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very, very high tech.

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Lead Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. And your Marino done. Thanks Allah Allah, we continue from where we left off last week that the CEO of Surah, soft, and we stopped at a number six. And I don't think I'll be able to actually complete the sutra today, even though I should, technically but I'll see how far I can get Inshallah, within the explanation. But also

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it talks about the social contract between Muslims and their faith or their own mother nation. And all of that this user does, from Umoja della, to atari, in this whole cluster of sewers, all it really does is talk about organizational aspects of Islam, and the relationship Muslims have with people around and organizing those relationships. So within which I've talked about the relationship between Muslims and their fellow Muslims, and there are leaders who have looked at the concept of citizenship and the relationship between the different groups within the country between Muslims and earlier Muslims, or later Muslims, or non Muslims or traders or hypocrites, but don't want to hide,

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I looked at the relationship between Muslims and non Muslims, specifically, whether they are combative or non combative, and what that would mean in both contexts, which is extremely important. And so to soft looks at the relationship the Muslim has with his with their nation, with their Ummah, with the group, which is the social contract, just, in other words, basically, and this is what sociologists throughout history, and philosophers have spent a lot of time talking about, and exploring and discussing. Because it's an extremely difficult topic to understand, it's much more complex than we think it is. The reason that we don't talk about this a lot is because now there are

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countries with sanctions and rules and laws, and you have no choice whether you like the social contract or not, you're gonna follow it, or else you're gonna end up in jail. So so they stopped talking about this. But historically, the social contract has always been something that has been interesting to the human being and what exactly do I owe the group? And what is the group owe me and? And what exactly how exactly do we do we organize this relationship between me and the group that I'm part of, um, should I be a part of a group? If I am a part of a group? How does that actually work. And it's only recently that we have come to certain into a plateau in that because of

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how countries function. But there's always room for that to grow. And regardless of countries, you're going to remove that piece completely and just talk about communities. Here's where I think this is more beneficial for us as Muslims, living in the West and even Muslims living elsewhere. Whether you live in a country where you're a minority, or you live in a country where your majority, still as a Muslim, you do have to understand the social contract you have with your ummah with your nation, not your nation as in

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the flag that you live under, but rather your your OMA as, as in the Nation of Islam as Muslims. What is it that I owe the OMA of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam? And what do they all mean? And how does this work? And that's why we went through the first six verses and we took a long time, honestly, we took maybe two or three, just to get through them, because they just it's a very short student, patient half. And he is basically giving you an aspect or of that social contract. Number one that you don't, if you say something, you must commit to it, if you if, if you give the other day, if you give the covenant, then what you say must be what you do, no matter who Luna ratified,

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when a couple of you kind of say something to do something different. If you're a part of this, and you're part of this, you have to actually carry your weight. Because if you're not, if you don't, if you say that you are and then you don't carry your weight within this whole story, then then it becomes extremely difficult for this nation to carry it to move forward. The concept of soft, which is the rank the line is brought up here in a beautiful way. And Allahu hiwula dnafit UniFi Sebelius often is brought into the context of combat, because the most difficult time for you to actually stand standing in a rank or in the line, which is the concept of unity and equality, that we are all

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required to participate and contribute equally, we have to contribute. And we all do it in an equal manner

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based on our capacity, and also on an equal perspective, from the balls around us, meaning no one gets to stand ahead of someone else. You don't line people up based on race or culture or wealth or, or height or strength or yes, you have a leader you haven't you have someone else to be an imam. But that's a responsibility issue. And without leadership and leadership we're gonna be talking about separately in the soda after the Jamaat separately like the concept of that, but in terms of everything else, we're the same we all carry Islam, equally, no one is more accountable for the

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the outcome, or the destiny of this OMA than anyone else. The person who sits in the microphone and speaks is not more responsible and it's the person who's listening. We all are equal in this in this story. And then the most artists that I've been through most is me through a salary so we were given to to do other lessons. musante he said, I knew when he said the magic word

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going anywhere Katana Munna and Nero sudo Allah He and a company myself who Allahu Allahu Allah had your home and fancy thing moves out as I'm talking about harm, or harm you as a part of the social contract is that you do no harm you do not cause harm and causing harm is a big deviation. That's what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is known law now bla bla bla bla, you don't cause harm, you don't receive harm within this nation, meaning you're not that's the law that governance is one of the great laws of physics, that you are not allowed to cause harm to others but others are not allowed to karma cause harm to you. And that's and that's a part of this social contract that we

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exist with each other and there should be no harm. And that's what moves out as Sam pointed out, and he's pointing it out from Yanni perspective of a great very messenger and an easy to use. And

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he's talking about the concept of the continuous continuity Forgive me of the legacy.

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Masada Lima de una de Yamuna. Turati from oversharer, on Bureau Sunni yet team embodies Mohammed so he's talking about the fact that I received Reveley I followed Musa until I received my revelation and someone else can come after this, it has to be continuation. It has to keep on going the the revelation and

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the legacy of the prophets and the legacy of this OMA is something that has to be passed down and continued to be moved forward until the Day of Judgment. That's a part of that these are the social contracts I'll give, I'll summarize them for you at the end of the surah Inshallah, of the elements because if you take them they're very similar to what Hobbes worked on and what Hart worked on. They're not that different than most sociologists and even Hulu and for example, in his MO Kadima, he talks about some things are very similarly, he came to similar conclusions, just kind of worded differently. And so it was tough to summarize them in a much more elegant manner. In my opinion.

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What we owe our nation is quite clear, we owe to commit fully we owe to contribute equally and to see ourselves as equals and not to see ourselves as more or less with it within that group that we cause no harm that we continue the legacy forward. And today we go through one more and then we then Allah subhanaw taala tells us what the contract is actually uses the term contract which is Jonnie again another beautiful gem that we find a source to begin to show a lot more exciting a number seven I'm gonna try and go if I'm lucky I get through the whole sort of thing that'd be amazing but I doubt it but we'll try and show that I will be here Nina shaking on your body

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Bismillah him man you're walking

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women LM women manifesto or Alia law he goes Eber

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Well who are you they're

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well hola hola. Yeah, de Melo Wally walling.

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you redo nearly your boss the new law he were he him

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when long humo team you know the

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carry Hellcats the young

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who will levy l Salah was Sula who will be luda worthy in help

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Lee you're the healer who I lead Dean equally

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well, Gary Helu shriek who

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will talk about these three inshallah first. So he moves on subhanaw taala to yet another piece another aspect of the contract Woman Oh, Willem. This is a common phrase in the Quran. It's just interesting. I was just talking about it on Friday was a different suit on a different, different language as well, that you were doing explanation but it's very similar, where Allah uses this phrase for many men. catabolite Allahu Allah manifattura Allah, Allah, He can even Okay, the big woman Albula movie manufacturer, and Allah had caddy, which we're reading here. And it's just a rhetorical question because woman Elverum and who is more of an oppressor mean, who's more wrong,

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basically, is what he's saying, Who is more wrong than Whoever does this? And there's also a question and the answer is no one, this is the worst thing you can do, or one of the worst things that you can do is just, it's just a linguistic complex. That is that serves the purpose of pointing something out to you in a different way than just saying it's wrong, but saying it in a way that makes it a little bit more interesting. Well, why not? Well, I'm one who was more of an oppressor

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And he uses the word problem. Obviously, there's depth to it. There's some profoundness that I'm, I'm kind of ignoring here that I mean, I'll just point out to you use the word problem. I will, volume is oppression.

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And he doesn't use, even though we understand from the context that he's pointing out that who is more wrong, because it's an issue of being right and wrong. But he's using the phrase LM or volume is who is more of an oppressor. And you can want ask many of these questions actually, these and the in these concepts, they don't really have an aspect of oppressing other people. They don't like a lot of these, all the instances where this idea is in the Quran is in the Quran, number of times, there is no aspect of oppressing others, it doesn't exist, really. So why does he use the concept of oppression so many times, because oppression is not something that you only do to other people, it

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is for sure, something that you can do to yourself. And actually, that is where it's worse. It that's where it's the worst is where you will press yourself.

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Volume, whoever got a che, if you're writing a handy him

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the the definition of the word volume, as we translate to oppression in English, is to put something in his wrongful place, and the place you shouldn't put it. So then if this is mine, and you take it and you put it over there, it's a little because this doesn't belong there. It belongs here, it's mine. But that's where the concept of bloom comes from. So

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anytime you take a concept, or an action, or a word or a behavior,

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and you put it in a space, or a position or a place where it shouldn't be, is an act of oppression, if it's not an act of aggression towards other people, is an act of oppression towards Allah subhanaw taala as creation or as an act of oppression towards yourself, but you are oppressing your performing performing volume by putting something where it shouldn't be.

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Because this whole universe was created with righteousness, everything will go in his right righteous put rightful place, and behave and the rightful, there'll be the rightful position, even the right way. All of nature. That's why we woke up to life and found that nature, this beautiful ecosystem, and all just works, everything just hawks happens the same way. Everything is feeding everything else in a beautiful continuum, where if you pick out one piece of the puzzle, it causes a lot of problems and everything, a lot of other things suffer, it trickles downwards and upwards in terms of how things behave if you if you remove a piece of this of this system, so it's all working

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in a way where Allah says that this is how it's going to work is how life is going to present itself, then you're gonna come along,

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and you're going to be very different, you're gonna have an ability to actually overcome, need the environment and overcome the will. You don't, you don't have to, you just fall in line like everything else does.

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If you look at it, if you remove the carnivores of the Sahara and deserts then the herbivores they immediately overgrow, right overpopulate, and then they and then there's not enough green or enough water, and then it causes all these, if you if you remove the herbivores, then that causes a problem. And carnivores are eating each other. And then yet, you ruin any change, any small change any change in temperature and change of water flow. If you don't, if you don't appreciate these things, I, I'm a big documentary nerd. And I love watching, I love watching I need the biological and geological documentaries, they're very, very informative, especially, there's something that I

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can remember the name of it talks about the salmon run

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salmon, specifically the type of it and there really is quite breathtaking, the journey of these fish. And I have, scientists still don't understand exactly how they know how to go this far, because they swim like 1000s of kilometres and a very specific method, they go by very specific pieces of land where they get eaten, correspondingly, where they they're feasted upon by other animals and had the any brains at all, at some point, if someone could just tell them, Hey, by the way, just take a left over at Alburquerque you'll be careful. Don't go that way, because you'll but they do because it's part of this big system, you know, it works for every living thing. So that's

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when the word volume exists in the Quran, so repetitively because Allah is just saying there's a system there's a balance here, and me Zen, right that word in the Quran is a lot

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of team will resonate, basically, right? Well, I don't see what it means then use that word means and it's a balance. Don't Don't mess with the balance. Mess with the balance, you will press like what did I do? I just want you to understand, like when you did the butterfly effect that the ripple effect, what you just did is going to cause harm later because going to affect people negatively. It's an active operation. You just don't see the consequences yet. That's all but it's going to happen later on. Everything we do is going to have consequences and everyday consequences that what we do have one of the things that we do highs we're going to be asked about in different levels,

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obviously of intense intensity, but you are you're responsible for the effects of what you do. Whether you

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knew about them or not specified specifically, and especially when you're being told that this is not a good choice, this is not helpful. This is good. And you so I don't understand why I can't see how he's going to do it. Like kids. That's what children say. Like when you have a if you have a child and you tried to explain to them how to do something they argue with you, that's the argument is, well, what exactly is gonna go wrong if I stay up late? It's 11 o'clock, and they're nine years old. You're too tired to have this long conversation. And they don't have the ability to comprehend what you're going to explain to them. Like, even if you sat down, okay, let me explain to you how

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the human mind and body and soul works. All right. If your age, you have these glands inside of you that put out hormones at certain times of the day, if you're not sleeping during those times, then there's an imbalance. They're not going to get any of this stuff. And you're told that this is a really bad habit that I had to suffer with most of my life. So sleep personally and get up early. So you are happier. You just don't have time to do all of this. But children had these arguments. When you're older, you're expected not to have all these arguments. If you if you came to the conclusion of la ilaha illa Allah and He gives you something don't do that. Then you okay? Yes, I have clarity

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on you. And if you're saying it's not helpful, then I then I accept that. I'll figure out why later, maybe, but I'm not going to keep on doing it until I figure it out. That's dumb. Forgive me. That's not that's not a very smart thing to do. You don't get sometimes the consequence of the bad thing you did. There's no way back. Except that there's no way back. You can't go back. You can't turn back and say, Okay, now I see why it's not helpful. Now I'll do No, now it's too late. We have a lot of examples like that in the world drugs. Once you don't believe that drugs are not beneficial to you. You want to try heroin first, and then tell me you're gonna say no, you can't come back from

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that there's no coming back from making certain mistakes.

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We know that yes. That's why we protect our children. We yellow stop doing that because if you keep on doing it, they're gonna fall and break your skull. That's why they stopped doing it. They don't have the content they can't comprehend it. We're not that much more evolved than children are we really aren't. Allah subhanaw taala said, Okay, this is not a good thing. Don't do it. Don't do it's gonna. He knows what he's talking about. So one element that's why use that term, who's more oppressive than someone who's being told not and that doesn't Anyway, don't do that. Because you've been taught you've been given, given divine. So what is the what is the purpose here like and this

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is specifically not to

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get too too much off topic. I mean, if Tara and Allah Who Khadija and the person who lies in the Name of Allah, if Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is to make something up.

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Allah, Allah, or either someone is in the name of someone.

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So if I explained something today, and you hear it, and you go, and you start telling someone else, things I didn't say, if the writer and Al Khatib

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you lied on might be like you lied on my tongue. This phrase is usable if Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah that means you lied on his behalf meaning you said he said something and he didn't say it. He didn't mean it and you know it, you just did it anyways. Well while you die in Islam, and this person has been called to submit to Allah subhanaw taala not to Islam specifically or being called to Islam as a as a nation as a group. Again, we're talking about the social contract here. So the usage of of the name of the deen is actually quite intriguing because it's important that we have it there in the Supra as well. Hola Hola. Hadeel como Ballymena la semana does not guide those who

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choose to oppress. So this,

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this this next law, we went through four, four aspects or four laws within the social economy number five that we hear is that you have to represent the teachings of Allah the way Allah Subhana Allah wants them to be represented not the way that suits your agenda, not the way that is in keeping with your values or with what works for you.

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The moment he moved, he passed along passed away out of your Salatu was that I mean, it was not here to correct the words that are being said, we are left with exactly what we are left with with this book.

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This book must be interpreted in a way that is appropriate that is correct that is in keeping with the rest of the book is in keeping with his life out of yesterday twisted and that is in keeping with the language and the usages of words within within the Arabic language. If you decide to interpret things outside of that context, then you are basically lying in the name of God right?

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Everything that you do in life should be in the name of God that's why everything you do what you started with, you say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim anything you do you say Bismillah what does this mean Lama Rahim mean, in the name of Allah? What's in the name of Allah deciding the full sentence in the Name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful? What does that mean? It's not a sentence in English not even English is not a sentence. It's something missing in the name of Allah What? What? Whatever I'm gonna do next is in the name of Allah. You're required as a Muslim everything you do, you do it in his name. So you ask yourself before you do it, is that something he would have

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want me to maybe do or not do it? That's me. Don't say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim before you steal, or lie or do something horrible because you'd like it doesn't work.

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But technically speaking, I need everything you do in your life should be Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim in the name in his name. So you have to make sure that it's in keeping with his teachings and what exactly he wants it. That makes sense that this the importance of this. So he's what he's talking about here. I'm an elder law. My name is Darla and Allah who will die on this now, this person who is being called to a sandwich versus a part of this Deen was being referred to as a part of Islam is lying on Allah's behalf, is saying something that is that is untrue. That is making things up as they go along as changing the faith is the big problem. Islam is Islam. And you are

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you. And I am me.

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I am not perfect. Islam is I come to Islam and try to adhere to Every teaching every ruling, I will fail, because I'm human. I don't try and change the faith so that it suits me so that I'm doing 100% I except that I'm not doing 100% And I continue to try to be better, but don't try and change the faith. This is a fundamental piece of our social contract as Muslim just talked about in detail outside of this sutra in detail. The first command that exists in the Quran sequentially not revelation why sequentially meaning if you open up if you open you start reading so 230 so that I keep on going looking for the yet the first yeah you Halina Armand, the first one you'll come by is

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one I think 141 I think is number and so to Bukhara Yeah, you're Latina Amanullah cool All right. Cool. I'm gonna smell oh those who believe don't say La Nina don't say can you compromise a bit? Can you change this a bit here lesson it's a bit

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more ah is to maybe get compromised give and take here. Let's see. Oh, you can do? You're asking for this much. I want to give you this much. Can we find a middle ground? Don't do that with God. Now the Quran just pulled on board and I say give us time.

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We need time. We need help. We need support. We need aid. We need it. We're not ready yet. We still need more explanation. Let's smile and listen to what's being said. That's why at the end of chapter Bacara The answer is me. I know Alpina will Parana we listened we accept and we ask You for Your forgiveness because we're not doing this well. And then to explain even more is a sort of Nisa Mina Latina Hmm Do you have any final Kalama ama well Barry here we have Luna semi Anna wa Selena Westmark la misma nyrr Nina. And then Allah trying to point out one of the mistakes of bunny is that they went around and said that their prophet is semi I know we heard while saying that, but we're

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not gonna do all of it. Just off the bat. We don't like all of it. We'll take pieces of it. Others we don't want, what's not available smack. But we need you to listen to us like we need to, you need to listen to what we have to say we have some requests and changes that we need you to listen to us like it almost smart. We're not gonna listen to you what I know and then changed things for us. These commandments are hard changing for us. We're not going to do all of them. We're going to do some of them. Here's the stuff that we can do make some changes go speak to your Lord figure it out right doing all of this. That's what they came and said, Well, no, I know him call me I know what

00:23:01--> 00:23:07

Aparna westmar. One Vorna that kind of higher Allah homework one. Well, I can learn a lot, because

00:23:09--> 00:23:12

they should have said was to me, I know we heard it up. I know, we accept it.

00:23:14--> 00:23:39

What smile I'm gonna but here's our struggles. Listen to us in terms of here's what's going difficult one gonna give us time, help us alone. I mean, give us time, allow us to learn, allow us to grow, we won't be perfect upfront, you're not gonna get it right, right off the bat. People don't walk into my session and turn to angels immediately. You don't walk in here, and now they're perfect. Everything they do is perfect. And we hold them to a standard, the only God held behind most of Allah, Allah Muhammad was I see them do that standard. That's not how it works. They don't walk in here, and I come in here with all of their mistakes, and all their shortcomings, all their

00:23:39--> 00:24:00

problems, all their failures are gonna come that are gonna come in here. And then we give them time, and we allow them to grow. And the piece that has to be agreed upon is not going to change who's in this book to suit you or to suit me. And if I say something about this book, and I try to change it to suit me that you pick me up, and you kind of put me as far away as possible from this machine. Never let me back again. Because the moment you start

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compromising divine revelation is the moment where you're so far, far, far off what needs to happen, that there's no there's no recovery. That's one of them. No one, no one is more oppressive than someone who lies in the name of God when they are being tested, referred to as a part of Islam. Allah does not guide those or oppressive. So you need to accept Islam as it is. Teach it as it is.

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Even if you're not adhering to all of it. This is not an open invitation to go ahead and do whatever you want this saying that yes, you're human, you'll make mistakes. We all will. We all will try to find pieces of Islam that we struggle with practicing properly, some of it will be apparent to people and some of it will be non apparent to people. You're lucky on the part that you're not practicing as a steward. It's not apparent and if you're unlucky, then it's then it's apparent that people see it and hold you to it and judge you by it and they shouldn't but they do. It's just kind of the reality of the matter. But no one is more volume than someone who tries and

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lie the lie and lie on the on behalf of God. That's why those who

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start seeing things about the Quran and start preaching Islam in a way that misguides people in misleads them. Those are the biggest

00:25:18--> 00:25:50

biggest oppressors on the planet is people who do that people who are that and we suffer from it and no one suffers more from extremism in any sense of of its of the the meat of the word whether it's extremism that is literal and the understanding of things or extremism that is completely non adherent anything that's interfaith altogether no one suffers more than Muslims themselves like the OMA suffers because it's a part of the social contract look, you don't have to be able to you may struggle with practicing some of this that's fine. Don't Don't try to change it though. Okay to try to change it.

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Well, this this one thing I can't seem to adhere to. There's some way for it not to be haram anymore. Good find some shares who said it's not haram and then I can just live that way. Don't do that. Don't do that. Just okay, I'm struggling with this. You're up I can't seem to fix this yet. I'm help me and ask and seek help around you to improve but you accept it as it is. So that's the fifth one that we don't change this and we don't lie on behalf of God.

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Day after he says you need to win him Leo Prophet, Allah subhanaw taala comments in the eye after on those who lie in the name of God, I went on a rant for you. And you heard the problem of those who speak but Allah subhanaw taala actually has a verse there to point out the problem with them, you would be doing a Leo COVID Who knew what Allah Hibiya for him when they lie, what they're aiming to do here, even if they don't mean it, even if that's not what they actually want, what they're the consequences of their behaviors of their words, is that they are end up trying to, you'll fit is to turn out is to turn off you know what Allah the light of Allah, we fit in with their with their

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Does if Allah Subhana Allah sent a light and with your mouth you are saying things that you're in, you're trying to you're turning out the light, you're blowing the light out with what you're saying? Allahu Mukim minority but Allah subhanaw taala will complete his his his like enlightenment, this will be completed this will reach a stage of completion and it did this because this is what obviously was revealed during the prophet Isaiah started sounds like people were doing them we're not getting into this all the time. They you heard the phone and tell him they tried to

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twist his words on a slot or some twist the teachings and do their own thing. Well, Allahu Allah subhanaw taala will complete we'll make sure that his his enlightenment will reach a stage of completion, whatever curry healthcare field on even if the disbelievers hate it, and didn't want it to reach that stage of completion, it will reach the stage of completion and it did. And it still will continue to do so. Because only Allah knows his his intention or his meaning what he meant by this idea whether it was something he meant in terms of the Prophet It is thought to Islam's life, and him achieving the full goal of putting the whole Quran together and teaching it to people or

00:28:06--> 00:28:41

it's the it's the Quran is the Islam reaching every single house in the jungle here in the world, in every single culture and every single corner of the earth, either or Danny's only in Allah's knowledge, you know what he meant by this, but he's pointing out some power out of the issue. When you speak. When you when you manipulate the words you are attempting to turn off without the candle of his enlightenment supply of his late you're turning out the candle of Allah subhanaw taala is nor when you say something that is not exactly what it is that he wanted to say. That's where my job really, oh, my job is to try to explain to you what Allah subhanaw taala meant and wanted by the

00:28:41--> 00:29:20

words that he put in here to bring it closer to you in case he there's a language barrier, or there's a cultural barrier, or there's both or there's even dining. This seat is done in English and is done in Arabic for those who speak Arabic. Well, if there's a barrier of knowledge that we bring to you, what he wants us to ponder what to Allah closer so you understand it so you can practice it. It's not for me to I'm not adding I can't add anything for myself to this, I can't get decide if they'd like this. I don't like that. That's not That's not for me to do. My job is to explain to you as he has he said it. That's why sometimes if you're if you do attend these long enough, they'll

00:29:20--> 00:29:54

come to a verse, they'll make you feel uncomfortable. You'll feel uncomfortable, and I'll see it. I enjoy those moments because that's an important moment for you. Yeah, you won't like every single thing. It's not. It's not I don't I don't run the idea of a TV show of my own Globo gym or what the audience likes to hear. That's not my job. My job is to explain exactly what he says. Many, many of these things you'll be like, it makes sense to me. I love it. Now there's some of you like I don't understand exactly why or I struggle with this. That's alright. Doesn't mean that it's not what it is. Doesn't mean that you you don't aspire to try and practice it the way Allah subhanaw that

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

explained for you to practice you still do that anyways. And that's an important part of being Muslim is accept

00:30:00--> 00:30:26

think Allah subhanaw taala his teachings for the for better or for worse, for you know, they're always good. But if you're in your own heart, whether whether it's gonna take you where you want or whether you struggle with it upfront you stick to it anyways. And then Subhanallah the wisdom from all of his teachings will be apparent at some point as Ibrahim was told to slaughter is done and as they were given exam they were given trials until to do things that I at face value made no sense.

00:30:27--> 00:30:41

I didn't I don't like this one. I don't like this one at all. Yeah, and I don't want to leave my son and wife in the middle of nowhere. I'll pass on that one. Next Next to man No, no, I'll do I'll just pass on that one call to my son. Yeah, maybe I'm not gonna do that one. But

00:30:42--> 00:31:19

I mean, I'm running a pretty good, pretty good ratio RNA like it's 99% Almost of all your all of your commands I'm doing I'm only like 70 We'll know to one or two of them and I should be given no, that's that's not how this works. It was never out this works. You accepted Oh, God, do an Elio to the owner, Allah he'd be up there trying to turn off the light of Allah with their mouse it will fail is the idea of this idea that they will fail. You can't. You can't Well, Allahu Allah subhanaw taala will make sure that his enlightenment and his like we'll see its completion. Well, okay, do you have coffee rolling? Even if the disbelievers dislike it and don't want it? We'll let the LSAT

00:31:19--> 00:31:44

or pseudo who will who the Guardian will be over here ah who either Dean equally Hello curry Hello machete Kuhn, a crucial area within the whole Quran exists in the Quran, two to three times depending on how you go, there are some differences between them. But this one here is extremely important. Here's the one Subhana wa Tada who sent His Messenger, Bill Huda with guidance, and he ended up in the law of righteousness.

00:31:45--> 00:32:19

Islam is not called this is just a point. This is an example of something that we talked about. So I think it was in the early 2000s, that the messaging of what Islam was became that Islam is the religion of peace, right? I became the messaging was there Stan was a religion of peace. And obviously, that happened because after 911, people got really scared in their backs were up against the wall, and they were on the on the ropes and taking the punches. So they needed to something to kind of diffuse that. I understand. So I don't hold any when it comes to I'm not blaming anyone. But is that what Allah is how Allah subhanaw taala describes Islam? It is a slave as Dina Saddam, or did

00:32:19--> 00:32:30

you describe it as dealhack? It's not Dina said it's not the religion of peace. Nor is it the religion of war. Neither of the descriptions are correct. It's the religion is the dean of righteousness, that is what it is.

00:32:31--> 00:32:33

And in certain instances,

00:32:34--> 00:33:11

you will pursue peace. And in certain moments, you will, you will welcome more depending on where righteousness lies. And that is what Islam is about. So you're saying we're trying to say we don't make something up to suits than general narrative. So we get some people off our back. So we don't have to deal with certain pressures. It is what it is. Actually, if you understand what it is, it is beautiful. And it's profound, and there's no reason to need to change any of it, the need to change a piece of it is the lack of our comprehension of it, but our lack of appreciation of what it actually means, because you would never walk away from the actual meaning that ALLAH SubhanA put

00:33:11--> 00:33:48

there, there's nothing to be ashamed of We Are we carry the law of luck. He sent guidance and a religion of Huck law of hope. And that's beautiful. We stand by what is right. If that means that we pursue peace, that we will pursue peace, in totality without and if it means that we just stand our ground and fight back, then we will do that too. And we will not forget what the importance of righteousness, because the moment you let right harkaway Then you invite one. But you're going to pursue peace even though there's boredom occurring, you're going to pursue peace, even though that group over there have lost all of their rights and are living like sub humans. That's what a

00:33:48--> 00:34:16

religion teaches, you're going to be you're proud of that. You're proud of pursuing peace with the oppressors who continue to deny other human beings their human rights. What's impressive about that, what is what is to be proud of about that? That is weakness, and that's cowardice. There's a lack of backbone there, there's a lack of a principle, you stand by what is righteous? And if rapes are found, then you invite peace, and if they are not, you stand your ground. That's what Islam is about. We're not them.

00:34:17--> 00:34:36

I know that people who said religious peace didn't mean it in a bad way. But I'm just gonna explain to you like an example of where we're wording matters and matters. And we're explaining things as they are. It is important. It's important, it would have changed the the argument, the discussion, by the way, in the conversation in the early 2000s, have had we not immediately retreated.

00:34:38--> 00:34:53

To change the discussion would have been unpleasant and just uncomfortable for many people, but it would have at least clarified exactly what it is Islam is about and why things happened the way they did. It have changed the narrative quite a bit. There's no reason for us to ever

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

defend and the act of killing civilians that says I know Muslim is injured

00:35:00--> 00:35:24

Shouldn't doing that. But when you understand why things happen when you're willing to at least ask the question of why something happened and what caused it, then you can find the the source of it, instead of vilifying a faith of 2 billion people, instead of vilifying 1,000,001 point 7 billion human beings on the planet and making them feel that they suddenly don't know shouldn't shouldn't adhere to their faith, their book anymore.

00:35:26--> 00:35:57

To have that ability to state things as they are. Now Islam is not a blood hungry of faith, but it's not also a faith that that compromises his principles just for leisure and lack of a headache doesn't do either. Within the UK, the ISS will who that we're dealing with the law of righteousness, we will continue to follow that law legal hero who either Dean equally so this law and this guidance, the magnitude of the beauty of it the profoundness of it will be will trump all other

00:35:59--> 00:36:32

the old hero who identical Lee for it to Trump all other laws for the for the correctness of it the righteousness of it will be obvious that it's above all the other laws, all other religions and faiths and whatever cut you hit him or she cool, even if the pagans don't like it twice in these verses what okay, what Okay, and even if they don't like, even if they hate the fact that that's the case, either the disbelievers and the pagans, they hate the fact that this is happening. It doesn't matter what they like and what they dislike. It was this was never about whether what you liked and what you disliked what you enjoy and what you didn't just about righteousness to begin with. It's

00:36:32--> 00:36:36

about saying, what Allah subhanaw taala taught and living the way Allah subhanaw taala

00:36:37--> 00:36:45

granted us the guidance to live and doing that we learn about ourselves and we learn who we are, what we're here to do, oh, we are able to

00:36:46--> 00:37:22

elevate our status to the enlightenment that Allah subhanaw taala has granted us. And that's the point of being here. That's the point of this experience of life is that you are given this, this opportunity to discover a potential in you that you didn't, that you would not have otherwise been able to figure out existed to begin with. But you have to follow the rules you have to and not following those rules will cause a ripple effect that will affect other people in a harmful way down the road. Whether you acknowledge that upfront or you don't, which is why these verses are there. Well, let's read I think okay, good. Perfect. Let's read the verses of the contract, which are the

00:37:22--> 00:37:32

central verses in the suit on that the whole build up has been for like, Yeah, are you loving? Manu? Hell do Look whom

00:37:38--> 00:37:44

Hell do LUCAM Allah TJ rotten to G km

00:37:51--> 00:37:55

G cool. Me neither been early

00:38:00--> 00:38:04

to me No, Nabila, he was SULI

00:38:08--> 00:38:14

What will he do? Nafi surbey He be m Worli come

00:38:15--> 00:38:16

Poussey come

00:38:24--> 00:38:32

there Lee Harvey roll lekin in common to die soon.

00:38:39--> 00:38:51

So he got the contract ends and is 13. But I'll just divide it into two things just to make sure that we don't missing the opportunity to explain them properly. So he makes the calls upon us against a pilot without them.

00:38:53--> 00:39:02

The first need that or the first calling upon us and just sorta was yesterday in Lima Taku in America alone, why is it that you say we should not do the concept of commitment? And then he goes through five different

00:39:04--> 00:39:42

aspects or articles of the social contract? And then the second one is the contract itself? Yeah. All those who believe hell, I do look home. Are you interested in me pointing out for you don't LUCAM della is to point something out or to give it or to indicate something for someone and Delilah is indication? I don't look them to indicate something. I don't look them in hell here is a question. But it's a question. It's an invitation. So the way that it's phrased in Arabic is intimidation. Are you interested in me indicating for you to gelatin, a transaction to genre? The word to genre in Arabic is used today and you is used for like five or six different things. If you

00:39:42--> 00:39:50

study if you go study economics and commerce, you studied to jot off the slide if you go to Arabic countries did yada, yada is your business. It's your

00:39:51--> 00:40:00

it's your shop, it's whatever you're trading, right. It's whatever trade you have. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he's talking about the Java Allah because it's the way

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

Most people make make their living, buying and selling providing products for those who needed. But they weren't the genre from a Arabic, simplistic Arabic, linguistic perspective and going back to the origin is a transaction. It's a trance, it's an exchange, an exchange one thing for something else, transaction where both parties offer something. And

00:40:25--> 00:40:58

depending on how whether you offer the full deal or not, you either get the other party's offering or you don't. So you have to come through with your part of the deal. Basically, there's a deal. And within this deal, we both have to offer something and if you if you offer the totality or the full requirements of your part, then you get you get what I'm offering. And if I if I if I offer everything, the full requirements of my part, then I get what yours. If anyone's missing, then that doesn't go through the transaction. If you if you're if you're standing there, when you tap your card and you know the registers four out of the $5 You owe not going to be able to walk out until

00:40:58--> 00:41:04

you pay that doesn't work that way, you have to see through your full part of the of the deal, all the requirements that are needed of you.

00:41:05--> 00:41:27

So he's saying and subhanaw taala I don't look at them. And it's funny, he didn't say call here. So he didn't actually tell the Prophet I used to love to assent to tell this to us, I noticed these things and you should try to notice these things as well. They're important if you can notice these little little differences in the Quran, you can pick up on a lot of different interesting aspects. Many times the Quran will tell the Prophet Allah you saw to us and tell us something, right?

00:41:29--> 00:42:06

You find it Oh, yeah, hello kita because it says this to them. But I mean, it's sort of the the class doesn't start who Allahu Ahad, which is more than enough, because as I know, you and you say this to them, Why? Because without him Ali salatu salam would have never learned this. There was no way for us to learn this but but through him it is here he he basically skips the middleman subpoena without it doesn't tell us the profit is on the Telus doesn't offer it as a transaction. No, he says it because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is included in it. Because it's a transaction, that profit is also part of because this is the social contract that everyone has to participate in. He

00:42:06--> 00:42:43

is not excluded from it. So Allah has always made, it doesn't mean that the other ones he is excluded. But the other ones are more passing or passing along or making an argument. But yeah, it will go through, for example, put out there, it's more of a drug that's been made, or a an argument that he's going to make are laced with others. But here, we don't have him bringing this to us, because he's a part of it as well. He's also a part of this social contract, just like you and I have to offer the OMA something he does to audit your slot. So he's not exempted from this. Because Because he's the leader, he is just like you and I also held to the same standard that that he's

00:42:43--> 00:42:47

holding us to subpoena which Island these verses, and that's always something interesting to see because he will.

00:42:49--> 00:43:19

Now maybe hopefully, you'll watch out for when he says quote a little bit more. You'll see, you'll figure out why. Why is he asking the Prophet alayhi salam specifically to say that to us, and not just talking generally is always a good reason for it. And here he is not being told to say it is actually just addressing everyone will handle some Allah Allah Muhammad says, and I'm included, because he's a part of this social contract to the leaders aren't outside of it. That's what I'm trying to say here. Not too many. The leaders are not exempted from the social contract as much as they would like to be.

00:43:21--> 00:43:55

Just because you're the head of the state, doesn't mean you're not a part of this same contract that you owe like everyone else, that you're accountable like everyone else that you are, you're performing your obligation like everyone else, you're not exempted from this whole story. Just because you are the prime minister or the president or the leader, or the email or the Habib or the treasurer, you're the trustee, or the CEO, or CEO or whatever it is that you're doing. You're exactly like everyone else, you're just carrying an extra responsibility like everyone else do. You're not exempted from anything. If anything, you are held more accountable than everyone else,

00:43:55--> 00:44:21

meaning your scrutinize even in more detail. You're scrutinizing every detail. And that's important. That's why we have to start with the culture of politics. And physicians and the world that we're living in, is now in my opinion, fully corrupt, is no longer partially it is fully corrupt, you have completely corrupted, the concept of you carrying a position, positions, wherever they are whatever

00:44:23--> 00:44:59

field you're in, are only an extra piece of responsibility. Yes, with more responsibility, you have more authority and autonomy, but it's leveled out. If you're paid a little bit more, it's because you're carrying more, but you're not exempted from from the laws that govern everyone else. You're not exempted from the responsibilities that everyone else does. That's not how this works. And this is so important to be for us to make sure that we raise our children with a little bit of a of an understanding of that, that it's easy when it's children because you can always set up you know, scenarios for them where one of them is in charge, and then let them run

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

and let the person in charge,

00:45:02--> 00:45:07

fall into the cardinal sin of corruption and then bring them back and teach them to so because the every child, every human being will,

00:45:09--> 00:45:42

every time you played as a kid, the boss, whoever was the boss, you hated them, because they always were unfair to unfair to everyone else. And they took out the lion's share everything for themselves. And they, they because as human beings, our nature is that if we are given the neffs, if it's given authority and strength, it will completely abuse it. That's the nature of the human human experience. By the way, no one is exempted from that nature, not one person, all of us are the moment I am not held accountable for what I say, I stop caring about the quality of what I say. And I start saying anything, they fall into the idea that we just talked about

00:45:43--> 00:45:56

every person, if they're in a position of authority or autonomy, and and they are not held accountable, they will, they will deviate, they will fall off the grid, they will start making mistakes, it's normal. So it's human behavior, if we expect anything else is more naive.

00:45:57--> 00:46:32

scrutinizing and holding account and accountability towards leaders is not hatred towards them. It's also for their own sake, because if you don't do this for you, you're gonna you're gonna fall off and start making this you can't help it. You're human, you can't help it. Almost, it's inevitable. It's inevitable, inevitable, why it's so important for these things to be clarified younger. We're in a time where there's corruption, it's all corrupt. I don't trust one word that comes out of any politicians mouth across the globe. everything they say is a lie. I trust nothing. They're all liars. But I'm good to me. Because there's me because honesty is not doesn't get votes, it doesn't

00:46:32--> 00:47:03

win. Any relationships or alliances, doesn't do any, it doesn't do anything. So you just say whatever it is that you can say within the limitations of what people can figure out at the time that you're in. And that's how you that's how you govern. So most people have learned to read through the lines and they stopped even caring but it's weird that we stopped caring like yeah, we do we know they're lying. So how is that okay, how could that be with acceptable why is it that we have people representing us that we know are going to lie we they do lie, and we accept the fact that they do and we think it's okay, a leader that is corrupt? What what do you what do you expect

00:47:03--> 00:47:30

from the you expect from the shop from the population of the people of the leaders? Or does that even work? That's why it's not it's yeah, you're living in harmony, because he is a part of this other his thought was that I'm like everyone else. Some Allah Holly and it's like, it's no obviously the greatest role model to ever live but but the concept of the Quran to me is very meaningful. So he's asking he's offering us is indicating there's interest in a transaction in a contract

00:47:32--> 00:47:50

Ijarah is transaction, what ends up being is a contract with the transaction is we enter into a contract, I accept something, you accept something, we agree upon it. And now I give you the money you give me the thing, whatever it is, the time possessing is a contract. And that's what we have as Muslims, you have a social contract, there's an agreement is an agreed what's the agreement,

00:47:51--> 00:48:30

this to Jarrah to ng come in either been a lien, it will save you from a very painful punishment. That's the first part of it, incentive to maybe join the social contract that if you don't actually join this, this transaction, or this contract, or this, this trade, or this deal, then there's there's actually some negative consequences that come up front, and you're told up front about the negative consequences not to scare you into it. Because if you weren't told about the negative stuff up front, you'd be upset. Gonna be upset your milk piano, if I've, if you're embarking on a journey, and I tell you, if you, you know, do 123, you get all these awards and stuff. And I fail to tell you

00:48:30--> 00:49:00

that if you do make this one mistake, you end up in jail, you won't forgive me. Like, they'll come and say, Why didn't you tell me that if I if I made this mistake, I go to jail. But I told you about all the good things that you did. Yeah, but you didn't show me that. And my life ruined if I made this mistake, you don't forgive. But if I forget, if I fail to tell you about the rewards you get for behaving in a certain way. It's just a pleasant surprise. If you do it, right, it's just a pleasant surprise that you got the reward, you have to know about the negative consequences upfront, you have to be told what happens to you if you don't if you make these mistakes, and what the

00:49:00--> 00:49:35

consequences are going to look like. It's unfair to if we don't, that's why the first part of the of this contract is watch out. You need not being a part of it can subject you to punishment, it will save you from painful punishment upfront, we're letting you know there's punishment is a part of the deal. Be careful, you're listening a little bit more like I don't want to I don't want that. He will offer some high note with Diana the spectrum of rewards in the same verses we're not gonna He's not gonna be far away. But he starts out with the punishment not because Islam enjoys talking about punishment, because you, you wouldn't be okay. If we didn't. No one is no one's okay, knowing that

00:49:35--> 00:49:49

there's a potential of pain or harm, or lack of freedom or loss, and no one told us about it. Actually, that would be your argument in court. I didn't know I had no idea. I've never done this by knew. Unfortunately, rarely. That rarely works.

00:49:51--> 00:50:00

So what is the what is this transaction? What is this contract that we have? So it's two main things. Social Contract is made up of to me

00:50:00--> 00:50:11

anything so he already gave us the articles in the first six or seven verses that we recited so the details are there. But to clump it up into something that is easily understood so that you can actually assign

00:50:12--> 00:50:14

me know what Allah He was truly

00:50:15--> 00:50:50

what to do with Fe sebelah hibi. I'm really comparing two things. Number one, you have to have full acceptance. Iman here is acknowledgement and acceptance is the theological piece. It's your mental comprehension of an intellectual comprehension of what's going on. You accept Allah subhanaw taala. And you accept this process that Allah has established many acceptance of all that they sense all that Allah subhanaw taala revealed all the Prophet alayhi salatu salam brought to you in terms of his legacy, you have Iman, you have acceptance of it, you don't deny it, you don't argue against it, you don't cherry pick in terms of what it is, you have full acceptance of it. That's the first

00:50:50--> 00:51:20

piece. And without that, obviously nothing really matters. Like if you don't, you can behave however you want. If, if that piece isn't there, it doesn't make much of a difference. You can do whatever you want. If Allah subhanaw taala does not see that you're doing it out of acceptance of his almighty, not at all might or acceptance of the of the prophecy of Muhammad Ali has sought to listen and there's something missing. You can't really expect anything in return. If you didn't enter, this is a transaction. Islam is very simple. It's just an agreement and agreement.

00:51:21--> 00:51:55

There's punishment on the line. Here's the offer. The offer is you accept Allah Subhan Allah and His Prophet Bucha he do and you strike the word jihad is a beautiful word, extreme, extremely beautiful word. It's very important. Again, another problem when you try to please others with what you say, when you when you run away from certain words, or you try to change what is an ignore a full term, a term that's in the Quran over 100 times is central to almost every aspect of what Islam is, or ignore it like it's not there, stop naming our kids. Yanni stop using the word is to stop using it altogether. No, you don't do because the word itself there's nothing Why would you? Why would you

00:51:55--> 00:52:30

walk away from a word that has 16 different uses within Islamic law? Striving you strive against many things striving is when you're moving forward. Despite the fact that there are many obstacles in your way, or many forces that are pushing against you to strive against yourself first. That's the first type of striving and the last really is the one that matters the most you strive against the enough's and with enough Swanson what shaytaan is coaching it to continue to crave. You have to strive against that first and if you don't, honestly the rest of the striving will be completely a complete waste of time. But yeah, that's, that's the first part of striving, then you strive

00:52:30--> 00:52:30


00:52:32--> 00:53:11

strive against the evil in the world around you, all the evil that is whether it's whether it's affecting you and harming you, so you're avoiding it, or is inviting you to become harmful. So you avoid it in a different way. You strive when it comes to being good, is to be better to always do the right thing. If you're doing the right thing to do a bit more of it to strive to do bots, you strive with your tongue you strive with your with your mind, you strive with your wallet, you strive with your time, all of this is jihad. And sometimes at some point, you may have to strive and on the on the battlefield. It is a part of it for sure. It's there when you have to get put your life on

00:53:11--> 00:53:48

the line for sure it's there. But it's not the only usage actually is one that is actually not that common. Like when you think about it, how common are battles Islamically the way we sometimes I know I tell the story of the Prophet SAW to Islam, and there are a number of battles that are important. But if you think about it, the actual amount of time that was combat if you put it all together was less than you know less than point 2% of his of the whole back of the whole of his whole prophecy on these thoughts was it was very limited. The number of people that died during his life it is thought to Islam and war. It's less than 400 people altogether and this was way less than that.

00:53:50--> 00:54:21

It's just we don't it when something's overplayed again when you when you test out my woman Avila movie manufacturer Allah HCA when you go ahead and you speak about it's not as if it's something that is not or you decide that you're going to get it you're going to just talk about the verses that suit your agenda. Those are the ones I'm going to keep on repeating every single time to mislead the person in front of me to think that the whole time is about and the other way happens as well. And the opposite happens is really gonna sit there you can just take a few just focus on them and everything else doesn't matter when really, you take the Quran is totality everything in it you

00:54:21--> 00:54:34

have to you have to accept all pieces of it. If I don't mean una Evalyn Kitabi whatever you want to be about. My desert woman you fit with the Liikanen Camila is Yun filha dunya you're going to be humiliated in your life if you do that. It's not going to work for you at all.

00:54:36--> 00:54:47

You strive visa vie the left for the sake of Allah subhana wa Donna be American with your wealth which you have a Malecon is Mal is not just money. It's all that you possess.

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

All right, you have malloc What do you have? malloc The answer is what you have. You have a job that's whatever you whatever it is to be anything goes

00:55:00--> 00:55:41

From your your intellectual capabilities, to your social status to your physical attributes to the amount of possessions that you have in this world, the lineage that you carry to whatever advantages or disadvantages that you're walking through life with, that's your man. That's what you have, when fully commit yourselves. Meaning your consciousness, who you are, you strive using all that you possess, and all that you are for the sake of Allah, that is the contract. This is the agreement, it's a piece of paper. And the first piece is that you do this if you if you accept its contract, then you are being saved from pain or punishment. The contract consists of the following. Number one

00:55:41--> 00:55:51

you accept a line is profit you have email, you believe you this is something that you come to certainty regarding. And number two, you strive for his sake with all that you are and all that you have.

00:55:53--> 00:55:58

Value compilable local income talent in, that is the best thing for you to do.

00:55:59--> 00:56:12

In the midst of this contract, he puts in a little bit of a reminder, some high notes on and by the way that doing that, play your own luck on what's good for you, is actually the best thing for you in quantum tarla. Moon only if you knew,

00:56:13--> 00:56:47

if you just if you knew if you just mean if you had the knowledge, if you're able to figure it, figure it out, you would find out if you're able to analyze this appropriately and study it and look at all of the pros and cons and look at the background of it and the consequences, what it leads to, you'll come to that conclusion that this is the best thing for you. This is the best thing for you for you to live or something beyond yourself. For you to live for a cause that transcends your basic whims and desires and needs and actually look at something higher than yourself and and follow the guidance and enlightened that comes with that that's the best thing for you, you'll be the happiest

00:56:47--> 00:57:27

you'll be the most functional if you do that. And he's not the reason that's there is because when you're going into an transaction, the question you have is, am I being ripped off? That's an every transaction in the world every every deal. The question you're asking yourself is how badly is this person ripping me off? Right? Both people enter the transaction, exact same feeling as I want or maybe a little bit different. Maybe one person knows exactly what it is. And they're like, I'm gonna rip you off as much as possible. Another person is trying to figure it out how far that is. So in case you're wondering, as this contract is being written up, for you to sign, he says to Pinilla,

00:57:27--> 00:57:36

tada, and it's the best thing for you. This is the best outcome that you can possibly hope for you are winning within this contract needs all you

00:57:38--> 00:58:15

this is all within your advantage and no one's tripping, you're not being ripped off by this, this is the best contract you could ever hope for no better deal. This is the best, this is the Deal of all the mother of all deals. This is the best biggest discount that you have ever found in the entirety of your existence. And if you think I'm exaggerating is because you don't, you haven't really thought about what's being offered, you don't read the other piece of it, you understand how little we have contributed to our own existence. And what we're being offered in, in contrary by Allah subhanaw taala himself, and how really nothing we do benefits him in any form or manner. So

00:58:15--> 00:58:59

really, there's no way for what I'm offering to equate the offering from the other side, there's no way for what I'm offering to equate the contract or the outcome in any form or manner, yet the deal still stands. And doing it is actually in the best interest of myself of the of my well being within the time that I'm spending here. So it's just a win win for me on both sides of the scale. No matter how you look at it, you got it from this, from the perspective of living life, or after life. I am winning. This is a big win for me. Because I'm being told to do that which is in my best interest as a living creation, and is going to bind me so much on the other side that I could never hope for

00:58:59--> 00:59:22

that I actually don't carry. I don't possess the feminine, the actual price, I don't have it. How do you how do you calculate the price of genetic name? Or the price of lack of punishment? How do you calculate that? But what exactly do I have that will equate that with that? That works for it? And why would Allah accept it? If nothing I do benefit him in any form or manner?

00:59:23--> 00:59:53

It seems like I'm ripping him off pretty badly. It seems like this contract is a ripoff from my side. I should be wondering, is there anything else you can bring it down a bit? Honestly, if you don't want to do all this? It's fine by me because I don't really see how it is that I deserve any of the stuff that you're offering. You start wondering if you understand the problem with it, but he still puts it into pounds and in case you're wondering if it's a ripoff, it ain't that he compiled on this the best thing for you. This will be the best thing for you ever in quantum talamona. If you just had the knowledge of it. I'll stop there. We'll talk about the next piece of the contract next

00:59:53--> 00:59:59

week. So we're going to La ilaha illa and you're still here to break also Allahu wa salam ala ala Nabina Muhammad on earlier Socrates brings up