Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 289A Translation Al-Haqqah

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various characters and their roles in a war, including a woman named Yoma and a man named G Balou. The group discusses various topics such as a woman named Yoma who remembers a garden and a man named G Balou who says he will be killed, a woman named Yona and a man named G Balou who says he will be killed, and a woman named Yona and a man named G Balou who says he will be killed. The transcript describes a group of characters and their relationships, but is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a jumbled mix of characters and symbols.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to slowly Olara SUTA Hill Kadeem and my Bharat feroza bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, rubbish rally Saudi way acidity MD, Washington rock data melissani of Kahu Kohli Robin and Cygnar in

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surah Taha is number one to 52 translation

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and her

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the inevitable reality man what is her

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the inevitable reality warmer and what a Draka it made you know it made you realize man what is a half the inevitable reality

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it denied so more do our add on so moved an earth Bill courier with the clamoring calamity for a man so as for some will do some mood for only cool so they were destroyed before earlier by the one that exceeds bones what a man and as for our don't add for overly good so they were destroyed very him by a wind salsa. Violent cold, I see are the one that exceeds bounds Sahara her he imposed it or lay him upon them. suburb seven layer Lin nights with a man near to a urine and eight days show Zoomer once in succession Fetta ra so you could see Bill OMA the people fee her in it solver once fallen get to know him as if they are a jazz who are trunks nutlin of date bombs. How are we one that is

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Sir Hello. So do you see LA home for them made from Berkeley, anyone who remains wotja And he came fit her own will fit her own woman and who Avila who before him while the fika two and the overthrown ones Bill Hartley because of the sin

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for our soul, so they disobeyed Rasulullah messenger but on behalf of their a hoarder home so he sees them that a seizure be one that exceeds

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in there indeed we llama when the HA it overflowed and Matt the water hammer Nachum we carried you fee in Algeria, the one that flows Lina drala her so we make it Luckily for you, that kiloton, a reminder what are your her and it retains it in memory? Also known ears? Where are you one that retains in memory

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for either then when no fee her it was blown fee in a suit, the trumpet, nerf Hearthstone, a blowing where Haider one was Romila and it was carried on the earth while G Balou and the mountains for the gutter so they were to crushed. They were to leveled the curtain a crushing where Haider one

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for yolmer Even so on that day, work hard. It happened a little work there be happening one shot and it split asunder a summer the sky for here so it was Yoma even that day, we're here, frail, fragile.

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While Melaku and the angels are Allah upon her excites ya ash Milou and he will carry on the show throne. Rob Baker of Europe folk a home above them. Yo Ma even that day, summer Nia

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Yo Ma even that day, tour Aluna you all will be presented later not Darfur, it will remain hidden. Men come from you. Ha fear anyone that hides for a man then as for man who odia he was given kita Abba who his book be a meanie he in his right for your Kulu then he will say her here did

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it grow? Oh, you all read kita via my book, my record

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in the indeed I learned to I was certain a need that indeed I moolah can one who meets she Serbia. My Account for her work so he fee in reshot in a life. Leah one well pleasing

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fie in Janet in a garden. Alia one that is lufti

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will do for her. It's ready to be picked fruit there near one that is low and near. Gulu you all eat washable and you will drink honey and comfortably or in satisfaction. Be man because of what US leftover. You all put forward fee in a year that is L Hollier. The ones past

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what a man and as for man who odia he was given kita Bihu his book be shrimali he in his left fire Kulu so he will say yeah or later any water me lum not OTA I was given kita via my book while I'm and not a degree i No matter what she Serbia, my account

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Yeah or later her would that it if only it Gurnett it was a Lea. The one that ends math not Oh no, it availed I need from me merliah My wealth Holika a perished on need from me so far near my authority,

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who you all sees him for Hulu? So you all set her him? Some Then Elijah Hamer the Hellfire Solu who you will burn him

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so much then fee in Silsila a chain though her its length. Sub Aruna 70 The Iran cubits first leuco who so you will insert him

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in the who indeed he Ghana he was led not you may know he believes believe in Allah, Allah Aleem, the most great

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Wallah and not a hobo. He urges Allah upon feeding and miskeen of the needy Felisa so not LA who for him Aloma today, her Hoonah right here, homie Moon any devoted friend.

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Wala and nor Thor I'm on any food Illa except men from this lien bus discharge of wounds.

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Learn not yet Kulu he eats it Illa except l hardly own the sinners, fella so not all Cosimo I swear be man with that which dubiously rune you will see warmer and that which last not dubiously rune you will see

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in the who indeed it loco Lu surely statement, well Assouline of a messenger karimun honorable Wilma and not who it be Kohli at all a statement share it off abort allele Amma very little took me known you all believe wala and nor because really at all a statement care hint of a soothsayer by the lemma very little data karoun You will remember

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then Zylon a revelation men from rugby prob Allah Allah mean of the world's while Oh and if DACA Wallah he forged he fabricated our Lena upon us bar Oba some occur we'll the scenes let her hardener surely we seized men who from him Billy Amin with the right some then local Turner shorty we got off men who from him and what in the life are tree farmer so not men come from you men from a herding anyone on who from him hedges even ones who prevent

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we're in the hole and indeed it let that kill atone. Surely a reminder living with d'alene for those who have Taqwa we're in and indeed we learner alone will surely we know that indeed men come from you look at the been ones who deny we're in now who and indeed it Lucha Serato surely regret Allah upon al khair feet in the disbelievers were in the hole and indeed it Lucha surely truth and the attain of the certainty for submission. So glorify bismi with name Rob big of your rub Allah when the most great

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let's listen to the recitation.

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This means your body

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on one

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How to

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get that

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body on

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legal get all the

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things salt and salt in the south thought they even said I

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mean consumer

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jazz Hall

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one more

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called the 1000 was beamed to help with that

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lean agile

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No Where are you

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but either sold

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or wholemeal until

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either they all met at a bar didn't work the

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wage up for this

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year one man at WADA

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y asked meanwhile who shall jika whom meal will not eat

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be me

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moolah Musa,

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who was the Asia wall the Egyptian

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Gulu shabu honey Bhima

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be Shima

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Orlan Eddie rematches

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all ma

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me Maddie Hello

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solo banya who follow

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Joshi Masano.

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levees in

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Iran that's

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what I have

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me homie came

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in recently

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oh he

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was the movie to go see oh don't want to

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carry in one

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I mean what

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are we

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learning will be me

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having none who had easy we're in

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mortgage dealing wire

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hearing while

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I have polio at

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this we all speak and now the dream

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