Yahya Ibrahim – Islamic Q & A 5-05-22

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of honoring the prophets in Islam is emphasized, especially those associated with the culture. Pranksters are encouraged to maintain a habit of honoring the prophets and finding a way to be confident in their actions. Visiting the graveyard for personal reasons is also emphasized. The importance of acceptance of Islam's deeds and regularity of actions is emphasized, along with the importance of regularity and consistency in pursuing Prophet's teachings. The legal nature of the Quran is also emphasized, and the importance of sharing excess food and receiving a plate for the upcoming month ofFinancial is emphasized.
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someone else who believe that somebody who was sent them back it's an honor and a privilege of having to rejoin you after our Blessed Eid Mubarak Ali now at equal, either document I must have had and went to Allah have increased this in his blessing in his love in the love that we have for him and the fear that we have of him and in the hope that we seek in His mercy and welcome I mean, it's your brother Yeah, hey Ibrahim coming to you live from Perth, Western Australia, from my home to yours and your devices in different parts of the world. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah grants you and I the Hydra and the baraka and the acceptance of the month of Ramadan that has passed, that

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Allah Subhana Allah joins us again for many more opportunities of learning from each other, asking of each other and supporting one another in his path along mean, I pray the loss of Panama to either granted facilitates for you and I saw you when vaca not Allah Subhan and I want to add that makes us from those who are favored, and those who are protected from their scenes that need May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protect us from the punishment of the Hereafter Allah, Amin and hamdulillah it's good to be back with you for Islamic q&a. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to be keys of goodness in each other's lives, that Allah unlocks for us that which is hidden from us at the

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moment, Allah allows us to remember what we may have been led to forget that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah makes us from those who are useful

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and beneficial to others. I mean, this is a live q&a call where you are able to chop them off through the wonderful facility of Islam channel in the United Kingdom, to call in live on air and have your questions perhaps they could be of importance to other people answered in sha Allah, if Allah allows us the ability be given the latitude to add.

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In the meantime in chat live while your calls are being vetted, and you're cueing him, I want insha Allah to speak about the blessing month of Ramadan and what is to follow from it. And this is something that we get, of course, as a lot of interest in how do I know

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that my Ramadan has some acceptance in it. Now this is a very strange kind of concept for people who are not Muslim to understand. For us as Muslims we understand doing the action doesn't necessarily mean that it's accepted by Allah subhanaw taala and that as Muslims, we always strive for what is referred to as a rule accepted or sanctity and sanctification and accepted status by Allah subhanaw taala Anna, one is, of course terrified of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now authentic hadith the Prophet alayhi salam said the Roberto Julian parmanu, Sunday, perhaps there may be an individual a man who will stand up in their prayer before Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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And by the end of the prayer, all that is written in its reward, all that is given in its acceptance is myschool her will overrule her.

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Perhaps it's just half of its reward or a quarter, or may god forbid, may Allah protect us just a 10th that OSHA, one out of every 10 minutes statements or actions of the law that is actually accepted, and sanctified in almost presence. Now this of course, makes you and I fearful, but it wasn't just for us, even the prophets of Allah. They are recorded in many places of the Quran most pointedly and most clearly, in the dua of Ibrahim Abraham Ali is set up and his son is married, after Allah orders them to rebuild the Kaaba. We've got a pharaoh, Ebrahim on our in the middle, you know, rebuilding the cabinet at the end of bene upbuilding. Net in Mecca into similar I mean, oh

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Allah except this service, this action that would linger on for humanity for generations, make it an accepted action in your regard. We have our first caller on the line inshallah we look forward.

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So we look forward in sha Allah to receiving our callers coming through on the line in that the Allah so that accepted status that accepted to add that we seek from Allah subhanaw taala or a banner to combat with now, notice that there is this attempt at making it in the plural, that it's not just about me, it's also about my family. It's also about my children. It's about my community. It's about the owner of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We're always making this plural dua or better to club in Mindanao or benefit Lana or bene KAMNA our Lord, it's one where we include the many big

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As we understand that the DUA that we make for others is a dua that is answerable by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, not just on our behalf, but that is answerable on behalf of others because of our love and service for them. So as you make your DUA make sure that you include your loved ones, your parents, your brothers, your siblings, and those who you care about those who are near or far and even those who may be enemies to you. The prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, he used to make to ask for Abu Jaffa or he used to make do not for a moment of support, not for them in particular, but for them to become of those who could be abused. For the faith and for people. The prophets I send them

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is known to upset Allah may send Islam or Allah strength in Islam be 100 Raju, Elaine Elaine, of those who are of these two men who are more beloved to you who you know, are worthy of your guidance have been heckled? Mm hmm. I want to know how top either I would have come in. Mm hmm. Who's that's the full name of me, Jackie, or whomever was a thought about the law. And then when Irma comes into Islam, the Sahaba they would say, well Allah He in Nicola Aberdulais me Allah, we knew that you were more beloved to Allah, we knew that your heart was cleaner, more more sedate, more integral in its relationship with Allah than the other man. So therefore, even those who are at odds with us, that I

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would do after that can make our dua uplifted or benefit or bending them. How do you know if you're, if you're Ramadan? If you're taraweeh? If you're charity, if you're a cat, if your soda pop, if you're a cat and fit, if you're reading of the Quran, if you're Attica if you stayed in the masjid in the last 10 or more or less night, how do you know if you're feeding the poor feeding your family if you providing food for the fast state? You know all these wonderful deeds that we've done? May Allah reward us and put them all in our scale with Ebola with accepted How do you know if it's accepted? Well, there's just one simple answer and this is what we want to search through today. The

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simple answer is that you maintain it there after you continue in that habit after the month of Ramadan has come to an end. So in sha Allah we will look through this as we continue with our discussion we have our first caller on the line as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh caller How can I help

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I didn't

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have money for wanting to

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do that just like a lot of what was very simple.

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And I was really amazed and mashallah, I spotted a queue, defining it so beautifully, but given a example that the victims

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said that we do our bother, but it's entirely up to

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you except for

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that even 10% but that is quite a frightful concept because unfortunately, we that could be introduced center avoiding chest on balloon

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but the thing is that always intentions are the we stand on the brain beautifully to the best of our ability with intention, they will be accepted because the concept is stated in the mind the shaytan is there doing his act, but on the other hand have been denied it so kind of considered the FBN our mistake, our faults will be forgiven. So please define it a little bit more. Definitely the peace of mind, masha Allah you better keep does that God let's hear it. And that's really the aim of our discussion in sha Allah that's what we want to get to the bottom of today. How can we find in our heart this assurance this has not been nebula how is it that we can come to a place where we find

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that level of Masha Allah Eman and confident that we know that we're moving along the right path that our saw that is not hollow. So Allah describes in the Quran, Torah pushable Musa that there were people who prayed namaz and salah, behind the prophets I said, imagine there would be men and women who would stand in prayer in the masjid of the prophets I seldom inside and Madina Munawwara in his blessings, Masjid in his blessed presence, in his recite teaching of the Quran, but in their heart, Allah describes it as if they were hollow logs. There was no life in them. They had no love for Allah. They had limited fear of Allah. And of course they didn't hope in the Mercy

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Allah as you've just demonstrated, we have this hope and this considered hoping Allah that we will be from those who are accepted. Now remember the Hadith of the Prophet I sent them as we began Ramadan. We were always reminded by our Imams, men sama Ramadan, Eman and whacky Sabbath, the one fast the month of Ramadan with faith in Allah meaning that this is an obligation from Allah, I'm going to fulfill it and it is sad that they are counting this with Allah. Oh Allah I have fasted this day Allah who made me like assuming that we make in when we break if thoughts of Allah I have fasted for you, while I was thought and upon the risk you provide me I am enjoying this, this

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breaking of my past. So it's really meant for them. So forgive me what I have done in my life, when not to and what I may make as an error moving forward that Rajat and hospital Bumblebee lab, we come to that question, how do we know and how can we ensure that our Ramadan its reward become solid in our record, in our scale on the Day of Judgment? So the first and number one answer and given to us by our lemma is the actions that we began to perform that we consolidated and made regular in our life before Ramadan, are maintained outside the month of Ramadan. So my dear brother, if you became in the habit of waking up, mashallah, a couple of minutes before it's a lot of tension, just to make

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sure my dear sister that you had to vote for yourself and your family, just to make sure that you could fast comfortably the rest of the day with enough hydration, you woke up a little bit before the event and made sure that you answered the call of hi Jana sada highly Island fella. Sadat also you don't mean unknown, then don't wake up after the sun has risen. In the month of shall well after Ramadan. If you haven't hamdulillah build the habit of visiting the masjid almost every day, if not every day in the month of Ramadan, for the voluntary prayer of taraweeh. If you have honored yourself with the dignity for example of coming in, veiled or veiling, in the month of Ramadan with

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your beautiful hijab, if you have come to the habit of pushing away your devices, or not letting your children watch Netflix or you know making a rate regime and a regimen to breeding a particular amount of Quran each and every day, perhaps you were those who had the ambition of completing a hitman were blessed by Allah to do so. You've now demonstrated that you are able to do it, you are able to conquer that which seemed unconquerable before. So continue with that virtuous habit. If you found that you were able to give it charity and generosity. You paid a little bit, not just Seca, but you paid somebody at the end of the month, you still are blessed, you still met your obligations

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to others, you fulfilled your rent to your needs and that of your family. And then Hamdulillah you still had a share of your risk and your sustenance with others in charity. Don't bring it to an end. But continue and keep moving forward with that. If you were able, masha Allah to be able to sustain another family away from us in looking after an orphan or fulfilling somebody's need continue with that regard. We have another caller on the line as we explore this topic in greater detail in sha Allah Santa Monica, we call there how can I help?

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A lot of

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I don't know how salami I'll just say for your reading my brother.

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Chef have a question. So in the West we usually pray is the best.

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Once we are in the midst of a pendant to pray, do we offer to

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all to be given that we are attending purely

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just like a love affair? That's a quick question my brother. So there's a number of things that maybe could add a little bit of clarity to this topic. Now the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa salam in his time he would go out to his Masjid a little bit further and when you visited Madina, Munawwara in sha Allah may Allah Allah was to visit again and perhaps together between bachata and Allah right it for us you will find that there are a number of masajid that are a little bit further south from the masjid of the prophets I send them and they're on the way to Masjid pullback, so they are in the direction of Mecca. Now these massages one of them is called Masjid villas or mana, and

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another is Majid Ali Matthew, those are mama means the masjid of the cloud covering and this is where the prophets I send them a letter Eid prayer. It's about 400 to 500 meters

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He's from his current message. sallallahu alayhi wa salam. Now the Prophet pray to his Eid prayers. They're not because we shouldn't pray read inside the Masjid. But because he invited all of his community to pray, and his magic would just not hold them. So they went out a little bit further where everybody could be assembled together with him. sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and it was a very hot day on that day, and Allah sent the Amana clouds that Shadid the prophets, I send them Shadid the congregation and nothing else at that moment as a wonderful expression of Allah's Mercy Subhana wa into Anna. So there's no problem with pranks a lot to read in the masjid. Especially in some of

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the countries that we live in. It's difficult to find open space. But if you're able to find a city council that allows you to pray in the park or allows you to pray outdoors. It's not because you can't have a roof where you need to pray of doors. It's because you want as many people in one place at one time, it's a sign of our honoring of Allah subhanaw taala. If you do happen to pray in the masjid, the rules of the magic would still apply according to the majority of the roadmap. So if you come into the masjid, it would still be right for you to make the dua of entrants into the house of Allah. You would say Bismillah was salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Allahumma abueva hermetic, then

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that we may come to the masjid or other drugs that are conventional. You would also be legislated and honored to pray to a cat of the day yet where you greet them that you do create the place where Salah is performed and nothing else commercial is intended them. Now, of course, I hate to admit it is not an obligation. So whether it's on a daily read or not, it's not an obligatory prayer, but it is a distinct sunnah that was taught by the prophet Muhammad's iclm to his companions, and he would even enforce it on the day of Jumeirah. In the authentic hadith A man came and sat and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said home for Sunday what he was feeling man, stand up and do your

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prayer. But be quick in your Touareg. I don't, you know, don't read sword and buckler. Mashallah, so those same rules would be applicable just like Allah here for that question. And in read or any other event, just say you're coming to a lecture. It's not just for the masjid or to pray so that all those rulings would come into effect in Chumba. It wouldn't be preferred the evening back to Adam does like a lot. I'm not able to do that for that question. So we come back to our regular theme, we're speaking about ensuring that we have a boon. And in the last few minutes before we take our first break, I want you to kind of think, well, what are some of the things that I proved within

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myself, I have the capacity to work on in the month of Ramadan, that Al Hamdulillah Allah guided my heart to Allah instilled in me as an action of rebounder and worship, that Allah blessed me to maintain and that of my family to continue forwarding, what are some of those things that now I want to consolidate, hold on to and maintain as irregularity of any bad regularity of action and regularity of my way of life in Islam. And in sha Allah after our break, there will be two or three particular recommendations that they have given us. And some of them you would find it actually quite surprising that they are things that are recommended for us by them and how we can maintain

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them to increase the spirit of our Ramadan and to make our Ramadan that has passed and our Ramadan that is Maqbool honored and accepted by Allah Subhana. Allah Allah, we always speak about the honor that we see and doing the acts of worship and the greater honor is that Allah recognizes us for it, rewards us for it and grants us its reward. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah accept from us the month of Ramadan allotment, Amin was suddenly LACMA Ananda bikina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I hope you'll join me back after this short break in sha Allah wa salam ala

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does that well not enough leverage is up.

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Now for those of you who are on mine, social media, masha Allah will we have a little bit of a break from our audience on the satellite channel? If you do have questions, I'm happy to take them from you. While you're watching to let me know where you're watching from I see Mashallah. We have a few people that are joining us. Five minutes, five minutes. Hey, we got five minutes together

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to Anna. So, where are any questions that you have, please do share them in chat law.

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I look forward to kind of assisting with them in sha Allah

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All right, you can type them through

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mashallah y equals senang it's good to see you from Bangladesh Masha Allah, Allah Azza

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wa he accompanied me now become

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me I'm like accept all of our aid Allahumma Amin,

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Lama dynamin and Bali

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Masha Allah we have Citrix Shipibo from Toronto saying Sara Monique more I consider working with Allah and work at

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Masha Allah

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does Mala hair

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all right while your messages are coming through I'm just going to click through see the YouTube and see the others the screen is just going to be dim for another second I'll come back to you shortly in sha Allah Smilla.

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All right, so I want income.

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So one of the questions that's popped up is

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can a woman visit the graveyard by herself?

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So one of the questions that's popped up is can a woman visit the graveyard by herself? We know from the hadith of Aisha on your loved one that she visited and bulkier. We know that Aren't you sure what the Allah who lived near

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The burial place of our Nabil pendants a little longer and he was silent and live near the burial place of her father and Bobeck close the deal. It's not about the burial place. It's not about the graveyard itself. It's about one's ability to maintain a sense of decorum, a sense of acceptance to the cutter of Allah subhanho Tirana minutes one minute and therefore if somebody is able to maintain that, then there is no deterrent from it in sha Allah. The preference of course, when visiting the grave is not necessarily to go on by oneself. It's, we know from the habit of the prophets of Allah and he was salam. He would invite others to go with him. There were moments where he did go on his

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own, but not in deterring others to come with him. So there were moments where the prophet would go on his own to make dua but that wasn't because he was saying I don't want NT anybody to come with me. Inshallah we have the last 30 seconds we're going back live on Islam channel in sha Allah does that give Allah here for your questions, and I'll get my attention back to them in sha Allah. I hope you can continue with this journey was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Does like Allah says, Sister Marian back with you in sha Allah.

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And the telegram is working well, so I'm happy to kind of receive that.

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73210, and you're back. I said, I'm on equal life. Welcome back to Islam q&a. I'm your brother. Yeah. Hey, Brahim, coming to you live from Perth, Western Australia. It's a little bit past a shout time here in Perth for us. And I know it's past noon over there for you in London, just waking up. Of course in New York and Toronto and North America, it's a pleasure to come to Canada that we have this wonderful facility of Islam q&a through Islam channel to be able to connect with each other. I look forward to receiving more of your live questions as we continue with this broadcast for the next 20 minutes or so in sha Allah. Now we were speaking and exploring while you call in in short

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line, your calls are passed on to me about the importance of trying to have a bowl and acceptance for our month of Ramadan. And we said that the number one litmus test or wait for us to understand where we are in our nearness to Allah and the acceptance of our deeds of Ramadan is one of those deeds continue to benefit us remain with us and be practiced by us outside the blessing month of Ramadan. And that of course, is a momentous, important understanding that we have not just in our mind and heart but one that we commit to with our tongue by making dua asking Allah subhanaw taala Anna, and your dog got that mineshaft Ramadan, we know when the authentic hadith of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he was regular in asking ALLAH SubhanA wa that for many things. He was regular and asking Allah for the good in this life good in the next life and protection from the Hellfire but he was also teaching us how to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to make us believe ultimately as Luca well I asked you for your love and acceptance of my deeds right? Oh Allah make protect us from having warming down with it lateral use the jab would have protected us from a dua that is an answered by you, Oh Allah, all of those who do out of the prophets of Allah or he was silent. You would say yeah more liberal, pollute tepid can be added. EDIC Oh Allah, who is the Turner of heart

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make my heart supported and steadfast upon this path, this faith, this way of life of Islam. So the prophets life was a testament of Torah and the prophets understanding of dua was profound. He says to us in the authentic hadith narrated by remember Timothy and dua, who led bad dua is the essential element of all aspects of worship. So there's nothing that you do in the worship of Allah that isn't in one way or another. Either magnify Allah or requesting from Allah both of them are instrumental for our accepted Ramadan. All of what we did in Ramadan was the prophets lie Selim says that a person who's fasting their drugs answered until they break their fat, he also said that you are of

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the one breaking their past and the moment of you break your past is answered, and the prophet Isaiah said, the one who makes two after the broken and fast it's entered by Allah. So two is essential in the month of Ramallah in the depth of the night in our weekly prayers when we're reading and after we read, da da to add to add them, don't let that stop outside the month

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of Ramadan, the prophets I send them also sending the Hassan Hadith and agree and accepted Hadith he said some Allah is Salam manlam Yes Aleta Jakub Ali, the one who is not regularly asking Allah not just magnifying Allah not just extolling praise upon Allah not just begging of Allah for certain, you know for you know 10 g of Allah you are a rock band called Rahim. But now asking Allah for things in the next slide as much as things in the dunya is ng as Allah anger will follow the the one who is not regularly asking Allah for things, it is because Allah is angered by them yelling locally, it produces the anger of a lot in your life. It allows you to be disconnected, distracted,

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heedless from the aim of what our life is really meant to maintain a connectedness to Allah Subhana Allah to Adam, and therefore one of the signs. We wanted to speak about three signs three things you and I can do three ways that we can maintain the month of Ramadan is to remain making dropped. I know on my social media streams and you can still go back and watch them each and every night fetcher and Orisha pleasure and after Talia, I would make this you know public drop for myself and my followers in English. It was something that was meant just to get everybody in that spirit of asking Allah every night morning and evening get ready for continued doing it now not because

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somebody is leading you in it that that same spirit cannot be carried forth. So one of the greatest substitutes one of the greatest ways that you can keep the spirit of Ramadan with you in the month of Shawwal and after is to begin learning memorizing and practicing the morning and evening Vic women as hard you know in the evening hours, your cell phone in the morning out, make your pick. So let me give you three simple things that you can do each and every morning that it's going to fill your life with Bulka first right off the bat obviously after you make your will do and Salah is that you begin with the hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah He's here now we have a caller on the

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line. We'll come back to the theme once we've done with the call so I'm wanting to call her How can I help

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00:32:30 --> 00:32:31

Guevara and they

00:32:33 --> 00:32:33

set up

00:32:41 --> 00:32:42


00:32:43 --> 00:32:46

I become very unwell in Ramadan

00:32:48 --> 00:32:50

to Ramadan I don't

00:32:52 --> 00:32:52


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very well.

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Yep, sorry, it seems that you're kind of breaking out a little bit. Sister. Can you repeat that question again?

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combat become very aware.

00:33:24 --> 00:33:25


00:33:29 --> 00:33:32

I want to read, okay,

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I've understood your question just let me help me with that My dear sister, so that I was going to speak about three things that we can do each and every morning that is easy for you to do. So one of the first ones that I would recommend for you and all of our listeners is to say Alhamdulillah but then make it attached to something that you are consciously aware of and thankful for. So if I was to begin, even if it just sitting with you now Alhamdulillah that I have an opportunity to teach people who have never seen but who are able to see me and visit my home, and Hamdulillah that Allah has allowed me to know a little bit of the Quran that can make me a value to others. And having to

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do that, that Allah has provided me a sense of love for Islam for the nividia sallallahu alayhi wa salam Al Hamdulillah that I have people care for me and I care for them, and Hamdulillah that I have an opportunity to breed and to restart whenever there's a difficulty or a mistake that I've made in my life and Hamdulillah that I have an opportunity to do good even if it's not to others, it could be even to one of my cats and Hamdulillah that we have an opportunity to enjoy a fresh air to open my window and just to breathe in and have another opportunity to restart my day restart my moment restart my hour. So as you make it happen, as you say

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I'm thankful to Allah and praising to Allah, think of what there is in your life to be thankful for. And Allah tells us that if you were actually to look, there are so many things that you would be unable to account for them all. The second thing that I say to you and all of our listeners which was a discussion that we were having so Pamela fits perfectly with your question, my dear sister, may Allah grant you ease and remove all hardship and difficulty. The second way for you to continue to be connected to Allah, whether you fasted Ramadan or were unable is to then make men

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sell them and make to ask for if you do root for the practice and when you make salawat and solid upon the prophets I seldom Allahumma salli wa early. That's the shortest way of saying it. Allahumma salli

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wa early tried to do at least 10 in your morning, and the full one is even better. It's the one that we do in our Salah Allah, Allah Allah Mohammed. Mohammed came so late to Allah Akbar. I think early Brahim, along with Eric

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came about Tana Ibrahim Al Rahim, Allah Allah to muddy when you make use honor upon the prophets I seldom there are so many spiritual, physical and and well being benefits. It's one that you know, makes the heart steadfast it's one that removes anxiety. It's a dua it's a follow up on the prophets I send them that increases our risk betters our help keeps us engaged with our Creator and Maker subhanaw taala. And third, and finally, from the theory you should make in the morning, so we said and Hamdulillah, mindfully and meaningfully and consciously What is it you're thankful for? Number two, make your salah upon the prophets I send them who brought to us by the order of Allah Islam and

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made it perfect for us, in example of his life to follow. Number three

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is, and this is one of the most beautiful and easiest statements is to say, either in law and to do this more than 100 times la la, la La ilaha illallah wa I worship none except Allah, there is none that I will worship but Allah there is no one worthy of my worship but Allah this reminds you of the essence of everything in our face. It reminds you why you pray, why you fasted why you give charity, it's not just out of my kindness apart but I expect love in return from Allah care in return from Allah mercy in return from Allah compassion and Richard from Allah forgiveness in return from Allah, law lot the prophets I send them said hi, you know, my problem now is whenever you it is the

00:37:48 --> 00:38:37

greatest, most blessed blessing statement that any human being has said, including and especially the prophets and messengers of Allah. So anytime you have time in your day is law either law, either law work and focus on our connection and desire to be pleasing and concentrating with Allah subhanho wa Taala Finally, there are the simple Duran that we always make. The simple decree we always make Subhan Allah what hamdulillah whether either LA or LA Akbar before Subhan Allah will hamdulillah Willa ADA Allahu Akbar. Then you can add to it when they are homeless. I went out to work at 11am when i Hola when I flew with it in LA Vela. Right. Those are the five essentials that we all wish

00:38:37 --> 00:39:21

that we always say. Also increase a list of how a cell phone Allah will offer you a cell phone or live I'll be a skeleton Allah and I'll be those are things that show that there is a productivity that will arrive in your morning and they are the first ways that you can maintain the dignity the honor the blessing of Ramadan outside Ramadan number to get in the habit of doing a voluntary prayer to Allah subhanaw taala to add, one of the ways that you can do this is in the early morning hours after fetch once the sun has risen, pray to rock if you have space in your workday, you know as you come home and you finished your Isha, don't go to sleep, my dear brother, my dear sister without

00:39:21 --> 00:39:59

praying solitude with even if it just one record, even just one on its own, even if you didn't pray the two and then one, even if it's just one or you can do with just the one with your prayer, I enjoy the Allahu Allah and she said, the prophets I said, never left it. Not when he was traveling or at home, not when he was sick, or well, he never, ever left his with real prayer. Salalah I think was salam. There is a profound merit and reward for it. And third way to maintain the love of Ramadan outside Ramadan is to remain connected with the masjid Ramadan revolves around them

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

As Jake for many of us, right, you visited for Iftar you visited for Thirlby. You take your family for eat. It's something that there's something about the masjid in Ramadan that makes it special. And for some of us when we were deprived at the masjid in the last couple of years, due to COVID, it was very, very strange. You know, not being led in prayer was a very not leading people tomorrow, it was very strange. And now, now that Ramadan has come to an end, don't put yourself in self isolation from the house of Allah. Don't keep yourself in quarantine from the blessing of Allah. Don't be far from the Messenger of Allah. Put on your hijab, visit the mountain that helps of Allah, take your

00:40:42 --> 00:41:21

family, take your children, let your young ones be a part of the atmosphere of the house of Allah, even if it's one prayer, even if it's all it is it just one prayer a week and I'm not talking just about tomorrow, even if it's just one method number one a shot, it's better than none. If it's two, it's better. If it's five, it's greater. And if it's regular day today, visit to the masjid of Allah, then this is where you will find the shade provided for you on the Day of Judgment. The prophets I seldom send an authentic hadith. Then there will be seven categories of people on the Day of Judgment, who will be granted Allah's protection when others are craving it and seeking it and

00:41:21 --> 00:42:08

asking for it. And one of those is a person whose heart is attached to the message. A person whose heart is connected to the house of Allah, they yearn to return to it, they want to be in it. They want to visit it regularly, men as well as women. The prophet Isaiah Lim said an authentic hadith let them know about Allah, don't deter, prevent the women from the house of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, maintain your hijab maintain the ethics of Islam and visit the masjid that has that prayer space afforded. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah open for us spaces in gender on account of us providing this service for others in the dunya login. I mean, I wanted to finally say before our

00:42:08 --> 00:42:41

time together comes to an end of how it is that we can maintain our acceptance of the month of Ramadan, we spoken about the importance of DUA and asking Allah to accept it and maintaining the regularity to it, we spoke a little bit about making the Dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah about being connected to the house of Allah, about maintaining our extra prayers and maintaining our wits with particular. And lastly, and finally, in the last five or six minutes in sha Allah, I wanted to speak to you about the importance of the Quran in your life.

00:42:42 --> 00:43:24

So having a lot of the Quran is not just a book, it's not just something that you pick up the shelf, you read from beginning to end, and you say, Oh, I understand the story. And I put it back right most books in your life, you're going to, you know, read once, maybe twice. And that's, that's really about it, you kind of learn enough of it. The Quran was meant to be a regular visitation. It was meant to be something that is an icon of your life. It's something we decorate our walls within our home. It's something that we, you know, adorn our cars, we may have the little river lives of Hannah that the South Carolina had that the Haoran reminder, it's meant to remind you, it's what you

00:43:24 --> 00:44:11

recite as you enter or leave your home and children leave the masjid before and after you're waking up and going to sleep. You read the fact behind your prayers, your essential salah is the Quran, everything in the life of a Muslim in one way or another returns to the book of Allah from what you wear and what you're not allowed to what you eat or not to when you must be eat. And all of these kinds of dictates are a part and parcel of the teachings of the Quran. How we watch for our model at sada all of this is you know, it's an incredible kind of legal workbook. But at the same time, it's a spiritual manual. You know, if you were to try to read the Constitution or that, you know, read a

00:44:11 --> 00:44:33

book of law, you would tire a bit it's not something that is, you know, pleasing for you. The Quran, although it is a legal manual in one set to spiritual document. It's a historical document so many things together that requires our intimate attention. We'll return to the theme as we take our next caller. I said I'm on a caller How can I help

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and I'm

00:44:39 --> 00:44:42

grateful to you all.

00:44:43 --> 00:44:45

I mean, Abby does like a lot every year wonderful.

00:44:49 --> 00:44:51

question regarding

00:44:53 --> 00:44:59

what it is if a person lost their job or they don't have no income whatsoever, how are they going to

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00:45:03 --> 00:45:43

just like a law firm for that question. So the Katherine filter becomes obligatory on anyone who has more than enough food for themselves and their family for one day in one night. So if somebody's in their home, they have enough to feed themselves and their family for one day in one night, the excess of it should be shared with others. And that's a really important ideal. I know, it might seem strange that we're talking about such a small amount of food. But I want you to think, therefore, of the enormity of the importance of paying that, that it can fit. And you don't have to live your best who teaches us, it's not a Hadith of the Prophet, I sell them but of his companion or

00:45:43 --> 00:46:28

to look at best that if someone did not pay as a cattle fitter, and before they eat prayer, which is an obligation, then they should pay it after the prayer. So even if it's like a month later, even if one you know, wasn't able to pay it on that day, they looked in their account, there was nothing they didn't have any food to give, they didn't have somebody to give it on that day, but three days down the lower down the road, they were blessed, given them, right. So I want you to think a little bit past just the day you agree, or at the end of the of the month of Ramadan, inshallah Zakat, and fit is an important communal outreach program that is meant to ensure that every single person in

00:46:28 --> 00:47:09

our Ummah has something to wake up to in that morning of need, that there is something that is provided. For somebody, it's as if you know, we're birds flying in the sky and looking for risk. And there's a plate that has been set for us. It's been generously provided by a law through his command through his prophets, and Allahu alayhi wa sallam. The caterpillar, therefore, is not something that should be left out, for, for a household, that capital victory should be paid some of the other medallions they accept, for every individual who has autonomy or living on their own, they should pay it on their own. Or it should be just for the household, at the very least for the household. At

00:47:09 --> 00:47:52

the very least, for the household, there should be that provision of the cattle fit. And it is something that I believe within many of our areas and spheres of influence that is attainable in Shabbat. Now, if somebody is not able to pay it with their own wealth, they are able to borrow and this is something that they would have spoken about, they're able to borrow from someone to give in that charity, and then when they are in breach, to repay the debt that they borrowed from others in Java. So those are a number of solutions that we've kind of kind of put forward. We pray that Allah some kind of want to add that facilitates for all of us makes easy for all of us, and allows us all

00:47:52 --> 00:48:35

to have rules that we can provide and assist others with a lot more I mean, so I want to return to the Quran. The Quran is the center of your life My dear brother and sister, it is with the Quran that you will be ennobled and honor the prophets IS LM teaches us in the Sahaba they understood that when we held on to the book of Allah, as Allah, Allah elevated us honored us provided for us guaranteed for us ascendancy. And whenever we disputed or we turned away from the Quran, we were left to ourselves and that brings about a lowering of one stature, a lowering of one's Eman, a lowering of one's prosperity in life,

00:48:36 --> 00:49:20

the Quran, a sentence with us. And may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from relinquishing it, that it leaves us to our own accord. How do you benefit from the Quran after Ramadan? Well, one of the things that I recommend with you is to continue reciting from the Quran even if you are unable to decipher its meaning. So don't let the shaytaan kind of deter you and say, Well, I don't know what this means why what good is it I can tell you 99% of the Arabic world although they speak Arabic, they are not conversant in the Quran as a language that they can understand each and everything in it. So if you were to walk up to one of your Arabic brothers and sisters and say, you know tell me

00:49:20 --> 00:49:40

what is one more senator of Palau security and you know, they're really unaware. So connect with the Quran and try to make it meaningful and don't be distracted. Perimetry citation. May Allah bless you and I'm with Allah accept Ramadan and I look forward to seeing you next week in sha Allah was set out what happened to Lucky

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does that give a lot enough favor? Does that mean a lot some kind of data except from all of us. I look forward to seeing you also on my social media once again to jump on it.

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