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So what's going on with Dr. Zucker? Not many people want to know Yeah, at a basically under 30 pedigrees of lynchings that's like the new kkk. Absolutely the Muslims feel a little hard time living in India them

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admission to the will of the Creator. Number 32 was number three clearly states not as separate the majesty of him there is no image chapter 14 verse number nine it says lynchings and even people being killed is correct. It is Allah who brought him to that place. Let us honor his position that he is in this city.

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Salam aleikum greetings of peace. We got no stranger to the deen show. Our brother shake him Ron How you doing?

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How are you? I'm fine Mashallah, how you been? Alhamdulillah Mashallah have been fine and Mashallah Nice to see you again. They the nickname mama de that a plus plus allowed but a melasma not Allah make your door acceptable for me much Allah. May Allah make me truly guide this Muslim of mind the footsteps of Prophet mama salatu salam ami so for the people that I don't know you're actually a student of Ahmed deedat Mashallah, you may have called me So, he called me so as a student of MIT that Mashallah you you've been you actually run the the AI r EF Yeah, the Islamic research and educational foundation back in the city of India, the South Indian region Hyderabad Yeah, from

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Hyderabad Mashallah. It's a very popular city all your top industries have the IT department after the USA they are based in my city now. GGG Mashallah.

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Good guys? What's going on? I'm hearing. We're hearing you know, help us to understand there. There are a lot of lynchings going on. You just came back from India. What's the situation over there? Like? See, basically, I think I would always say one thing, Eddie, as Muslim Omar Mashallah. Allah subhanaw taala. And his prophet has taught us not to lose hope in Allah at all. Yes, every tough time that comes for us is going to make us more stronger in our Eman And in our Islam. And what I perceive is a lot of issues are exaggerated. A lot of things are not exactly as shown through the fake news. Because according to a report 86% of the internet users are victims of fake news. And the

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widest platform used for fake news to be spread is Facebook. So I always say this, the people to be very careful when they are actually believing in any news that comes. But definitely at the same time. The Muslims feel a little hard time living in India.

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Maybe because the media has propagated and promoted the ruling BJP party as an anti muslim Party, which may not be 100% true, but with what's being felt around sometimes, the circumstances make us believe that, yes, maybe BJP has an agenda that may not be exactly anti muslim. But at the same time, it's going to put a lot of Muslim community and the beliefs and practices of Islam, which they were doing it for a very long time with great freedom into some bit of difficulties. Now, most of the things are politically motivated, most of the things are between the people who are authoritarians or authorities, but the common masses I feel still have in their hearts, love and

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affection towards each other, which has been a great strength of my country India for a very long time for centuries altogether, the Hindus and the Muslims have lived very peacefully. And if you look at the history of India, you will find that India was known as the golden bird when the Muslim moguls were ruling India, the top period of the Muslims ruling India, the medieval period is from 15 106 to 17 107. When you can call barber as the first person to establish the Mughal rule in India, with agbor becoming the most dominant of the Mughal kings. And then by the time orange zabe took over and he died in 17 107. This was the period when almost entire India was ruled by the

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Muslim moguls and the GDP of India at that time was 24% of the world GDP. So one thing that can be established from this historical factors. Unlike the British who came and ruled India, they sucked India of its wealth. But when the Muslims came in India to rule India

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Developed India into a golden bird, they made India into a golden bird. And we find that there are different histories. There are different theories written by different historians and propagated. One of them is that the Muslims, they dominated the non Muslim community, Hindu community, destroyed their temples and all this stuff. And there was much violence promoted against the Hindu community, which from circumstances and established historical facts, I'm not talking about just historical incidences quoted from somewhere established in historical facts by top historians, they actually contradict this version. In fact, the Muslims and the Hindus live together to fight against the

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British. So, what is happening today in India can be understood can't be perceived in the light sense, if we do not know a bit of history of India, and that's very important. And I think, if you feel that it should be spoken briefly, I would take the leisure and the pleasure to let my audience know let my Muslim brothers and sisters let my Hindu brothers and sisters let my world know the brief history of India see first of all,

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the Indian subcontinent as it is called with Pakistan, Bangladesh included with India pre partition. Before the partition happened in 1947. The Indian subcontinent had different people ruling India, if you check with the history, coming from the time of Gautama Buddha, who is supposed to have lived between 563 to 400 BC, before Jesus Christ made peace be upon him from that time, till this day, not a single ruler in India ever said that this is a Hindu kingdom, or this is a Hindu nation. There were great rulers who ruled the Maurya dynasty, which ruled before Jesus Christ rupees be upon him. One of the most popular of the Mauryan rulers was Ashoka the Great, who lived between 268 to 232 BC,

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but after the Kalinga war, that he fought from Hinduism, he converted to Buddhism. And many people do not know a fact about him, that he is considered to be the only powerful King in the world, who used his treasures from his kingdom to convert the people to Buddhism. And it is believed by certain historians that around 200 bc to about 600 700 Christian era, almost all this period, India was referred globally not as a Hindu country, but as a Buddhist country. So, many people do not know about it, and the fact that the south part of India, which comprises mainly of out of the 29 states that we have in India today of them under Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and

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major parts of Mari, Maharashtra, some parts of Orissa, these comprise of the South India. Now, if you check the history of South India, you will find that South India was hardly disturbed ever by the Hindu Muslim conflict prior to independence and even after independence, this kind of animosity between two religious groups of Hindus and Muslims is very less in South India. One of the major reasons is reasons is light from 12 134 till about 15 127 this was the period when there was a bahmani kingdom ruling the South India though it was a Shia dominated kingdom, then we had the kotak Shahi dynasty, ruling in the in these parts of the area from 1519 to 1687. Then we had the measles

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ruling this southern part of India from 1724 till 1948. And you have people's will done in the same region between 1750 to 1799. So, South India was mostly not exposed to the Hindu Muslim riots that took place after independence a lot of time and that animosity doesn't exist there. Now, in the northern part of India also you will find that the politics that took place after the British came and started ruling India, they have two phases of rule one is their East India Company entering for business purposes. During the 17th, the 16th and the 17th century, when Jahangir and shajahan were the rulers, they established themselves for business purpose, but in 1707 when orange they passed

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away and the kingdom became very weak, the Mughal Kingdom became very weak. There were nomads who are ruling the eastern part of India, which comprises of today the West Bengal state of India, and the modern day Bangladesh, the country of India. In these regions we had sirajul, one of the nawabs he was defeated. He was defeated by the British because Neil Jaffer supposed to be a Shia Army General of his army. He betrayed him and he was defeated and after that, you find

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The British India Company in 17 157, for the first time declared itself to be the rulers and they established private armies in India. And a small British India Company rules the entire India at the time for a very long period till as late as 1857. And for these 100 years, the British Army that the East India Company has established for itself was a huge army, it was greater than the army of the queen in the Great Britain and in 1857 Finally, the mutiny took place, the first war of independence and this is a very important part in Indian history, because this war of independence was initiated under the leadership of Bahadur Shah, the last Mughal Emperor. You see, the Muslims were the main

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enemies of the British at the time, because they were ruling India. So when the British came, it was the rule that the Alex Dawei so definitely a reaction and natural reaction would be from those people who are already into the rule to take it back from the British. So when 1857 mutiny happen, the British defeated the people who are fighting for Indian independence when Muslims and Hindus together fought for the independence and Botha suffer was jailed, he was sent away to Rangoon place which is known as Myanmar today, and he died there, his cells were killed. So finally, he was the last of the Mughal emperors, whether as a dummy candidate he ruled India at the time. Now, after

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that, what happened is, the history in India drastically changed all the great independent leaders that the world knows today of India, were born only after the Muslims actually fought the first war of independence against the British, like Gandhiji, who has a big name in the world today. Gandhi he was born in 1883 and 1857 is the time when the first mutiny happened where the Muslims fought the British for Indian Indian independence, shoulder to shoulder, the Hindus of India stood with the Muslims, so that the British leave India, but that didn't happen. Now. In the middle, you will find the British they martide more than 40,000 Muslim scholars. And British historians have written

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books, stating that there were many trees that saw the hanging of several Muslim scholars, because the British had a fear that from Islamic perspective in the name of jihad, again, the Muslims will stand up to fight them back. So this was the period when actually the Muslims were the main people to fight the British. Later on, it started to transform with a lot of Hindu brothers and sisters also joining to fight the British and wanted them to get away from India Tito Sultana holds a big name and is considered to be the pioneer of rocket artillery. Now, based on all this, you will find that the Muslims were a major part to support Indian progress against the British annexation and

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looting of India. Now, later on the things when it changed, you will find that Indian National Congress was initiated by Allen, Octavian Hume, and it was 1885. The year was 1885, where he was an academician, a historian, who proposed that most the Indians, they should fight in the court of law to get independence in India. And after that initiation, you find a lot of people joined that movement, till in 19 105 Kherson, was the Viceroy of the British in India. And he brought that policy which has devastated India till this day. His policy was the divide and rule policy. He divided the area of Bengal into two regions as the West and East Bengal and declared that the

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majority Muslims should live in the eastern side, which is the president of Bangladesh or East Bengal. And the Hindus should remain in West Bengal as a reaction to this policy. Surrender not Banerjee, who was a member of the Indian National Congress at the time, he started a mass movement. So Indian National Congress came into the fore for the first time with this mass movement opposing the British divide and rule policy. Now, when this happened, this was in 19 105. Later it was found that in reaction to this other hand, the third quarter on the third and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was a born Shia avani, a coda she Shah, and who did his barrister from London and returned to India to

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register in the Bombay High Court at the time. So Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Agha Khan the third and Salim will la hija de Mola offers Bangor, and another person by the name Hakeem, these people form the Indian Muslim League. And this was the first time that Indian Muslim League was formed. And the theory was initiated that we want a separate

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Muslim state. We don't want to live with the Hindus because we fear that we may not get justice. Personally, as you know, this talk that I'm giving, it consists a lot of my opinions, which can be debatable, which cannot be accepted, and I have no issues about it, because I'm not an authority on history or any of our political subjects. But as a common Muslim, what I perceive my perception is, I think this was one of the major mistakes that happened at the time, when the reaction of the remaining into community came in a very negative form. Well, they felt that the Muslims have not stood up claiming a particular land completely in the name of Islam. So, in reaction to it 1925,

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September 1925, you find

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an organization and organization by the name RSS being formed the Rashtriya swayamsevak son, now RSS today, it has about 2.8 million members from the Muslim from the laborers, working in India 2.8 million members from the community of the farmers 10,000 different branches. In India, they are into about more than eight lakh projects, 800,000 projects, they have more than 800,000 membership overall, India, and they started working to develop India with the ideology of savarkar and go Volker. Now, sour savarkar was one of the members of the Hindu Maha Sabha that was formed in reaction to the Muslim League during 1914 and 1915. And finally, in the comilla, in 1921, the sixth

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session of the Maha Sabha Hindu masaba, it was declared that we are going to have its formal name is Akhil Bharath Hindu Maha Sabha from a member, he deviated he said, I'm not going to join active politics, that was head to head never, ever, who is the founder of RSS, who founded it. And then the RSS history begins as a reaction to the Indian Muslim League. And then what followed was the northern side, it felt the heat of partition and the rights. So today also you find a lot of Northern Muslims and Hindus having a feeling towards each other, not on a normal situation that you do not find the same situation in the southern part of India. That's where you're in the southern

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part yet in the southern so over there, there's more of a concentration of Muslims and the Hindus living together. Yes. Right. So there's more Muslims.

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What I what I've been told by many is that on the other side, that's the north side where there's a less concentration of Muslims. This is where the attacks are happening. And you have a lot of lynchings and even people being killed. Is this correct? Yeah. Let's see, basically, from between 2012 to 2019, about 132 incidents of lynchings were reported how many 132 incidents 130 pedigrees of lynchings that's like the new kkk? Absolutely. It's 130 in a span of how long? From about 2012 to 2019. Yeah, of about seven years. Yes. So but why are they lynching people, I mean, lynching like hanging them from trees, this is this is a bit I wanted to connect the whole part that I just spoke

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actually, you see, when RSS was working, it was working on the grounds of anti Muslim League, your theory, the Muslim League theory, or the All India Muslim League theory was to take a separate state from India take a separate land for from India, in the name of Islam and Muslims say reaction happened here. In that many in that reaction, what happened is, the Hindus on the rural areas were programmed that

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by the politicians or certain groups, they were programmed, that India is divided on the name of religion. So now it was a double loss for the Muslims living in India. On one side, a great Muslim community, a number of great Muslim community, people that traveled away migrated to Pakistan, the Muslims were left and wanted to live with India, after independence, now, they had to face these people who always posed the question, Are you with us? Or you also want to go to Pakistan, you also want to get away from India. And then it developed into hatred kind of a thing that Why are you here? When your people took away land from India? Why didn't you migrate with them? So now with

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ignorance growing to its peak, so the common people because the fake news can affect the most educated over time, it can affect anybody today. So when the masses live in a condition, where they do not have proper education, proper knowledge of the history, the masses are getting influenced by this ideology, that yes, these people if they want to live in India, because they have already taken away their portion in the name of Islam. So now if you want to remain with us, you're going to remain as we want you to remain, otherwise just get away with this. Someone told me also the two that they're preparing for what happened someone told me exactly like this, that they're

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What happened in Bosnia? You know, the one of the worst genocide, the worst genocide after World War Two, to the Muslim Bosnians there in Bosnia, the Balkans, that they're preparing to do the same thing in this part of the world is

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that true? It is the one thing we need to understand, I would not ever appreciate the fact that we cannot correlate to different geographies altogether. And to

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Muslims from that area, that's what they're there when you ask questions.

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And one important thing out of the 132 incidents that took place, all of them are not against Muslims. 57% of them are against Muslims. Yeah, as reported 57%. So it's a big number anyway. Other people were also lynched, the media is playing all the negative role whenever it comes with the Muslims it's highlighted and other incidents are not much highlighted is what the hindutva forces to dish out that if it happens to others, it's not highlighted when the Muslims do something wrong. It's not highlighted. But in any scenario, whether a crime is committed against a Muslim or against a Hindu, a crime is a crime, you cannot give it different grades. And you cannot treat two criminals

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in different manners. If they had committed any crime against humanity, they need to stand on the same level of punishment on the same Board of punishment. So that is how any court of justice would do. Now Apart from that, when you talk about both me and all this, you need to remember one thing that Muslims in India are a very big number. We are the second largest world populated Muslim place in the world. After Indonesia, the maximum number of Muslims live in India, out of 1.3 billion population of India today, about 14% of them are Muslims. And it's a very huge number. Now, based on this, if you observe, we need to understand another fact which a lot of people do not discuss and

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it's not as a blame game, but it's to correct ourselves when we put the blame game on always you are doing it you are doing it you are doing it, what about us 60 years plus of independence, we got 789 universities India has Today, more than 32,000 colleges India has Today, more than 11,000 totally self dependent institutions India has to do of modern education. And how many number of universities do the Muslims have 14% is the population strength of Muslims with just 10 modern universities and another about 23 colleges that the old, so 30 out of the entire scenario? Can you imagine this situation, the lowest percentage of Muslims acquiring higher education is the Muslims in India of

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any population of the age group between 20 to 31 years, if you check for the census for 2004, in 2005 81%, Hindus were educated 86 91% of ignorance got educated 94% of Christians got educated 86% of sick community got educated, the least one in Muslims was 81%. So that is very important where our people need to understand See, when Muslims are ruling India there are madrasahs concept by Islamic seminary concept. But when the things change with industrial revolution, Renaissance and all this, the Muslim scholars need to understand the thing that today The world is being run by these kinds of universities, the 789 universities in India, they are these universities that are breeding,

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the most progressive kind of the Indian population youth that is participating in all the world scenario in bringing the development to the world. These are the people who are coming to USA forming a major group that migrates to USA in the Silicon Valley in the IT industry. Why is it that the Muslims do not have a proper share in it, because this was not focused. Unfortunately, the politicians, the Muslim politicians in India, they have never focused on these kinds of educational activities. Very lately, the Muslim politicians back in my state have done some bit of work. But end of the day, we as Muslims need to understand one more very important thing. And what we need to

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understand is that if we follow Islam, our success is not merely going to come through these modern Institute's unless we come back to the basic rule of obeying Allah and Muhammad Salalah Salaam and then acquiring the modern education, we are not going to succeed. If you ask me. How can I suggest something? I'm a very small person what I would like to request my Muslim scholars My aim is the seminaries that conduct Allium course or half his course. They shall compulsorily include one year to two year modern education course where political science history administration, where you are taught about the general knowledge, you know, the world scenario, what's going on in the world,

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because once a Muslim scholar comes out of these seminaries and if he is not aware of how the world is run around, how can you give solution to the people and say Islam is the solution to the world. You need to understand what's going around.

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Then, unless I don't know the disease have How can you give a medicine have a holistic approach? Absolutely a holistic approach and at the same time have very positive approach that let's learn about other people, what is their ideology? What is their concerns? And how can we solve them because the hood Botha Juma that we had at the time of Prophet moment so lawless Allah, Allah peace salam, Islam was the most wise of the people. His standing the Juma football was one week back in the last week, whatever happened in the world, he would inform it to his Saba, and he would advise them what they have to do till the next. The prophet SAW us on the last in front of Mr. Cinta

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mankind. So during his Gemma hood buzz on Friday, he would he would go ahead and summarize the week, the week the week advance

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to him and what are the solutions? Absolutely. If this uniformly happens everywhere in the world, with the Muslims are brought to awareness, what's going around in the world? What are the solutions from Islam? So for this, the people who are given the hook boss have to have the modern education with them along with the Islamic education? Yes, there is nothing equal to Islam as a Muslim. I believe our scholars of Islam are doing a great job protecting our Eman because on the day of Gentlemen, I will not enter Jannah based on my modern University certificates. But that does not mean my dounia is very important to make my team I have been sent into Nia to make the theme. So

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unless I don't know what's the dunya? How can I make my team? I think many people that that would make think the hood buzz also you see more interesting to know what's going on to creative and then to solutions from the dean. Absolutely. You'll see that happening a lot. We don't see that happening. And that's what I'm saying. They should make it obligatory that the Muslim scholars were studying hips and olema course the mothers are course to yours, add to it or bring some other solutions, but add the the contemporary education to it, where they are taught about the modern day economics, how the World Bank runs, how they what is united nation, what is UNESCO? What is wealth

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organization? What are the NATO forces? What is non aligned movement? What are the treaties that are happening around the world, our lobby salatu salam was well aware of all the political situations, doesn't mean you have to agree with many of the things that are out there. But just like you, you study comparative religions, so knowing what someone else is upon so then you can go ahead and, and speak on it if necessary. Absolutely. I didn't see a lot of things that happened around the world are always not against Islam. They're always not against Islam. There are many things that are compatible to the Islamic teachings, and whoever does it if it can benefit Muslims, it can benefit

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anybody in the world. What's wrong in adopting it? For example, if I felt I fall ill I go to a doctor. I don't ask whether did you do some Islamic studies or not? So if the doctor can benefit me for my health, I don't that serve my community if the Muslim community can benefit from anybody, and the solution given by somebody does not contradict the fundamentals of Islam? What's wrong in taking it? What's going on out of people are wondering what's going on with if this situation, years back, you had a well known Islamic preacher

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who people know as Dr. Zakir Naik. He also was somebody who now has been run out of India. So the last political party, he was in good standing. Now this political party is correct. They came in and now he had to hightail town. So what's going on with Dr. Zucker? Not many people want to know. Yeah, basically, what I perceive is definitely the blame that has been put on him, that he has encouraged terrorism. From none of his speeches. It looks to be true, as far as I have seen him, I have known him. Absolutely. I have not come across a single speech where he has encouraged the terrorists to do something. It's like suppose we have a film actor in Bollywood by the name Amitabh Bachchan. So he

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has a huge number of fan following up tomorrow one of his fan goes and murders somebody or does something and he says I was motivated by watching the movie of Amitabh Bachchan, you cannot immediately arrest Amitabh Bachchan for that. So in the same manner, if some terrorist has put a dp of doctors are kidnapped or something, so it can be okay, because he's a public figure. But what is very important to understand is Did he really propagate terrorism? So I'm very sure from all the speeches that we can see, he has never propagated terrorism, then we live in a country with the Constitution of my country give the freedom, like the American Constitution gives the freedom to

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practice and preach your religion. So when you're preaching a religion, as a Muslim, I'm going to say I believe in Islam because I think it is the best. So what's wrong in it, if I say that, I think this is the best, and if I feel something is the best I would like every other human being to accept it. So I approach anybody, whether a Hindu, a Christian or somebody and express to him from that freedom that is given to me by my constitution, and the freedom that Allah gave me the obligation that Allah laid upon me is to do our so that is what when it is done and if suppose it is a feeling that Dr. Zakir

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He is saying only Islam is the best. So as a Muslim is willing to do that any Christian would say Christianity, so he's pretty, he's pretty much saying this submission of your will to the one God, the Creator is the best submission, submission and not just to the One God but to Allah, identifying the true God Allah in submitting to Allah, this the same God that Jesus called upon Oh, absolutely

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the same go Aloha, aloha Illa.

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Allah is no different God is

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the Creator of the heavens and earth, the Christians would say, the Father in heaven, the Father in heaven, because at that time using the word connotation, father was very common as today in our court of

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law, do you think if Dr. Zucker Knight comes back, where is he now is the second part where is he now see, personally, I am younger to him, I do not from the ethical point of view or moral point of view, I am not in a position I and I would never do that I respect him a lot. Because he has been my senior in the field. He has been like my elder brother, from the Muslim community basis, but still my personal feeling is that because he was in India, and absolutely, he has his own ways to think certain things, I may be very easily saying this may be one, once I fall into that trap, it may be very difficult to practice what I'm saying. But a lot of people along with me feel in India, that

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when this issue started, actually, it was started by a media person, by somebody barking very vocally on the media against him, and tell them there was no government involved in it. So in that state, had Zuckerberg come back to India to face, I don't think it would have pulled up to this level. The other thing is see zacher Mac is not a common Tom, Dick and Harry, that anybody can pick him and put him in the jail for years or together. If they are going to pick him up, they have to have a very strong evidence against him. Prove it in the Indian courts, is tell the Muslims very strongly have faith in the Indian courts, because they know that if somewhere the authorities failed

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to give initial justice to them, the court will definitely give the final justice to them. So had Zuckerberg come back in the initial stages and fought the case, it would have been much better. This is the feeling of a certain sections of Muslims living in India. Allah knows the best but Allah knows the best end of the day, you don't think they would have lynched him also? Oh, no, I think see, if we start thinking this is actually not true that lynchings are happening in India but not in a manner that every Muslim walks on the street will believe this is rubbish actually. See, we Why are we afraid of Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Why can't we feel that he is a human being with the

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same heart? And what did Allah do to masala Salaam? If If I am saying F with F? If you think he is the fear of our time, let us be the Musa alayhis salam kind of a person over time. Let us follow the footsteps of masala Salam. What did Allah say to musala salam O Musa go and politely invite Iran to Islam? Why are we not thinking of meeting Narendra Modi Ji talking to him about Islam? Maybe from his background? He studied Islam from books that were written against Islam, looking at the Muslim community in and around him he may be finding that now which way am I going to follow Islam it's so many in fights within the Muslim community. He may be confused unless somebody properly introduced

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the life of Prophet moments a lot to him, saying to him that mama Ceylon Islam is your messenger to aren't the roots of the Hindus, people. They if they come to Islam, they're coming back to their roots.

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See if if if they come back to Islam, anybody comes back to Islam actually, he's come back. He's coming back to the faith which was created when any human being is created the prophets Allah Islam said, You are created in the religion of Islam, meaning you're already submissive to Almighty God, you don't worship anybody The moment you are born and even even if Hindu I mean they go ahead and read their scriptures Wouldn't that also lead them to admission to the will of the Creator? Number 32 was number three clearly states not a separate the majesty of him there is no image chapter 14 verse number nine it says until permission to some booty mo pasty, you shall not worship any

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creative things and if you worship anything that you make by your hand, you are in greater darkness. This is the Hindu texts This is the Hindu texts from number 14 verse number nine. So the Vedas if you read the Vedas, you find that Vedas do not permit somebody to make images of God and worship the God and this is what Islam says kololo say he is the only one allows summit. He is absolute and determined. He needs nobody. He needs nothing but everything existing in the universe. They need him. Emilia Valenzuela. He has no children who he has begun, nor any biological parents while I'm here on Earth, and there is none like unto him. So this is what I perceived that let us not be

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

afraid of Modi Ji and today he is the prime minister my Eman from Quran Surah Al Imran surah number three at number 26 is Allah Hama Malik al Mulkey to Tillman kamanda O Allah, you are the

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Owner of the universe who ever you Will you give a portion of it. So if he is the prime minister, see voting for him all these are excuses that we make it is Allah who brought him to that place. Let us honor his position that he is in if he is our 18th and 19th, Prime Minister of independent India respectively twice with a majority he gets today will 2019 elections for fought to be honest, the people voted for Modi not for BJP. He is so popular in India, there are so many people who just want it for Modi and we need to respect that mandate that was given to him, we need to go closer to him, there is a section of the Muslims, where they are though anti muslim in the world today, that

00:35:41--> 00:36:22

section is called the anti muslim, anti Sunni Muslim section, they have become very close. Now what will happen if another group which is anti muslim to the majority of the Muslims goes closer to support somebody in authority, they are going to malign his mind more. So the Sunni Muslims need to understand that creating a fear psychosis against him. Personally my perception is when the riots in Gujarat happened. India has seen many of the riots before that 1992 riots, 1991 riots, the Bombay riots, personally, my feeling my realization and my understanding of those writers. They were much more senior than the riots that happened in Gujarat. I feel the other ruling party at that time,

00:36:22--> 00:37:02

another political party, they just wanted to make Modi a villain out of it, so that they can consolidate the Muslim votes. And when they did that, Allah subhanaw taala. Tell them now they failed in it. How do you find the same person? Why did our Sunni Muslims at that time not go closer to him rights? See, Muslims have been supporting a political party back in India since independence, even after knowing that even during the region during their time, a lot of riots happened in India. The Babri Masjid that fell down was not under the rule of BJP. It was the other ruling party, the Congress that was ruling in 1992. The Prime Minister of India at that time was PV Narasimha Rao. So

00:37:02--> 00:37:40

BJP led party was not leading at the time. So even after all this, the Muslim community supported Congress knowing that so many rights to place, the Muslims are still not receiving proper education and everything. Why not once give a chance to somebody who is saying I want to work for everybody. I am not in favor of Modi on the grounds of religious sight. religiously. I absolutely I'm going to invite him to Toshi the fall, I will say you have been created by Allah and you shall worship none except Allah subhanaw taala I would personally meet him and I would love to invite him to Islam asked him to become a Muslim because that is the only way that will solve is accurate for him. But

00:37:40--> 00:38:19

there are many good things that he has done that need to be appreciated. I know this video may not be liked by a lot of Muslims after this. But Allah subhanaw taala gave us a deal where we need to appreciate certain true ground realities in his from 2014 to 2019. When we see not one single big scandal happened a lot of corruption has come down to certain levels. See politically many people may be calling, calling in bad names and everything why to do that. Allah has brought him to rule a country rule over you accept Him, He is our Prime Minister now. And our community should try to go closer to him and work out on those things, which may not damage the Muslims back in our country

00:38:19--> 00:38:56

cannot compromise your deen in the process. You don't need to and he's not asking you to become an endo. Modi is never saying you become a Hindu. Yeah, if he has a feeling that Muslims are not very nationalist, let us go ahead and tell him that we love India. We are India's we love India as much as you love. Maybe we love India more than you love India. Don't take the victim mentality. Yes, don't take that victim mentality. Allah created us as leaders of the world not as big as Tibet, the world. We are the leaders of the world behave like leaders. Yes, battles may be lost. But the war is not over yet at the end of the day when you have the Creator of the heavens on Earth. Yes, you you

00:38:56--> 00:38:56

rely on him and

00:38:58--> 00:39:41

number three at number 171 when the Sahaba were informed, a great force has gathered against you. Allah says dairyman is pleased more on hearing the news our great authors gathered against them and they told after that has been a law animal Joaquin Lucky for us Allah is enough and he is the best to protect us and then if we take that road of the Sunnah of the prophet SAW some cool head he sabi Lee Absolutely. say to them, this is the Sabine on which I invite you this is the right guidance towards with the way of Tao the level of educating, absolutely living the deen another thing if you observe around the world, I don't know why. In any circumstances I don't want to make it a very big

00:39:41--> 00:39:55

political statement and make a mess out of it. But one thing I want really to understand from my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, why do we isolate somebody totally that you have no, you don't want to communicate with somebody. This was never the fear of of moments.

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

This was never the secret of masala Salaam today, you don't

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

Want to have a relationship with a certain country in the world? Saying that we are not going we hate this country? We are not going to have religious the Prophet never did that. If you're closing the doors of communication, how will you communicate and give power then the Prophet never did this. So if you are going to take any step which was not the step of peace, a lot of salon failure is guaranteed. Failure is guaranteed he negotiated he communicated he made sure that communications remain why to hate somebody so much that you don't want to even look at them. This is not this is not the honor that Allah gave a Muslim to behave in this manner. You can't do that you have been

00:40:40--> 00:41:00

made a Muslim to invite people to Islam if they do Iran yes they are doing a wrong because they are not following align masala Islam, you don't do the same wrong because two wrongs don't make a right. Thank you so much for being with us up to speed on some of the history and some of the current events and look forward to thank you again.

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