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AI: Summary © The Greatest Speaker is the smallest thing one can do and the smallest thing they can do. The title system is important for achieving good status. The concept of arrogance is related to one's age and physical altercations can lead to embarrassment. The speaker discusses the concept of "hambleness" as something that causes people to feel embarrassed and fearful, and mentions a study on the topic of "verbalization" and a video about "ham blissed" experience.
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Nabi SallAllahu Taala alayhi wa sallam all the law he had who will Jannetty mankind if he appellee behemoth called without Latino men killed.

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Brothers and sisters today's hadith is narrated in the collection of Imam Muslim with an authentic chain of narration a Saudi saya everything and the collection of Imam Muslim and Buhari is is authentic at the highest level of authenticity. And the sahabi the companion who is narrated this hadith is Abdullah in this route, the scholar then had this difficulty one of the high ranking

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companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you hardly find any book of any section of our of

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jurisprudence or in Hadith without you without finding his name. One of the highest ranking even in the Quran is one of the the Companions who inherited the Quran.

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In this full illness,

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the hadith is, goes like this Allah, the prophets Allah Sam says, that will not he He who has this this characteristic will not enter the jinn enter Jannah to heaven who has aa the smallest smallest amount of arrogance in his heart? Let's call that Allah there is an atom and in Arabic and the Arabs use this to to describe the smallest now it could be what what would the province of Lawson means by it is actually the actual weight of an atom? I have no way but but as it from a linguistic standpoint when they say mascara is the smallest thing you can you can you can imagine. Now this hadith there's a lot of unpacking and a lot of explanation number one when he says the lie of Halal

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Jana, you will see there's a there's actually a group of ahaadeeth stars like that, like light will Jeanette don't soliloquies agenda and a mob diet comedian Nakagawa, it doesn't mean that that's it, no agenda for you. That's not what it means. It means that you won't enter among the first to get into gin and that's what you want.

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What you want is to is not to stand in line. That's what you want when you go to Gen sha Allah. You don't want to stand in line because the prophets Allah Selim says Menorca shall he celibate HELOC you don't want the Malayaka to open the books and go and scrutinize every single thing you did to take like 5000 years to do go over that you don't want that because it's very difficult to stand and justify everything was one did right? You want you want to go in without hisab right you want the last five to Allah to smile on your face and say okay, you've done some sins but because you help that one person or you did that we're going to forgive everything you go to gym, this is what you

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want. That's your aim inshallah for all of us you shall do

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so via Twitter gentlemen, can you tell behemoth curlew, Liberty mean keeper? The smallest amount of arrogance. Now there's two words in the Quran. And for those who understand Arabic should know the difference between the two. There's kibble and there's Kiba. Hebrew is arrogance.

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And a lady well lady Tala kimberleigh Who Minho Bella Harada. When are they, right? That kid is arrogance. Kibar on the other hand, is just old age.

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Right. So make the distinction that we may have Luanda in the COVID Kibera I had the Homer speaking about parents, right, when they reach old age, Cuba, so there's difference.

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And this, one of the highest ends here, but there's an there's a little bit of an addition to it and and a different hottie, and one of the one of the one of the companions, sitting there and said, Oh God, Allah Julian, in the Rajamouli, Uruguay Hakuna doble who has an EN when Allah who has this this man wanted a little bit more clarification. He said, well a prophet, Allah Allah is LM, one of us would love to look good and dress up well and by extension, you know, drive a good car and have a good house and all that so the prom is awesome. explained further Nacala in hola Jaime Luna Hibou Gemma, this is not part of arrogance. This is part of excellence in beauty beautifying your

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yourself, for you to dress up that's not arrogant for you to drive a good car to have more you have to be wealthy in general and to have a good status. That's not arrogance. That's not what it is. The prophets, Allah said will explain he said Al Kimbrel, but are all happy or humbleness. kibel Arrogance is when you do not accept truth when it's presented to you.

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But that will happen is that okay? It's there you see it, but you don't accept it? Well, humbleness is to cause is despise and cause injustice to people.

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That's that's that's basically this description. So being humble is basically not being humiliated and being an nor being arrogant means means you have to be you have one. I mean, being wealthy and having good statuses is a sign of arrogance. That's not what it is. It's what really what you feel inside.

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This brings me

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To sing of one of the scholars, and that, of course, they're the opposite of arrogance is actually humbleness is tell Aldo, right. And one of the scholars says this is this is the truth, the true status of talav of humbleness, this is what it is, listen to this, it says, the true however, the Haqiqa Totoaba is that whoever you meet, you have a conviction you and you in your you believe that this person is better than you.

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If this person is older, and you justified yourself, well, this man is older or this person is older than me, definitely have more good days than I can't catch up. If he's younger, the person is younger than say, Well, I have more since I'm older, I send more if the if the other person is is is is is scholar and they have the knowledge as well his knowledge will save my ignorance will cause my demise. It was the opposite than to say, well I am the scholar I have the knowledge and I sinned against Allah subhanaw taala with knowledge he sinned with ignorance here, I'm not going to be held the same the same way he's going to be held even if the first opposite person is not even Muslim is

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confidence doesn't even believe you say well, now I'm in a good shape. I don't know it's going to happen an hour before I die. So you'll always justify it somehow. And and this is an exercise if one practice that practices practices it then then it'll cause you to have that true humbleness that Allah subhanaw taala and I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who enter agenda with no hyssop we don't need to see those books we have it's just I know it's embarrassing. At least mine is

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so I hope this was a benefit here we do man was the movie so he and Abdullah and Mr. Denali, Allah Allah Anwar wa Khalid and in Libya Salalah do sell them lie at Hulu Ginetta mechanically behemoth Cloudera team in Quebec. Takahara June in July, you require QUnit who has an end? When and who hasn't? Or others who likes Allah Allah to sell them in Allah Jaime loon you're able Jamal al cube guru Baba will help T wantonness Rasul Allah Allah Allah have you been sad now Muhammad you either do sluggishness panic Allahumma Nicola