothing? Nobody can answer that question in the face of the earth. We just don't know how. And this is the updated version ojima we say lk fear to mature, we don't know how, and we are happy saying we don't know how, because that's a lot. And that's the first thing. The second thing is this, I think in terms of the Hadith literature,

03:02:55--> 03:03:02

the best thing that you can actually do to come close to and it's called creep, or the issue of

03:03:03--> 03:03:08

other and free will is is to give the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad wa salam where he said

03:03:10--> 03:03:51

the similitude of somebody the Eman or the revelation to human being is a multitude of rain when it falls on different ground. So when it falls on dry ground, like sand, etc. It doesn't produce anything, but when it falls on, like wet ground, etc, that it produces herbage so on, so it's beneficial to people, and it's beneficial to the people of that land and to other people, right. So in other words, this is a principle which is referred to as the principle of different persons. And I think that's the closest you're gonna get to an answer, right? That two people that are different people that have the same extraneous variables, or external variables that are

03:03:52--> 03:04:31

will react differently, and that's almost irrefutable. So, for example, if I am given a certain set of conditions and support is given a certain set of conditions, maybe I will react differently subordinates will definitely to me. Likewise, when the revelation is revealed on some people, some of them react favorably, and some of them will react unfavorably how this happens and how the symbiosis works. Okay. Between the human free will and the color of Allah, Allah, you know, I will say this, you absorb LLVM nobody knows that. Oh, some beloved loves him. Nobody knows that on the face of their Well, why is I promise you And believe me, the more it's like a claim said the more

03:04:31--> 03:04:39

you try and tackle this issue. It's like smashing your head against a huge mountain is no way you're going to there's no way you're gonna there was no ideology.

03:04:42--> 03:04:59

On that note, I think we'll move on to the next question. Thank you. So let me just mention one thing, just wanted to add one thing to it. I know we've been at it for a while. So just before you add that shoot, I just want to remind everybody, we are here tonight to fundraise and obviously answer your questions as well.

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03:06:25--> 03:06:33

No, it's because this is this is what a friend is requesting to come back to ask one more little question we will allow that.

03:06:35--> 03:06:40

Because we have people they are trying to enter this alone do Wait, wait for the for the publication.

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Because a lot of people are waiting, a lot of people are waiting. So let's take more questions. And at the same time remind brothers and sisters watching to share this live. Share this live with your contacts on your social media platforms for the people

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Go to the link support the work in sha Allah tala before we go to the next question shake for her I interrupted him in when he's giving his thoughts on that question. No, so let me just see, if we have a book then helaas Don't worry about it. I'll just stop talking privately. inshallah, let me just mention this because I've got actually run, but just wanted to remind everyone and that like we've been reminding from the very getgo is that it Sapiens institute.org, slash donate live, go there, donate. You know, I've been saying this, from the beginning of this, this session that is, even if you are limited in your resources, your you know, whatever it might be, you have friends,

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they're they're they're stingy, they're withholding. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says for in the my Yahoo. I never see that. But those who are like that they're only behind with themselves. They're only withholding from themselves. Well, Lola has a new one tomorrow for Cora, Indeed, Allah is free of all needs. And we are the ones that are impoverished. So at the end, and the idea continues, but at the end, I'll just say this, go to the link, go to Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate, live, donate, give as much as you can and stretch yourself, stretch and stretch yourself as much as you possibly can. Because this is the month of Ramadan and this is the time to give May Allah

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we have to I want to say thank you so much for your contributions. Allah is so it's such a pleasure to have somebody in the United States of America and so did

03:09:35--> 03:09:39

he just surprised that in America, what's that? He is? Yes, yes.

03:09:41--> 03:09:42

With those rednecks,

03:09:44--> 03:09:45

reading Islam

03:09:46--> 03:09:50

so it's a hostile environment. I hope you have the guns in your house and all these things which are leaving.

03:09:54--> 03:09:54


03:09:55--> 03:09:59

I really like shift five, you know, we might have this time where he came yesterday.

03:10:00--> 03:10:11

Doing the dollar trading realize that he is a personality we have to he is a personality. He's an educator, he's a fantastic addition to the Sapiens demon I look up to him greatly and I really respect to the show

03:10:12--> 03:10:27

and likewise you Everyone here is doing a great job and you know, obviously, Brother Mohammed so born Shannon, I mean everyone here it's not just you know, it's all it's it's everyone that's doing the work and especially the people that are behind the scenes as well. So let's not forget that we're back to London.

03:10:29--> 03:10:31

Yo, I'm vaccinated, so I'm ready. I told Hamza that

03:10:35--> 03:10:36

in our streets

03:10:37--> 03:10:44

that we can go into speaker school has opened this place open up is open, open Yeah, open. I shall I shall Allah is

03:10:46--> 03:11:02

with zakka higher mela South Allah bless all of you. And I will see you guys shortly in Salah Salaam Alaikum Salaam Rahmatullah. So we'll go to Brother Bohai be a hayti by Welcome to Sapiens live Let us know your thoughts on what you've been hearing so far.

03:11:05--> 03:11:06

While they consider

03:11:07--> 03:11:18

thank you guys for letting me speak. So I'm sorry if I a little bit shy in English that was my first time speaking this man.

03:11:19--> 03:11:41

So I have requests and and the question so are the requests is linked to I my university started to encounter some atheist these people preach in atheism so I was kind of defended the idea of Islam by using the

03:11:43--> 03:11:49

the I am Holloman Irish a in a moment Harlequin. So they created from nothing

03:11:50--> 03:12:15

or they themselves creators. So but I'm afraid that you will be more educated and bring more like the contingency argument and something like that. So I need myself to be educated but in Arabic So I am in Arabic country so that if you have Mohammed he can recommend some Arabic sources or

03:12:17--> 03:12:25

shapes or something who can speak about this cosmological arcanum cosmological argument and something like that.

03:12:31--> 03:12:32

You are muted.

03:12:34--> 03:13:16

So we've done a very fantastic program with Shahab Dhaulagiri, I'm not sure if you know him. But he has a series of books which I've read, they're fantastic show on the heart was one of them. And he has, he has so had on the internet as well, like in YouTube, he has a shelf of monarch Pasha of Ted Maria. and in it he he talks about these issues and also look at his videos generally speaking a certain way or maybe he's got a very nice shelf of Rocky the wasapi. Yeah, Fantastic. Fantastic. Excellent. I think it's the best actually that I've come across online. And in terms of well researched and stuff like that in terms of the classical sources, then no doubt, to have the

03:13:16--> 03:13:49

philosophy is going to be at the top of your list to see what it says it says electricity data card. This is obviously an ashari book, but it has a lot of good arguments for God's existence inside. If you want something more from the traditionalist or selfie side then read the Miss Ellis Island living Tamia. And if you are okay with arcada you understand your hidden read Alicia lots of time we had to live in Siena, because he in like 150 pages, obviously we don't believe everything he believed okay, but he does actually. It's a very short work and it gets straight to the point of how to argue for God's existence.

03:13:50--> 03:13:51

In terms of

03:13:52--> 03:14:13

Yeah, so I think that that will be my recommendations if you have anything more specific I can give you but these will be my recommendations. And aside I'm well versed in I studied either and the dean it's it's easy for me to speak about that there's no problem but the my entree day

03:14:14--> 03:14:29

they use like contingency argument and that's something like that, but I cannot I cannot I cannot defend that like in Arabic I can defend it in English because I watched your video. Yes, I

03:14:31--> 03:14:54

live in Siena, read that what Alicia lot what 10 b hat le shout out to attend Viet. If you say you are he does, you know you understand that. He then was so on. This is where the contingency argument is is called ohana so the theme is called go Halima said the team. That's the name of the argument just research the argument called bohan has said the pain This is the name of the

03:14:55--> 03:14:59

actually it's not any contingency argument it's not live in it is not as is we're using

03:15:00--> 03:15:35

particular one. And if you want to see how in terms of the Archi the how you what you should avoid and whatnot, then read shall pocket the list for honey given to me. So you see what it was correct and what's not correct, because you need to make sure that what you're saying is not only correct logically, but it's good theologically as well. So I would recommend you read Alicia lot, Alicia art, what 10 we had the Ibn Sina. And then directly after that you read short hockey, this is a hernia, and then you will see what is 11 Tamia and then you will see what you can use and what you cannot use. But in terms of the argument and the most of the heart, in the Arabic language, then you

03:15:35--> 03:15:37

read the schelotto tambien. It's all there.

03:15:38--> 03:15:46

Yeah, thank you for this leadership, especially in chifa, energy, fat, you can read.

03:15:47--> 03:16:14

Lila yet, Shiva, is a book called the ILA here, which is translated into the metaphysics, only the metaphysics, because obviously, you wrote a book on medicine and stuff. We're not talking about the ILA here. So this is what to find it. But then if you want to see how to apply it, then look at Shahid Rania and read as well. I've got what I wanted to see what's what you can use and what you cannot use, but generally this what I would recommend is

03:16:16--> 03:16:26

thank you so much for that feedback. And Brother Ye if you don't mind, we will be moving on to the next question, inshallah. No, thank you, just okay.

03:16:28--> 03:16:41

And before we move on to the next question, just want to remind everyone again, to spread this noble endeavor among your friends and families, Mark Masha Baraka two brothers, can you hear me?

03:16:42--> 03:16:47

Well, yes, we can. Once I can, then just finishing something and then inshallah we'll come to you in a second.

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03:18:43--> 03:18:51

to the next question. Yeah, thank you for that. So the next then the next person I believe is either

03:18:52--> 03:18:56

I slam on a delay but I got to Wa Alaikum Salah

03:18:57--> 03:18:58

How are you brother?

03:18:59--> 03:19:03

Good hamdulillah How are you? Sorry for interrupting you. I go where?

03:19:05--> 03:19:08

You been here there's a time lag so I and we understand what happens.

03:19:09--> 03:19:12

Yeah, um, before I get into my doubt, I would

03:19:13--> 03:19:24

I would like to say like, um, I do MMA just like Brother Mohammed hijab. And I've been I've been watching the hijab a little while now. And so

03:19:34--> 03:19:35

he viewed himself

03:19:37--> 03:19:38

sorry about

03:19:40--> 03:19:41

and when a

03:19:43--> 03:19:54

question but the moment he jab. There was a video made by David Wood A while ago, I feel like a few months ago, he did top 10 myths about Islam. I was hoping you can make a refutation video of that inshallah.

03:19:56--> 03:19:59

I think I'll refer that to someone like Fareed responds or because

03:20:00--> 03:20:03

The thing is with David Wood now he's begging for attention from the, from us.

03:20:04--> 03:20:09

Often, with certain people, like it's not, it's not befitting that we look back at the

03:20:10--> 03:20:17

you know, as that, you know, once you once the deal has been done looking back as always,

03:20:18--> 03:20:36

you know, there's a dab of saying actually it's llt fats rejuva looking back is going back, you know, or looking even turning around is looking back. Look back at these people, other people now who want to grow their channels like fried response. They can do it. We don't need David with his old news.

03:20:37--> 03:20:51

Okay, thank you, brother. Um, so now I wanted to get into my little doubt it started beginning a little while ago subpanel I still pray five times a day I still make plenty rocketry. I still do slam I still practice I never like stopped practicing because of this. But

03:20:52--> 03:21:10

you had a, you had a discussion with Dr. yasir Qadhi about the preservation of the Quran. And my whole life I thought the Quran was perfectly perfectly preserved. But yes, or called the I don't know, it became like a huge thing about him sending you private emails about how the Quran is not preserved. And how there is some things that are

03:21:11--> 03:21:48

different and different current job, you can just give an overview of that preach. Look, yeah, so coffee with all my respect to him and love for him and, and so on. And I'm not one of those people that try and cancel them at all. But he is not, he is not a specialist in kiloton after off, and so on and so forth. Right. So, like, when we look at any matter, we have to look at who the specialists are. The Quran tells us first degree in quantum that Allah more like when we when we mentioned, for example, a Jeopardy, or when you mentioned a shot to be, or when we mentioned any of the names of those people that is a level that cannot be really attained today, like when we're talking about

03:21:48--> 03:22:00

medieval scholars and their opinions on the Quranic transmission. That's a level that nobody look, nobody can, nobody can come in and take away from that. Now, let me ask you a question. Well, you know, the, for example,

03:22:01--> 03:22:16

evangelicals believe in something called biblical inerrancy. Okay, this is they don't believe that the Bible is has errors has any errors inside of it. And this is the opinion. Now someone like who I researched in some of my works, it's not what I called, but

03:22:17--> 03:22:55

this person called bots, it was one of the most influential Christians. Okay, who wrote one of the most voluminous and encyclopedic work, I think, ever in Christianity with like 6 million words or something crazy like that, check his stuff out. But he comes out, for example, last century, and he says that he doesn't believe that the Bible is he believes it has errors. And he gives us analogy of like a scrawny woman pointing at the Bible in Christ and the Bible is like a scrawny finger pointing at Christ. How does that affect evangelicals? They don't. Okay, that's as simple as that move on.

03:22:56--> 03:23:33

Nobody can come and change realities. Okay, only people who come and bring opinions. So what if somebody says that? If they don't believe that the the narrative, the standard narrative of the Quran, or whoever it is, is preserved? Who, what? So what if they think that? Or would you respect does that mean that someone comes now who is a scholar of Islam who is very educated and academic, that they can say something which makes us doubt our religion? To be honest, that would mean to say that the religion is very feeble, or your understanding of it is very feeble, one of the two things. So I would say, look, the truth of the matter is, whatever chef, he has occurred his opinion on the

03:23:33--> 03:24:12

karate is because he has not publicly told us what the issue is to be honest. Right? What is Yanni what exactly his issues are and going into detail, whatever, whatever he believes, that doesn't change 1400 years of Islamic scholarship? How could it? How on earth could it if somebody came organic? Don't you respect If yes, a party or below Phillips Mufti mancoll, any of these big huge names that have had a massive impact on Islam and our scene, you know, and all that if they come out and they say something like, well, actually the Prophet Mohammed Salim he fell into their big sins, major sins or they say anything, which is anti normative or unorthodox, does that mean to say that

03:24:12--> 03:24:50

everyone should be having doubts, because this person fell in social by themselves, people think that people at the higher levels cannot fall into doubts, this is a this is not correct. People at the highest level fall into doubts at the very highest level, you know, people at the very highest level can fall into doubts or they can have a wheel which is which is which is wrong or which is goes against the normative expressions. Look at who hasn't. He's a great scholar, one of the most genius scholars that have ever existed in Islamic history ever. He's written a book. And inside of it when he talks about the economic effects of God the names and attributes of God, he practically

03:24:50--> 03:24:59

takes what was referred to derogatorily as the jasmine position. Does that mean not all this huge scholar the genius even hasn't has taken the jammy position when it's not what you thought, therefore

03:25:00--> 03:25:37

have doubts on it's not an event. These people, they can be geniuses they can be great scholars, but they will always have anti naughty views. Does that mean that we must that is the issue is not with yes or party with all due respect the issue is with us, because we are putting our faith in people rather than the religion of Islam. McKenna mustonen philea. Sunday market met in the highlights rally, he fits in as getting the most out he said, he says he wants to rely upon someone rely upon the ones who have died because the one who's living the fitna has not, they have not passed a fifth layer. So the problem is, oh, he didn't even tell you what his thought was. I mean, this is what I

03:25:37--> 03:25:48

don't find. You just set. The standard narrative has holes everyone's going by so well. He said, he said that he didn't even tell you what he meant Yanni. So just as long as someone of authority says something, which

03:25:49--> 03:26:08

is the Christian missionaries, Christian missionaries taking this to the next level, they exact of them, not all of them, they are a bunch of liars, they are exactly these enemies, and he disavowed them. He said he cannot he said the talking nonsense.

03:26:09--> 03:26:49

So so would we would we accept anything about the Prophet from his enemies, for example, they were accusing him of all sorts of things. He is a magician. He is a soothsayer. Okay. And he is x. Kava Kava Kava. This goes on. I mean, the accusations are in the Quran. The Quran mentions what they were saying about the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now, do we start listening to them? Likewise, Christian missionaries, when they say something, what's wrong with our brothers and sisters that they'd start taking people like David would seriously, let's say, okay, or people like Robert Spencer would start taking them seriously. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is why it is absolutely, absolutely

03:26:49--> 03:27:33

crucial to support Institute's like Sapiens Institute, where you can listen to someone who can speak with confidence, and some authority Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donation. NET live is the link, you need to go on the link and start making donations my brother's sister so that you can support the work, where we can actually actually teach our brothers how to respond to attacks like this, how to respond to misconceptions like this, or lies like this, just like brother hijaab, my beloved brother, he was talking about how we need to really handle questions like this. Okay? Do we have to take every single scholar as an authority or every single matter in Islam? Absolutely not.

03:27:33--> 03:28:21

If someone makes a mistake, if someone uses the wrong terminology or wrong wording in explaining his views, or maybe he's confused himself, maybe he had doubts himself. Does that mean we stopped listening? Absolutely not. So what we do is we look at the overwhelming majority of our orthodox callers, those who specialize in a particular field, those are the people we listen to. There is a car either in the Arabic language, it is clearly stated by the allama color element. Use a loo an alley. Okay? All knowledge is asked about, okay, from its own people, when there is a question about a particular field of knowledge, then you question those people when you want your car fixed. Or

03:28:21--> 03:28:38

when you want your engine fixed, you go to the engine expert, when you want the exhaust fix, you don't go to someone who fixes the electric electricity, for example, in your vehicle, right. So these are the things you need to understand. Anyway, we will move on each other. Very quickly. I want to address a question by a

03:28:40--> 03:28:46

brother who came earlier, a friend is insisting that we answer his question he said his least about fear.

03:28:47--> 03:28:49

Sorry, sorry to interrupt, but

03:28:53--> 03:29:34

the thing is learn because then because you know, if someone's being persistent, the key point there questions is loads of people have been waiting. So I don't want to be unfair to everybody else this year. No problem. We'll go very quickly. But I want to address a question very quickly. He said, fever from being a being from Hellfire that he wants to understand it is about the feeling of fever. You know, when you feel fever, and your body is going through some kind of pain and unease that unease is a feeling from hellfire. That's what the progress are missing. That means it is a glimpse into Hellfire, that this is something that can come from hellfire. You know, it's like, I can give

03:29:34--> 03:29:44

you another example, which may not be the right example. But it does apply. The Prophet said that true dreams are the 47th

03:29:46--> 03:29:59

of prophethood. Right? This doesn't mean that the one who has a true dream becomes a profit. This means that it would be the 47th part of profit or like it's a part something a quality. That's profits. Get

03:30:00--> 03:30:46

Likewise fever is something is a quality may be a characteristic of the pain we may feel in Hellfire May Allah protect all of us. This is how we answer this question very quickly over to you inshallah, again to emphasize to remind everyone, This stream is to support this work, we are answering questions, so that people realize the kind of work his Institute is doing the noble work every stream, we will be doing another 10 streams throughout the month Ramadan, every string stream will have a theme, every stream will have a theme, and we will be answering questions on that theme on that particular stream. So today was basically answering general doubt and this is what we're doing

03:30:46--> 03:31:32

today. So ask your questions. Don't forget to support through the link sapient institute.org forward slash donate live. May Allah bless you all. Who was an extra support? Is it just me? Yes, or I think I think roommates goal has been waiting for a long time. Okay. So brother, roommates good you've been? You've need to unmute yourself. There you go. Salaam Alaikum. Salaam, can you hear me? And please keep your questions your request. Please keep your questions as short as possible. And we will try to keep our answers as short as possible because the purpose today is to support this work and we want to focus on that the challenges that come along with Brother Brother Hamza? Yes. And I'm

03:31:32--> 03:31:33

going to come brother how you

03:31:37--> 03:31:38

said I want to

03:31:39--> 03:31:51

quiet my Salaam? Can you hear me? Okay, so we go to school on live at the moment. You also i'm going to I'm going to mute you just one second because we have other roommates were the roommates.

03:31:52--> 03:31:54

Can you hear me? Yes. Okay.

03:31:55--> 03:32:44

So I just got a really quick request for brother at non brother he job and brother Hamza. And if you can guys, like pass on this request to whether Zechariah two. So the thing is that you were mentioning about a gap that Sapiens fills in. And I think there's a gap that safian can fill in really better, which is data to the Hispanic community and the Latin America community. We don't have any sources in Spanish, translated. So if you guys can translate all your articles and books and debates in the past with in Spanish, how are we? So if you go to Sapiens institute.org forward slash Spanner, you will see some webinars in Spanish on For example, I think the problem of evil and

03:32:44--> 03:32:54

the Quranic anger for God's existence, then you have essays as well in Spanish. So if you go to Sapiens institute.org Spanner

03:32:55--> 03:33:09

I think that's the right one to play with me. Sapiens Institute's just double check for you. Send me the link in the comments. The link is espanol. Sorry, espanol. So we have

03:33:10--> 03:33:20

restinga el es la lippia. That does Islam restrict your freedom. You have own argumento core aniko II philosophical

03:33:22--> 03:33:25

details can be seen by brothers and sisters, you're gonna read all that.

03:33:27--> 03:33:42

I forgot to mention I'm putting the comments. Now. I forgot to mention that we also have Spanish and Turkish translations of our work. That's a big law work. So you have for example, if you want to go to Spanish you go to Sapiens Institute org forward slash espanol. Okay, so

03:33:43--> 03:34:27

this is why brothers and sisters, you must understand the magnitude of what we're dealing with what brother hijaab was talking about earlier, that this is only going to get bigger, okay? With your without you, this is a noble cause. This is a vessel. This is an ark, which is on its way to whatever destination a lot uses for it, but it is going to continue Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link, you need to remember that you have to be part of this journey. You have to become a noble supporter of this particular endeavor. This inshallah this institution is helping a lot of Muslims. Now about 100 just mentioned that we have Spanish translations, we have

03:34:27--> 03:35:00

Turkish translations, you know, transform, live liberal thought or atheistic thought is growing in the Muslim world. So our work is being translated into these languages, even a lot of Spanish people, people who speak the Spanish language Latin America, predominantly right, is being affected by atheism. So the work needs to be seen there as well. Turkish people have been affected as you know, but Alhamdulillah work is being translated into Turkish Lang. So can you imagine the reward of being part being part of all of

03:35:00--> 03:35:05

This absolutely not I don't think you can imagine. I cannot imagine what that is. Oh

03:35:07--> 03:35:08


03:35:09--> 03:35:24

Good hamdulillah How are you? Um, before sorry to interject, but um, I couldn't hear at night and he was explained the preservation of the Quran. But um, before I go, can I have one last pretty quick important, actually controversial question to you and brother how anti Jeb

03:35:25--> 03:36:00

yes okay. It's about I'm wearing masks and social distance a lot. We all know there's a hadith by Prophet Mohammed solace that says ladwa notice is contagious and there's also various other Hadeeth that disease can enter by without the permission of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the only way it's gonna enters through the will. So wearing a mask is really not to protect you from the Coronavirus because Allah is punishment. And Allah, Prophet Mohammed Salah is for them to listen to pray shoulder to shoulder, and there are people praying, social distancing with masks on. And I think at the time profit, how much is enough for a different time. Whenever they would pray with something

03:36:00--> 03:36:24

covering their face, they would take it off, they were told to take it off or use force to take it off. I'm not sure how reliable that is. But um, can you give me your thoughts on that? And also, there's the problem with the vaccine and has many horrible things on it. And it won't protect you from the virus either since last punishment, so can you please give it Give me your thoughts on that as well? Okay, well, if I give it to brother he job the first thing when I ask you how do you know is that last punishment?

03:36:28--> 03:36:33

I'm pretty sure that in times of history, there were plagues, and other sort of stuff like

03:36:34--> 03:37:17

other natural disasters that were deemed to be less punishment. Okay. Did Allah say that? Did I say specific plague was a punishment? No, he only mentions the times when he talks about in the Quran, right? So when it comes to the believers, bro, it the general principle is when you have a test, it could be a punishment, depending on how you react. So a sign of what it is, is on how you react. So if you react by coming closer to Allah subhana wa Taala by increasing your taqwa by sharing a law, in actual fact, one could just turn the tables on You see, when extra fact COVID isn't the best thing for the Dallas people that are thinking about Islam, they actually became more practicing from

03:37:17--> 03:37:45

what you know, I'm gathering the thinking about the purpose of life, stuff like that. So in actual fact, it can be one of the greatest mercies. Right? Because it's facilitate people thinking seriously, and it's dislodged people away from the kind of narcosis of nihilism, you know, there's no meaning there's no value is dislodged that is dislocated that. Yeah, so yeah, happy to say that this is the partial Allah, with all due respect, is almost saying that you go some way that we don't have access to, right.

03:37:47--> 03:37:49

So revelations come down. So this

03:37:50--> 03:38:28

is actually a punishment from Allah like, well, On what basis? Don't get me wrong? Yeah. Yes, we do have the stories in the Quran concerning these things, for sure. However, our understanding when it comes to these issues is well, the size of what it is it depends on how we react, and how we respond to these things. Actually, it could be a test and Allah loves those UI tests. Right. You know, take for example, the salami in on Boxing Day, over nearly 20 years ago or something. It was a tsunami and people died, the Muslims who go who got drowned their paradise. That's not that's not a punishment for them. If you're

03:38:30--> 03:38:45

based on the Hadeeth people earthquake who die of earthquakes, again, you bury under rubble, you're Shaheed. I mean, all kinds of metaphysical understanding of these things that is completely different to to make a specific claim or that you're heavy, which is definitely a punishment.

03:38:47--> 03:39:23

I'm sorry about that. No, no, no, those things you say? Sorry, I'm just saying, maybe you should just just rethink it and think how first yourself? Yeah, you know, the deen of Allah is very existential, someone came to the process and said, Tell me about a sad hour. And the person said, What have you done to prepare for it? What have you done? Right? Try to locate the discourse to the self to your ability. What What are you doing? So when it comes to things like COVID is COVID a testimony is a punished for me punishment for me? What is it? Well, how did you react? That's the question. Yes. How will you react?

03:39:24--> 03:39:33

By coming closer to Allah? Now if you react by coming closer to Allah and taking your deen more seriously, then you know what, bro? Allah loves you. Allah loves you. Because

03:39:34--> 03:39:40

in a way that shows is a test and you're passing the test by coming closer to Allah. Yes. Does that make sense?

03:39:41--> 03:39:49

Let's negate the fact that it's a bunch of awards that we don't know. We're not sure. They're still had deeds. And there's still a hadith that says ladwa, which means no disease.

03:39:50--> 03:40:00

And there's the disease antibody without the permission of Allah. So wearing a mask is basically essentially saying that this mass is going to protect me from the virus.

03:40:00--> 03:40:14

But in reality, the only thing that protects you from the loss of habitat, and our people are praying with masks like the mesh that I go to. I have to travel two hours every day, every Friday to join my slot to pray jamaa

03:40:17--> 03:40:20

mentioned that I go to New York, they don't

03:40:23--> 03:40:25

have to travel. But I promise

03:40:27--> 03:40:30

Schreiber would you say I couldn't travel to get to the message?

03:40:31--> 03:41:01

How many hours? miles miles? I'm not sure. A lot and a while and it's sometimes it takes like five hours to try this more than 60 miles then. It depends on what most of you might, it might not even be allowed for you to pay for it like in the handling method. If it doesn't say, yes, there is no there is no demo for the traveler right here. By the way, it's just for your own sake, you don't need this. You have to look to ask yourself, do you ever know commodity because you might just be doing something? Which is? thing? Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.

03:41:03--> 03:41:07

Can you can you? Can you if it's permissible time to pray with?

03:41:09--> 03:41:14

Me, brother? Oh, but I can't I can't you and then Rashida? He's a, he's a

03:41:16--> 03:42:02

monster, please. Yeah. Okay, shall I, I want to I want to quickly address this. It's not as simple as that disease cannot enter us the same Prophet, Prophet Muhammad, Allah Islam told us that when you hear of a pandemic, in, in a town are in a city, don't go to it. Okay. And when you are in it, don't leave your city in town, the same Prophet told sallallahu sallam, so the Prophet told us to take precautions. And if precautions means wearing masks, then we must do it. If wearing masks protect us, protects us from a disease from a pandemic, then we do it as long as it's proven that masks do effect. And it's the evidence is pretty much very strong, to show that masks do protect

03:42:03--> 03:42:19

against certain diseases and certain germs and pandemics, potentially so we wear the masks for that purpose. So the Prophet himself told us to take precautions. So that's the answer to your question. I think we'll move on to the next product. Who has been waiting for a while you are sir. Amelia.

03:42:21--> 03:42:22

Okay, one second.

03:42:23--> 03:42:25

Salaam Alaikum. Do you hear me?

03:42:26--> 03:42:30

Yes, we can hear you. Okay, so

03:42:31--> 03:42:34

my question is, can I interrupt you ask me a question?

03:42:35--> 03:42:45

Yes, please. Okay, my question is a bit harsh. But I would really like it to be answered by intellects like you. So I know that.

03:42:48--> 03:42:52

So my question is specifically to

03:42:53--> 03:43:30

Hamza. I have been a fan of her of his interviews and his YouTube video, especially the video of Lawrence Krauss, Lawrence Krauss, so hats off to you, brother. So my question is, I know that we as a creation of the Creator cannot comprehend him. But still, this question bugs me that when God hadn't even created the universe, he knew that he would be creating a universe and human beings and he had a plan for that. So because he is God, so he already knew that Satan would go against him and he would cost animals the heaven. And these are

03:43:37--> 03:43:44

sorry, we lost you, brother. Yes, sir. Yes, last year. Yes. Cut out. I think okay, let's go to the expert brother.

03:43:45--> 03:43:50

We will meet your son he comes back on properly. Let's get brother

03:43:51--> 03:43:54

ma bang ceremony come

03:43:55--> 03:43:55

from too long.

03:43:57--> 03:44:01

First of all, Ramadan Mubarak for all of you guys.

03:44:02--> 03:44:03

Ramadan Mubarak.

03:44:05--> 03:44:14

I'm a really big fan of set at nanosheet. And of course, Hamza. And last but not least, Ali Dawa. Of course,

03:44:23--> 03:44:24

no radio.

03:44:26--> 03:44:35

May Allah higher than before. Hello, on what you're doing. So, I have a really short question. And

03:44:36--> 03:44:43

it's about the structure and language miracle of the Quran. I know that Hamza did this,

03:44:45--> 03:44:53

talk about this topic, but when you talk with some artistic people or Christian people, we don't have really

03:44:54--> 03:44:59

a practical example from the Quran that show that structure called miracles. And I want to

03:45:00--> 03:45:30

No more about this topic, if you have any recommendation or an example right now, thank you, please. Okay, well, there's many of us to this. So I let he jumped on to this as well. But the approach I take is you can articulate the linguistic miracle doctrine without even knowing any less of the Arabic language, I spend a lot of time, maybe a decade actually developing some kind of struck an argument for this. So the way I do argument is this is in chapter 14 of my book, I believe, or chapter 13.

03:45:32--> 03:46:11

is called God's testimony, which basically, it talks about testimony as a valid and fundamental source of knowledge. And he also talks about the inference to the best explanation as a valid form of reasoning. So when you apply testimony as a valid and fundamental source of knowledge, and you apply it to the history of the Quran, and Arabic, you don't have to even know Arabic, but just understanding the history and understanding the claim of the Quran made a claim. And so there's a set of promises that I make, and I don't want to spend too much time on it. But basically, based on the epistemology of testimony, and what happened at the time of the process, solemn, and the

03:46:11--> 03:46:47

linguistic progress and the linguistic excellence of the seventh century Arabs, and the fact that no one was able to challenge as many evidences to articulate why they couldn't challenge it's not necessarily linguistic, it's also social and political, because they had all the motivation to try and change the Koran, but they actually resorted to crazy things like whoa, and boycott and torture, all they had to do is actually produce three lines like it right. And if the Quran was linguistically inferior, they could easily produce something like, we're talking about a people who if you were to be a poet, you have to study 10 years. Like you're like the Jedi Master of poetry.

03:46:47--> 03:47:24

It's not like, you know, it was like, you've immersed yourself so much. And, you know, so based on testimony based on these articulate premises based on history and the historical language, the lingo historical causal argument, then you apply inference to the best explanations. Well, could it be from an Arab? Could it be from a non Arab it? Could it be from Mohammed, Hassan, could it be from God? Well, we say couldn't be from an Arab because the best Arabs failed. And it can't be today's Arabic, just just based on the fact of the kind of heterogeneous linguistic environment that the Arabs are brought up in now, because previously in the seventh century was a homogeneous

03:47:24--> 03:47:58

environment, there was less linguistic boring and linguistic boring is universal phenomenon. But the unique thing about the linguistic boring from the Arabic Quranic point of view is that it became naturalized in the Arabic language. And this is the kind of Shafi and others. So from what I remember. So the point here is, it's not today's or it can't be a non Arab, Allah says, this is a human movie, this is clear Arabic, they can't be the poster son, because he was an Arab too. And also every human expression, if you have the blueprint, and the tools at your disposal to actually produce the peace of expression, you able to do it, we see this with, with art with post modernism

03:47:58--> 03:48:32

art with, with Monet with so on, and so forth. If you have the blueprint and the tools at your disposal, if it's a human expression, you can reproduce it. The Quran, we have the blueprint, we have the tools at our disposal, the classical Arabic, the 28, letters, excerpt, etc, etc. Or we can put it together to actually produce anything like it's unique structure industry form, which indicates it can't be from a human being, ergo, it can't be from the problem. And there's many, many more arguments, and psycholinguistic arguments, and so on and so forth. And therefore we conclude, therefore, must come from God. Now, I've just summarized a very complex kind of set of premises. But

03:48:32--> 03:49:04

you could download the book from the Sapiens Institute website is chapter 13. You see all these articulate premises, and you don't even need to know one letter of the Arabic language. But based on testament inference to the best explanation, you can show that it's a linguistic miracle. However, not withstanding, there's lots of literature now being developed and out there that shows that there are some unique structure features or features of the Quranic discourse. There's a very interesting book that if you go to one reason to August, called the eternal challenge, it mentioned some mentioned some of these features such as the ring composition of the Quran, the Quran is very

03:49:04--> 03:49:11

coherent. And what's very interesting, and this will shock Mohammed Abdullah draws from Oxford University, he wrote a book called

03:49:12--> 03:49:50

a number of him, which is that tunnel challenge. And he basically argues that the crowns reviewed over a 23 year period of time for specific times and places, but yet it was compiled together as a coherent piece. How can that be the case, it can only mean that the author knew the future which makes sense of God, because you revealing the verses for specific times and places for specific scenarios or moral social political variables. And yeah, it's a coherent piece. It's like someone writing the conclusion, then the introduction, then goes to the middle then goes back to the introduction that goes back to the conclusion. And let's give them an example of given us two

03:49:50--> 03:49:54

numbers brother from one to 114 next to each other

03:49:55--> 03:49:59

33 and 3433.

03:50:00--> 03:50:00


03:50:01--> 03:50:05

Okay, perfect. So sort of as a sort of sub

03:50:06--> 03:50:07

chapter 13

03:50:09--> 03:50:10

and chapter 34 sort of server here.

03:50:12--> 03:50:53

Right. So, look at how the end of zap how zap ends, while Allah subhanaw taala says, you know, in the ultimate monitor, when he he says, I have put the trust on the server, it will have the fat burner in the house or hammer the hell into, you know, and the human being is the one who took it, the trust and so on like that, but there is explicit mention of the heavens and explicit mention of the earth. Now, look at the beginning of December, where Allah subhanho wa Taala he begins with me, then he talks about the heavens and the earth, there is a clear connection between the end of sootel as up and the beginning of certain Saba and I'll tell you something else about SoTL as they either

03:50:53--> 03:50:55

know, something very interesting

03:50:57--> 03:51:02

for chapter 33 of the Quran, every single a entered an Elif,

03:51:03--> 03:51:09

did you know this? Yes, except for one of them, which has

03:51:10--> 03:51:45

two readings we can read it sebelah and you can read it Sabine. And the same thing exists in chapter 25 of the Quran. So for Han every single episode ends with the Elif, except for the word meaning Sabine which means the way which includes example chapter 33 verse four, and so for current chapter 25 verse six, I think you can check this, but basically the word severe is the only system now, how could it be the case now Look, look at how social observers moving from one subject to another subject is talking about the lives of the Prophet and Elif Elif, Elif at the end of every single day

03:51:46--> 03:51:57

and he only makes is this net was for the Columbus Seville which is one word and the same Mr. net or the same exception is made this rule this is something you cannot make sorry, you cannot.

03:51:58--> 03:52:12

Like for example, when you look at sort of modular or modular you can say in either way, Chapter 50 A of Quran bro there's a verse in sootel I discovered this myself and check it out and I always give myself credit for this. Yeah.

03:52:14--> 03:52:32

Was Allah Hema shaitan? fan? Sam the cola? Yeah, that the shaytani over he in compass them? Oh, he overwhelmed them. So he made them forget the dimension of Allah. This is sort of Majola chapter 58. I think verse 35, I believe so yeah.

03:52:33--> 03:52:38

You know, what's so interesting about sort of the majority, like every single area has the word Allah in

03:52:39--> 03:52:45

every single area has the word Allah, how can you do that? There's 140 150 how many is

03:52:46--> 03:53:05

because the shaitaan is trying to make you forget Allah, Allah is putting a lot his name every single a and everyone that do that come on this. This is a spoken speech. It's not something where you write down a joke. This thing is not a joke. And the next surah which is chapter 59, sort of harsh. Well last about

03:53:06--> 03:53:19

he said before, he mentions his names and attributes in the most amazing way. Hola, hola. Delilah, hello, animal while we were Shahada. You know the very famous verses from chapter 24 from verses 44 onwards. In verse 23.

03:53:21--> 03:53:46

He they lost planet Allah says that he they forgot the vicar of Allah and seven. He made them forget themselves. Yeah, in chapter 58, he says that stuff was languishing on transoms ecola and jumped to 59. He says, Okay, yeah, they forgot about Allah. So we made them forget themselves. So the idea of forgetfulness is this common streak that goes around chapter 58 and chapter 59.

03:53:47--> 03:54:03

Brother, you cannot make this thing up. You cannot last name and every brother You cannot put elipse everywhere. Brother, you can go ahead. It's a spoken speech is something which is spoken. And hence the challenge. Just one more video. Give me the other two numbers, brother.

03:54:05--> 03:54:05


03:54:07--> 03:54:07

two numbers.

03:54:10--> 03:54:37

Challenge Allah challenge to produce a sutra like, you know, many people don't understand the dimensions of that challenge. Some people, you know, think that it is only possibly. I mean, of course, it's directly linked to linguistics, but how is linked to linguistics, the details. Some of the things you just mentioned, are absolutely fascinating, mind blowing. So, people take this challenge very simplistically, they think that you

03:54:39--> 03:54:48

will live with the people that give you one more thing, as you mentioned, sort of the sub I just remembered this one as well. Yeah. Soon as the sub chapter 34 of Quran Yeah.

03:54:50--> 03:54:51

What the first sort of

03:54:52--> 03:54:53


03:54:55--> 03:54:56

Hello? Yep, yeah, me

03:55:00--> 03:55:03

Yeah, of course it doesn't just later you have so little and I'm

03:55:04--> 03:55:33

now at the hospital hamdulillah seven years later exactly sort of an Amistad. And it starts with a hamdulillah. Seven Joseph, you have what sort of calf which starts with a hamdulillah. Seven years later, you have sort of a server, which starts with 100. Elaborate. Look at every single job. You start with the same beginning hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. I cannot make this thing up. How did he know that he was gonna put these things in this symmetrical way? Well, it

03:55:35--> 03:55:44

is so interconnected is like a pearl necklace. I can explain this to you from tianni today until next don't give me another two numbers. I'll show you I'm not just making this things up.

03:55:46--> 03:55:50

Okay, like 47 and 48. Good. So.

03:55:52--> 03:56:30

Yeah, Chapter 47 suits, Mohammed chapter 48 sought to fat. This is the easiest thing you can ask him actually, I believe? Well, Allah subhanaw taala. In the beginning, he says in the Fatah Melaka Tamil Bina, he's speaking to the Rasul Allah. Before that he's talking about Mohammed Salah Solomon chapter 47. himself. He's mentioning his name he's mentioning, we're stuffing with them, Becca, and as they follow them, and the next chapter, he's speaking directly to someone in the chapter 47, he's talking about the mercy of and the Day of Judgment, what Allah is going to give you on the day of judgment and the believers. Yeah, because they were on the right track. And in chapter 48, he talks

03:56:30--> 03:57:02

about the masculine the end know in this dunya, the fat hammer been to show you that Allah is going to give you muscle is going to give you victory in this dunya in chapter 47, he says this, and chapter 48, sorry, in chapter 47, in the afternoon, and chapter 14 in this dunya, as well. So the lesson is going to be twofold is going to be innocent of the dunya. And it's going to be the last of that era. Can you imagine so they have this theme, this mega theme of the the victory of Allah, you have it in chapter 47 and the asherah context, and you have it in chapter 48 in the dunya context in the fatahna laka mobila.

03:57:03--> 03:57:38

Now you tell me about how can how can someone organize the Quran in such a way that the themes are organized in such a way and even though even the themes actually this is scientific thing you can actually lexically interlink the beginning of the surah and the end of the surah you'll see that every single surah is like this, by the way, there is a book in Arabic language by CLT is called a slob acceptable Quran, a strong, acceptable core. And he mentioned to you that 911 Ah, he mentions how all of these things are interconnected. And he basically mentioned each sort of the beginning and end disconnected he was shocked by it.

03:57:40--> 03:58:11

In the 100 last Kalani had a teacher has called as the high as the high has a book which not all Yanni sent to us. But he mentions the same things. This stuff is in our tradition brother, then people have been mentioning this guy is an American hero is Raymond Raymond Ferran. And he's written a book in English language called the structures of the Quran is my ring composition, you know, ring composition, you mentioned Muhammad Rasul Allah Allah, if he this thing is not normal, I tell you, I promise you, this in and of itself is enough of a proof to blow anybody away of symbolizing because

03:58:12--> 03:58:44

the piecemeal Revelation it came bit by bit by bit, how could it be so interconnected? Like That is what most of you know, whenever Allah He mentions the more thought letters in the beginning of a surah? Yes, every single time you know, he does. He mentioned the Quran in the beginning of that surah and in the end of the same surah Jani wherever he mentions, like for example, Elif lamea, he mentions Derek multitap, right, le flam RA, or he mentioned the Quran, Allah, whatever it may be, yeah, he will mentioned that the Quran directly after you mentioned the Quran in the end of that surah as well.

03:58:45--> 03:58:48

Even 286 verses just like sort of

03:58:49--> 03:58:50

the future there are.

03:58:53--> 03:59:28

There are some common themes in the Quran that repeat themselves, again and again. And these are subtleties. You see, these are some of the subtle ideas within the Quran that cannot possibly come from an Arabian Shepherd, who lived in the seventh century. in Arabia, for example, okay, I believe even if we had a team from Harvard, a team from Cambridge, a team from let's say, Oxford, a team from Melbourne, a team from you know, all the top universities in the world working with them, they wouldn't be able to put the Quran together, even if they

03:59:30--> 03:59:33

have Allah Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam considering

03:59:34--> 04:00:00

the hijab mentioned and other things our alumni have mentioned. For example, your mom's beauty and other Allah of the Quran will study the structure duties of the Quran and the subtlety of the Quran and is some special features malai absolutely one, I mean, there are so many things. One thing I want to very quickly mention on top of what for the job has mentioned because there is discussion is going and while the discussion has been

04:00:00--> 04:00:45

I want everyone to remember to remember why we are here today is to ask you to support the noble endeavor that's taking place Sapiens institute.org. forward slash Donate Life is the link. Don't forget to make a donation. And don't forget to share this live stream with your friends and colleagues and families so that they can also take part in supporting this endeavor, this institute that helps people do away with the doubt. So one of the things I want to very quickly mention one of the subtleties of the Quran, brother job, I don't know if you have come across Christians claiming that yahia was not the name of john the baptist. Okay, the Quran in surah. Miriam calls me here.

04:00:45--> 04:01:09

Okay. Now, amazingly, they have this claim that that's a mistake in the Quran, because you're here was not a name. Right? That was not his name. No one mentions that name. His name was you, Hannah. Okay, are you Hannon in the Hebrew language? Right? This is the claim. And I've seen some Christian missionaries use this argument. But amazingly,

04:01:10--> 04:02:01

if you pay attention to the meaning of your hair, okay, which may have been taken from the Hebrew yahia yahia literally means God gives life okay, it means God gives life right. And Allah mentioned in Surah Merriam, that the mother of yahia was not adduced she was argued, argued, is barren who cannot give birth. So, taking a child from a barren woman is Love is a miracle, right? Is she she cannot give birth. So his mother was barren, and Allah gave him life to a barren woman. But that's Allah giving him life. So it apparently, it seems to be according to the series as well, many trustees mentioned this, that this was his title. Right? This was his title. Yeah, here, right. But

04:02:01--> 04:02:37

amazingly, the name of yahia la Salaam, the proper name, which is known in the Hebrew language, you Hannon or your Hannah is coded way in verse number 13. of surah. Maria, there is a word or there is a sentence that goes hanami Laguna, okay, Allah says hi, Nana Mila Donna about Salam. And this word henann is mentioned only once in the Quran in the entire text. And it refers directly to your he la sala.

04:02:40--> 04:03:00

Yes, henann. It refers to yahia les Salaam is mentioned only once in the Quran. And amazingly, it is exactly the same word or it comes from the same root word as you hadn't you Hannah. Hannah has exactly the same root word which is Hannah, right? No.

04:03:01--> 04:03:03

Problem prophets, Allah Salam could not be encoded.

04:03:05--> 04:03:10

Also, according to some Christians, the mother of Miriam was Hannah.

04:03:12--> 04:03:14

This is interesting. Yeah.

04:03:15--> 04:03:46

And yeah, the root word in this hannu noon is only mentioned once. In this I think it's chapter 14 is only mentioned once right? Hi, new Loon. And you have the you have the the Semitic Arabic name, Hannah. Hannah means grace and mercy and love. And it's only mentioned in this in this chapter, which is very fascinating. Could be a linguistic indication that may be also the mother of Maria Malay, Islam was actually Hannah, Allah.

04:03:48--> 04:04:36

There's a book called Jasmine or unfi, Agia Mila Quran, Arabic mocha, basically, that the author, I think was two volumes. He looks at all of the names of the Prophets and operands. And he talks about the lexical field that is surrounding each sec, for example, as hap Elisa Lam, right. What you'll find is Huck, whenever he's not whenever but a lot of the time when his name is mentioned, is mentioned in conjunction with his mom, his mother laughing when the angels came to get Yeah, she laughed. And the author says, for example, the hack the word bahat, literally meaning the one who loves and is hop interconnected. So the lexical field of the sometimes like for instance, Moshi is

04:04:36--> 04:04:59

the word from Moses right Moosa and the author he says, this doesn't come from a Hebrew his opinion is that it comes from the hieroglyphic root. And he says that in hieroglyphics, the word mostly means the place from this from the water tomorrow and you'll see that whenever Allah subhanaw taala, there was a lot of lexical field work surrounding the name Moses, where he is put literally into the water with the cost kit, and so on. Like

04:05:00--> 04:05:44

But so is he that's why he named his book I just will put on viaggia Mila Quran which is basically the the miracle of the Quran in the foreign expressions or the foreign words names Yeah. And also by the unit turns out even the divine epithets when Allah says he is the Forgiving the loving or he'll do the other way around he is the loving the Forgiving or he is the wise and the powerful or he may turn it the other way around, he is the power wise now, bell he I think was name was Richard Bose and orientalist joihin. He basically said this is like he's, the Quran is only doing this just for you to have an end rhyme. He said it was he just did. He just did it for anyone. But we mode in the

04:05:44--> 04:06:25

miracle of the Quran is that everything is semantically oriented as well and also enhances the communicative effect. And it has his aesthetic appeal his rhetorical appeal, when you study the divine epithets, even the order, the subtleties in the order are based on the previous verse or verses prior to that the whole linguistically and semantically connected all of them take even the smallest step in the Quran. Surah Al CalHFA has 10 words, there are possibly over 40 rhetorical devices in Surah Al CalHFA, over 40, which is almost unbelievable. You have 10 words, but you have rhetorical devices, which are well established in the Arabic language, which surpassed the number of

04:06:25--> 04:06:39

words by at least 345 or more more than that times out, which is phenomenal. So yeah, I mean, when you explore these things, but coming back to the original question that on that point, let me give you another example. As we mentioned, so Subbu Yes, which is chapter 34. We could do this all day right?

04:06:41--> 04:07:09

The reason why we could do this all day is because the Quran is an ocean, you know, it really could literally do this all day. But in salt the server where we talked about he mentioned chapter 34. So now he's the one giving this in chapter two verse two of sorts of sabba Allah subhanaw taala ends the verse with the whole folder right? Well what rahimullah for is the only time whole Quran where Allah subhanaw taala ends the verse with love Rahim Allah for sorry for Rahim after

04:07:10--> 04:07:12

rather than Rahim before

04:07:14--> 04:07:30

yeah so it's it's usually Rahim on her fourth right in this place is a foreign Rahim and the reason why I know that I think that he did the mistake again though. I might have suffered in Rahim as a foreigner him usually but in sort of. Exactly.

04:07:32--> 04:07:38

Yeah, Yalla muy, muy elegy for ladu my echo German Hello, my ends and I'm gonna select you may hold your feet up. Whoa, whoa.

04:07:42--> 04:07:43

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

04:07:45--> 04:07:49

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, no, no,

04:07:50--> 04:07:51

no, no, here's

04:07:52--> 04:08:11

me right here. Is that really? Well, what rahimullah for this is the point. Okay. Yeah, level my elegy for love doing my echo German home Angeles. And I'm Algeria well Hawa rahimullah for Okay, yeah. Okay. Bear in mind, the only place in the Quran is the only place where this is for him.

04:08:12--> 04:08:20

Right? Why? Okay, because it's not mentioning some scholars say, yeah, it's not mentioning human beings.

04:08:21--> 04:08:32

Usually human beings need the whole front. They need forgiveness before they need drama, because you need to wipe the slate clean before you give them drama. But because palace is 100 lady level mathema. What's your methodology? Well,

04:08:34--> 04:08:55

you know, it's how he started the surah. The one who will you know, he has the praise in the heavens and the earth and he is the one in the praise at the end of Yanni the end days. He's not mentioning human beings. He's mentioning celestial and inanimate objects. So there's no requirement for front Hold on. Yeah. Right. Right. So he starts with that I move forward because this this way, there's no there's no forgiveness to be given.

04:08:57--> 04:09:15

Everything I've heard the kick, if you really want to, if you're interested in this, I have one person who is really really good as a father of Samurai in the Arabic language got so many books, just check all these books out. Can you say it again? Please, translating one of his books yet he will be translating one of his books Sharla

04:09:16--> 04:09:39

shows you a few. There's everything we're telling you all of our secrets, but we will be translating what he's got a book called shakeela Lapin he's got a keytab called a tabula qurani he's got so much and by the way, if you know Arabic If you go into Arabic language, check his videos out there go all of them go viral. The man has got many can you please give me give me his name again. I did. A Samurai Samurai he. he's a he's

04:09:40--> 04:09:59

from Marian from Iraq. inshallah, one day we have his number one to get through to him. We know his family members. You know, we want to get some permissions and stuff like that. But anyway, the point is, is actually normally Ali Khan does a good job in translating a lot of his stuff. You know, Khan has something called divine speech, divine speech seminar, most

04:10:00--> 04:10:30

is a translation of fatherless summarize material. So if you if you want to access, if you want to access a lot of the stuff that we're talking to that these nuances, probably the best person to have done it in the English language to be fair is nominally fine. I have not seen anyone do it better than him. Because he translates a lot of summarized stuff. He's got a book as well and he has some stuff in on YouTube and in his being a TV, so you can check that out in Sharla. Okay, so just the common law fan. Thank you guys. Really.

04:10:31--> 04:10:34

We showered you with examples of you said give me one. Yeah.

04:10:37--> 04:10:39

exam question again.

04:10:45--> 04:11:24

Thank you so much, man. May Allah bless you. I think we should go to build Shahrukh Khan next. He's been waiting for a long time. Yeah, let's take. Let's take the question short, make the question short and make the answers short as well. And before we do that, remember Sapiens institute.org. forward slash Donate Life is the link. It is the month of Ramadan, every single good deed is multiplied 70 times don't forget that this is one of the noblest things you may be doing this Ramadan by supporting this institute that removes doubts from the minds of young Muslims who come across all all sorts of misconceptions and lies and outright Islamophobic content. And they end up

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when it comes

04:12:14--> 04:12:14


04:12:17--> 04:12:18

Yes, please.

04:12:21--> 04:13:00

The profits are seldom answered in an authentic body that whatever is paid for the time of breaking the fast is granted and never refuse. So if a person who awards major sins and ask Allah for general for those winners do are we accepted? If yes, then what about those people such as Saba, who actually strived hard and sacrificed their life? And well for the sake of Allah and even they too will be granted general for those. So Won't they be amazed by that person's presence in general for those as he just fulfilled his obligatory act and stayed away from major sins? And then do more than this to please Allah? So the doubt sometimes I get is, why should I strive hard if I can just stay

04:13:00--> 04:13:17

away from major sins and make sincere word to Allah for genetic for those and get the same status. And I know deep inside me that this is not how it works, but I don't know how to remove this versa. And rather, I want to focus in working hard to please Allah. So Cody, brothers, please share your thoughts in this matter.

04:13:19--> 04:14:03

This question may have been answered in one of the highlights of the progress of your test or your trial may be slightly easier because you haven't seen the professor live. They had they had seen the profit. They had worked with them, they had walked with Him they had eaten with him they had fought with him, right? One of the Hadith of the Prophet may us answer your question. So a lot of the Prophet said that my brothers will come, my brothers will come later. And the Sahaba was sitting with him and they asked him Yasser Allah, are we not your brothers? He said, No, you have seen me. And yet you follow me, but there will be people coming after me who haven't seen me. And yet they

04:14:03--> 04:14:47

will, they will believe in me and they will follow me. Okay, they are my brothers, the best one among them, will be will be equal to the 50 best of you lock awkward is not only a capable to once RB the Prophet is telling them, the best one among them will be equal to 50 best one among you. So panela, the Sahaba was shocked. They were actually, you know, quite envious, in the positive sense that Subhanallah those people who are coming after us who haven't seen the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and yet they will have such reward. So anyone acting upon Islam, avoiding major sins, and fulfilling all the major obligations, as far as Allah is concerned, and the Prophet is concerned,

04:14:47--> 04:14:59

having not not having seen the Prophet directly, not having seen his miracles, okay. And yet you believe in the progression of Solomon, follow him. Your reward is very, very high. Anyone who's doing that in this current day and age

04:15:00--> 04:15:31

Avoiding major sins and following Islam to the best of his ability or her her ability, or lie, the reward is nothing insha Allah but Jana, I hope that answered your Yeah, I mean, the other thing we need to understand is Oh, my dear brother, from a kind of spiritual perspective, if you wanna use this language, is we also have to be a little bit careful thinking that we've avoided all major sins, and we've made to iron Allah is going to give us for those just because we asked for it. And therefore we could just sit back, that could trigger shade on it could basically be that we are basically

04:15:33--> 04:16:06

probably not even worthy of jonatha for those because the one who's with Jennifer DOS, most was the person cillum. And he was the one who was free of every sin. And yeah, he was standing at my and his wife asked him, you know, you're you're free of sin, He says, should I be a grateful slave? ungrateful seven. So likewise, by extension, if, if, if, if if we believe we want to get Jennifer those who don't like it's going to give it to Allah is going to give it to us. And if we expect good from Allah, we'll find a line in the in the greatest of expectations based on the Hadith could see, because that is he says, I am as Muslim and thinks I am by an Arabic also means I am, as my seven

04:16:06--> 04:16:46

expects me to be. So if you expect a lot to forgive you forgive you. But the point is, are you worthy, you know, of that forgiveness? If you just know, just sit back, and you think, oh, is done deal for me? Is that the kind of? Is that that? Is that our state of heart? That is indicative of the of the of the mercy that we want from Allah, which is for those? I will say no, and the person who is the best example of that, and even the Sahaba, they wouldn't, they weren't even unsure of the emaan. You know, there are 30 Sahaba, who will who who feared the FARC, near FARC in themselves. So I'm not telling you to fail, you're *ing yourself to that degree, no, you know, how, you know,

04:16:46--> 04:17:23

expect the best from Allah. But if you make endof, Allah, you believe you, you abstain from major sins and you want to for those, then keep on working for that, then then a sign of you actually gaining jonatha for those is actually you become a person who is worthy of that in your heart and in your actions, if you just sit back now, or maybe you're not worthy of it, right? So what you should do, if you can remember that in the Quran is do an action to an action. So make you do believe it's gonna happen, but now you have to be working towards that internally and externally, right. The other thing is, there are some sins that we may not even know of. Right? Even the partner does do as

04:17:23--> 04:17:57

concerning this the shark that we don't know of the sins that we don't know. So we have to be very wary from that perspective. Yeah. And we need to be very careful. So my advice would be heavy is make you to abstain from sin. Always be in a state of tober. Ask for forgiveness for things that you're not even aware of. Yeah. And if you wonder, and for those, then think about Am I the person living a life that is worthy of that, and then just keep on striving, and never be satisfied? And you know, as one shucks told me once, you're never going to be 100% content Assad will give you happiness and contentment. But there's one thing that you should always be worried about, and that's

04:17:57--> 04:18:24

your class. Yeah, the minute that you think you okay about your floss is a sign that you don't have a class. So have this is a positive worry, it should never lead you to despair, because Allah says do not despair, only the disbelievers despair only those who reject Allah despair. Don't be in despair, but have this what you call positive anxiety, if you like about your class, and keep them moving forward, you're happy and you and I have aligned the grace of your expectations. And you'd find him in the midst of expectations, playing shows about this. It's like

04:18:26--> 04:19:04

two wings of a bird of hope and fear. Like you know, if the bird flies only when the two wings are together, obviously look for answers and relationships, question and lead in ages and you want to cover it all, if you will, for washer in the lemon, you know the ones who avoid the major sins, etc, except for lemon. But then we have to ask ourselves, what are they covered? And this is something that the Automat I've actually disagreed upon, like that'd be writes a book called alphabet of Kibera, where he writes 70 different careers where he thinks but the question is, do we know for a fact that they do the monopoly be at the heart diseases of that count as covered like, for example.

04:19:07--> 04:19:46

Andrea is one of the ships that you can fall into the air is when you're basically showing off, but when you're showing off on an iPad, or that should be for a las panatela for the Hulk to see. We don't know we don't we can never say that we were not doing that. You can never be sure of that. There's no way you can be sure, yeah, this one I've done this for the sake of Allah 100% you know and so, and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said may lay out the full agenda of mankind if you have been with another animal kingdom, you know that will come across our solemn that the the one who has an atom's way of arrogance in his heart will not enter Jannah right. So that is our job,

04:19:46--> 04:19:50

which is self amazement. And Kippur

04:19:51--> 04:20:00

are two sides of the same coin are there one leads to the other. So if you have even an atom as well there has to be purified before you go to Jenna. So the The fact is, if you do if

04:20:00--> 04:20:13

Have this complacent attitude, it could lead to a job. And that can easily lead to keep up and then that could be prevented from going to heaven. So you have to be careful. You have to think about the internal inner dimensions as well not because a lot of these things are

04:20:14--> 04:20:18

I'm not actually major since Yes. So

04:20:19--> 04:20:20

if you have questions,

04:20:22--> 04:20:23

sorry, this is not going to help

04:20:25--> 04:20:26

you guys, Jennifer, for those.

04:20:30--> 04:20:36

Okay, we'll take two more questions, and then we'll close it for today inshallah. So we have Abdullah.

04:20:41--> 04:20:42

So I want to come up

04:20:43--> 04:20:44

with a larger Luckily for you.

04:20:46--> 04:20:46


04:20:50--> 04:20:51

I have two questions.

04:20:53--> 04:21:05

Two quick questions. Okay. My first question is, how can we? How can we have How can we believe in axiomatic How can we Sorry, sorry, let me rephrase it.

04:21:08--> 04:21:18

How can we establish our belief on axiomatic beliefs, which is not rationally proven? I don't know. How can

04:21:20--> 04:21:21

he responds?

04:21:24--> 04:21:30

So you think, how can you establish your beliefs on axiomatic beliefs?

04:21:33--> 04:21:42

beliefs, which is not rationally proven? And the problem is x axioms itself? It's hard to differentiate them with nurture.

04:21:44--> 04:21:48

It's I don't mean by differentiating actions with nurture.

04:21:53--> 04:21:55

How can we know this?

04:21:56--> 04:22:01

Is axiom or nurture? It's just an hypothesis.

04:22:04--> 04:22:07

Yeah, that's a good point. But one would argue that

04:22:09--> 04:22:20

it depends in what kind of context you're using axiom. So if you're saying an axiom is a necessary principle or a necessary idea that is required for particular domain of values to grow,

04:22:21--> 04:23:05

then yeah, those actions would would you would say, unnecessary for that particular domain of knowledge, for example, in mathematics and certain domains of knowledge in mathematics, you have to assume that the Infinity exists, you just have to assume the mathematical infinity. You can't prove it necessarily. You assume it, then you work with it. Now, and one would argue that that allows that domain of knowledge and mathematics to actually function and work appropriately. Now, is there anything wrong with that? No, I mean, in every area, every area of knowledge, you have what you call beliefs, or ideas or concepts that are true by default. And they are necessary in order for that

04:23:05--> 04:23:44

particular domain of knowledge to actually grow, even have this in science, you have to have certain unscientific non provable from a scientific perspective. assumptions. In order for science to be science, for example, science has to accept the idea of the causal relation, right? It might not talk about what the what the reality of that causal relation is. But they have to accept that there are causal relations. That's a metaphysical idea. That's still debate and philosophy. So they have to start with that though, in order for science to work imagine you through causal relations out of the window will be very difficult to actually make sense of a lot of sites. Another kind of

04:23:44--> 04:24:26

axiomatic belief, if you like in the scientific domain of knowledge, is the fact that they have to argue that nature is uniform. If they don't have that, then any theory any workable theory that has work, that's well confirmed from an empirical point of view, any workable theory that is has predictive power that has a lot of confirmations and proven confirmations. You can never say that that theory applies to all the set of particular observations. So for one particular Darwinian mechanism, they say that the Darwinian mechanism is well confirmed. They say that the Darwinian mechanism is has predictive power. And they say the Darwinian mechanism is workable from that

04:24:26--> 04:24:59

perspective. So, they say, therefore, the Darwinian mechanism applies as an explanation as a mechanism to explain all biological change. But they haven't observed all biological change, but the only way they can see that, if they have the presupposition or the axiom, if you like, depending how you want to define it, that nature is actually uniform. If they didn't have that assumption, they could never extend any theory. They could never say this work of him theory that has grown a lot of observations. They could never apply that to the observations they haven't observed yet.

04:25:00--> 04:25:12

Which means you could never have any knowledge of science, you will never grow if you never have that assumption. So if your problem is that, you know, how can we have axiomatic beliefs, I don't see that as a problem at all.

04:25:14--> 04:25:42

Obviously, it gets more gray. And it gets philosophically messy when you pick specific examples, but as a general principle, to have certain ideas that you will argue to be necessarily true, or ideas that you would argue that you require those the those particular assumptions or axioms in order for your particular domain of knowledge to grow. That's not particularly problematic, just by virtue of some of the examples I've given you.

04:25:43--> 04:26:06

Now, if you feel that, you know, if you're if you're referring to the Islamic belief system, then you'd have to give me some examples. But as a general principle, this well known that you have things like necessary assumptions or first principles or, or foundational ideas, or axioms that are required for domains of knowledge to grow. Does that make sense?

04:26:08--> 04:26:10

Yeah, for example, the concept of

04:26:12--> 04:26:13

first principles

04:26:15--> 04:26:15


04:26:17--> 04:26:40

this need now you what you're doing, you're conflating a first principle. So you're completing an axiom, with a kind of metaphysical first principle, there are slightly different metaphysical first principles is, what are your What is your? What are your first principles that make sense of reality? Okay.

04:26:41--> 04:27:19

So for example, one of the metaphysical first principles in the philosophy of the mind is that, you know, physicalism is true, which is what is the philosophical approach that basically says that consciousness can be reduced to or is identical to, in some way to physical processes. So that's, that cannot be proven scientifically, because they require that assumption. Yeah. So you can't argue in a circle neuroscience requires that assumption, you can't prove that assumption. So they start with that metaphysical first principle. And they say, this makes sense of the world of the world of the philosophy of the mind of the world of consciousness of the world of the brain. Okay, so it's

04:27:19--> 04:27:24

like a lens that they put on to make sense of reality. And to make sense of the observations.

04:27:26--> 04:27:58

fitrah is just like that. It's not an axiom, it's like a metaphysical way of seeing is a first principle is a lens in which you look at reality, and you make sense of reality. So, for example, the cause of the fitrah doesn't go against any scientific data, the concept of the fitrah actually makes sense of our intuitions make sense of cognitive psychology, make sense of religion make sense of people's needs, for spirituality, make sense for people's adoration for things, it makes sense of all of these things? So it becomes what you call a

04:28:00--> 04:28:00


04:28:02--> 04:28:04

by intuition is a feeling isn't it?

04:28:06--> 04:28:29

Bro, you study philosophy, most of philosophy is based on intuition, man. Like I give an example. I did an analytical module called the idea of freedom. And they were discussing is freedom intrinsic, or is it instrumental? And they said, No, it's intrinsically valuable. I asked a stupid question. I said, Well, how did you know so but if it's intrinsic, you don't need to prove it? And I said, Okay, how do you ground that? You know, he said, our intuitions?

04:28:31--> 04:29:09

And a lot of philosophy, if you scratch the surface, the intellectual malarkey, yeah, if he's scratched the surface, and you remove the cobwebs and all that stuff. Would you call it the car? I think that Yeah, yeah, absolutely. It's like it reduces to, sometimes an intuition. And then that if they make sense of that intuition, through the philosophical argumentation, she moved out, I would argue that it's probably more foundational than anything surface. Yes. Starting with it. If you don't have if you don't have I think, therefore I am, which was seen as the bedrock of the heart of like, exists, how to prove your existence, using systematic doubt, then you don't have anything

04:29:09--> 04:29:14

actually. You know, yeah, I mean, what would argue, you know, I am

04:29:16--> 04:29:17


04:29:19--> 04:29:59

happy don't conflate a feeling with fitrah. The idea of the fitrah and Islamic discourse is part of a metaphysic as part of a so first principles to make sense of reality. Okay. It's not just a feeling. So it makes sense of intuitions it makes sense of data, it makes sense of the empirical data. It makes sense of anthropology, it makes sense of so many different things. So why would you throw that out of the window? Right? You don't stop. That's not how metaphysics works. And the thing about metaphysics, you don't say, Well, can you prove your metaphysics? Well, you haven't understood what metaphysics is. metaphysics is the starting point. It's the lens. It's like, it's like you're

04:29:59--> 04:29:59

blind, and the only way

04:30:00--> 04:30:34

Can you put your lenses on? You say, Well, can you see before you put your lenses on? No, you can't you have to? Those are your lenses, right? So when people say, Oh prove your metaphysical first principles that well hold on a second, you just don't understand what metaphysics is. Because if you think that is proof, then you have an infinite regress of stuff. And you don't have any metaphysics. And you don't have any metaphysics, you don't have any anything, because that becomes a backdrop to understand the reality even the empirical stuff, right? So imagine saying, you know, a physicalist explains the kind of consciousness and neuroscience is predicated on physicalism. But then they say,

04:30:34--> 04:30:52

Can you prove physicalism? Well, if you do that, if you do that as an infinite regress, you never have any neuroscience that would adequately explain consciousness, because they need that metaphysical first principle. So I think there's a lot of few concepts here that you basically, I think, maybe jumbled up a bit heavy.

04:30:53--> 04:31:29

What this may require is a lighthouse mentoring session, which you can book online. And it's free one hour zoom session, so I advise to go on. And that's why brothers and sisters, Sapiens is so important that we can have these discussions and we can empower our brothers and sisters so they can be able to articulate and share some academically intellectually. And please go to Sapiens institute.org, forward slash donate live, you know, for free to facilitate these amazing, amazing projects, such as the book on doubt that's coming out, such as the course on data that's coming out for free, such as the CPM thoughts, videos, which are already on 30 episodes, such as the lighthouse

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mentoring, we have one to one, and we realize the importance of that one to one relationship, articles and essays work to certain degree, but you will need that kind of experiential one to one dynamic in order for people to have transformations. Even people without even ex Muslims, even

04:31:45--> 04:31:50

non Muslims that want to know about Islam as well. So May Allah bless every single one of you.

04:31:51--> 04:31:54

Unfortunately, we're going to go, it's time to go

04:31:56--> 04:32:07

to one of you brothers and sisters, please, please understand that we have at least another like five live streams, the next live stream is going to be on

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I forgot the date now. So by law, what we can do, though, to make it easy, is if we go to Instagram, Mr. Xu, this

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make sure that we're using our nights and our days very wisely and try and be as efficient as we can. And this is a reminder to myself more than when else the Quran is what we should be connecting to. We're talking about how the Quran is very beautiful. And not only that, but it's miraculous. We do believe in this right? So we have to re establish our connection with

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Allah bless every single one of you said on YT from Rahmatullah Hebrew