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Omar Suleiman
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Santa Monica, Florida cats everyone and welcome back to the first hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was talking to Manuela, we are in the last two episodes prior to Milan and inshallah tada before I start tonight and Charlottetown I want to invite you all to please do click on the link inshallah tada and Greek global bond with Southern hamdulillah every year, we receive a lot of support from all of you that benefit from our resources and we keep them free and accessible all the time and we hope that inshallah Ty we can continue to count on you to support us in Ramadan and beyond. So please in sha Allah tala do sign up for the great Ramadan with sadaqa campaign which

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basically will charge you inshallah tada as soon as Ramadan starts so that you get the benefit of giving Sabah in Ramadan. So inshallah Tata start now and get ahead of the game in sha Allah Tada. Secondly, I know that many of you have been asking about the Ramadan series, stay tuned in sha Allah tada within the next few days within 90 tayana for the first promo for our on the bond series with the NA and I'm truly looking forward to spending a lot of time with you and as I said, if you have been enjoying the first then this online series in particular inshallah Allah will be close to your heart bidding and he Tada. With that, we end off with two people that are both from Alaska mobile

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city and both from the 10 promise paradise, but could not have had different life cycles and lifestyles. And that is about Aveda, algebra or the Allahu taala. And for the next week, we will finish off with the amount of minerals or the Allahu taala. And when we talk about our VEDA algebra, or the Allahu taala, and Whoa, this is a man that was so elevated and so high in the eyes of the companions of the Prophet slice, I'm in the profit slice on himself. But Subhanallah we don't often talk about him in the capacity of the rest of the 10 promised paradise. And I think that, you know, some penalize people sort of go through the names of the 10 promised paradise, there are always a

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few names that are forgotten, right often forgotten when people are trying to recount those 10 names. Obviously, you get qualified and watch the dean before Holika. And then you have some of the more prominent names, the more well known names, and then usually it's about Aveda or Simon Zaid that would be left out of the 10. So who is about VEDA and Jawaharlal the Allahu taala? And when What's his story? First and foremost, his name is actually Ahmed ignore Abdullah in algebra. So his first name is Ahmed. His father's name is Abdullah. His grandfather is a Jaguar and we'll talk about why we don't refer to him as ibn Abdullah but instead as of now July in a minute in sha Allah Tada.

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But first, let's just mention that he is a oroshi. He is one of the tribes of Croatia his sub tribe belongs to flourish but it is a far out tribe he's from the tribe at no one has been would have been fit. And it is a distant tribe from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam not a powerful tribe or an influential tribe in Mexican politics, even though it is from koresh. So he has the benefit of being a karate but at the same time his tribe is not like bento Hashem or Benny omega or some of the other very powerful tribes that we have been speaking about.

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So let's talk about his name for a bit inshallah Tata. Why is he abor Aveda ignatova and not abort VEDA? ibn Abdullah, there are three reasons that scholars mentioned for the potential of skipping his father's name, when we call him the son of algebra. One of them is that, you know, it could be that his grandfather played more of a fatherly role in his life. So when the Prophet slice that I mentioned, and I have not been multilevel that I am the son of other multilib, then that's one reason right that they say that perhaps it is that I've been,

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you know, spent more time with the Prophet sly something his own father who passed away before he was born. So it could be that Angela actually raised him as his grandfather. And that's one possibility. The second one is that sometimes and it also goes back to the same narration about the profit slice of them saying, I am the son of Adam multilib. Sometimes the more well known of the two meaning if the grandfather was more well known than the father, because the grandfather is technically still a father, right? Then a person will be known by the grandfather's name rather than the Father. So another reason why they say that the prophets lie Selim says, and have not been

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multilib. In fact, the more common reason that is cited that the Prophet slicin was citing of the multilevel. The third reason is one that will be understood in the capacity of this biography and Chatelet data is that if the father was humiliated or known for something very negative, so if, if the grandfather was known for something exceedingly positive, or the father

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was known for something exceedingly negative, then sometimes a person would go by the name of the grandfather rather than the father in either of those two instances. So we'll talk about where that comes from inshallah Tada. So, who is his mother, his mother, her name was omega Mama. But her lineage is disputed and according to been hijacked by Kamala tie though we don't have any information on her. She actually is considered one who accepted Islam. So his father certainly is not amongst those that accepted Islam his mother may have accepted Islam according to some narrations. He also has a brother by the name of yazeed, who did convert to Islam is considered a

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Sahabi. May Allah be pleased with him, but we don't have much information about him at all. So what is about Vedas story about VEDA about the Allahu taala I'm who grew up in a family of archers, and he was a skilled, talented, military general without ever having lead an army he learned all of the crafts that have to do with army and warfare, even though he had never actually led one before. So he knew how to you know how to shoot at targets, whether they were stationary, or whether they were moving, he was such an accurate Archer that he would shoot right in the middle and he would split targets in half. He knew how to ride his horse and shoot moving targets. At the same time, he knew

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how to carry heavy objects, he knew how to ride different types of animals. He had huge arms over the allot of time Whoa, to where he was capable with his sword and capable with his bow and arrow capable on a horse capable on foot. He had learned all of the skills of detecting the signs of an army so absorb a little the a lot of time as a young man. In fact, they say that by the time he was six, he could already handle a bow and arrow. And by the time he was 12, he was already more skilled than the most skilled warrior of our VEDA could detect whether an army had been in a certain place by the footsteps, he could tell you what animals were there, he could tell you the count of how many

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people and animals were there. So that's the level of the skill that he had above the Allahu Tada. And so he was being prepared for something great, even as a young man. Now when did he accept Islam, he was a teenager, 18 or 19 years old. And he's considered one of the first 10 people to accept Islam, again, you're going to keep on seeing people that are within the first 1015 or 20 of our VEDA, the Allahu taala. And who is considered to be from that first group of people that accepted Islam at the hands of who have available the Allahu taala. And so I'm going to preface this by saying that everything we talked about today, and everything we talked about next week, without that

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amount of an oath, all of it is to the edges to the credit of abubaker plus the vehicle of the law outside our home because he is the one that introduced Islam, to the both of them. So he embraces Islam, at the hands of apobec, at a Sunday amongst the first group that were given data by a Beckett, and he immediately accompanies the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and becomes from the people of Donald Trump. So he learns in the School of the outcome amongst the early companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, other than that, when it comes to his Mac in life, there isn't much that is talked about at all, in fact, except that he was tortured and that he was

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patient. And so you'll find that, you know, some of the writers will mention that he was tortured by his father, so severely that he almost that he was almost killed. Some of them said that one of the reasons why there's such silence on him in meccan, Seattle, which generally is not covered as much as the sila and Medina, is because he went into hiding because of the severity of the persecution. We find that, you know, there are some narrations that suggest that he played a role in assisting in the boycott, but even that is somewhat ambiguous that he was helping gathered the food for the tribe of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam under the boycott, and even his his right to Abyssinia is

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there's there's no information except that he is amongst those that made the hits the second migration to Abyssinia to Habesha and other Habyarimana, Allah says if indeed he made that migration that it wasn't for long, so he went to Habesha. He gained the reward of making his way out to Abyssinia because there's reward and hence a lot and he returned back to Mecca for some time until he made his way to Medina as well. And his brother from the unsought when he made his law was the great more than double all the time. So, he gains the the distinction of being or one of the the great distinctions amongst the companions was to be from us Harbin hyjal attain amongst those that

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made the two migrations, he gained that distinction. He he would be amongst those that fought in every battle alongside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in some capacity as a general right, which is which is something that is an added layer of uniqueness for him. So he didn't just fight a

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longside the profit slice I'm in every battle, but every battle that he fought and will be alongside and who he held, he held some position as a general, holding a banner leading alongside the Prophet sallallahu. It was even after the death of the Prophet, so I said, I'm aboard VEDA or the Allahu taala. And who was always in some capacity, a general in the army. And he is also one of the first have fought one of the first to memorize the war. And so he was memorizing for and as it was being revealed in Mecca, and he had a special attachment to the Quran, which Subhana Allah reminds us of Sodom, what the amount of data and, and the way that these people combined their love of the Quran

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with their love of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and fighting alongside the prophets, I saw them and defending him. So he's extremely skilled in battle. And the stories about him in battle are stories that display his position with the profit slice of them and what a hero he was considered, of course, as we said, he could track armies, he had certain skill sets that others did not have. And one of the things that's mentioned about the Battle of bedeutet, in particular, is his father. You know, remember that the Battle of better is known as the day of infocomm. The day that distinguished and the day that was they have criterion that people had to fight against their family

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members for the very first time some of the Sahaba had to fight their brothers, like Mossad had to fight his brother Obaidullah. Many of them had to fight their uncles and their fathers. When it came to a VEDA. One of the narrations that we find that is commonly mentioned is that his own father was after him in battle, and that his own father wanted to sacrifice him he was so angry with him becoming a Muslim, that he wanted to sacrifice him to his idol and he was pursuing him over and over and over again. And this is mentioned in the later books of CLR. It is a difficult narration you know, a difficult story to come across. And what what this what this suggests is that his father was

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after him embedded and he was avoiding his father throughout the battle, but eventually his father ambushed him he had a singular mission in bedded which was to kill his son and abort Aveda, instead, defending himself had to kill his father. So that's why some of the scholars mentioned that he's not Obaidullah or he's not abort VEDA, if not, Abdullah but Aveda and Angela, because he was put in a difficult situation. And when he did that,

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he was, you know, in a state of obviously grief and did not know what would happen to him. And that's where some of the commentators of the court and mentioned that sort of thing. mujaddid a, verse 22, was revealed in response that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, it was, so it was more beloved to these people than than their own family members. And when they were put in that situation, where their own family members had come out against them to kill them, that Allah subhana wa tada had to remove any burden from them in that regard. So again, that entire incident between him and his father and brother, is one that is a difficult one, you don't find it in some of the

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earlier sources. It's more from the later commentators on the scene,

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which cast some doubt on it. But nonetheless, we find that absorb a little bit low tide and who like the other companions of the Prophet slice and it was put in the difficult situation in which he had to fight against his own family members. The real the real stories of how Allah you know, from from his stories of battling alongside the Prophet slicin them that really touches the heart is his role. And,

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of course, hood was the day of telehealth while the Allahu anhu as we've said, and the date in which a few of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam rallied around him, and protected the Prophet sallallahu it was some of them, even in the worst of those moments, even when the battle seemed to be lost at that point. And really, they were putting their bodies on the line in front of the Prophet sallallahu it was sent them as the arrows were coming towards him as the swords were swinging at the Prophet sallallahu it was to them as all of these difficult strikes were coming to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam Well, we find is that with a Barbie doll the last time he

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did something very unique, and that is when the helmets of the prophets lie some was driven into his face. Remember, the prophets lie some suffered numerous wounds on the day of or hurt and he was almost killed it his salado Salaam knocked into a ditch teeth knocked out, his helmet was driven into his jaw sallallahu wasallam and that was from one blow that that drove it into so you can imagine it being being driven into the side of his face to Lola who it was,

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and our VEDA, what the Allahu taala and who goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he takes his own teeth. And he grabs the the the helmet of the Prophet slicin him with his own teeth, meaning he bites the helmet of

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The prophets liaison with his teeth so that he could pull it out and while he pulls out successfully, the the change from the the cheeks of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he loses his his two teeth. So the teeth that he was using to bite so that he could pull the helmet out of the face of the prophets lie Selim fell. And because of that he had a speech impediment. And so Pamela, I mean, this is this is one of the miracles of that moment that they used to say about his speech impediment that his dialect or his speech became more beautiful with the impediment than prior to the impediment so they said, Maria had one cut as an omen had me of your Aveda that the appearance

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the sound when he would speak or the Allahu tada I know, though he now had a twist in his speech, that it actually sounded more beautiful than before he had it. So this was one of the miracles have Allah subhanaw taala upon him, and of course, in response to a great action that he did, in service of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in those difficult moments of effort. And the Prophet slice I'm used to frequently praise him also was a lie. So I'm used to say, netnewsledger. What an incredible man What a great man of our badinage ally is. And there are a few incidents that show the prophets license praise for him, where most of them by the way, most of the incidents of praise of

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our beta actually come in the life of Abu Bakr and the Wrath of Allah. But you find some incidents where the prophets lie, some himself praised him. And that, that put him in a certain light with the rest of the companions of the Prophet slice on beyond the fact that he is one of the people that he's one of the earliest that accepted Islam, that he's one of the people that made the first to his rise and his reputation and battle.

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And one of those incidents is when two Christian leaders had come from zylon, to meet the Prophet sly some to debate with him. And their names were an octave and a seed. And as they were debating with the prophets license, they were about to do what's known as MOBA. Hello. So they would, after the debate, invoke the curse of God upon the one that was that was that was lying or the one that was wrong. And these two people basically at the end of the day, these two leaders backed out from this debate with the prophets lie somewhere, particularly the MOBA because they said if he is indeed a prophet, then we're going to be cursed. So they instead, you know, wanted to learn Islam and they

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they said, you know, son, someone with us, to teach us the religion and to judge between us and they said, particularly bathmat, I know Roger and me and sand with us a trustworthy person and do not stand with us except the trustworthy person. Okay. So the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam responded to them and he said, I will send with you a man who is a we, I mean, okay, but we, I mean, he is strong, and he is trustworthy. Okay, now, one of the Sahaba heard that the Sahaba always wanted to be amongst those who were praised by the prophets of Allah, it was on them. So they heard the profit slice and I'm say that the person I'm going to send with you is, I mean, is GUI I mean,

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and of course, these are two characteristics that are praised and they'll put it on as well. So this harbor started to walk in front of the profit slice on them and make their appearances known to the profit slice. I'm hoping it would be them so one of them was on the hilltop, it'll be a lot of Thailand who they were hoping that also les Eisen was going to say that it was him or it was him because each one wanted to be known by the prophet slice Ms. lb and I mean, so the next day as they're praying in the first line, as they're making their appearances known to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam their presence known to the messenger it hits the lotto Salaam, the prophets

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lysozyme says boom, yeah, about Aveda, stand up our VEDA and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that every that every oma has a mean and the mean of this oma the trustworthy one of this oma is abora VEDA, so inadequately omitted Amina, what I mean how the * oma Aveda nirjala every oma has an amine a trustworthy person. And my I mean the amine of this oma is about Aveda with a lot of time now remember when we talked about is available the allot of time I know the prophets lie Some said every prophet has a disciple and my disciple is as available the allot of time. That does not mean that the other Sahaba are not like disciples to the prophets will allow it to some but what that

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means is that he was distinguished in his response to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When it comes to our VEDA, the prophets lie some saying every oma has an amine, every oma has a trustworthy person, someone that looks out for the best interests of the Ummah always and that is truthful to the oma truthful to their covenant with Allah, truthful to their covenant with the messenger slice and I'm in truthful with their covenant to the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and that person for this oma is

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Aveda are the A lot of times I know and you'll see exactly why when we start to get to some of the incidents that took place with him after the death of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Okay, why he's the mean of this oma. Some of the scholars mentioned that also lost my son never gave one of his own titles to someone else. So he is the La Jolla cinema saw that I mean, so for the profit slice on them to refer to absorb a double the Allahu taala at home, in this way, is truly a form of unique praise to him, all the Allahu taala. And there is another narration and typically when we when we talk about sila, obviously, narrations in the CETA are not put to the same level of scrutiny

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as a Hadeeth and things of the Sunnah that are bearing in terms of jurisprudence and in terms of, you know, what is to be derived from them. So typically when we're looking through the sila, we're a little bit more lenient in that regard. But I will mention this one is narrated, though it's found in CLM, a novella by Rahim Allah and some of the books of biography. It's narrated from Hassan velocity that the prophets license and obviously that means that there's a missing link, because it has an adversary is not a companion, he's a Tabori. And he would not narrate directly from the Prophet sallallahu it was Solomon so this narration is motorcylce the prophets lie Selim

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hasn't said that the Prophet slice and I'm sad man then come in I had an inland oh shit to the hearth to Allah He burned the hole okay. He in other Aveda that there is no person amongst you who I would want to take some of their qualities except for our VEDA meaning that there's something special about our VEDA again, I mentioned that this is more said that this is a narration which there's a missing link because of the severity of it or the gravity of it, but it's still just a form of praise for our VEDA, or the alarm of Thailand when the way that his character was known to have shined amongst the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the love and

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mystery of that will be a lot of data and who mentioned that I feel lucky that my, my close friends amongst the companions of the Prophet sallallahu, it was said there are three about vector armor and Aveda. So he's in that company with a robot kit and armor in the narration of Ibn Massoud of the love neural model, the loss of Tyler and Homer. He also put him in that company, when he said there were three amongst grace, whose manners and character excelled all others and they had the gift of eloquent and gentle speech. And if people were to look at them, then they could not stop looking at them. And if they were to speak, then people would not stop listening to them. And he said, that is

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about Beckett Earth man and our VEDA will back at Earth man and our VEDA. So in the narration of Massoud, he's putting the company of a bowl bucket and Alma and the narration of Ibn Omar, he's put in the company of a bow bucket, an earth man, and in a powerful narration. He said, Well, the Allahu taala was asked by one of her students, our beloved machete, he said, I asked her, he saw the lowdown on her, which of the companions of the messenger Salallahu it who was some of them were most beloved to him audit of Rebecca, she said, abubaker, which is well known. And then I said, Who? And then she said to me, Alma, so it's well known apobec, in in Oman call to thumb a man. And then I

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said to her, and then who so she said, Our VEDA image of law. So even in the in the words of art, you some of the A lot of times, she is in the companionship of abubaker. And Allah, may Allah be pleased with them all. Love them. I mean, what are some other qualities that we know about him before we get to some of these incidents with him, one of them is that he was very easy going. So he's tall, muscular, extremely handsome,

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very powerful, but at the same time, well, the Allahu Tada. And he was very easy going and easy going with his character, not one who spoke loudly, not one who dominated his gatherings, but one who went with the flow all the time. And even though he had all of these prominent characteristics, he was known for his Zuma he was known for his asceticism, so he were rough clothing, or the Allahu anhu. And he never really cared much for the matters of this world. What that also looked like in terms of Zoho was that he really didn't care for leadership, and he didn't care for politics at all. So you don't find that a lot of a lot of the a lot of time who was one who really cared about

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positioning at all. In fact, a barbado was one who had to be forced into his position constantly, and put in his place constantly. Meaning put in his position of leadership constantly because of our radar all the time, who did not seek it, and that's what made him so worthy. So how do I you compare that to what the prophet sallallaahu I use and I mentioned that leadership is anana leadership is a trust then who better for leadership then I mean, then the mean of this oma the trustworthy, one of this oma So, he's constantly being ushered to leadership roles or the Allahu taala animal, starting

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With the profit slice I'm even though I've already double the length of time and who clearly does not care about leadership roles, also from his asceticism is that he didn't marry much or have many children at all. In fact, any descendants that he would have had, there's there's practically nothing about his family life. And any descendants that he had were believed to have died along with him. And what we will talk about in the last plague, so he really did not have much of an attachment to this dunya he was a soldier. And he saw his life as being a soldier in the service of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And he lives his life and mission after mission after mission, being

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deployed by the prophets lifetime. And then above Beckett, and Alma, he's not one that does much also the low tide I know in that regard. And because of that just solidified his position of leadership, a dignified man who solidified his position of leadership in every single instance. And there are a few of these missions that are narrated one of them is that when the prophets lie some sent him and I'm gonna bring the OS or the Allahu taala and we're on a mission, he said to them, Do not differ amongst yourselves in terms of leadership. Now, he was a new convert to a snap, okay, and Oliver to us, of course, had a learning curve like many of those that had converted to Islam,

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especially after the fact in the last years of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so it took him some time to adjust right and he had a certain position before Islam right when he was opposing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so in the profit slice I'm sends them out he says to abort VEDA now, without assigning a clear leader amongst the two, though it would be understood that about Aveda or the low tide I'd hope because of his seniority, his being amongst the first is being a bedri his being a you know, someone who lost his teeth in service of the messenger slice

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being half of Quran right that he would be amongst those or he would be considered the natural leader. But because the prophets lie some did not assign a leader between a border beta and Amir lobby pleased with them. As soon as they leave when they're on the way I'm says to our VEDA that Listen, I'm leading this army and you're following me right? So I'm insists upon his leadership position and Aveda immediately gives it to him. And he actually even you know, puts on the foreword to leave the salon, even though I'm was a new Muslim, because he understood the command of the Prophet sallallaahu it was some that do not differ amongst yourselves in terms of leadership. So he

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was not going to argue about it at all, and he was Salah, he was easy going, so he said, You lead and I will reinforce the inshallah Tada. I'll be your general. So he puts on forward all the time. And who leads this army and Aveda all the time who follows and he has absolutely no complaints in that regard. The profit slice on them, deploys him in multiple missions, especially in those last years, where it started to move beyond just you know what was taking place in the immediate vicinity of Medina and Mecca. And there's one very beautiful narration, which is known as the story of the whale job. It is not the law or the law of Thailand. He says that was the last slice and I'm sent a

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group of us to the sea to a mission on the sea. And he appointed aboard Aveda algebra as our leader, and we were about 300 men. And along the way, we kept running out of foods available the a lot of time who as the general, he was apportioning the food appropriately, he was trying to do his best to make sure that everyone was eating what they needed. But at the same time, he was keeping in charge of it the entire time. Throughout the journey, all they had was some dates and available the allotted time, and who was giving us our daily ration of those dates, little by little until it decreased to such an extent that every day we'd only have a date to eat. So imagine they're in

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battle, they're on a mission. And they only have a tomato, they only have a date to sustain themselves on a daily basis. And the narrator says I asked jabot all the time I'm home. How could you survive with one date, he said that we came to know its value, when even that finish. So it came to a point where we didn't even have that one time of that we would look forward to that one date that we would look forward to every day. So as long as Ramadan is coming up, and you break your fast with that date, think about this narration he said then we reach the coast. And when we got to the coast, this whale washed up and we've never you know, these were not a people that were used to the

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season. All right, they were a desert people. So a loss of habitat have caused this whale to wash up. And he said that that whale was like a mountain. It was so large that we would eat from it. The troops would eat from it for over two weeks for 18 days and nights we would eat whatever we wanted from that fish. Obviously they're calling it a fish. it you know it's a large whale. He said

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But it was so large that we could sit as a group and its eye sockets, and elbow are way below the low tide, I ordered that to have its ribs be fixed on the ground in the form of an arc, and that a person could ride a camel underneath them, and the person would not touch the top of that rib. Okay, so imagine somehow how large this this whale was that they could sit in its eye sockets in groups of 10. And they could pass under it as a little the a lot of time, and when ordered that the ribs be fixed in the ground, and they would ride their animals underneath it, and it would not touch them. So this was an incident that took place with our VEDA, about the Allahu taala and her famous

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incident that's mentioned in so he had been one of the greatest honors that the Prophet slicin could have given him. And so how do I just try to imagine that incident? Anytime you go to Mecca, may Allah subhanaw taala write it down? For all of us love. I mean, when you're there, imagine the scenes of persecution and imagine the scene of victory, because they're both very important when you're there, right. And in Mecca. You know, at least in the seat of the Prophet, slice alum. There really wasn't much but those two things right. There's long years of persecution of the messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam, where as you're sitting there around the Kaaba, you can look around and

00:31:20 --> 00:32:00

you can imagine some of those narrations about the Prophet slicin first being persecuted around the character. And all of these wonderful companions that we have covered, may Allah be pleased with them all. And then you have the incidence of fetta Mecca where the prophets lie some enters with such dignity, and such mercy. And in that such power, it hits the lotto, so I'm not by responding with evil, but by setting a new standard sallallahu it has set him from Mecca is he fulfilled, or as a loss pantile fulfilled his promise upon our Prophet sallallahu it he was. Now we always talk about the profit slice I'm coming into Mecca. And I want you to imagine the scene that also loss I sell

00:32:00 --> 00:32:40

them, of course, split the army into three which was common, okay. So one group enters from the left, one group enters from the right, and then one group enters from the center and also last Isilon is in front. Every one of those groups, those three groups has someone holding a banner, alright, that's leading that group, the person that was walking in front of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And in front of him throughout it, his thought was saddam as they were coming into Mecca was none other than obey the law, the law of time. So think about the position, in that glorious moment, entering into Mecca, and a lot of a lot of the Allahu taala and who is in front of the

00:32:40 --> 00:33:16

Prophet sallallahu. It was sent him carrying the banner of the center of that army. And when they arrive in Mecca of obey the law, the law of Thailand, who is the one who causes the camel of the prophets, the animal of the Prophet, slice them to kneel, and who pitches the tap for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and tensed him at his salad with salmon that moment, I mean, think about the glory of that moment, right? And in about obey the law, the law and his humility. He doesn't boast about that moment he doesn't talk about it we know this through the accounts of other people about him while the Allah hooked on him. So the mean of this oma leading aside that I mean, of course

00:33:16 --> 00:33:23

leading physically but also as Isom is always leading, I think is a lot to us. And I'm standing in front of the profit slice of them and leading the way

00:33:24 --> 00:34:02

in that glorious moment about the Allahu taala and why he Salatu was set up. So that is a position that signifies truly the rank of a person amongst the Sahaba of the Prophet slice of our VEDA was, of course one of those that was persecuted. And it is, of course, very interesting that you find that there's a trend here, that starts to unfold when you look at America, that those that were persecuted in Makkah, were put to lead on that day, including our VEDA and Buddha, and those that were like them May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them all. So that was his position with the prophets Allah Allah Harding was sadhana. And when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passes

00:34:02 --> 00:34:49

away, Hubble bucket of study for the Allahu taala and of course in the famous incident of going to the suceava he takes with him about our VEDA and Allah May Allah be pleased with them. So this is where the halifa is going to be appointed. And I will work on the Allah tala and who is resolving the affairs of the oma. And as he goes to the subpoena, he takes with him these two men and abubaker without telling all about an abort VEDA. Why he brought them with him apobec it'll be a lot of time I'm home, he says to the unsought. He says I have with me here these two I have the farrokh and I have the amine of this oma, I have Oman and I have our VEDA and I am pleased. Okay, I am pleased

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

with either one of them as our leader. So choose which one of them you would like to be our leader. Can you imagine that some had a lot that you know

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

we'll back it will be a low tide and who is not one? Who would say this simply as an expression? Right? Oh Becky, it'll be a lot of talent who would not say that except that he has thought about it? Well, the Allahu Tada. And he has taken a decision, a thoughtful decision on the Allahu taala at home, knowing who these people are knowing the virtue of Allah, and knowing the virtue of abora VEDA, and he says that tos either one of them, and we know of course, that instead of a Becket, or the Allahu taala, and who is rightfully chosen as the halifa, but the fact that of our VEDA was even suggested in the same sentence as alma buyable. Beckett, may Allah be pleased with them to be the

00:35:39 --> 00:36:23

halifa of this oma shows you his position on the Allahu taala. And, of course of Rebecca is appointed and while Rebecca is appointed aboard a double the amount of time he spends his, his life under Rebecca, doing what he does best in missions and at war, in battle with the Byzantines in particular, fighting alongside the borders of a sham of greater Syria. And when apobec double the law of total annual passes away almost all the time, who sends a letter to Barbados or the law of town who appointing him as the new Gen two replace how to lead all the time. And of course, I've spoken about this before, that almost all the time has said that I did not replace Khalid out of out

00:36:23 --> 00:36:32

of out of hatred for him or piano or betrayal. But I was afraid that the Muslims would would put their trust in Him and so they would be interested to him.

00:36:33 --> 00:37:09

You've done all Muslim want to be for your Kiruna he they put their trust in Him meaning they put more trust in the sort of color than in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he replaced cognitive in what he called the Allah Tada, I'm home with our VEDA, a Java and Aveda received this so the illa harnois in the middle of battle, and he didn't tell how to do right away. Because the battle was about to start, and he did not want to disrupt the battle or hide its plan. He didn't want to, to mess things up. So he waited until after the battle. And then he conveyed what was conveyed to him through that letter to Khalid and Khalid or the Allahu anhu says, may Allah have mercy on you? Oh, barbado Why

00:37:09 --> 00:37:49

didn't you tell me as soon as the letter came to you? And he said to him that I didn't want to ruin the plan or take away from you. And he said, One muscle font is dunya and read that we don't seek the leadership of this world. And we don't work for this this world but instead we are all brothers for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So I've already done with the alumni who waited until after the battle, and then it was known that abort VEDA was the the commander the general, but at times kind of all the time, who still is appointed to lead specific missions and armies the famous battle of Yarmouk, being the most famous battle How did little the longtime when they really became a great

00:37:49 --> 00:38:31

complement to each other? Why? Because of our VEDA as some of the scholars mentioned, he was a negotiator. How did little deola han who was not a negotiator, right caught it when he met with the leaders of others, other armies and other groups, he immediately escalated and it went straight to battle. Our VEDA at the was was the opposite of that, and that he would, he would negotiate he had more diplomacy than Khalid or the allot of time. So especially when it came to a sham because there is a lot of complexity and dealing with the Byzantine Empire. With its different wings. Aveda was able to assure some of the leaders and the elders from them to you know, to avert some of the

00:38:31 --> 00:39:16

conflict that would take place and to assure them we see also that because they were both brilliant in battle, that Damascus de mesh was conquered at the same time. By Aveda and Khalid. They approached it from different directions they were able to conquer Damascus. Together may Allah be pleased with them and aboard VEDA was the Emir of a sham. He was the leader of a sham, he built massages in a sham. In greater Syria, he built hospitals there he built a famous a famous dam to stop some of the flooding that used to come to a sham. And Aveda plays a role in the entire history there, the early history of a sham including in Jerusalem, including in Palestine, where there's a

00:39:16 --> 00:39:55

famous story that takes place there. So I'm at all the time who used to love him and used to honor him he used to kiss his hand, even as he was the halifa when he would see him and there are a few incidents narrated between Hamas and our VEDA and then we'll go to his death mail ops penalty, I'd be pleased with him. One of them is that almost all the Allahu taala on home hanaa Kadima, Sham quaterly obey, obey the inner Bina ina. menzi the key told about rubedo the Allahu anhu Take me to your home. And this was common for almost all the Allahu anhu to check up on his generals as he'd go and check up on his oma. He'd also check up on his generals he checked up on his governors and he

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

would you know, go to their homes and obviously with abort rubedo he

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

The mean of this oma right? He's not going to be hiding anything. So abort obey the law, the law I know says Matheson, our nd What are you going to do at my place except that your eyes are going to shed tears? Why? Because you're going to see the difficulty that I'm living in. And I know you're going to cry as much as almost all the law and who was Azad himself and acetic himself armadyl the Aloha no hate it to see other people suffer the way that he suffered while the allot of time and when that started with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he saw the difficulty that the Prophet slicin lived with, so what then when he sees his companions, and when he sees people that he

00:40:34 --> 00:41:16

knows their father, he knows their virtue, almost all the lights on and who would always said here so when he goes to the house of abora VEDA he walks in, and he sees no furniture, no possessions, except for one pot that he would cook with one pillow, and he had a few broken, you know, pieces of food that he would sustain himself with a little bit of bread and some, you know, some nuts and that was it. So as soon as armadyl the Allahu anhu walked in, and he saw the house of abora VEDA that made of a sham, the leader of greater Syria, he started to cry. And Ahmed Aveda says to him, cut clear to lacquer I told you that your eyes are going to shed tears of me I'm not meaning yet your

00:41:16 --> 00:41:28

clicker? Now you believe Okay, I'm ni o l ma t he said it's enough for you to just know what comes to you from me meaning about me. You don't need to worry about me and at the same time

00:41:29 --> 00:42:07

you know, don't hurt yourself by coming and seeing the difficulty with which I live in all muddled the Allahu tada and who said, have I gotten a junior Kulina that the junior changed all of us late Okay, I'm a beta except for you or beta some Hello, what a powerful statement to come from all model the last time that the dunya changed this all except for you, you remained intact, from everything that came to you of this world remain focused and upon the mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when almost all the Allahu taala and who was in Medina and Medina suffered under what's known as Amma Ramada the year of the ashes of our VEDA with the alongside and who also played a

00:42:07 --> 00:42:28

serious role in alleviating some of the suffering of this oma under the famine that struck Medina. And he sent from a sham to the Muslims in Medina, about 4000 camera loads of food to try to avert the harm that had taken place with them. So then what happens to abort VEDA? Or the Allahu taala at home,

00:42:29 --> 00:43:12

the plague breaks out and spent a lot before COVID started, we didn't know the severity of COVID, I gave a lecture a break from the first about the plague of a harmless our beta had come to meet Omar outside of a sham of greater Syria. And as they were meeting outside of a sham on the border of a sham, the news came to them that the plague had struck and that people were dying, right and left. And so the discussion then become should Amaro the law, and we'll proceed to a sham or should he turn back? So I'm under the law of time who he asks for sure. From the people and then Ahmed will the law No, basically dismisses everyone except for the people of bed, the veterans of bed that I

00:43:12 --> 00:43:54

want to take the shorter of the earliest Muslims and the scholars amongst them, but we'll have to know what I should do. So although the law was deliberating whether or not he should enter into a sham during that plate, most of them said to almost all the LaHood that he should return to Medina, some of them said Go ahead. So eventually, almost all the logs out, it comes out and he decides that he's going to return to Medina, of our VEDA when he hears that we'll be alone and he says to him, what are the famous words at a federal many other Illa Are you fleeing from the decree of Allah, Allah? And Allah will the law says they'll call to have a look at our VEDA I wish someone other than

00:43:54 --> 00:44:34

you have our VEDA said that because I love him so much and I don't want to disagree with him and I wish it would have come from someone other than him. So he said to Aveda in a federal min Padilla Illa Padilla were fleeing from the decree of Allah to the decree of Allah. And of the amount of Nero for the Allahu taala, who we'll talk about next week in sha Allah, Tada. He intervenes and he said, I have heard from the Prophet slice and I'm directly that the prophets lie Selim said that if you hear of a plague that breaks out in the land, do not enter it. But if the plague breaks out while you are in that land, then do not leave it. So the famous headache that has been cited so much over

00:44:34 --> 00:45:00

the past year, about quarantining and things of that sorts of handle so this is the context of that this discussion between Alma and Aveda. So, Omar and his group went back to Medina, Aveda and his group went back to a shop and the plague then started to ravage more people, and almost all the time who was worried about some of his Sahaba that were still there, and at the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

top of that list was available the whole time. So he sends a letter to our VEDA while the Allahu tada at home and he says to abort VEDA in that letter he says look in an E book hahaha I need something from you for either jakka kitabi haha so when my letter comes to you then approached me in Medina I need you to come to Medina our available the Allah hi whoa he immediately said he said all model the law no does not need me. This is the what's implied here is that he just wants me to get away from the plague Allah wants to rescue abort a baby because he knows how important he is to the oma and available the law of Thailand who responds back to our model the law with a beautiful

00:45:40 --> 00:46:16

letter. and in it he says, Look, I'm not going to leave my army behind. I will stay with them. Well, ba ba ba ba ba and I'm pleased with the decree of my Lord, if I die in this plague, it's Shahada. And I will I will be okay. So yeah, I made a lot of money, excuse me, and allow me he didn't want to disobey the orders of Allah all the law No, but he knew what Omar was doing. He said, Excuse me, and let me stay with my army. And I'm pleased with the decree of Allah. And if I die in this plague, then it is how he actually narrates Aveda is the one who narrates the famous Hadith, that if a person dies from plague that they are so heat that there are martyrs of how What's his rewire from

00:46:16 --> 00:46:57

the prophet SAW a settler. So when almost all the Allah was waiting for the response of our VEDA, when he gets that letter, he immediately starts to cry. And as he's weeping, the people thought that it might be that a Barbie that actually died. So they say to her model, the law of town and then a Barbie, the die and all model the law of town and he responded, he said, Not yet, but not much longer, you know, it's only a matter of time that he'll pass away, then on little the allotted time and her response to the letter, and he tells about Aveda to at least find a place that is secure. And that's elevated so that the worst of the plague will not strike him. And so aboard we double the

00:46:57 --> 00:47:21

amount of time and hope calls for herbal muscle ashati they try to find a place of almost double the amount of time who gets home finds that his wife is struck with the plague of obey the law, the law of town who takes this camel starts to look for a place and then he also struck by the plague. And the people rushed to their leader to absorb a lot of the a lot of time Whoa, who is the head of them all right, he's the leader of a sham. And

00:47:23 --> 00:48:04

as they surround him and he's dying, he says to them in the latter category, that any other mode that Indeed Allah subhanaw taala has written upon the child of Adam, death for co leukemia to and and so all of you will die all of us will die. And so the smartest of us men can outwork the ABI he will armoring it. The smartest amongst us is the one who is most humble to their Lord or who obeys their Lord most than who works towards the Hereafter, or to the inevitable most, and there is a long beautiful, we'll see a Barbie doll will be a low tide, reminding the people to remember Allah subhanaw taala to hold on to their, their deeds and then Aveda will be Allahu taala and who

00:48:05 --> 00:48:52

appoints more at bingeable or the Allahu taala. I know his brother in the hills, and he dies. And when he dies, the people weep over the death of their leader of abort obeyed them so it'll be a lot of time. And wow, that'll be a lot of time he cries and he says Emma anila he, I mean, what can Allah have enough See, he alima he says a man who was truthful to his Lord, trustworthy, truthful to his Lord. And Allah subhanaw taala was great in his heart, but all the Allah hota Allah I'm home. And when Amaro the Allahu anhu found out, he wept out of his love for him. And he he said, Subhana Allah if Aveda was alive, this is this is as as high of a praise that you'll get from Allah will be

00:48:52 --> 00:49:29

a lot of time. He said, If Aveda would have lived, I would have appointed him to this affair meaning I would have appointed him to the khilafah and I would have met my Lord and peace, like I would not every Khalifa is carrying the ham carrying the stress of who they're going to appoint after them. He said if he would have made it if he wouldn't have died before me. He said I would have appointed him and I would have met a lot in peace, knowing that I made the right decision for the profits license that every oma has an amine. And the mean of this oma is about VEDA or the Ummah hotel. And I want to end actually with one narration about our beloved companion that we've spoken about tonight of

00:49:29 --> 00:49:45

our way all the elements are at home. And that is once again an incident with Ahmed and how Pablo Viola Han Amaro de la Anna was sitting with a group of companions and he said to them, make a wish, make a wish, and the companion started to respond.

00:49:46 --> 00:49:59

One of them said I wish to have as much gold to fill this entire place so that I could spend it all on the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala on what all the law says again, make a wish. And another man says I wish that this place was full of jewels.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

gems and pearls so that I could spend it all for the sake of Allah Subhana hoods and almost all the allow, I know said make a wish to men No. And the companions respond and they say at that point we don't know what to say oh, I mean, oh commander of the believers, meaning we you know we don't want anything of this dunya if we took anything from this world we would wish for it just to spend it and use it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then all model the Allah tada and who says, I asked for me, I wish that this place I had a room full of men like Aveda Angela Subhana Allah. If I could have a room full of this man, then that's better than all the gold of this world and

00:50:39 --> 00:51:17

everything that this world possesses meaning the quality of people, the quality of men, and one narration he also said more ad and silent molar Have you heard if I could have a room of of abora Vedas, I would be good than this oma would be in height, which shows you the value of these people that what these people brought to us, particularly people like Barbados, and Angela, what they did for us could not be quantified in any way, not in the way that it was gained, nor in the way that it was spent. And that is a Barbados observer. In the eyes of the prophets I saw them and abubaker and Amara may Allah be pleased with them all. And so what should he be in our eyes all the time is a man

00:51:17 --> 00:51:49

that was promised Paradise by the profit slice of them amongst the 10 all the Allah hon homie Allah be pleased with him. Just a little Faden for tuning in tonight and show what's on it I remind you again about the Greek Ramadan with Southern option does not going to go ahead for your support free of gain throughout all of these years so that we could continue to publish free resources and I pray that inshallah tada you benefit and that we are together in normal blonde in sha Allah. And this next week, we will continue with another companion that came out of an O for the allot of time on exactly how you know cintamani como henselae what accounts

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