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AI: Summary © The struggles of sharing negative messages on WhatsApp lead to regret and numbness, as well as struggles with obeying Facebook's stance on dis dis dis once you've done so much. The world worth living in and forgiveness are also discussed, along with the importance of not giving up and staying with subhanaw taala. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a text on heart softeners.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, you are back.

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Welcome back to eight at eight. It's our fourteens episode. I had a little bit of an allergic reaction a couple of days ago. And then my eyes were all bloody red and shot. And I was not able to do the live. But anyhow hamdulillah I'm back with the coffee very important.

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All right, so today, the title would be a request from my wife. So every now and then, you know, we all get these messages on WhatsApp. And what ends up happening is we get so numb to the messages that we get on WhatsApp that we sometimes forget that sometimes on those same messages that we get numb to. There are some gems over there sometimes that are worth discussing, or worth sharing with everybody else the worst sharing when it comes down to less than it worth sharing with everybody else.

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And one of those gems my wife recently received and this is something so powerful

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that like even she was moved with it and then we decided that oh, shoot, no, there was there was no way here she requested and I said fine. I'll do a video on that. So this is this is this is a wisdom that iment and barley or Hema hula, he was a scholar from Egypt. He recently like he you know, somebody asked him a question. So the statement says, So electron Tao Rahim, Allah and Admiral hikma Cara, somebody asked him on the Bowery, what is the most beautiful thing you have read? So he responded, and he said, I have been reading books for over 70 years, from Allah to Hekmat and I have not found a wisdom edge ml more beautiful from the one that I'm going to mention to you right now.

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So imagine, this is a che or a scholar who has dedicated his life to learning the sacred sciences and knowledge. And after 70 years of him continuously, consistently reading, reading and reading and comprehending and reading, he has sharing with you that the most the thing that he thinks is the best thing that he has ever read, obviously, asides from Quran and Hadith of Prophet sallallahu Sallam just talking about stuff that people have written. And he says,

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he says, the best thing I read is the following in number shapcott, the bar in number Shut up bar doesn't have a lawyer because our Buddha, that indeed the difficulty of obeying Allah subhanaw taala, the difficulty of you and me getting up from our beds, waking up in the morning in these cold, cold, cold mornings of Canada, get or no matter which part of the world you're in, except for if you're in Australia, then it's warm, and it's summer for you. But you're getting up from these warm, warm or sorry, cold nights and getting up and doing fire or obeying Allah subhanaw taala in times that is very difficult, like obeying Allah subhanaw taala during the pandemic, all of this

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very, very difficult. So the author he says, in Amercia, kata, that the difficulty of obedience, does it have after you have done the act of obedience, it dissipates? Well, yeah, because our Buddha, what remains behind for you and me is the reward that is related to it. So everything,

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the difficulty of obeying Allah subhanaw taala, it dissipates what remains is bar. So what remains is Philip Guha, why, of course, our Buddha, then the author, he's saying, What in the,

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in the tell mildly, indeed the Leza that the pleasure the leather is from something that you can taste, the taste of pleasure that you know, Allah subhanaw taala has pleased in in certain things that are obvious disobedience to him, right in Allah let allow see, that the pleasure and the taste of disobedience does have a dissipates you enjoy it for momentarily and then what happens? Gone? Way up by Babu ha. And what comes after is the punishment it remains at God basically means something that comes after so you have committed a sin and what follows and it actually comes from the root word of active which means the back end of your foot, so the foot when you're walking the heel, the

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Achilles tendon, and then that

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The so that thing at the back is called active which means that when you walk away from, from a scene where you have committed a sin, what follows after, which is the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala in the letter tell mercy tells her boy because Aqaba that the pleasure of you disobeying Allah subhanaw taala it dissipates you're sorry, the pleasure of committing a sin. It goes away what remains for you and me, is what? They are the punishment then come that comes after May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from that. Good and my Allah what actually stay with Allah subhanaw taala stay with a law and don't worry about anything.

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Well, Medea, Dakka la he feels automatic ln, raise your hands in the darkness of the light. This does not mean you need to wake up 3am In the morning, like when does it become dark? Like you know, if you're in Canada, it becomes dark at 6pm I mean, as soon as it gets dark, you and I can raise our hands to Allah subhanaw taala Well, Medea, Dakka la fue Lumosity laying in the darkness in the darkness of the night.

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Will call and say to Allah subhanaw taala make the store Yeah, Rob be all my Rob. Martha but duniya Illa visit Crikey. This world is not worth living except with your remembrance. While while accurate to be Affleck and me going in the euro. I cannot.

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So this world is not worth living except with your zikr and Akira is not worth for you and me to go except if Allah forgives us we have foot

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well Jana to inlab Euro EOTech and even if you grant us Jana or Allah what we need from you is to be able to see your beautiful face on that day.

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Saw if it was

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clear clear your accounts and forgive people

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whether I'll help Carl Hurlock and do not get indulged in things that oh sneaky Oh, sneaky guy this person did this was sneaky to remember that what he did what she did how she did what she did. None of that. Were there I'll help Khalil Holic leads the creation for the Creator let Allah subhanaw taala deal with the people that need to be dealt with. You do not screw up you're accurate in that process for Nano wahome raha alone, that why is that because you me and all of them rock alone. We're going to leave this world you're not going to be here. I'm not going to be here. No, no rock alone. We're going to be leaving. If I lil Hira, Ma Ma is this little tear who do a good deed

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however infinitesimally small you make look, it may seem to you that good deed if it is higher if it is good for you if I'll do it for nanowall if for in Nicola Ted three you can't do not no neither do i nor does anybody else. AU has anything to do Hallo Kel Jana, you do not know I don't know which one of our deeds is going to enter us in Jana. bar but out to come. May your time. Be blessed it be Vickery Allah, may your time be beautified by the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is Mohammed Salim, your brother coming here from Milton, Ontario live at eight at AIT insha Allah. As I said, My promise is that I want to come live every day for good eight to 10 minutes, just shorten

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reminders so that we can go through this pandemic together. Does everyone look out for everybody if you haven't done so, go to my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to it so you don't need to worry about missing anything. And if you are on Instagram, my handle is on Instagram in the bottom Dougal and follow me on instagram we do daily lives. We've just started a brand new series, which is heart softeners which basically means how you and I, every morning 1520 minutes 7am In the morning, you don't need to come in live but if you join then at least you'll get a notification. We are covering a text in terms of reference to how we can soften our heart in these difficult times. BarakAllahu li

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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh