Adnan Rajeh – Five Additional Points to Consider During Difficult Times

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the long term work that will make it up to a "horrible point" and how it will affect the future. They emphasize the importance of long term advocacy and educating children on their potential. The focus is on protecting youth, preparing them for the future, and educating them on their potential. The conversation also touches on workplace oppression and the importance of speaking the truth and consulting others who have more knowledge. The conversation ends with a discussion of the current crisis and the importance of staying safe.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Dinobot

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Hello egg Boudleaux Akbar

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shared 101

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I shall do and then we'll have

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the rest soon on

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Hi yah

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yah yah little further

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Alhamdulillah Haysom Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Hina Medina who want to start you know

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when it's 30 He wants to steal a funeral home when a stone seal

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when I will be law him in Cerulean fusina woman says Dr. Molina my dad in law who Fela movie La mejor de Lille fell into je de la Humala yum Murshida

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wash her do Allah illallah wa de hula Cherie kala Isla Hanwha hidden hudon summer the laminator he saw he Burton Walla Walla Walla miracle LA who Khufu 100 What should I do and Abby Jana where are we mana Mohammed Abdullah he was soo well Sophie you whom in holiday he will Habiba Allahumma salli wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ijeoma in WA Yoku Pulu Jalla Jalla Allahu Fimo committin zeal, ma saw by me mostly, but in fill out of the way laffy fusi comb elaphiti kita the meal properly and

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in Lika, Allah Allah here see, Rekha ALA.

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Tuck call home while Jeff Rossen will be

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calm. Hola, hola, yo Hebrew, coulomb Hotelling for whom you're

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becoming harder and harder to get up here and keep a straight face.

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It's becoming harder to walk down the street and keep a straight face. It's harder to go to work.

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Harder to stay at home with your kids. It's hard to do anything and be focused and feel engaged

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Anything that we do, as we just watched this death count, climb,

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as if there's no end to it.

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If there's no end to it, you walk in here today, after three hospitals were just bombed, thrown 300 people, most of them people who are sick, would pass and be martyred in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala accept them.

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And I don't know what else I can say up here at this point that will offer you any comfort.

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But I have another five points I want to share with you.

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Something to contemplate to reflect upon, as we see what occurs in Gaza.

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The unprecedented amount of barbarianism that we are witnessing the world is fiddling their thumbs watching it.

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Something we've never

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seen before. Our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan are dealing with an earthquake almost completely ignored, as the world is focused on this one problem. And God knows how many other acts of oppression are occurring elsewhere that we have just just hasn't reached the importance that the media will actually share it with us.

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So the first point I want to share with you is well, why is all this happening? Because this must come to some people's minds. Maybe many of you actually why is this going on? Why is this occurring? Why it philosophical meaning as in why not as in explaining the political background for why or, or explaining the

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intricacies of the scientific house? Or know why? Why is this occurring? Why is it getting so difficult and so dark and so hard?

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Sometimes Wake Up Calls are harsh.

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Sometimes wake up calls can be really harsh. It can be very painful. Those who are sleeping out the driver in the driver's seat it

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sometimes a harsh Wake Up Call is needed. Those who are stuck in their bubbles are living their lives focused on issues of, of reveal, of trivial importance, sometimes await a harsh Wake Up Call is what is required.

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And is there to serve a purpose to make sure the person wakes up.

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And that's what this is, this is a wake up call. For a generation of human beings. It's a wake up call.

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This is a wake up call that we must wake up,

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we must wake up.

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In the darkest of moments, you find yourself you find your calling, when it becomes very dark and very painful. That is when you find what you're here to do.

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We're seeing a lot of bravery today.

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We're seeing a lot of courage amongst Muslim people in the West. People are looting losing their jobs, people who are losing their status, people are being targeted.

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Because I believe that most of us are starting to find our voice.

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Finding Your voice is important. Wake Up Calls do exactly that.

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They come to a group of people that are just cruising along, just getting comfortable in their lifestyle is comfortable with their little plans for what's going to come next in the next couple of decades. When that's not what they're here to do. And that was never their purpose. And that's not what life is about. And you can be left for for a while to figure it out. And then you don't. And then a wake up call comes. And it can be sometimes as harsh as this one for sure is, but it's harsh for a reason. So that we may never forget

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that we truly, profoundly and sincerely wake up to understand that there's more to our lives, and maybe what we were thinking our lives were going to be about to begin with. It's moments like these that you have the opportunity. And yes, I use that term, it's an opportunity for you to change your life. May you be 15 or 85. It's moments like these that come and come throughout time to offer people an opportunity to change their lives, to make some dishes decisions that are difficult to make but are meaningful. So that you may continue whatever journey you have left may be long or short, walking a path that has purpose to it. And that's why these things occur. That's why stuff

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like this happen.

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Whether whether it may be man made or natural disasters, they're there for that one purpose and one reason

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may not be in vain. May they're suffering not be in vain.

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While we continue to wait for it to finish so we can just go back to what we were doing before it began.

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That is my that is that is the fear will lie that's the fear. The fear is in them two months or three or whatever. This become

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seems a distant memory and we're back to just focus, we're back into trivial issues that don't matter. That's number two.

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Number one, why number two,

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long term, long term work, the long term work. The long term works every among it for a crisis. For any given crisis, there are two things. There's the short term work. And then there's a long term work, the short term work, which is surely you will continue to do, you will continue to email, you will continue to go on rallies and protesting, you will continue to make phone calls, you will continue to voice your concerns and participate in social media, you will boycott you will do whatever it is that you have within your strength or within your power to do you'll follow the guy with the local advocacy groups like ECMO or NCCAM are putting out there we'll do whatever it is that

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they think we should do, do the short term solution, we try to do something short term to stop what's happening to get a ceasefire to make sure that the blood count does not continue to to rise. That's the short term short term plan. Of course, we all have to be a part of that none of us are excused for not being a part of a short term plan short term efforts to make sure that we make a difference. But really, it's about the long term plan is the long term work that will make it make that make the difference here. You see what we are reaping today is what was sown 30 years ago,

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but we're reaping today is what was sown 30 years ago,

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you are not responsible. Especially if you're a miner. You're not responsible for what's happening right now directly. Because this was put into motion a long time ago, this was inevitable to happen. But in 30 years, they will so what they will reap whatever we sow today. They will reap whatever we sow to that whatever we do today will affect whether it's 30 years from now, when we're most of us are not here and I'm too old to do was the Halima have to get up and say the same stuff and complain about the same problem and born the same number of people? Or will it be a different reality. It's the long term work that matters, not the short term work. As important as the short term work is I'm

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not trying to dismiss it.

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But the long term work,

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unfortunately, is unattractive. It's unattractive. It's boring.

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And it's not fun. And it's not flashy, and it doesn't make the news.

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And I walk into massage and I see a gentleman or an older lady sitting in a corner somewhere with a couple of kids teaching her I say that's where this is coming. That's where the that's where it will come from. That's where the change will come from that little person who's sitting there, just doing their role, doing their best trying to educate and raise awareness and make sure that there's something coming down the pipeline, to make sure that the future is not going to be like the present. But no one likes doing that piece. I'm not saying everyone should come and sit and teach kids at msgid.

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But are you understanding what I'm trying to say? It's about the long term efforts.

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People come to massages when there's a crisis. And they get upset when there's a crisis. And they get emotional when there's a crisis. But then when the crisis is gone, you can barely find anyone to do anything anymore.

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We can find we can find people to do stuff, outside of times of crisis. During a time of crisis. We are bombarded with ideas and suggestions and action and events. And then when it's done, everyone just goes on with their life. That's not how you solve these things. It's the long term investment profit either yourself doesn't didn't live long enough. You ever think about that? He never lived long enough to see

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what he asked what the consequences of what he did. He passed away before it. Sometimes we've studied to see we don't realize that piece. When he passed away. Islam was just in parts of, of Arabia, and Yemen and but it wasn't no, it was only 30 years later.

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During the time of Earth man where it was covering three or four continents, that's when the fruits were clear where were born. He didn't see it. He was okay with that. He was okay with that said Allah is no problem. I'll do this. I'll do my work. He knew it was coming. Can you understand how the world works and understands that you you put in the long you put in those hours and you and you work for the long term goal, and you may pass away before you actually see it. Maybe even your child children will do as long as they have the same mentality it'll come

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the long term effort. Number three, the long term advocacy, specifically for this long term effort in general for this OMA status for this OMA struggle, but long term advocacy.

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They want to bomb hospitals and kill children.

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All right. For every child you kill, we will make sure another one here is properly educated to speak on his behalf. For a young woman for every young man and for every elderly person that you bury under the rubble. We will make sure another one will pop up here to speak on their behalf and be their voice and advocate

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case for their cause and make sure that their blood will not be forgotten. That is how you advocate long term. That's how you because we are one big family, aren't we? Isn't that what it means to be an OMA, we're one big family. So my son over there passed away, I'll make sure my one over here never forgets his brother who passed away there, and will speak for him till the day he passes. And every time they kill someone there, someone here will speak on their behalf. And we will educate and we will advocate, we will make sure that they are prepared and make sure that they are

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taken care of so they can do what they're going to do in the future. They can be their voice so they can move this needle so they can change the reality. That is long term advocacy. And that is what we have to focus on. Because maybe right now we don't have the image. Do you have the ability? Do you control the sky? You control the winds? Are you able, what are you able to control to stop the blood count?

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Yeah, I don't think so. Neither am I.

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I don't, I can't either. There's nothing I would want more. Just so we can sleep. Just so you can sleep.

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Just for a moment just started so we can sleep. But we can't. So what's the long term work, then that's going to be the long term work in the long term advocacy.

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Number four,

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our youth. That is where the hope is.

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That is why I do what I do. That's why I do it. Because I've I've always been a pessimist. Just naturally speaking, this is how I'm built I just don't

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working with youth is the only thing that gives you a little bit of hope. Because you look at each one of them, you say you never know who has the potential of being the one who make the difference. They need to be protected in their schools. They need to be protected in their universities, they need to be protected and advocated for and they cannot be left alone. And they cannot be left in an environment where they're discriminated against where they are being targeted.

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This is our this is our obligation in the city and as an OMA to make sure our youth are equipped with the skill set with the knowledge with the proper preparation and the protection so that they can become Who are they who they are destined to become. And this is our obligation in the city to make sure that our children and their schools and their universities and their colleges, that they are protected, and they are equipped because they are the hope.

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Over here it seems that the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he talks about

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you know, this hadith everyone here has heard it before. The Karma is our that when the time of the day of judgment comes with the ethical VAD, I had to confess ILA for the sutra alerta Houma, Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga often, and you feel like this UTM is starting and you have a small tree in your hand, then make sure before UTM happens that you put it in the ground and you prepare it, prepare it. What, Why, what could possibly be the point of doing that? Because it's all about that hope. It's all about that, that

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always about that seed, that youth and what they can do, and it's not your business or mine, to dictate what whether it's going to be worth anything or not, whether it's going to add up to anything or not, whether there's hope, there's always hope is, and that's the Islamic mentality, you have it you put in the ground, but there's put it in the ground, just do your job. Just take care of whom you need to take care of, or you have to be protected. And I'm saying that here.

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Because as we watch more and more people in schools and universities are being targeted, and I can't have our youth start feeling unsafe, or wanting not to,

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not to voice their concerns or wanting to hide their identities and that that's not okay. And that has to be counted that has to be dealt with. Number five.

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This is just a practical piece of advice for all of us. Beware, during these days, be careful.

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What does What does oppression, ongoing oppression do? Ongoing unopposed oppression that is surrounded by hypocrisy and lies, making the oppressed field not only are they being oppressed, but they're wrong as well, and they're evil that provokes anger.

00:19:23 --> 00:19:25

It provokes anger.

00:19:26 --> 00:19:41

It's one thing for you to take away something that's not mine. It's another thing for you to tell everyone that you didn't, and make me admit that you didn't. That's a whole different story, at least if I can, if we can at least be clear about things. Now, honesty goes a long way.

00:19:42 --> 00:19:59

But when oppression is actually manipulating the narrative, so now the oppressed are seeming evil and the oppressors are seeming becomes one step too far. So it can provoke anger. Do not allow it to provoke anger in you

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We have to be careful. We cannot make mistakes we can't afford at this time to make mistakes. You want to make a difference. We have to do this right? We have to take the right steps and we have to do it in a way we're working as a group and not allow anger to dictate how we're going to behave and not go out and do something for Hogan caught up. No, that's all that will be focused on. You know that. All it takes is one person one and Muslims say one wrong thing and that becomes the center of attention. 9000 people dead under the elbow, no, doesn't matter. 3372 children dead. That doesn't matter. This person said this.

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Because when when it's based on lies, it's based on lies.

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So be careful. And be wise. Continue to advocate. Continue to speak your mind. Continue to speak the truth but be wise about it. Be careful and consult and consult those who have more knowledge than you and consult those who have something to offer you and help you out so you can make the right decision of who you already have started. Hola. Hello, welcome. First of all, we have a federal law Camilla Fosun mustafina Roma.

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hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa salam ala but like I learned be about the early he was so happy Well, Manitoba and Jehovah 2143 Melody so to Masha Allah catacomb iya Latina Leonessa are how solid it was. There's a lot on whenever done hustler Donna was asked to do and other than Zorana

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nuloom Now issue my comments below as yeah Lulu marlim Top three four ad now who aka the Roman aka de la jolla zero fina shitting I'm a billionaire Alina I'm Karina what I can now call your own Isla de mi che in Le Julian padam. Atala you're paying for a HUD home Mithra mount if he had well I urge you this a HUD home Mithila Mejuri Seco MHADA

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you have to have a thorough and Miss Ella tiene mucha be hattingley heard

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Subhan Allah and alum Oberon share Armando I shall start with multitrack Surya my elanda will add that will add the

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40 Hartpury haselbury Ha when olam tumah Allah to hola Julio VEDA sama totally intelligent. lenta como Judea. Astana tells you I'm not going to show you comb Karima at

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00:22:34 --> 00:22:35


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in Niala Merlijn ficar de mein Hassani not we be he is off Hetal earlier me will be handy. Platform to sell real global mini NaVi Samsung Toony rucola Melfa eatel Hasini Nauruan Yulee luminol X la isla Hyla been valuable on your show. Kusama Shermie will Yemeni rowhome 10 FSM in Ardabil for RT ILA and hurry Misawa Philharmonia are running your own metal lamp term Root Beer LogMeIn Sina tiene ama Caribbean satu KI KI Swatara, honey nama Bama, Ilona and coulomb of llama Jin will stay for that was written in Raphaela till was any mineral multi core Betina festa ha Jetta Milan was still Roma manpower boot daleel ironi Mirjam about loom Madame about loom Hello Canada Emma Jin Young woman

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Yazoo Luca and Bill MC la mia Cooney in Nova loom Anna who are running for either LM test totally I know slaughtering Mel volumi la taurine. Yeah, but as he is who Sukkot and honey and for either lamb test Delta cola Bill happy letter Huni winner to a millenial Fukami McFadden, La Jolla a theme and Shara dunya who will work on the Scylla noona mood Manuel Achmed sure it will be for in welfare to so to who yeah communal caffine Nigeria home mama I'm in shock watching Buffy at Dr. Nicola Murray he was Sunni G Russia Barbie G Liu Shabbat de la hubo Shan NaVi Furman Rama Lola la mia cough minbar Helios feminie now Binyamin Linaro Al Aqsa Ooh Falana Mutlu Java in Java and in ha in in alfine Luna

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alum tizzle man with Luna alum dizzle la Mora Turkey been Fiji Lee him na da W E net any your have been global ha CD interview him welcome Dima and we're federated Vitani Well, I'm one Allah. Hi, I'm Alana Emery and I'll leave in for call in Allah How am Allah you can tell who you are so Luna Alain de yeah you Hala de mundo solid who Allah He recently moved us Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed the Messiah later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim barbaric Allah Mohammed in wider early Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim Fila

00:25:00 --> 00:25:43

Salamina in NACA hamidou Majeed what are the Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah for us that is a biblical well Omar our man our ally what Allah Who man as well as you hear my hurting and what meaning why an early by you being a PA hitting one Sahaba to heal her in my Amin Juanita you know Amanda br whom BSN in Isla yo Medina well I know my homeboy Magica Yahama ra me and Allah who visited mostly me and I was mostly not well meaning I wouldn't want me not Allah yeah Iman home well I'm watch Allahumma featheredge whom Allah Muhammad Amin whenever fiscal rule but in Mecca rubine waterfowl, Emanuel Malcolm Amin Wodify Voluma and in blue mean, Dima Dima and Muslim in western Dima and Muslim ina fee

00:25:43 --> 00:26:10

Philistine Buffy have called me Stan while the lady at home in Bella did a little Dr. Amin Allahu Minh. So this one and then what I'll be looking at Miss de la Salama hola hola como la nina Marieb multicarrier Yahama rahimian rather than a unique ID unique than Jamila autoguiding an admin Jimmy is when it will be in October not so hard to hear now be helpful when we're just done one other alcoholic Allah who maybe disease what Hola Hola

00:26:11 --> 00:26:48

Hola Hola. Hola. In Allah yet Moodle will ideally Well it certainly will eat easy CORBA when hernial fascia you will remove it while building your eyebrow comb, comb to the karoun as the time will change on Sunday, the Joomla 230 becomes difficult because also becomes too close so we make it 145 Now I'm going to plant the seed for the coming for maybe next year, as in the city you know be prayed your mind might many massages before a time they pray at 12 o'clock sometimes and even earlier. Why? Because the Hanabi to have within their mouth have a certain opinion that allows for that that Maliki have within their mouth have also an opinion that allows for Giovanna to be later

00:26:48 --> 00:27:22

meaning for it to be after. So after also anytime before Maghrib. So just like we use that when we should at some point in the future as a community be able to use the other one specifically when it offers a service to people who can't leave their work on time and want to attend a community based Joomla. So it's something to think about I'm not going to do it this year. This is things that too much is happening so I'm not going to talk about that. We're going to go 145 Starting next next week 145 is the latest I can make it so that we don't end up running into also throughout the winter but it's something to talk about inshallah for next summer and next year in Chautala nothing

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