Fiqh of Menstruation Allah – Has Ordained It for All Women

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The transcript describes a scene where a woman talks to her father about wanting to submit to the will of Allah. She expresses frustration at not being able to do so and mentions wanting to learn the word "ENTablement" to help her live in comfort and peace. The transcript uses a range of language and references various scenarios.

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I need to learn as a woman to submit to the will of Allah. Look what is this? And this is very famous Hadith, which is a Seder Aisha when she went to hygiene, whether Roswaal risotto Sarah, her first hide whether Roswaal a Salatu was Salam. And guess what? Before she entered Makkah, she had her period, I will pass him meaning her nephew, he said I Isha said, My Allah, we set out with the sole intention of performing hajj, right. And then Rasul Allah salatu salam entered in Seraph it's a place before Makkah, she was crying, weeping, crying, and he said, Allah, look, look when the husband understand his wife. He said, What is the matter with you? Have you got your menses? She

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didn't even say and she and she said, Yes, of course she cries. She's going for Hajj without so these are two scenarios they she didn't she grew up in Martha. She didn't get too much before this is almost eight years now or nine years. She didn't get to Makkah. Now she is not just gonna It's exactly like you and me coming from America. My first hij finally, and guess what I got my cycle real quote. He said this is something Allah Hi, this is the word ordained for the daughters of Adam.

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I have no choice. This one we need to learn submit to the will of Allah. He wanted my cycle to come today Hustla done I need to learn to submit not about my situation also, about other things happens to my life. I didn't get this. I wanted to do that. I am qualified for this. But I didn't get it. Don't do that. Do say that. Then you're you're you're leaving in the equation? Where is Allah in the equation? I always say this to myself. Well, if I can do everything, then what is the point? Then everybody can do everything? No, there is the will of Allah subhanaw taala submit to it Ramadan. And I don't want to break my fast and I'm like is so hard to make it up later.

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And you say hey, guess what? Bleeding come in. And you say Samina Wattana, please learn this word. Ladies. All of you. Young and old. Samia. No, Altana I hear and I obey, train it. Train your tongue. Train your heart. Train your ears before you train your children. That's immediately why you're doing this. Allah said so. Then give me all the explanations. How come you're not upset? Allah ordained?

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How come you're sure? How come you're not sure you're going to do this, although everything looks like it was a I don't know if Allah will allow it.

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And that will help you. This will help you to the least I will say you will be you will live in comfort in peace, peace, Allah, Allahu whatever you do. There is no peace unless you submit to the will of Allah. Hamas. He said he told me to do this. Do it.