How can you deny the Creator?

Adnan Rashid


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The speaker discusses the creation of Allah and the power of his creation, including his use of animals and his ability to create. He reminds listeners to remember who they are and share their thoughts on Allah's creation. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of sharing one's thoughts and experiences on Allah's creation.

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Welcome everyone Guess what? Look at that.

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I'm not talking about the hippo I'm talking about the giraffe

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thank you for the compliment Mashallah.

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You see there is wildlife inside the car and outside of the car. What a park. This is.

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Luck Look at that. Amazing.

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My friend giraffe right next to us. And look at that family over there.

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at the Curiosity

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the giraffes are probably thinking what are these barbarians doing in a civilized people?

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We are having our lunch so quietly, peacefully,

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you know, munching away from the trees and these barbarians have come to disturb us. Literally. That's what they might be thinking, look.

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brothers sisters. The reason we are here today is because we are on a mission in Africa and we are passing through this Wildlife Area. And it just so happens that we come across this wildlife, these giraffes that are baboons, there are antelopes there are Willoughby's with so

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many other animals and Alhamdulillah we are making our way to our destination. And this reminds you of the creation of Allah. It shows you how beautiful Allah's creation is, how diverse it is. And it shows you the power of the Creator, how Allah subhanaw taala can create all these things. Using the same system. All of these creatures, I mean, most of them have similar system, veins, heart, lungs, stomach, spine a lot. And look how different they look from each other. Absolutely amazing. The creation of Allah gives us a glimpse into the power of creation, Allah

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and Allah keeps mentioning, Allah keeps mentioning in the Quran, about the power of creation. Allah tells us all the dilemma shikhandi regime is on the Rahim of Allah younger una l le k for Holika wa ala sama ek for a while lg barlick a fantasy but while all the diversity Do you not see how we created the camel, how we raised the skies, how we pack the mountains how we put the earth for you to tread upon Allah. So Allah reminds us. In another verse, Allah says, in a vehicle kiss somebody will walk, beloved lately one, loyalty in lieu of arataki rune in the creation of the night and the day, there are Signs for those who contemplate who think in other words, if you will look at the

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creation of Allah and think about it, you will see a lot in this creation, you will see the power of a creator. And there is only one, there is only one who created this, because the designer, the Sustainer, and the one who facilitates all this is one. It's not many, one. There's only one creator, those people who believe believe in a number of creators or a number of gods, they need to contemplate that all of this is created by one entity, one personality, one power, and we call him Allah Subhana Allah, the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of Muhammad, the God of Jesus and the God of Muhammad. May Allah have men lesson Peace and blessings upon all of them. So this was a,

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this was a short reminder to remember a lot and make zeker of Allah and make a step far towards Allah. Always remember who you are, you are created by a lot of the you worship Allah has made you as the reform of robot law has made you humans so that you can appreciate his creation. Allah has given you the intellect which other animals don't have. My brothers or sisters so the short message, share it far and wide, as long