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Salam Alaikum rahmatullah wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Muna Salah Hassan Anwar kind of you know, Hamid Anwar early was Sahil Salam, the Sleeman Kathira to my my bad

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how much is allowed to give in in form of Wassa How much are you allowed to give away as a portion from your wasa for charity

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1/3 Two thirds

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Can you kind of give half

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my kids are not so good to me so I'm gonna give half inshallah

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Ariela to give half if your kids were not good to you.

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Let's see what the prophets of Assam says in this hadith.

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In Hadith, Hadith number six on the other side of Hank Kitab would have lost the book of sincerity color.

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one ever is happy, sad. MLB Network costs are the ultra nwaba Well, I had to rush out to my shoe dealer humble Jana sad that we have Castro de la and was one of the early people embraced Islam in Mecca. And he's one of the 10 people the Prophet sallallahu Sallam guaranteed Jenna for? He said, Karla Janee Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam IARU Duni ama hajat Radha he says the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam came visiting me on the year when he went to Hajj SallAllahu Sallam the farewell Hajj like the last year of his life. He came visiting me salat wa salam, Col. Min huajian instead Debbie I was I was feeling ill. I was in pain. So the Prophet said Allah Sam came to visit

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of course to give a duty towards an ill member of the community for call to Yasser Allah sad seems to be that pain was too much overwhelming. And it felt for him. That was the end of the line. That's it. I'm done. For Korra culture Rasul Allah in the Bella Beeman alhaja in Matera says Do you see how much I'm in pain right now there are Sorolla I'm in so much pain you can see this one abdomen and Allah bless me with so much worth. I have still plenty of money

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while I'm here is Sunni in Lebanon only. I only have one daughter to inherit from me like I have nobody no children. So for a daughter that year remembered right the year your 10 of the Hijra

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for color Sadako Bisou. Say Mally Shara gave to third of my wealth in charity. By the way, I still I want to appreciate the shower, the parents can still cooperate with us. Maybe we have a lot of activity guests coming. This is a break. Of course no school going to school right now. So we appreciate that the parents can cooperate with us the sisters in sha Allah Allah keep your children with you. If they're not going to be actually sitting with you, we appreciate you move to their mommy and me. The brothers are same thing to the Daddy and Me. Be with them until we're done with this Katara there are many sisters who would like to hear in sha Allah Allah Allah as well as so

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many brothers want to so appreciate your cooperation with the duck Milaca

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so here's so he said can I give can I give away two thirds of my wealth just for charity because nobody else is going to take the money except for my daughter. For God I saw some Carla that's a lot of cultural solar for shelter. How about half Chateau Romani the province of Assam says No, still too much. Gotta go to festival to jasola How about 1/3? Can I give 1/3 and charity? For Cara Salah Sam call Viola Othello's was Surah to Kathy because 1/3 is okay, but it's still too much. Like if you can even reduce that below third will be great. Then the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said something to him pal in NACA and tarrawarra sata Alinea

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and Tara and tarrawarra SATA, agonia Chiron men and tada rom Attica for wholeness says it's better for you to live your family and your children after you wealthy enough hamdulillah they have wealth enough in their hands, rather than leaving them to beg the people afterwards. Like if Allah bless you with wealth, let them benefit from it.

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Don't give this away in charity. And then after your time your kids gonna start looking around to see if anyone can lend them money and help them with this and help them with that. He goes no, leave them wealthy that's better for you. For God or some Allah Selim Carl. We're in NACA, Len Tang Clan advocate interpreter, the Bihar watch Hala Illa Jota Allah. Here's the code from the Hadith to the chapter of sincerity. He says that Allah says to him, remember that no matter what you give, no matter what you give, if you give us something for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tala, if you spend something for the sake of Allah Turtlebeach Allah Euro asking only the pleasure of Allah subhana wa

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taala. By Allah, you shall receive the reward for it. Like as long as it's sincere. You

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We're doing it for the sake of Allah. No matter what you spend whatever what you do what you give away. Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept that from you called el ojo Tala you know you're gonna get reward for that. And then he went as far as his car hut, Matata Allah Fie, fie Marathi. Even what you put in the mouth of your, of your of your wife, which means the morsel of food that you actually put in her mouth, feeding your spouse now some of the lemma they say this could be physically like when you your own hand and that's a sign of kindness and gentleness and love. You put the food in the mouth of your of your spouse, or metaphorically speaking, saying like whatever you work so hard

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for that you provide for your family from which they eat, you get the reward for it.

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Matters Alfie fibrotic but the first opinion is the most popular actually the means you physically grabbing the food, putting it in the mouth of your spouse, God have a culture of Salah for call to Euro so Allah Khalifa by the US hobby, our high level badass hobby. He says, Yara salah, am I going to survive after my friend like what's going How are you telling me that I'm going to survive after this? For quite a solid lesson in Nica, learn to khalifa Tamela Amara and Chapter The Viva Jalla enlisted to be whatever it is or whatever because look, if Allah was flew to survive, and if you survive, like leave your friends to die he was worrying about

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surviving manifest friends

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who died before him and he started feeling alone and lonely in this in this gathering. And he said you're so do you want like am I gonna survive long enough to see my friends die ahead. And the Prophet said look, if Allah was free to survive, and he will see some of these friends to die before you make sure whatever that you do, for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tala again for the sake of Allah azza wa jal in less than be here if there is an order if Allah is gonna elevate your status, your rank in this dunya and DACA

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like whatever good you do, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will raise your rank and your reward for it. And then he says something called Allah Allah and that's one of the prophets is actually he said to him, Kawada Allah and to have never had to interfere Africa Aquaman will Eudora voylla Rebekah, Haroon.

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He says, got a sort of awesome to him. So perhaps Perhaps you will survive and your survival will be beneficial to people and also going to be harmful to others. Anyone knows exactly what sad what's happened to him after that because he survived actually, he didn't die in that illness. And indeed that prophecy happened as a Prophet sallallahu sallam said about sidelight, you are going to be a source of benefit, source of benefit for some and harm to others. That benefit came for the Muslims Muslim Ummah, but harm to others. Who are they?

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Not the rich people now.

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But were

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not a sham, no.

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he was the commander of the Muslim army that conquers the capital. Now one,

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and he was the one of the ultra nwaba Were actually survived. Although he was bothered, he was injured and he was ill at the time of the actual battle. Cod is the very famous battle qadisiya That lasted for days. And then eventually, at some point, what they used to do, they used to fight during the day and rest during the night. They fight during the day and write unrest during the night. Sometimes they read during the night and rest in the day. But in the last three, four days of the battle, it became continuous. Their Night Day Night like nonslip they keep fighting and some rest, some come to substitute and it was just like brutal. And they say that whoever pushes for another

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hour, they should have victory. Eventually the Muslim they went against the Persian army. And that led to the conquest of Persia altogether, completely gone from the history until this day.

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Eventually sad or the ultra animada he was supervising actually from above the hill, supervising on his he was lying on his chest, supervising the armies are given his orders because he was unable to sit down actually. And then Subhanallah when he entered the palace of

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the Kisara, the king of Persia and as he was observing and browsing all the treasures and the jewels and the stuff and and the food they even left behind. As we were about to eat, he started crying.

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And the Sahaba the commanders around North Korea, Amira, Al Amin

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was a commander command, that this is a moment to celebrate, to be joyful of Allah subhanaw His victory against the enemy. He goes no, not for this. He says I remember. He was I remember when I was with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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Fisher VIP thought when we're trapped, we were put in the concentration camp in Mecca during the siege of the sahaba. And the Muslims and the family of the prophets of Allah salam for four years, actually three years. And that in that concentration camp imagine boycott of the Prophet, Salah Salem, his family and other believers. He said one night, I couldn't sleep, I was too hungry, starving, there was nothing left on the trees, nothing left in the ground, absolute nothing. So I couldn't sleep at night. So I got up. And I started walking around. And he was saying that the Prophet SAW son was going through the same hardship as well too. Because I was walking around and

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suddenly I stepped on something soft. So I bend down, I grabbed the bullet in my mouth until this day, I do have no idea what that was. I couldn't even tell what that was, but I just was so hungry was put in my mouth.

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And he says to now look at us. Look, are we eating right now? And he said I'm afraid that could it be could we be among those who Allah subhana wa has given them their reward

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in the dunya before the Alpha like how are they getting their ordination? Yeah. So that you will have nothing in the alpha. So he was crying for this for the ultra animada. Eventually he said to him, Salah Salem, perhaps ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will let you survive. And your survivor is going to bring so much hope to some and eventually going to be an affliction to other people. Which what is what he meant by that Salah Salem, and then the Prophet Matador. God Allah Houma. Um, this was Harvey hirato He says, Yeah, Allah, I asked you to complete for my companions, their migration, immigration, like give them the word for the Hijra for the sacrifice for leaving everything behind

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for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then God will erode the home Allah acaba him and your Allah do not cause them to retract that Hijrah to allow them to track their head around.

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Then the professor is locked by lack and Alba is sad to know how no Hola. It says Hola. Salami says unfortunately, sadly, Nicola was unfortunate. He said, your theta who Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam as if he was a messenger of Allah lamented his death as he died in Mecca. What does that mean and who was sad even cola. Sad even hola was one of also the Maha jurien. He migrated to Mecca to Medina and it was the one of the righteous early Muslims of the Sahaba Delta animada. So he migrated to I'll have a shot. I've seen him first. And then it came to Medina. He thought what the Prophet saw and heard and better Alhambra and he went to her Davia when the treaty took place, they signed the

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treaty, that there will be no fight for 10 years, and that whoever best Islam

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will be returned back to Makkah and those who leave Islam they stay in Mecca and the agreement that happened Sadra Allah Allah, he chose willingly to return back to Mecca. Since there is peace, he wanted to go back to Mecca. Perhaps he has of course, families, properties, some elements that you need to take care of during that time, although he was not supposed to do that. Because one of the conditions of Hijra is that when you leave your hometown to support Rasul Allah has Salah seven the cause of Islam in Medina, this is it. You don't go back again to it.

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You don't want to go back again to where you came from. You don't retract your Hijra basically. So sad when he died in Mecca. It was viewed as if he retracted his hijra, so did he lose his reward for the Hijra? It seems that the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam was kind of like nanny pity him

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Al bear saddle Nicola, but I pity side for what he has done. Allahu Allah dolomite could not really come and clearly on this because he is considered selasa Javi Rhodiola Taniwha who witness better and other barrels and the prophets as Sam said about the people of better perhaps ALLAH SubhanA sodass will participate in bourbon he says Mr. Yama*a, they were very well forgot to refer to Rocco forgiven. So Allah knows what's the condition of Sadra della Nevada, but the Prophet Saracen was mentioned that because he left to make Subhanallah before the conquest of Mecca, because the hereafter Mecca was conquered. And that was that was a normal rigid animal. So people after the

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hero, they could go wherever they wanted to actually refer to the conquest. They could go wherever they wanted to go after that it was over. There was no need for them to come to Medina, specifically for that purpose. But from this hadith we have seen the profits or loss I'm saying two things to sad. Number one,

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in regards to the reward, it says nothing you spend for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, but you get the reward for it. And if Allah wants for you to live long, make sure to do higher because whatever you do have good deeds. Allah subhanho wa Taala perhaps raise your ranks in this dunya and in Dhaka, may Allah make our ranks higher blomidon and FL below me, Allahu Allah, and a question Gemma

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Other days because of our answered already. So can you give more than 1/3? To anybody from the inherited? The answer is no, you have to limited up to 1/3. And when you give 1/3 you give to people to organizations to those who don't receive portion from your inheritance. What does that mean? You cannot assign an extra, an extra portion from the inheritance to somebody who already receives by a SAM, which is Best Buy, share, for example, you can't give your children you cannot give your your parents you cannot give your spouse because they already received Islamically buy the shares have, you know, two thirds 1/3 Six, or depends on how many they are and who they are actually, so you

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can't assign anything extra for them. But the 1/3 should go to anybody that you want to give, who doesn't need to receive from the inheritance, you can give it to a cousin, you can give it to our nephew, you can give it to your neighbor, or you can give it to an organization give it to the Islamic Center, you can give it to a school you can give it to any entity inshallah bodycote Allah still, though the brothers are some says less than a third is still better, less than others better. The other question that I asked, What if my kids were disobedient?

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They gave me a hard time.

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There is every penny from me, right? So therefore I'm not going to give them anything. Can you do that? The answer is no. Because once you die, it's not your money anymore.

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Once you does not matter your mind anymore, you want to punish them while you're still alive. So what do you do sell your property give it to charity.

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But here's the thing,

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even that, even with that panela if a person starts selling and distributing their properties, on the last, let's say few days or weeks or months of their of their life, meaning they've been diagnosed, may Allah protect you all from an illness, or I mean, someone was diagnosed with stage four cancer.

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And the doctor said you have about six weeks left for you. Because six weeks long, Stan small for those that Allah Allah was my car is where my house is, where's my money and sort of given right and left are all in charity. All that distribution can be retracted easily.

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You're not allowed to not to start distributing that money too late for that.

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Once a person is doomed to death, you can't use your property for that up to answer that's what you can.

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But if somebody was 100 on their good health and good you know mental health as well to that they're as they wish they can distribute their wealth as they work. However, still the Prophet says I'm certain this hadith leave for your family where they get benefit from rather than begging other people to take Aloha now.

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I'm Maria question.

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Like I said, if you give all their wealth to charity, while it's still Hamdulillah, healthy and wealthy and no signs of illness or death, imminent death and so on, that's up to them. But still, I want to recommend that because you need to keep something for your family. I know some people might say well over close the deal, he gave everything. And the prophet says what did you do for your family? Because Allah Allah and His messenger? Yeah, but the prophets so we knew that our workers so that was a clever businessman.

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He only gave what was liquid in his hand.

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But he's still having a stream of wealth coming through his business and trade Radi Allahu Anhu Walda similar to Andromeda now for some people who have cars and others, they were rich. They were rich. They were charitable, but they were so rich. So if someone handlers wealthy, and you know that they're a stream of good wealth coming your way, you want to give all what you have in your hand. It's up to you. Allah Ana SWANA, Columbia 100 should serve because it works.