Zakaat can be given to Travellers facing Problems

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zacky What about in the case of a rich person who happens to be traveling and runs into problems as it does happen when you're traveling? Is that person eligible to receive Zakat? As far as the last category of the cart is concerned, this is a bill that is a wayfarer or a traveler. If a person who's traveling and if he gets stranded in a foreign land, even though he's rich, for example, a rich American comes and someone Rob's his suitcase and all his money, any standard. So that money can be used for buying a ticket to go back home is a miscibility. The wayfarer, one option can be can take loan and turn the money back. But even he can take that money. And this is a very good

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provision in Islam. Because for example, a stranger in a strange land pool room, how can you trust him with loan, you know the new person is there, you may not trust him. So if you can give it his obligation, it's obligated you. So you can give it to a rich person also. And he can use but it should only be used for going back. You can't use the cards funds for that he stays for long there and he uses the hotel and he has luxurious food etc. It should be good that he goes back to his place so that we help him out with the minimum requirement so that he reaches back safely home