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Adnan Rashid
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The doctrine of the Trinity was declared to be the official doctrine of the Christian Church, which was Catholic.

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Am I talking to him? Are you

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I don't know. But I rule when we talk, we talk

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about cagefighting.

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We are very respectful pinsentry He's talking about

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she has

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no one else. There is no one else beside him. In what? In what? What Jesus actually said to Him, worship the Lord, with all thy mind, with all thy heart, with all thy soul. And the Jew turns around and says, Yes, you have spoken the truth. There is no one else beside him, quoting the book of Isaiah, chapter 44, verse six, and the first and the last. There is no witness beside me. And it is the father speaking by the way, it is not the son, not the spirit. It is the father speaking there in the book of Isaiah. So if that's the case, my brother, devotion, dedication, worship is only dedicated to one person, and that is the fight. I promise you, I have no problem. But still, you say

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you have no issue. We don't have an issue. I'm not counting myself. So I'm just saying that you then said, worship devotion to our holy prayer. Now you need to define what worship and devotion means. Did you read it? If he spoke to the Catholic, they would say they worship, they would say that they do not devote because the important thing to them is that by submitting to the price, they would say they do not submit to marry. So please tell I acknowledged earlier, I'm saying because you just had washed the boat, I understand I have no problem with that. But Catholic will also understand that they don't worship and devote themselves to Catholic will say because you won't

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I understand you're fine. French, I acknowledged earlier that Mary is not regarded as God. Strictly speaking by the Catholics,

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they regard her as the Mother of God, which is the articles.

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God bearer, the one who carried God, which is the idea the thought is absurd in itself. How can God be carried by a woman in her stomach? God was confined within the stomach of a woman and then he came out, he came out, and then a placenta followed? I don't want to go.

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I mean, he just he just sort of, you know, yeah, come on. Sorry. Okay. I'll avoid and avoid extra No, but

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I rather go into that type of issue anyway. Because I think that's what I'm not Catholic myself. If you issue Mariology, that's a that's a, I know, Catholics don't regard me as God. Where, where we do find the problem is when they pray to her as an intermediary, because they are now claiming that Mary can actually hear them. So now let's, let's let's, let's take this scenario, as an example, there is a Catholic in Ecuador. Okay, who, you know, Native Americans or South Americans that Catholic predominantly, right? Or there's a Catholic person praying in Amazon jungle, there's another Catholic person praying in Calcutta in India, right? There's another Catholic praying

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somewhere in, let's say, in Russia, okay, there are Catholics in Russia, okay. And now all three of them are praying to Mary, thinking Mary can hear them. And if Mary can hear all three of them at the same time, then there is no difference between Mary and God. Because he carries the same attributes as God, we call polytheism. What we call it shook in attribution. Okay. So they don't have to actually worship Mary.

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To to attribute godly qualities to her, right? They just have to give those qualities to her. And then they indirectly call her God. Okay? Not directly, indirectly. They're saying that she may have some qualities of God, although she's not God, she may have some qualities or attributes of God, which is, again, if she can hear everyone and everything, and God can hear everyone and everything, so, okay, okay. Yeah, I don't want to defend it too much. Because I mean, I don't

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I reject Mariology. So

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we agree, but I would just say for Catholic mercy, I would say they would not define Omnipresence in the way that you would I don't blame them. So I don't blame them. Do you believe but I don't actually blame the Catholics for doing this. You know why? Because the theology they have inherited. The Council of Chartered on 451 C. Mary was declared, amazingly, for centuries after Jesus. For some reason, the Christian suddenly realized that she could

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is the Mother of God

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first Jesus it took them three centuries to make him God and then when he became God then God has to God has to have a mother right. So can you

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can you carry on

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are you going to speak to

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are you going to speak to my speaking to you now?

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Number One Number Nicean Council of Nicaea and council the Council were not canceled on a council

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they were not they were not places where they realized suddenly that they were grandstanding made an affirmation of what was already my question is I understand that I have no problem basic division and

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my my question is why did they take so long

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to realize Oh, to even declare like like the doctrine of the Trinity was declared to be the official doctrine of the Christian church which was Catholic

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Am I talking to him are you

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when we talk we talk

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this is not cagefighting

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we are very respectful century he's talking about

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she thinks

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she has to she has to

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come back

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okay, you're

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gonna let me finish for boys? I understand.

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On the fourth of April let's say on the fourth of April all 50 wants to eat and oh hold on a second lo and behold Mary is actually the Mother of God

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down to her loving took them some time these ideas No, no, that's not even it as well. Yeah, sometimes the reason why they formulated those trees was because of division within the church. There were different ideas that were coming to this the same way you know why we have laws now it's not because you know, people are doing these crazy stuff we have to sometimes then put forward a statement to say actually, this is where it needs to be done because of the vision that was going on. So there was division and then they had to make a statement what was already held by

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the whole reason that they did the Creed and the first time this wasn't because they just were formulating ideas and also agree with Italian Athanasius well before these times we're holding to these

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yet so the apostles again as well. Okay, you jumped from the trillion Yeah, to Atlantis. Okay, what was the correlation between the two Italian was

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to tell him what's the first person to use it? And what's that sorry? And what to speak about the Divinity Sorry, what did he try to tell us? Can you talk in Latin and what did he understand?

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You use because he used it okay. So that was at the time they will understand why people held to Jesus being gone. And the Holy Spirit they had to sort of help me read to Julian's proxy

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Have you read it though?

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Are you the moderate if he's THE MODERATOR We're in trouble for can you run your own business

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this miracle speakers corner

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speaker she

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was the spec sheet

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don't have to wait. You have to wait I'm talking to this gentleman.

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once I'm finished with him this this just gently

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Yes, carry on please. Sorry.

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Your point was the Tullio how you understood,

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ready always believed Can you can you? She's not understanding my language. I'm speaking English. Maybe you can you can explain to her in a way that she's not part of this conversation

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is fine. But does he need your support? He says look and look at this.

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And he's intelligent. He's very he's a very intelligent man. I know him.

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So am I not

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