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My unlike any of it now ladies don't use it like anything else anyways but but but for this was obviously men were not happy with it. So I'm going to continue it's all about legacy with these Hadith and make sure you enjoy the Hadith tonight is a simple one. It's actually beautiful and has a couple of different

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plot applications and for sure one of them is important for the situation that we're seeing today in the world and I'll narrate to you and we'll see in Sharla how you're recording videos from Allah Hi, this is Tara to help on Allah Allah hey, I want to whom the Mujahidin visa vie Lilla Well, mocha tub and some narrations that have occurred to him and I believe it's a mistake if I remember correctly, Victoria, who pointed out that was a mistake I can remember for sure but I'm saying that but I noticed we'll catch up. If you read it we'll catch up is probably far we just mispronunciation because it worked really linguistically. And the Mocha lady you read will either when already you

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read it. So he says it is awesome three people Allah subhanaw taala has put upon himself the hug is a right upon him. It's an obligation almost and of course you cannot obligate Allah subhanaw taala anything except what he holds himself to. And I think he's saying I'm holding myself to help three types of people. Number one, the one who strives for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Mujahid whether that may be through combat, or maybe through any other form of jihad, which are many and quite widespread. So someone who is striving for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala takes upon himself the right of helping that person and aiding them and supporting them. Number two, and then we'll

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catch up and MacArthur because usually, this is how this is the common usage of it is a slave who wants to get out of slavery that the union will add you want they want to pay off whatever is left to them to the person who has ownership so they can they can get out. We're Latina Yabba Hoon al Kitab Melaka Taima LUCAM like it go home in Iam Don't feed him paella. Well, to whom in Marilla. Hillary.

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So someone who wants to free himself alone, when NACA, the person who has the intention of getting married and whether you read Will alfalfa though, but the person who is doing it because they want if they want chastity, they want absolutely want to be able to hold on to their Deen. It's not because of some this is an important point. He explained a little bit to give a little bit of a reasoning as to his thoughts on to it. So it's not anyone. There's not anyone who was going after marriage. No, Naka, Allah, you read the last half who's doing it with the intention that they want to continue to maintain the ethic of chastity that they have, they don't want to lose that they feel

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that there may be in a position where they may make a mistake, they're scared of losing their way of losing focus, especially if you're if you're young man. At some point, you will run into that if you're unlucky, you ran to a really young and if you're lucky you run into it in a normal Asian if you're unlucky, you run into it all throughout your life. But regardless, regardless, you will run to a point where you feel that maybe you need a little bit of help to stay to stay focused and at that moment, you should definitely seek marriage and I talked to this about this a lot with younger people that it should be especially with with parents as well. It's important in this day and age

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that we talk more about marriage we talk about more about the the parameters of it and how to make it more accessible and more doable for people because it's not

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a lot has changed in the last couple of couple of I want to say decades or centuries really. And we we've lost as Muslims, we've lost a little bit of our way when it comes to marriage and I'll talk about that throughout this call to inshallah to Allah because we right now we are not living an Islamic mentality of marriage we're living something quite different. This is a different mentality of marriage is a Victorian England Victoria English Victorian type of approach to marriage. It's not Islamic Islamic is very different. It's much much more we have so much easy, much easier if Allah subhanaw taala is saying I obligate myself to help the NACA who is who wants to get to get married

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with the intention of maintaining their if they want off, which is what you should be looking for as a man and as a woman looking for alpha if you want to be able to maintain your chastity it's a beautiful concept so that's the first Hadith wanting everything to be at the mercy of the most needy you know dealing with up January he won't even want necessarily your feast or any he'll be roughly 50 laughing at sea level level. And have you heard a lot about the Allahu Anhu paella Nabil sal Allahu Allahu alayhi salam on Hakuna and Allah he I don't know him and Mujahid uvcb de la he will mukha Taboola de

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keyholder the UD rule of Salah Karasuma has of Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah has told him to bring