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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah Hilmi Heba enemy. Why Allah if we bought a porta Potti was Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Gambia even more serene. Weida Ali he was happy was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Kathira Ahmad Ruffalo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in a hula assuming Rohilla e lol komolika For your own set a colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah azza wa jal for the many favors Allah has bestowed upon us. And we send siltation upon our greatest benefactor, our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers, it is a common cause and common knowledge that if today, we were to look

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at the world, in terms of what we read, And what we see on social media, it fills us with great amount of negativity, wherever we go the headlines does not make very pleasant news, it is always about crime, murder, terrorism, illness, COVID pandemic, and that is on a micro level, in on a Mac on a macro level, you know, and, and on an individual level, we also find that each and every one of us, we have had challenges, we have had challenges because of the pandemic because of other reasons. In our community, we have had challenges, we have fine, we are fine that we are disunited, we find that we are all the time wrangling with one another. We are at odds with one another, we are at the

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throats of one another than individually, in our families we have lost near and dear ones in each and every family has had certain type of these experiences. We have lost near and dear ones, we have have many people who are ill. And all of this is such that we can get bogged down with negativity. And all of us we can become amongst those who can take a negative outlook with regard to what's happening in the world, in our individual lives, in our community life, in our broader

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aspects of life in the broadest sense of the word. However, this is not within the temperament of Islam to be negative. In fact, nothing gives shaytan more pleasure than for people to be negative. In fact, one of the root words of the word bliss comes from the word ballasts, which means despair. So despair is amongst the characteristics of a bliss. It's not the temperament of a believer, ally in the Holy Quran. And I've recited this verse in hola assuming Rohilla ilfov komolika freuen only a disbeliever loses hope in the mercy of Almighty Allah. I believe I never loses hope in a more mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is amongst the temperament of Islam to be productive and

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to be positive. That is why our beloved Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Bashira WADA tuna Farah? Yes, sera, sera. He told me why the medium or the ultra when he was sending him to Yemen. Omar give people clear tidings, but Shira to not make them hate Islam. to not make them turn away from Islam do not give them negative type of messages give them messages of upliftment messages of hope, and give them pled tidings without interference and do not make them dislike the religion to not make them hate their religion. Unfortunately, we have to say many times the way we touch our religious advice today gives people the situation of turning away from religion we are supposed to

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encourage people towards religion, not make them turn away from religion must not make them hate religion. Yes, Sera. Sera make things easy for people don't make things difficult.

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Kareem saw Selim is saying make things easy. Today we feel it is piety to make things difficult. Nebia Kareem said Allah Allah wa sallahu WA is the most pious said make things easy for people to not make things difficult for people. And in what Hadith Nebia cream sauce limited, agile polyamory movement, very wondrous is a state of the believer. For him there is nothing but good. For him. There is nothing but benefit. If there is any good that comes upon him. He makes Shuker and he thinks Allah He becomes he gets a reward

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in Asana to Sarah Shakur, Wayna sobre, todo para sobre and if any difficulty comes is not

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then he makes ABA and he still gets rewarded. So when they use anything good, he makes sure that he gets reward when they something and towards, he makes about and he still gets rewarded. So in both situation, there is always benefit for the believer. And let me get him sauce from continuing with the Hadith and say, this is for no one but for the believer, only the believer has got this particular situation that it is, irrespective of the circumstances, these reward for him although we must always make dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah grant us is don't grant us any difficulty we are not worthy of being tested. Sahaba were those who would I can let them down Allah

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only taqwa, Allah Tala tested their hearts with Taqwa lo Masirah to Agilent. As if they came through the test with flying colors, we must make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah has given us. His Nivea cream sauce them awesome tool is Uncle OMA uncle Abass Oh my uncle is no better do our to make the making this dua Allah manana seleukid Alpha when Afia will not give us affiliate give us well being give us ease. We don't make dua for difficulty. But this is something that we always keep in mind that we always try and ask Allah for, for ease. And of course, if he does come then we have to, we have to deal with it according to what Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us. Now these are

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examples with regard to how to be positive. The VA cream sauce have always tried to be positive people in situations where there was anxiety in the time of the Treaty of Abia and cream sauce lamb sets out from Madina Munawwara didn't take any arms and all of a sudden he comes thinking that the Quraysh will never stop anyone to come to the Haram because that was the pride we will not stop anyone from coming into the Haram and then when this when maybe Kareem saw some comes only 1015 kilometres good. Abia is where we come between Gita and Maka where you see the bridge which has the stand for the Quran that's why would they be I was just few kilometres away, stand up courage took a

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took a decision, we're not going to allow Muslims to come because if we allow them to come, the people of Arabia would say that the Muslims overwhelmed operation they came into Makkah and Libya Kareem Solomon, the Sahaba were anxious. They were full of anxiety. And at that particular time, maybe a cream sauce from said if they tell me something with regard to peace, I will accept it. And then there's the Quraysh send a person to be the chief negotiator, negotiator. His name was swayed in AMA and the word swale comes from the word salad easy. When we saw slam heard who was the chief negotiator in this time of anxiety, he said Allah would make things easy for you he took an omen. In

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a time of anxiety, he took such a great Omen just by the name of the negotiator. His name comes from the word salah, which means easy inshallah Allah will make things easy. This is a way in the near term saw slum dealt, always been positive.

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Many times now people will say mana we heard enough people telling us to be positive. And people tell us you must always have hope. How do we have hope? How do we become positive into his talk? Let me give you some examples with regard to how we can become positive. One of the ways of becoming positive is to be productive. You know, we always heard the saying, an idle mind is the devil's workshop, when you are going to be idle, and you are not going to be productive pizza recipe for you to become negative, and the more productive you are, you will find that you will be more positive in life. That is why the beer cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always emphasize upon Muslim to be

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productive. Maybe a cream sauce from salt, Allah's protection, Allah Romania was becoming alarmed me what goes on, whenever whenever I'd see well cast, and amongst the things that Kareem saw some sort of loss protection was castle. And what is Castle laziness in in activity? One I seek Your protection from be lazy and inactive. And what are these Nemea cream sauce, some said it is better for you to go in the in the jungle, to cut wood and to come and sell it in the bazaars than for you to sit at home, do nothing and bed from people. Rather go and cut wood and sell it then to be inactive. So when you become inactive, it's a recipe for you to become negative. And the more

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productive you are, the more active you are, you will find that you will be more positive. And one great example can we give this example of our beloved W cream sauce? When he said either attack or Haruko Musa, failures, muscle for sila failures, this herb that even if Tiamat comes in your ear that Trump had been blown.

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The Kiama the trumpet of Tiamat is being blown and you got a seed and a sapling and you are

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Want to plant it? And someone tells you that what are you going to plant a sapling in a seed now chiamata is going to come, no one is going to see the trees it will come out to the seedling. And at that particular time Nemea Kareem saw some said even at that time plan the seedling plant the seed. So, be productive, when you be productive, you will find that you will have a natural energy that will come about because of being productive and you will you know it will lead towards being positive. The second thing that I would like to say with regard to being positive is that we need to become solution oriented, but others it is something that I feel very strongly about today when we

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look at our discourses and we look at the way of the things we send in a post we said everything seems to be so much not solution oriented, all negative oriented. This one did just this one did their Big Pharma is doing this Bill Gates is doing this Rockefeller is doing this rock child is doing this. So, all the time we are all the time only peddling that which is negative and it has nothing to do we got no solution to it. So what actually happens when we start doing all of this this big pharma did this block I fell into this rock child to this what does it lead to? Firstly, it leads to the weakening of women. Why? Because all of a sudden, we carry on as if these people can do

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things without the permission in the controller for mighty Allah. Where does Allah Tala fit into the scheme if everything happens only because of them? This is happening because of them this in so what happens with Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says what matters to me what illa Allah wa, not Aleve falls down from any tree in this world except with the permission of Allah with a with a knowledge of Allah? When even a small thing like a leaf falling down from a tree does not happen without the permission and control of Allah? Do you think they have the control to do things without the permission of Almighty Allah? But yet as we carry on, and the way we speak as if

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no, everything happens because of them. This this whole particular aspect leads to negativity in our mind, it can it can produce you know, positive things. So we all the time only speaking about them as if Allah Tala does not exist, if everything happens with a will of Almighty Allah with a control of Almighty Allah, then get the help of Almighty Allah Tala to control the destiny of things towards betterment. But we don't do that. All the time we sitting in talking, this one did this, this one did that one indeed, it's not solution orientated. Secondly, when we talk about all of this Rockefeller dickless Rothschild did this, this one, the dentist one did that. It takes us away from

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introspection, we have to do nothing. So you find you know, set back we can't do anything they are doing this big Big Pharma is doing this big one is doing this, the this particular Illuminati is doing this, because they are doing it we don't have to be anything. Whereas it is part of our deen that whenever anything happens, we are supposed to introspect, we are supposed to see what can we do for the sake of the betterment. After the Battle of who had made the Muslims had a setback? ally in the Holy Quran says pull to Mannahatta. You ask why did it happen? Why did we get a setback?

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Look at your own self. Where's things happening in the world that we don't have any control over things? Don't we look at ourselves? No, we don't want to look at ourselves. Because to look at yourself is difficult. It's easy to say they're doing this they're doing this they are doing that. So we don't become solution oriented because we have a ready made answer instead of asking difficult questions upon ourselves in the OMA. And then when we look at our beloved maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This time he did not sit back. Even in the most difficult situations in the battle of 100 Vandermeer Kareem Salah while he was salam was dealing with such an army that nobody saw

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silom didn't have the resources to face it army. What didn't be occurring sauce will do. He took refuge behind a trench. Sometimes when you can't face the enemy, then you if you can't have the resources, you strategically withdraw you retreat. There is nothing wrong and that is not against our colleagues is part of strategy. But even in that, go and look at how Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam dealt with at Bethel in such a manner. He gave one, you know, Muslim who was non Muslim who was close to the Muslims, the permission to bring about

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to bring about disunity between the Jews of Medina and the operation which led to the ultimate failure of the allied forces against the Muslims. He didn't say that he strategized. He didn't say they're so powerful what was I do know he did something that led to the failure of the intention and the failure of the allied forces. And then after the when the when they completed in the regret

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away from there and they did not succeed. They'll be a cream sauce and said this is the last time they will attack us. From now onwards we will attack them.

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This is the last time they want to take us from now onwards we will attack them. They will therefore become solution oriented. When you look at our history, my dear respected brothers, we weren't the ones that were setting the standards. We were the one that giving the solutions. Now, we said pathetically, I must say pathetically sitting on the sidelines and say, This one did this. This one did that. As if 1.7 billion people can't provide solutions. So we are only complaining about other people who are running things and who are doing according to US not right, whether it's right or wrong is a different matter. But where are we in the equation when we asked 1.7 billion Muslims,

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when we look at the past, it was Imam Razi, Rama Talalay, who was the first person to tell the world where you must make a hospital. The Encyclopedia Britannica says Imam Razi was the first person to tell people about the smallpox and how to cure smallpox in the whole dune route 17 volumes of society how to deal with society. He is

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the preface to that the web was written in such a beautiful way that the British historian Arnold Toynbee said, the best work ever created by any Muslim by any mine in any time in any place. We were the ones who were providing the solution, we find that it was Haytham in astronomy, there are two craters in the in the moon, which are named after Muslim astronomers because they were the four bearers of the field of astronomy, and whether they be raazi, or implicit in medicine, whether it be Russian philosophy, weaponry, whether it be Ripley furnace, the first person to bring about flying in the air, we were the ones that were providing solutions. Now we don't provide solution, we just

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sit and talk bad about everyone else. So when you are not part of providing solutions, you are going to become negative. As more about the first medical peer review, which three medical doctors take so much of you know, pride in, we have to have peer review of medicine and medical personnel was introduced by Imam Rahi. A Muslim, there is way more.

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He says that one of the great harms that because Muslims are not in the forefront of science and technology in the last couple of centuries, you say one of the harms of that is that we have not been able to bring about advancement with the necessary ethics. So if we say pharmaceutical companies are bringing medicine and they're charging such exorbitant amounts, if we had been in the forefront with regards to that we would have been able to give medicine free to people are better at reduced costs. But because we are nowhere to be found, that is what's happening you you leave a vacuum, someone else is gonna take my place of the vacuum. So become solution oriented, even in our

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own community brothers, there are so many instances there is crime, there's poverty, there's unemployment, collaborate with others to do something

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to something whether it be community police forums, whatever it is do something with intention of doing some form of, you know, the whole aspect of you know, we've just been negative talking and complaining become solution oriented.

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You know, give me an example with regard to how people become negative one person was one day sitting and he was very depressed so the Milan I went to and see why you're depressed when you're looking so bad. Come on be positive, is say one a very bad circumstances what happened? You know, he said, three years ago, you know, my great grandfather, his estate, God wandered up, and there was a small share that came my way which I didn't know about God, couple of you know, 50 60,000 maybe close to 100,000. So why are you depressed now? He said this last year what happened my Nana, but his estate got watered up. And there was a lender in India which got sold. I got almost 250,000

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Rand. She said, Why are you depressed? He said this month no one passed away. This one, no one died this year. No one all the time you will look for situations of becoming depressed you will become depressed. The third way with regard to becoming positive, stay away from negativity. Stay away our Jamaat brothers Meloetta reward them for the steadfastness they got a very beautiful soon. Bye don't talk about the bad is happening in a society talk about the good because the more you talk about the bad, the more the bad will become more prevalent. Talk more about good. So that good becomes more prevalent. And so stay away from limit your time and exposure to negative people and environment

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environments. No one can make you feel negative without your permission.

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Stay away from people you know people who are all the time negative you're gonna be with them in that environment. Only reading things that are negative, you are going to become negative and no one can make you feel negative without your permission. You know, stay away look at the positive things even with regard to human means, easy to look into

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better people look at the good in people. nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on one occasion, there was a hubby who used to, you know, took alcohol in a time of year cream sauce. And because of that Nivea cream sauce and said, you know that he was being given punishment as they were punishing him one Sahabi said May Allah does grace you and maybe a cream sauce them said, Don't say such a thing.

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Even if he committed that mistake, he loves Allah in His Rasul. Don't let shaytan get the upper hand over him. Yeah, look at that situation. Look at the positive in people. We never know what what there is in people may Allah subhanho wa Taala can take work from even you know, people who are who are weak. So many I will imagine a sacrafice incident is made mentioned in the books of Hadith history. He was also took took alcohol on the eve of the Battle of Cardassia.

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And because of that, sapping your cost, put him under lock and key. So when he was put under lock and key,

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he couldn't participate in the battle, and he was a Mujahid he wanted to fight. So he sang certain poetry that I would like to fight, but I can't fight because I've been put under lock and key. I've been put in prison by serving a middle class, sadly, who calls his wife heard him singing this poetry and said, What do you want? She said, Please, please free me, right? Give me a horse. If something happens to me, and I'm sure he No one will take your name. And if I keep myself saying I promise you, I'll come back here and I will tie myself up again, I'll come back and come back in the same prison. And I will come and lock myself up. Above Martin goes into the battlefield he changes

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the course of the battle. SAP in your class is overlooking the battle and says, Who is this person who is changing the course of the better?

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If it if it was not for the sake that I had locked up, I would have said it.

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And it even looks like my horse Subhanallah he changes the course of the battle he comes back he locks himself up as a certainly we will consider the Altima comes home comes back to the temp wife said this is what happened to the I feed a

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person who was an alcoholic became the means of the Muslim victory. Or we to judge people brothers. So stay away from this negativity. And many people say what about the circumstances, sometimes circumstances are negative. So even if circumstances are negative look at the positive Asya was under the operation of one of the greatest if not the greatest oppressor when she became a Muslim many reasons which led her to become a Muslim. And then, you know, when she became a Muslim, you know, she, when Pharaoh came to know about it, he started torturing her. He put her in a desert Can you imagine a queen who is used to a comfortable way of living. And then she has she has to be put

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into a desert. And then the people who around her the concubines and all of them they started mocking at her, you know, and then at that particular time, she was being mocked, she was being stabbed she was been left in the open. She made a DUA to Almighty Allah, rockabilly in the Tibetan villages, or whatnot. Gear gras we close this to yourself and grant me a house in Jana. So Phil own den wanted to put her under a mountain and place a very great Boulder and throw it upon her. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala showed her abode in Jana, and the acceptance of a dwarf in this world. And as the boulder was coming, Aleta took her ruined soul. So she didn't see the pain of the boulder

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falling upon her. And Allah Tala then said thiruvalla will matter a little Edina Armando merata out. I give you the example of Imam in the wife of

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it give you the example of a man Allah gave the example of demand for every human being from a woman. Allah gave the example of a man to be steadfast on a man for every believer 30 of German and whose example it he give a woman, the wife of Iran. So circumstances can be whatever it is, we look at the positive. I know time is up, but I'll just take another few more minutes.

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Brothers if we concentrate only on negativity, then what actually happens one of the reasons for being positive is we lose opportunities to become beacons of guidance for humanity. There's so many opportunities that we lose if we become completely overtaken by negativity. There are so many ways today of becoming you know there are people who are just stressed, maybe a cream sauce and said any one of you who gives comfort to a person who is in distress, Allah will make him wear clothes of honor on the day of gamma. Allah will honor him on the day of judgment. Brothers how many people are

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Difficulty today. How many people are distressed? How many people have lost the idea ones? In this Masjid we hear that the

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the Imam Ravi had passed away his family they are in need of comforting words. There are so many opportunities for us to give those comforting words to reassure people, but because we are so bogged down in negativity, we are so bogged down in, you know, having settling scores amongst one another, we lose opportunities of doing good, how many opportunities of kindness there are in today's world, how many opportunities there are to help people who are in distress to help people who are in difficulty, but because we are all the time in negativity, we can't do it. And when we look at the Sahaba Ikram, Subhan, Allah they took these opportunities, whether it be the comforting words of as

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a teacher or the Allahu TA will be a cream saucer on came in said that in the Hershey Guarana FC, I got this first one he I don't know whether we'll be able to fulfill the responsibility of Prophethood or not. What he said was hilarious.

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Oh, my husband, don't worry, Allah will never disgrace you. He comforted she comforted him, and she gave him such great comforts and such great support that may be occurring sallallahu alayhi wa sallam became reassured in Libya, Kareem saw some, you know, became and took encouragement. And so it was and maybe the last example you know, these are the examples that we got Allah al Azim, I firmly believe that there was never a time more greater for showing people the beauty of Islam to the world, the practicality, the simplicity, the beauty, the the lack of Islam, the way there is today, the world and humanity needs Islam, we have Islam, but instead of showing it to people, we

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are so busy in technicalities, how do we how do we, how do we interact with non Muslims? We don't even know that also, all the time. We are sitting with infighting with regard to minor issues and when you're not looking at the broader issues when Musa Boomer or the ultra went to Madina, Munawwara right, maybe a cream sauce and send him as someone as a, you know, as his introduction to Madina Munawwara when he came into Madina, Munawwara he stayed at the house of assassins. rara, then there were two prominent people in marine Medina, two prominent people in Medina, one of them was serving Mirage, and one was Hussein, who they came to a certain surah and said, Why are you

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accommodating a stranger to come and teach us a strange and alien religion? You stop it immediately. Nowadays, we get you know, they stopped the web work. So they stopped him also, what did he do? He went to them and said, Just give me a few minutes. Listen to me. If you like it, accept it. If you don't like it, reject it, I will go away. He said something more after the allotted who said sell me What are you preaching? What are you teaching? He gave them the beauty and the simplicity of Islam. sappy mouthy. lotano said I've never heard something more beautiful. He went to his tribe and international and said Do you regard me as your leader said yes. He said I'm here instructing you to

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become Muslims. There is nothing better than Islam. The old buddy Ashley's old particular tribe became Muslims. When they were cream sauce lamb came to Medina. Musa bin Omar except the Pepin for the beer cream sauce lambs arrival in Medina. So be positive brothers. Allah subhanho wa Taala will give great amount of results was our nanny lynnderella