Ismail Kamdar – What can we do for Palestine

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the potential of the umroom to return to political weakness and political involvement in the coming year. They suggest ways to promote the truth about the upcoming return to the state of power and encourage individuals to be a voice of truth online to support their brother and sisters. The speaker also emphasizes the need for political power to ensure safety and peace in the region.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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So, I guess all our minds and hearts are with Palestine this week and

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many people are asking what can we do about it?

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we live in a time in which the Ummah is in a state of political weakness.

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I mean, at most other points in history,

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it's quite obvious what we could do about it. Right. And you do what Salah Houdini up did.

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we don't have that power. And this is a test for the Omar, not just for the people of Palestine is a test for the Ummah, to see the Holy Land, and our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam,

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being under attack and oppressed in this way, and being powerless to do anything about it politically or militarily.

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So, what can we do about it? Well, there are a few things that we can still do. Of course, number one is to make to up and really every single one of us should be making dua for Palestine, for Jerusalem for the return of strength and political power to the Ummah, we should be making these to us every single day,

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we should never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah, we should never lose hope, in the fact that the final victory is for the believers. And Allah subhanho wa Taala can turn things around for the believers at any moment. So do as should be number one. Number two, if you have the means send aid to the people of Palestine. If you know of any organizations, reputable organizations that are organizing aid for the people of Palestine, donate as much as you can. This is for many of us the most that we can do.

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Another thing that we can do number three is if you know of any businesses in your community, or online, that support Zionism, boycott them, boycott them, inform others about them, and make sure the community boycotts that make sure that they feel the economic pressure of signing with a pressure and apartheid against the believers

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to make sure that you do not in any way, support any businesses that are aiding in the oppression of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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And finally, number four,

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and this is something important that we can do today that we couldn't do 20 or 30 years ago.

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If you're active on social media,

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and you see propaganda

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against Islam against the Palestinians, if you see this, these lies, and then a lot of different types of lies being

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propagated against the Palestinians online.

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Don't stay quiet.

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Don't stay quiet.

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Explain the truth. Let people hear and see the other side. Give the alternative story. Let people know what's really going on. You see, 30 or 40 years ago, designers controlled all of the media, and they could get away with telling lies. And there was no way for anyone to say they will. But now, because of the internet, we do have some level of power and freedom to push back against us. It's not complete. Honestly, a lot of these social media sites will suspend you or delete your account if you come across too harshly. But it's no better than the past where we didn't have any way of expressing this. So go hard on it go hard, do not allow this propaganda to spread without any

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resistance. Yes, many of us cannot be there to help our brothers and sisters in person.

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But online, we can defend the honor. We can defend them against the lights that are being promoted against them. We can defend them against the propaganda of the enemies.

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Understand what's going on is that they have been all this time and they continue to

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demonize Palestinians and Muslims to a level that others don't see us as human anymore. Because other people don't see you as human. Then not only will they turn a blind eye when you are massacred, but they will cheer it on

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And that's exactly what they want. So we have to push back against this and we have to push back up.

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If you have any kind of social media presence, use it to promote the truth about what is happening in Palestine should not be afraid. This is your contribution to the resistance. Do not allow the party Zionist oppressors to win, do whatever you can

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to assist your brothers and sisters in Palestine. Make to offer them send aid the way whatever you can afford to send, send it their way, boycott any businesses and political parties that support them. And finally, be a voice of truth online and make sure you're countering the propaganda is spreading online against them. If we do this much then inshallah. Inshallah. You know, beyond that, it is in Allah's hands, Allah is the one who says miracles, Allah is the One who turns to Ty, Allah is the One who allows great leaders to rise up in these lands. And we ask Allah for Allah, we ask Allah to allow a great Muslim leader to rise up for amongst the oppressed. And you need this Omar to

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dignity and victory and political power once again.

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And this is again, a reminder to an assigned to all of us that this woman needs political power. Some Muslims seem to think that we're doing fine without AC law. Now we're not doing fine with our beloved, we're not not at all. We can't do anything about situations like this. The Muslims need political power, we need a means and mechanism to keep the enemies of Islam out of our lands, and to keep our people safe. And so we really need to start thinking deeply about practical ways to revive Islamic political power in that region. So then Muslims can be strong again, and I firmly believe it's possible it is possible to get Allah Subhana Allah is on our side. Allah Subhana Allah wants us

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to put in the work. He wants us to think deeply. He wants us to come up with the solutions and then he will aid us.

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But we have to find ways we have to start talking about this topic. We have to start brainstorming, we have to start thinking out of the box, we have to start figuring out ways for this ummah to return to the state of power it was in for the bulk of his history. It's been almost 100 years since this one man fell into a state of weakness. We ask Allah, that this end soon, and that the revival of Islam come from amongst us and that we see in our lifetime, it return to power, any return to glory, and a return to dignity and return to safety and peace for this ummah.

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So please make dua for the people of Palestine. Please make dua for your Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world war oppressed please make dua that Allah returns this ummah to a state of power and dignity, so we can protect ourselves so the systems can live in peace, Inderal Islam, and that they have means a mechanism to keep the enemies out of that land. Welcome to Tawana.

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