Adnan Rashid – Found a treasure in Pakistan.

Adnan Rashid
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Assalamu alaikum everyone I am currently in Pakistan, I was told about a hidden treasure, a hidden treasure in the form of a man, a scholar, who has worked very, very hard for many years, not only collecting books, and the library you can see around me is the hard work of the scholar I will introduce to you in a minute.

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This scholar this year, he has been writing books for nearly two decades. His name is check Mohammed Ashraf Cina and he has written books mainly on comparative religion, basically doing a comparison between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and he has living near Islam about in a remote area,

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he has collected all these books upon a lot for his personal study. And then he living in this area has been writing books producing a lot of amazing works. As you can see, there are 1000s upon 1000s of books around me and he has been working hard on his own writing books on these topics. So what are the topics he has been covering? One of the books is Israelites versus other nations. So this is another very important book Shaykh has written which deserves your attention, then another book is Islam. As emancipator of women Volume One and two, two volumes have been written on this topic, chunky volume. So chef has done some research on that topic. other books are

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original sin and salvation, original sin and salvation the concept of original sin and how it applies to salvation has been addressed by the shift in this chunky volume in this book, so I will give you in a minute the address to the shakes website where you can actually access these books in PDF form.

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Then another book scheck has researched and produced is Hagar the princess or harder harder in Arabic we call it Hydra Ali Salam the mother of his smile is Salaam Hodge Hydra or Hagar the princess or Hagar the princess. So in this volume, the ship argues that Hagar far from being a slave girl or a bonds woman, she was a princess. And why was she called the bonds woman is the question shaker dresses in the book. Then another book Shaykh has written is God, creation and guidance, very important work. And of course, the topics covered in the book are creation and creatures of the Lord text of the Bible in the Quran, the only pollution free book in the world. That's interesting. So I

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would advise you to get hold of that book. Then another book Shaq has written is from Judaism to Christianity, okay. Now where can you find all these books, you can find them on interface study and research center, the website is Okay, I will repeat the address you will find the PDFs of these books.

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That topic on that particular free website. Okay.

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Okay, so another book

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the ship has

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authored is slavery and human rights two volumes, slavery and human rights. Okay. And through the ages, Volume One is from ancient to the medieval period. This is the shakes work as you can see on shake has kindly gifted me these books for my personal reading. And then another work. second volume is, of course slavery and human rights through the ages. From colonial to the post colonial periods, Volume Two, okay, you can see the image of Kentucky on the front cover of the page for the right reasons. Okay. So, this is a treasure trove in human form. The shape has been hidden. For me at least for so many years. He is with me right now. Chef Mohamad. Chef Mama, Chef Gina.

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Chef, would you like to advise my followers online? Anything please go ahead, tell them what they need to do. I will like to

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tell the people that I'm not a great scholar. I'm a layman In fact, but with my personal efforts, I have tried to hit at the points with where where there is difference between the religion

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And which are presented with distorted versions.

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I have been working on this slide on this, these topics for the last 2025 years and have written about eight books intend volumes two or three books are yet under preparation and will be published soon

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I am

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interested the if it touches the topics which are most questioned or which are odd questions

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and I have

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presented the true

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version of the facts

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I hope

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my all all my writings are supported with

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actual sources from actual sources and from the books which are in my possession.

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I am my personal library and I have devoted a lot of time and money to prepare it I hope it will be beneficial for the readers to go through these books like Aloha and thank you so much acmella Bless you, as you can see, shake his elderly, it's a panel I spent a good part of his life doing this great work, you must read his books get in touch, go to the website and start downloading the books they are there for free of free of cost. And there are a couple of books maybe three books Shaykh is currently working on he is basically suffering from ill health and unfortunately His work has stopped because of his condition. But he wants to continue he will be continuing soon. And those

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books will be coming forth in sha Allah tala near future. So I want you brothers and sisters to go and visit the website. I will put the link in the description as well so that you can benefit from the works of the shape. The shape is Mashallah a treasure trove. I keep saying that because I'm completely overwhelmed by his Library's collection. And the the credit goes to our brother chef Zafar Iqbal who is also a pioneer of interfaith dialogue in Pakistan. He is the reason why I came to see the shake today in his library does not come along here and please visit the website and support the works of chef by reading them and taking benefit from them. The lakmal Lacan and salaam aleikum

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wa Taala

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