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How Muslims Conquered Lands Hearts

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Adnan Rashid

Channel: Adnan Rashid

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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A map of the making of the Muslim civilization, how sequentially Muslims came to establish what we call the beta Hikmah, beta ACHEMA, as in the House of Wisdom, the Muslim civilization from Spain to Chennai, what map am I talking about? I'm talking about a simple map to follow. I call it the golden chain of events, the golden chain of events in the history of Islam. Number one, the emergence of the Quran in the seventh century, in the Arabian Peninsula.

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Whether you are a Muslim or not, no one will deny that the Quran emerged, if not revealed, because the Muslims believe it was revealed. But the non Muslims believe it was it emerged, let's say emerged, the Quran emerged from the seventh from the seventh century Arabian Desert. Number two, a peculiar sense of justice, which came from the Quran, practiced by the followers of the Quran, and they brought this sense of justice with them everywhere they went, Syria, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, China, Central Asia, Persia, India, they everywhere they went conquering lands, they took this constitution, this manifesto with them, as they sense of justice, and it was applied. That was

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the second event, the application of justice that originates from the Quran

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event number three,

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piece that came from that justice.

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Because when you establish justice, you have peace. From that peace came progress, what we call the rise of the Muslim civilization out.

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You cannot have peace without justice. You cannot have peace without justice. You will never have peace in any society without justice. Justice is a necessary prerequisite for peace.

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And in the case of the Muslim civilization, there was no justice and there could be no justice without the Quran.

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So repeat after me, there is no progress without there is no peace without there is no justice without the Quran, period. This is how the Muslim civilization or the Islamic civilization was created. This is the map for you to remember, this is how it happened. The Quran came. Then the Quran was taken seriously. It was followed. It was practiced, it was memorized, it was internalized. And then it was taken to other people in other lands. And it was delivered as a social reality as a social solution to problems people were facing. So justice was established from that Justice came piece. And that piece gave rise to the Islamic civilization, which was made by not only the Muslims

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but even the Jews and the Christians were involved. They made the Muslim civilization what it became