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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alikoum let's get into this video. It's got a lot of news coverage, a lot of press, and they're trying to give our brother Habib a hard time because of some statements that he made. Let's go ahead and listen to this video. And it's in Russian but then it has the subtitles. But for those people who have a hard time reading, because English is not their first or second language, they understand a little bit but we'll go ahead and but definitely they can't read the English language I'll go ahead and translate for them or I'll go ahead and read it out and then we'll go ahead and and react to this during your session I don't want to offend anybody bring girls

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are the most useless people in the martial arts.

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What is the function question you can show that it is the second round I'm just gonna make people want to stand martial arts.

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the most

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nanopresso mihnea tokoto Noida some way Nino's Nila Devi Dinamo Moscow and kakui function? They developed a sport or they held

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the second he was doing tell me it happened

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yesterday. Yeah.

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The story is not gonna realize there is a history Jeffrey knows.

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Read essential.

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feature those two symbols, it's not a mystery story galleries, you look in history, it says they

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had Natasha Donna to do guys

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used to

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be they tell me

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what that would

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cause the choke is a premature example. I want to say well, my father person has his own preference, culture and values that come to me to fight. My father's these people are passing by showing

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second round, but no one looks. played it.

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I feel

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against you see what you do it. Because if you want

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to get hosed on me, okay, so now, it's very important, because now you got people who kind of just joined the bandwagon of bashing. So they don't really even dissect these things a little bit more carefully. But anybody who's on any level of trying to be a God conscious person, who is a Christian, who's a Jew, you know, somebody who has some, some, some level of consciousness of the Creator, you know, they want to live a morally upright life. And maybe they want to enjoy, let's say, some entertainment. But I mean, what he's pointing out is, if somebody is coming to watch the fight, somebody holding up a poster to tell him what round is, it is very uncomfortable to see a

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woman in her underwear up there. So what's the point it brings nothing to the martial art is just something that now entices the man. And it's another form of attracting people to get more money. So it's very sad that nowadays you don't have people who will go ahead and look at this as an oppression of women to look at this as look. I mean, we know in Islam, Islam liberates the woman. So you have women now who are putting on more rather than less because they want to be respected for their minds for their intellect. So these women now who are out there, when and he's correct, it's kind of a useless profession. What happens if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty, it

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can be very hurtful for these women. But it should cause us to think, because now you're selling your body, you're selling your soul, which leads down to for the war for the pleasure of men. And what happens is you are your mind is constructed to think a certain way, because of society, because of a big industry. And all of these things, these social pressures lead these poor girls into making these decisions. And now they're not, you know, a lot of times you think when someone puts on the hijab, for instance, everybody's quick to say all she was brainwashed, all, she was manipulated, but what at a global scale at a bigger scale, how the industry, or you have girls, young women, who will

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put themselves on display, you know, to keep their fingers, they'll eat food and no throw up food, and they'll starve themselves, you know, to have a certain physique, and there'll be developmental disorders, and the list goes on. And none of them are happy because it is and then what happens Dana White, of course, is enjoying this, and the men because now they can pass these women along. The fighters go ahead and probably have their play with them or some of these other big shots. They get used and abused. And at the end, they're scarred. You know, and we want the best for these women and all women. So if you're a ringer,

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watching this, hopefully this can penetrate the heart and what Habib said, you're not going to get angry with Habib, you're going to actually think like, wow, he's onto something. It's not like cognitive dissonance and you stop and you're just thinking like, oh, man, this guy's like backwards. He's no, no, he's forward. He's actually forward thinking, what happens is when you bring on the human being the woman and you expose her in her underwear, I mean, this is backward. This is something now that's oppressive. So just think, think. And again, if you're a Christian, if you're a Jew, if you're a God conscious person, you know this already, there's not much to talk about. But if

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you're somebody who just a hedonist, somebody who's just living a life of debauchery, you don't care, you're just trying, you're addicted to *, you know, when you that's like your days highlight is is looking at women who are naked. And of course, this is going to get in your way. But you know, also deep down inside that this is wrong. So actually, Habib is helping these women to think, you know, at first the medicine when it goes in, or when you taste it, it doesn't taste too good. So he's speaking his, I mean, freedom of speech to speak his mind. And he's getting a lot of heat for it. But now just think, think of the message behind it really think a little deeper, and we

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gave you some things to reflect and think, oh, would Jesus approve of this? Would Moses approve of this, with the greatest men that walked the earth? These messages that God Almighty sent, and the last fundamental problem of peace and blessings be upon I know this is heavy on some people, but this is truth, and the truth shall set you free? And we have to think what's our purpose in life? Why are we here? Is it just to be entertained? Is it to watch naked women? Is it to watch naked men? You know, is it just to fulfill our lesson desires? Or is there more right? Because the fight just like the fight? I mean, if you put two people in a cage, and it wasn't a goal, there wasn't a

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purpose that would make sense, would it? What about this life, there is a purpose, you have to find your purpose, you want to know your purpose, ask the one who created us for a noble purpose that created the heavens and earth. So before I get too preachy in TV, I just want to go ahead and thank Habib for speaking the truth. And the people out there just to remind them, if they're Jewish Christians are people who really want to live a morally upright life, you know, really dissect this and look at it not just from the superficial, what the media puts on there. And we have to combat this, because we can't let these big industries and much of the social pressure of hiddenness and

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people who really don't have any moral compass moral values dictate the way for our lives for our families for our futures. So this is out of the love that we go ahead and share this Thank you very much. And we started with peace we mo Peace Peace be with you. Just apply as salaam alaikum. And don't forget to go ahead and subscribe right now. Hit that notification bell so we can get more of these messages, these good messages out for the world. Hope you enjoyed Peace be with you. US alone.

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